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Advantech UK
Advantech House, Sunrise Parkway
Linford Wood
Milton Keynes
MK14 6LS
[t] +44 1908 304800
[f] +44 1908 304820
Advantech has been established in PC-based automation for almost 20 years. In this time, the company has built up a worldwide network of sales, support and logistics offices in 16 countries and has more than 60 distribution partners in territories where Advantech either has a local office or not.

There are 4 logistics centres in Asia, America and Europe. The European Service Centre, which is also our European Headquarters, is based in Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Advantech founded a UK sales office in Milton Keynes in 1998, where 20 sales, marketing, technical support and administration staff now work. Please visit the contacts page for more information.

Advantech's wide range of products are presented through three groups: Embedded Computing, Industrial Automation and Network Computing. Full information on these three groups can be found by opening the links below. Today, Advantech has in excess of 1200 products in its portfolio, with around 30 new products introduced each year by each group.
Advantech and Intel sign a memorandum of understanding promising to develop, validate & deploy embedded technology solutions
04 January, 2007
Advantech Co., Ltd. and Intel Corporation today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in the development, validation and deployment of Advantech
Advantech delivers trusted ePlatform services to drive Niche Vertical Applications
04 January, 2007
Advantech will demonstrate the latest industrial computing solutions under the banner,
Advantech launches innovative early design program to cement its brand promise
03 January, 2007
Advantech has for 4 years in a row, successfully commanded a niche in Taiwan
Advantech Foundation co-operates with the Central Training Centre to promote PAC
02 January, 2007
The Advantech Foundation has donated over NT$7 million (US$200,000) worth of Programmable Automation Controllers products to the Central Training Center (of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training) with the aim of incubating talents. The equipment donated includes PAC products to enable the setting up of remote monitoring and control labs in order to train innovative automation talents in the hope of connecting with the global market, and thus improving competitiveness.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in Benelux & Nordics
01 January, 2007
Pentium 4 speeds up Advantech's 4U rackmount e-server for high capacity data storage requirements
19 April, 2006
Advantech is introducing a high-speed processing, fast storage capacity, 4U rackmount e-server, the RS-400-SF. Designed with flexibility and reliability in mind, the RS-400-SF supports Intel's high-speed Pentium 4 processor and is an ideal solution not just for traditional industrial automation requirements, but also for ISP, telecom and VOD applications.
Advantech launches solution forum to realize its trusted ePlatform services brand promise
19 April, 2006
Advantech is delighted to launch its first Solution Forum, which brings together respected leading industry representatives and Advantech's executives to provide system integrators with the latest innovative ePlatform and eAutomation solutions and applications. The first Solution Forum will take place in Shanghai, China on March 29. It will then extend to Tokyo, Seoul, and eventually move to Munich, Germany in November. Although in its infancy, Advantech's first Solution Forum is already anticipated to have more than two hundred attendees.
Advansus news release
19 April, 2006
Advansus Computer announces the establishment of the company in January 2006. Advansus Computer Co., Ltd is a joint venture between ASUSTeK TSE:2357 and Advantech TSE:2395 based on the strategic alliance agreement signed in September 2005. The initial paid-in capital of Advansus Computer Co. is NT$ 100 million with ASUSTek and Advantech holding 50% of the shares each.
Low-power, high-performance fanless panel PC from Advantech supports embedded windows CE.NET
18 April, 2006
Advantech is introducing the PPC-L126T-CE, a high-performance, fanless panel PC which supports embedded Windows CE.NET and is ideal for use in low noise operating environments and clean room applications.
Advantech's flat panel monitor new product launch
17 April, 2006
Advantech is releasing 3 new industrial grade Flat Panel Monitors, The FPM- 3190, FPM-3150TVE-TC and FPM-3120TH. Despite widespread usage of commercial LCD monitors, it still cannot meet the required in some specialized industrial applications.
Video surveillance integrated in HMI/SCADA
16 April, 2006
The Advantech VBOX is an industrial-grade DVR product for the industrial automation market, capable of integrating HMI/SCADA industrial automation applications to expand the eAutomation scope.
Advantech takes brand promises to next level with Interbrand
07 April, 2006
Advantech won the Top 10 Taiwan Global Brand Award in 2004. For Advantech, the pleasure was not simply the honor, but the potential it entails for the whole enterprise. With the momentum to succeed, Advantech took on a series of branding actions last fall, starting from changing the corporate slogan from 'Your ePlatform Partner' to 'Trusted ePlatform Services.' Advantech further co-worked with Interbrand, a renowned branding consulting company, to take further steps towards making the company's brand promise a reality.
Becoming the most trustworthy ePlatform services provider
09 January, 2006
Advantech officially launches the new slogan 'Trusted ePlatform Services' in 2006. From 'Your ePlatform Partner' to 'Trusted ePlatform Services', Advantech will keep focusing on providing reliable 'ePlatforms' to empower all kinds of applications in the connected eWorld. This new slogan maps out Advantech's next strategic direction, which is to shift from a 'product-centric' to a 'service-oriented' business, and also to become the most trustworthy partner to our customers.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in Poland
02 December, 2005
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group announced today that one more localized version site of eAutomationPro has been launched in the first Premier Channel Partner, Elmark Automatyka in Poland. eAutomationPro is a website for automation professionals that offers comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase both Advantech and third party products.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in India
15 November, 2005
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group announced today that one more localized version site of eAutomationPro has been launched in their newly established branch office in India. eAutomationPro is a website for automation professionals that offers comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase both Advantech and third party products.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in Thailand, Brazil and UAE
21 October, 2005
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group announced today that three more localized version sites of eAutomationPro have been launched in their joint ventures in Thailand, Brazil, and also the first Channel Partner, C3 Automation in the United Arabic of Emirates. eAutomationPro is a website for automationprofessionals that offers comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase both Advantech and third party products.
ASUSTek and Advantech announce strategic alliance
30 September, 2005
ASUSTeK TSE:2357 and Advantech TSE:2395 announce that the two companies will enter a strategic alliance through a share swap. ASUSTek and Advantech will collaborate on new product developments, manufacturing, and quality, and set up a joint venture (tentatively AdvanSus) to pursue new business opportunities in industrial computing. ASUSTeK and Advantech are the global leaders in commercial computing and industrial computing respectively.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in Australia
12 September, 2005
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group today announced the launch of a localized version of eAutomationPro for Australia. eAutomationPro, a website for automation professionals, offers comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase Advantech products directly from the manufacturer.
Advantech is pleased to announce Advantech India as our new regional business unit in South Asia Pacific Region
06 September, 2005
Advantech, the leading ePlatform service provider, is pleased to announce the official opening of Advantech India (Advantech Co. Singapore Pte Ltd India Branch). The new office is located in Bangalore city which is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. The official opening ceremony of Advantech India will be officiated by Mr. David Soon, Regional Managing Director of Advantech Singapore, South Asia Pacific Headquarters on 5th September 2005.
Advantech launches eAutomationPro in China and Japan
01 August, 2005
Advantech's Industrial Automation Group announced today the launch of localized versions of eAutomationPro for China and Japan. eAutomationPro is a website for automation professionals that offers comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase both Advantech and third party products.
Advantech launches localized eAutomationPro Sites
01 July, 2005
Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation Group is proud to launch its localized versions of eAutomationPro, a website for automation professionals in USA, Taiwan, Korea, Germany and Italy. The sites offer comprehensive Advantech product information and the ability to purchase Advantech products directly from the manufacturer.
Advantech commits to comply with RoHS Directive
08 December, 2004
Advantech fulfills its social responsibility to global environmental preservation by committing to the European Union 'Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment' or 'RoHS' directive before July 1, 2006.
Advantech commits to comply with RoHS directive to contribute to preservation of global environment
08 December, 2004
Advantech, the global ePlatform Service Provider, continues to fulfill its social responsibility to global environmental preservation by committing to the European Union 'Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment' or 'RoHS' directive before July 1, 2006. Sony also recognizes Advantech's effort toward environmental protection and Advantech was certified as a Sony Green Partner in 2004.
Advantech aims to lead in technology
27 July, 2004
Advantech, demonstrates its commitment to be a leading technology provider by the new appointment of Jeff Chen as Chief Technology Officer. Jeff Chen will help Advantech develop new products using the latest technologies. This new assignment will ensure Advantech 'leads from the front.'
Advantech is certified as Sony's green partner
21 June, 2004
Advantech, the world leading ePlatform service provider focuses not only on technology solutions but also environmental conservation policies, which are included in its daily operation. Advantech's commitment toward environmental protection corresponds with Sony's Green procurement policy and Advantech is certified as Sony's Green Partner in 2004.
Heading to World leading ePlatform service provider Advantech demonstrates its competitive edge in 2004
01 June, 2004
Established in 1983, Advantech is the world leading ePlatform Service provider with 2003 sales of US$282 million, up to a double-digit growth compared to 2002. Headquartered in Taipei, Advantech has over 28 sales offices in major cities of the world. According to the Venture Development Corporation, it ranked in the top 2 industrial PC providers in the world.
Save cost & energy with Advantech Windows XP embedded ready platform
03 May, 2004
Advantech launched the Embedded Windows Ready Platform to provide a complete set of components for rapid prototyping, application development and demonstration of Windows XP Embedded applications. No need to waste time and energy developing on-board device drivers or using embedded OS authoring tools like Target Designer to build a custom Windows XP Embedded image. Advantech has done that for you! All you have to do is to develop your application.
Advantech unveils PCA-5610 industrial grade PCI VGA card with panel support
29 April, 2004
Advantech, the world's leading Industrial Computers manufacturer and innovator, today releases the exciting new PCA-5610 industrial grade PCI VGA card featuring dual display, panel support with LVDS and digital TTL standard and low power consumption.
Advantech OS-ready SOM solutions with Intel XScale Technology
13 April, 2004
Based on ARM/XScale technology, Advantech offers OS-ready, SBC-level System On Module platforms for applications such as mobile platforms, telemetrics, medical equipment, POS, and human machine interface. With a unified local system bus interface and a well-defined SOM-200 I/O bus forXScale based platforms, theRISC SOM platforms are smart engines featuring easy logistics, flexible design-in, and faster time-to-market to cater to the application needs of Customer Solution Board development.
High-frequency sampling rate analog input card released by Advantech
09 April, 2004
Advantech announced today the release of PCI-1714, an ultra-high-speed analog input card that is designed for streaming continuous data from analog samples to host memory. At 30 MS/s, the PCI-1714 has surpassed all other analog input cards that are currently available on the market. Dedicated A/D converters are used for each of the 4 input channels and a selection of trigger modes makes accurate sampling a breeze.
World's first medical grade 17' terminal for graphics-intensive applications
09 April, 2004
Aimed at the market for graphics-intensive medical applications, POC-174 is based on the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 Processor-M, and is UL60601-1, EN60601 certified. POC-174's TFT LCD screen has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, which combined with high contrast ratio, high brightness and resolution, makes it the Point-of-care terminal of choice for applicationssuch as CT diagnosis, X-rays, PACS and DICOM.
Scalable terminals for medical applications
08 April, 2004
Viewing the healthcare trends towards 'real time, paperless, and film-free' patient monitoring, record keeping and imaging, Advantech is devoted to developing and marketing high-performance embedded display systems for the medical market. Our products seek to fulfill the medical industry's specific needs, and are ready to be installed into system integrators' applications.
New source type digital I/O module from Advantech
05 April, 2004
Advantech presents the ADAM-6052, a 16-channel source type digital input/output module. With 8 digital inputs, and 8 source type digital outputs, the ADAM-6052 is aimed at meeting the demands for simpler control system architectures.
The new ADAM-4022T temperature controller complies with MODBUS and BACnet
08 March, 2004
The ADAM-4022T temperature PID controller is the first to support both BACnet and MODBUS protocols. This protocol flexibility combined with the built-in thermistor input, makes the ADAM-4022T ideal for advanced building automation solutions.
The next-generation pentium 4 single board computer with 800MHz FSB
11 February, 2004
Advantech Co. Ltd., launched its next-generation Pentium 4 full-sized single board computer with 800/533/400MHz Front Side Bus, the PCA-6187 series. The PCA-6187 is designed with Intel 865G chipset that supports the most advanced Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology.
ADAM-8000 EAutomation I/O for today and the future
18 January, 2004
The ADAM-8000 represents low-cost and future-oriented automation solutions. From centralized controllers to distributed controllers, from PLC to PC-based control, from the best connections in distributed structures up to integration into the IT world and more: the ADAM-8000 optimizes I/O systems and makes them efficient and successful. Users just deploy different CPU modules with fieldbus connection, and they can easily implement PLC control system or PC-based control system without changing any ADAM-8000 I/O or remoteI/O modules.
Advantech unveils a new front-end access industrial control PC
18 January, 2004
Advantech, a leading industrial ePlatform provider, announces the release of the Advantech industrial control PC- the ATM 4000 Series. The ATM- 4023, a brand-new front-end access and wiring industrial computing chassis platform, is a trailer-made flagship computing platform for Test and Measurement Market.
SCADA/HMI software provides collaboration & Web browser connectivity for control systems
18 January, 2004
One of the most powerful , integrated collections of automation tools has become even better with the release of Advantech's A-Studio V5.1 SCADA/HMI development system.
Standalone 4U RAID subsystem from Advantech offers a high-performance
04 December, 2003
Advantech is introducing a new standalone subsystem, the RAID-6100U3, that provides high-density, scalable solutions for centralised data storage. Compatible with any standard Ultra Wide/Ultra2/Ultra 160 SCSI adapter card, the 4U system offers plenty of flexibility for users to implement CT and networking applications with numerous configurations, with the assurance of the highest degree of access to data.
Backplane DTOS services in AKDC
14 November, 2003
At Advantech's Kunshan design center, we are dedicated to improving our backplane DTOS service. Our engineering service is characterized by our ability to provide conceptual design, schematic capture and PCB layouts. We can also fabricate and test engineering samples for functionality and compatibility, finally customers receive an engineering sample with User's notes. If customers desire, we can also provide system assembly services such as special component sourcing, pricing and stocking.
Advantech and AMD cooperate on new Geode GX2 processor
30 September, 2003
Advantech Co. Ltd., announced a joint development agreement with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. to deliver an x86-based customer development platform featuring the AMD Geode GX2processor and Advantech's System on Module development solution. The compact, versatile customer development platform will allow customers to create products and applications targeted at embedded markets. Due to the flexibility of the solution, Advantech can offer embedded market customers cost effective targeted solutions by simply redesigning the base development platform.
Advantech embedded computing in Asia
18 June, 2003
Henry Lee, Vice President of Advantech's Embedded Computing Group, discusses trends and Advantech's involvement in Asia's embedded computing market.
Advantech Extends Global Leadership in Embedded USB Technology
27 May, 2003
Advantech Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launching of high performance embedded USBs, which expands easier
Advantech's medical solutions empower medical imaging processing system
16 May, 2003
With the rapid growth of medical information technology, devices and equipment for medical use keep evolving into point-of-care terminals with data processing functionality. The Department of Health in Taiwan, has adopted DICOM 3.0 and HL7 for the telecommunication standard for the 2nd generation Health Information Network and Telehealth. Moreover, with the upgrading of Taiwan's National Health Insurance System, hospitals and other medical institutions are also aggressively advancing their information management systems to meet future needs.
COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003 postponed to provide SARS-free environment for its participants
02 May, 2003
COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2003, which was originally planned to take place on June 2nd ~ 6th, will be postponed owing to the SARS outbreak. Through this decision, the organizers (Taipei Computer Association & CETRA
Super small 2.5'intel Xscale PXA-255 RISC platform speeds integrator development
24 April, 2003
Advantech Co. Ltd., delivering hardware and software solutions that empower the e-world, is now offering two new 2.5' RISC platforms that help customers target low power/space critical applications better. These platforms expand Advantech's existing 3.5' RISC platform product line, offering customers more power and expansion flexibility on a super small 2.5' footprint. Although a small form factor, these platforms offer a complete list of functions and features, based on the Intel Xscale (PCM-7220) and Samsung ARM9 (PCM-7320) processors respectively.
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