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BASF Aktiengesellschaft
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[t] +49 621 60 0
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BASF is the world’s leading chemical company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas. In 2003, BASF had sales of more than EUR 33 billion (about US$42 billion). BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA), New York (BF), Paris (BA) and Zurich (AN).



Annual R&D Review: Nanotechnology - balancing risks with great opportunities
27 May, 2014
Andy Pye flew into Frankfurt - just! - to cover the annual BASF R&D Press Conference in Ludwigshafen, which focuses this year on nanotechnology.
E-TPU polyurethane particle foam revolutionises running shoe
16 August, 2013
Using BASF’s Infinergy foam, Adidas has developed the Energy Boost, a thoroughly new running shoe with unique spring and cushioning properties. Its outstanding feature is the midsole, the central element of every running shoe. It is made from a new particle foam which absorbs the shock impact on the foot during jogging, while simultaneously cushioning the foot. The high rebound effect of the material provides the runner with an energy return not offered by any other running shoe.
Transparent communication about nanomaterials
26 November, 2012
BASF’s Dialog Forum Nano presented its final report for the dialogue phase 2011/2012 on 22 November in Berlin. The aim of the regular dialogue with representatives from research institutes, labour unions, commerce, industry and churches, as well as environmental and consumer organisations, was to generate joint recommendations for improving transparency in communication about nanomaterials from manufacturers to consumers.
Research laboratory for graphene in electronics and energy uses
27 September, 2012
BASF and the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (MPI-P) have opened their joint research and development platform, the Carbon Materials Innovation Center (CMIC), today at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site.
BASF receives French Pierre Potier Award for metal organic frameworks (MOFs)
14 September, 2012
BASF research scientists developed a process by which aluminum MOFs can be manufactured solvent-free on an industrial scale for the very first time.
New BASF foam variant streamlines aircraft insulation
14 May, 2006
The new, yellow-coloured Basotect UL for the insulation of airplane cabins BASF is now offering a new variant of Basotect, its sound-absorbing and heat-insulating melamine resin foam. The material is called Basotect UL and it is particularly suitable for the insulation of airplane cabins. Weighing only six grams per litre, it is 30 percent lighter than conventional Basotect, meaning that this new BASF foam is able to meet the ever-rising requirements made in aircraft construction in terms of sound protection and weight reduction. This new, yellow-coloured Basotect UL also complies with the stringent fire-protection standards stipulated by aviation authorities.
BASF Coatings' master spraypainters already in shape for the World Cup
14 May, 2006
World Cup fever has already hit BASF Coatings at the M
A BASF engineering plastic in novel vehicle control modules made by Tyco Electronics
14 May, 2006
Tyco Electronics, a globally active manufacturer of electronic components, has developed and is now serially producing intelligent vehicle control modules, so-called fuse relay boxes, for use in a new vehicle platform. The housings of these large, multi-part electromechanical modules are made primarily of Ultramid B3 GK24, a BASF polyamide 6 reinforced with a mixture of glass fibers and glass beads. The material is a very good choice for this application, offering an optimized balance between rigidity / strength, flowability and especially low warpage.
New lightfast, high-speed printing with Bafixan P 100 HS sublimation inks
13 May, 2006
A deeper black, a more brilliant cyan, BASF is adding two new colors to its Bafixan P 100 HS sublimation ink range for inkjet printing. The deep Xtra Black shade ensures strong contrasts and an intense color experience. Its brilliant counterpart, turquoise, can be printed directly with the new cyan shade. This greenish blue is equivalent to a real process color and appears fresher and greener than comparable inks. The Bafixan P 100 HS range as a whole, comprising the nine colors Yellow, Red, Light Red, Brilliant Blue, Light Brilliant Blue, Cyan, Black, Xtra Black and Gray, covers the entire color space for sublimation printing. It can also be used in direct printing.
Innovation and portfolio optimization strengthen BASF's Agricultural Products
13 May, 2006
BASF Agricultural Products is continuing its strategy of profitable growth with new and innovative products. In 2005, the division invested
New chiral intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry
13 May, 2006
BASF has developed an innovative process for the production of new chiral intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry that are being made on a commercial scale. These additions expand the company's technology platform for producing optically active styrene oxides and aliphatic alcohols. The new BASF process, based on dehydrogenase biocatalysts, allows for the production of particularly high-purity substances that serve the pharmaceutical industry as important building blocks.
New automatic lawnmower made by Husqvarna shines with BASF's dark-green Luran S
12 May, 2006
Round the clock, seven days per week, come rain or shine, the first automatic lawnmower made by the Swedish outdoor equipment manufacturer Husqvarna completely liberates gardening enthusiasts from the tedious and time-consuming chore of mowing the lawn. In order for the Automower from Husqvarna to keep on trucking for years on end despite continuous operation outdoors, Husqvarna's engineers have sheltered the inner workings of this machine inside a dark-green body made of Luran S. This highly weather resistant material manufactured by BASF can withstand even extreme weather conditions. This is why the surface and colors of the programmable robotic lawnmower still shine after years of exposure to heat and rain. Luran S is a specialty plastic based on an Acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer and belongs to the PlasticsPlus line of BASF's styrenics.
New innovative coating for small series developed in record time
12 May, 2006
has a round shape, scissor doors, and special service and equipment extras, and is sure to steal the show at the New York International Auto Show. At its first official presentation recently at the 'Hall of the Automobile' in San Francisco, all eyes were on the Obvio! 828. It's an ambitious project by small car manufacturer Obvio! Automove
A new product joins the service package for medical technology
12 May, 2006
BASF has launched another plastic specialty for the field of medical technology. Terluran HD-15 is an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene that is being marketed with a service package tailor-made for the requirements of medical technology. This material belongs to the PlasticsPlus product line of the Styrene Plastics Operating Division. The abbreviation HD stands for 'Health Care and Diagnostics'.
BASF new pigment preparation Eupolen PE Blue 69-1501 for coloring of plastics has received FDA approval
11 May, 2006
BASF's pigment preparation Eupolen PE Blue 69-1501 has received Food Contact Notification approval from the American Food and Drug Administration. As a result, Eupolen PE Blue 69-1501 can be used in concentrations up to 2 % in plastic items that come into contact with food, including closures for drink bottles, crates for fruits and vegetables, freezer boxes, drink cans, plastic cups and packaging films.
A new fast sports car that doesn't fade in the sun
11 May, 2006
An imposing look and unmistakable design. That is how Volkswagen is showcasing its limited edition Golf R 32, a 250 bhp sports car with a particularly striking radiator grille. When it came to designing the black areas at the front of the car, SLM-Kunststofftechnik, a plastics-processing company located in Oebisfelde, in former East Germany, chose Luran S 788 T, a styrene specialty made by BASF. This material meets Volkswagen's requirements for outstanding appearance and good stability without the need for any coating. This gives a cost advantage over the polycarbonate blends used in comparable applications. Luran S is an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic ester copolymerk part of the PlasticsPlusTM range of BASF styrenics.
BASF develops world's first light gray for Design-MDF
11 May, 2006
BASF's range for through-coloring of medium-density fiberboard is extensive. But the development of a light-gray pigment preparation by BASF's research and application technology constitutes a real break-through. Now, for the first time, it is possible to give yellowish wood fibers a light gray color. Together with customer Sonae Ind
BASF Coatings and Ford develop attention-grabber
10 May, 2006
Channel surfers can barely miss an automotive attention-grabber that's commanding the airwaves in Europe these days. The Ford Focus ST, at 225 horsepower, is whizzing across TV screens in a coat of blazing orange. During the paint development process, Ford and BASF Coatings worked together closely, mastered challenges, and created a hot splash of color on the roads.
New brochure, new Internet pages
10 May, 2006
BASF's product offer for the polyurethane industry is outlined in the new 'PURe Partnership' brochure just published by the Intermediates operating division. In this richly illustrated 16-page brochure, which is available in German and in English, the Intermediates division presents individual products and explains their role in PUR production. The publication is arranged by the four product groups 'catalysts', 'polyols', 'additives', and 'solvents'. The same information has now been adapted for the web and posted on the Internet at '', with an option to download the new brochure.
BASF and the biotechnology company Diversa form broad alliance to develop innovative new products
10 May, 2006
Diversa Corporation and BASF announced today that they have entered into a broad alliance that will leverage Diversa's leadership position in novel enzyme development and BASF's expertise in biotechnology, process development, product applications, and global marketing and distribution. Under the agreement, Diversa will be responsible for discovery and optimization of new enzymes, and BASF will be responsible for product and process development and all commercialization matters.
New color trends to motorcycle manufacturers
09 May, 2006
Muenster/Tokyo. BASF Coatings Japan Ltd. will announce its forecast for the upcoming color trends. The theme of this year's Color Show was 'MATURECYCLE,' a term coined by combining 'MATURE' and 'MOTORCYCLE,' to signify a fully developed motorcycle society. The theme was inspired by automotive color trends, which reflects the sophisticated, adult culture arising from the aging baby-boomer generation. Based on this theme, BASF Coatings Japan will introduce approximately 100 new colors to the market that will create a shift in the world of motorcycle coatings.
Continental Temic builds new mechatronic control unit for double-clutch transmission made of BASF's PBT
09 May, 2006
Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, an international supplier of electronic chassis components for the automotive industry, employs Ultradur B4300, a BASF polybutylene terephthalate, in the manufacture of the integrated control unit for its new double-clutch transmission. The transmission control unit is a sophisticated, compact mechatronic component installed directly on the gearbox, meaning that it is immersed in hot transmission oil. Two variants of this BASF plastic offer the requisite high-temperature and chemical resistance. This innovative automatic transmission, serially produced at VW for the first time in 2003, has now found its way into the Golf, Touran, Passat, Jetta and the new Eos models.
BASF's new PBT with T
09 May, 2006
Just one year after its market introduction, Ultradur High Speed, BASF's new especially easy-flowing PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), has become the company's first engineering plastic to receive the so-called eco-efficiency label. Studies have demonstrated that products made of Ultradur High Speed are considerably more eco-efficient than products made of a standard PBT. The good flowability of this new material not only makes the production of injection-moulded plastic components cheaper but also helps to save energy, thus protecting the environment.
TMP and BASF to jointly develop electronic materials for copper and barrier CMP-slurries
08 May, 2006
TMP and BASF announced today that they have entered into a license and joint development agreement for copper and barrier CMP-slurries (CMP, Chemical Mechanical Planarization). This agreement will leverage TMP's leading technological position and BASF's expertise in nanotechnology, product development and global marketing and distribution. Under the agreement, BASF will manufacture and distribute these slurries to customers based outside of Japan, who are within the key markets for semiconductor materials. Further developments of the licensed products will be performed jointly with TMP.
First thermoset foam suitable for thermoforming
08 May, 2006
BASF's innovations in the formulation and processing of Basotect were instrumental in making it suitable for thermoforming. The new Basotect TG is the first thermoset foam that can be shaped under heat. The impregnating step that used to be indispensable for thermoforming this material is now gone, vastly simplifying its processing. The first vehicle parts have already gone into serial production.
Glasurit 68 and 90 new line paints approved by Scania
07 May, 2006
BASF Coatings' strategic business unit Automotive Refinish / Commercial Transport Coatings Solutions has been granted technical approval by truck manufacturer Scania for its Glasurit 68 Line high-solids paint and Glasurit 90 Line waterborne basecoat. This means that all Scania trucks throughout the world can now be painted or resprayed using these environment-friendly Glasurit paints.
Breath of fresh air for many cylinders
31 January, 2006
One of the largest polyamide intake modules made for passenger cars is currently being manufactured by MAHLE Filtersysteme, automotive systems supplier located in
BASF Intermediates for the Coatings Industry - Chemical building blocks enhance modern coating materials
15 April, 2005
At the
BASF-YPC successfully starts up first chemical plant in Nanjing, China
23 December, 2004
BASF-YPC Co Ltd has produced its first chemical product - methyl acrylate. The successful start-up of its methyl acrylate plant on 22 December 2004 marks the completion of the integrated petrochemical site in Nanjing, China, which was scheduled for the end of 2004.
XL Generation uses Neopolen P in its new artificial turf
23 December, 2004
Neopolen P, a speciality foam made by BASF, is being employed as an elastic padding underneath the dense green fibres of an artificial turf.
Polyisocyanate plant to be built in China
21 December, 2004
BASF is investing in a new polyisocyanate plant in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in Caojing near Shanghai, China.
Toothbrush containing BASF's Luran plastic wins award
17 December, 2004
In Germany, the trade association of plastic consumer goods, Fachverband Kunststoff Konsumwaren (FVKK) has chosen Braun's Oral-B CrossAction Power electric toothbrush as product of the year 2004 in the category ‘General Requirements’. The handle is made of BASF's plastic material Luran S, and is available in blue, magenta, purple or green.
Philips uses speciality plastic Terlux in its new electric shaver
09 December, 2004
Philips, the Dutch manufacturer of electric products, has just started to market its Philishave Coolskin, an electric shaver that owes its extraordinary appearance in part to the selection of Terlux, a transparent plastic developed by BASF.
BASF launches new Kollicoat pharmaceutical film coatings
06 December, 2004
During the CPhI fair, BASF launched two new film-coating products --Kollicoat IR White and Kollicoat Protect.
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