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Bayer MaterialScience AG
Werk Leverkusen
D-51368 Germany
[t] +49 214 30 1
[f] +49 214 30 30521

Bayer Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is part of the worldwide Bayer Group, an international health care, nutrition and innovative materials group based in Leverkusen, Germany. Bayer employs 23,300 in North America with net North American sales of 8.8 billion euros in 2003. Bayer

RIM of heat-resistant polyurethane-based streamlines spa cabinet assembly
01 February, 2013
When Dynasty Spas needed an attractive, cost-effective and durable material that also streamlined assembly of its spa cabinets, it turned to long-fibre-injection (LFI) polyurethane RIM.
Collaboration agreement on sustainable construction signed by Bayer MaterialScience AG and Masdar City (Abu Dhabi)
05 February, 2010
Bayer MaterialScience AG is to implement an EcoCommercial building program in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, designed to highlight energy-efficient and economic construction in subtropical climates.
More efficient coating of plastics, Good adhesion even to difficult surfaces
03 September, 2007
The Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants Business Unit of Bayer MaterialScience AG has extended its range of solvent-free products with the addition of two Bayhydrol polyurethane dispersions specially developed for the coating of plastics. The new additions are Bayhydrol XP 2606 and the more flexible variant Bayhydrol XP 2648.
Materials from Bayer MaterialScience used in self-luminous vehicle license plates Beaming from within
02 September, 2007
A special transparent polycarbonate film from the Makrofol/Bayfol product range supports the reflective film from 3M, which distributes the light evenly over the surface of the license plate.
All the new production installations are state-of-the-art facilities, at Bayer
01 September, 2007
Providing solutions for China
31 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer MaterialScience raises prices for Apec , Makrolon, Bayblend and Makroblend polycarbonates
30 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG is increasing sales prices for its Apec, Makrolon, Bayblend, and Makroblend brands of polycarbonates by EUR 0.20 per kilogram. This applies to all deliveries in the EMEA / LA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa / Latin America). The decision by the Polycarbonates Business Unit to raise prices is largely motivated by continued increases in energy costs for manufacturing polycarbonate products. Added to this is high expenditure for logistics and transportation.
Bayer MaterialScience
29 August, 2007
The dynamic development of the manufacturing, automotive and construction industries in China has created strong market demand for polymers products. Shanghai and the Yangtze Delta region are large potential markets with rich resources, a sound infrastructure and a well-trained labor force. The area is also centrally located at the heart of Asia-Pacific. This competitive edge undoubtedly makes Shanghai one of the most attractive places for investment for Bayer and its MaterialScience subgroup.
Bayer CEO Wenning at the inauguration of new production facilities in Shanghai
28 August, 2007
Total capital expenditures of US$ 1.8 billion at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park through 2009 / Significant capacity expansions for polycarbonates, polyurethanes and coating raw materials / Bayer
Bayer MaterialScience steps up customer focus
27 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG today celebrated the inauguration of its newly expanded Polymer Research & Development Center facility in Shanghai, China, in the presence of high-ranking representatives of the City of Shanghai, many customers and the Boards of Management of Bayer AG and its subgroup Bayer MaterialScience.
Plastics in the medical technology sector: Polycarbonate adsorber housings
26 August, 2007
The housing of the DALI adsorber system is made from the fracture-resistant polycarbonate Makrolon 2458. This withstands pressurized hot-steam sterilization, where temperatures reach at least 121
Bayer MaterialScience establishes polyurethane systems with Pearl Insulation Materials Industries
25 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG and Pearl Insulation Materials Industries LLC based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are establishing a polyurethane systems house joint venture in Dubai. Both companies believe this step will enable them to play a significant role in the future growth in the Middle East.
Bayer MaterialScience generates technologies of the future for the automotive industry
24 August, 2007
The world's carmakers produce around 60 million new vehicles every year, that's about 1.9 new cars a second. Because the annual fuel consumption of all these vehicles is increasing accordingly, there is an ever-growing demand for lightweight components made of high-performance plastics produced by companies like Bayer MaterialScience, who are world leaders on the polymers market.
Bayer MaterialScience and Lyttron conquer new markets
23 August, 2007
For a world-leading material developer and raw-material supplier like Bayer MaterialScience, knowledge about human sensory perception is vital. It provides a basis for adapting innovative polymers so that they meet consumer needs for
New impetus for entertainment electronics thanks to innovative polymers for LCD
22 August, 2007
Plastics used to have a bad image as cheap, inferior materials, but innovative polymers are changing all that today with their increased efficiency and functionality. What's more, they are breathing new life into ordinary products thanks to remarkable visual properties. As a leader in polyurethane and polycarbonate technology, Bayer MaterialScience was among the first to identify consumer demand for more aesthetic design. In keeping with its VisionWorks concept, the company is pursuing innovative solutions for its customers in the entertainment field.
Bayer MaterialScience paves the way for future success
21 August, 2007
Over the next three years, Bayer MaterialScience AG will be investing over EUR 1 billion in research and development, including customer-related development projects.
20 August, 2007
As demand for Makrolon continues to rise, Bayer MaterialScience AG is steadily increasing polycarbonate production around the world. The company will be producing 1,200,000 tons of Makrolon a year. Additional international spending of around EUR 80 million is to be invested to build up a network in Asia in the next few years, allowing the company to offer excellent technical service locally and supply customers quickly and flexibly.
Improved customer service for Fantasia
20 August, 2007
The sample case contains a special type of three-dimensional samples, which enables customers to imagine much more realistically the effect of colors and surface effects on a molded part.
All the fun of the fair without the bruises
20 August, 2007
Anyone who has ever ridden in a bumper car will recall encounters with the hard seats and even harder steering wheels that these vehicles have. To ensure visits to the fair are as painless as possible in this respect, the Italian company Bertazzon 3B srl, Sernaglia della Battaglia, supplies its bumper cars with steering wheels whose metal interior is sheathed in the soft and elastic polyurethane integral skin foam Bayflex. The seats and cushioning inside these vehicles are also made of this material.
Micro forceps and scissors for ophthalmic surgery
19 August, 2007
In total, eight of the single-use operating instrument
Expansion of the Color Competence Center in Filago
19 August, 2007
Following large-scale expansion, the Color Competence Center of Bayer MaterialScience AG in Filago, Italy, has significantly extended its range of services for pigmenting thermoplastics. Pigmented granule samples and color matching samples can now also be produced in small quantities for customers.
All-in-one compressor hood: Design freedom on a big scale
19 August, 2007
The new screw-type compressors from CompAir Drucklufttechnik GmbH with integrated dryer were designed for customers requiring a compact, compressed air center that takes up only limited space and is delivered ready for use. The access cover made of the polyurethane integral skin foam Baydur 60 from Bayer MaterialScience offers a high level of mechanical robustness combined with light weight and excellent sound insulation.
Bodywork parts with Class A surfaces using film ;INSERT molding
18 August, 2007
One method of producing plastic bodywork parts that enable color matching to neighboring metal parts is through back-injecting pre-formed films with thermoplastics, also known as film ;INSERT molding. The film is responsible for the surface quality of the component (Class A) and the back-injection material is responsible for its mechanical and thermal properties in particular, such as stiffness and thermal expansion.
Much more flexibility to supply customers around the world
18 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience will acquire Taiwan
New TPU grades optimized for laser marking
18 August, 2007
The new Desmopan grades enable faster, higher-definition, higher-contrast laser marking with more subtle grayscale levels. They will initially be used for animal identification tags.
Bayer MaterialScience starts new communications campaign
17 August, 2007
The evolution from a raw materials supplier to a project and development partner has long been an integral part of Bayer MaterialScience AG and is reflected not least in the recently opened TechniKomm. The new facilities provide a bright and friendly environment where design plans can be discussed with customers and where creative product ideas can be conceived.
Growing safety awareness and new standards: Fire safety for television sets
17 August, 2007
Ambilight is an innovative lighting concept built into the rear of this TV from Philips, which illuminates the immediate surroundings of the flat TV. Thereby Philips uses both Bayblend FR and Makrolon from Bayer MaterialScience.
Material values from high-speed tensile tests for crash simulation
17 August, 2007
Crash tests are complex and costly. Developers in the car industry therefore try to keep the numbers of such tests to a minimum and instead are making increasing use of simulations. This also applies to plastic components such as front ends, bumpers, and fenders. Finite element method simulations are used to analyze the crash behavior of these components at typical speeds. The material values required can be derived from high-speed tensile tests.
New fire-retardant, UV-protective product grades from Makrolon
16 August, 2007
Potential applications of the new UV-stabilized and fire-retardant grades of Makrolon include electrical plugs, edge connectors, electrical distributors and fuse boxes.
Bayer MaterialScience establishes center in United Arab Emirates Enhanced in Middle East
16 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG is responding to the rapidly growing importance of markets in the Middle East by establishing a new innovation center in Dubai. This facility is the first development center for high-quality polymer materials in the region to have access to a wide range of options for technical service, the development of new applications, and training for customers and employees.
New application for Makrolon : Diffuser sheets for LCD screens
16 August, 2007
The tailor-made variant of Makrolon has better optical properties than PMMA. The diffuser sheets made from it therefore produce a much brighter light, which benefits image quality.
New flame-retardant polycarbonate/ABS blend developed
15 August, 2007
The yield stress (ISO 527-1 and -2) of Bayblend DP 3008 HR is virtually unaffected by being positioned over a water bath at a temperature of 80
High-tech tweezers developed by Bayer MaterialScience form the basis for innovative applications
15 August, 2007
When the transparent polycarbonate arms are touched, the tips of the tweezers light up. The
New polycarbonate blend for automotive instrument panels
15 August, 2007
Bayblend DP T88 Plus is far easier flowing, tougher, and stiffer than PC/ABS Bayblend T88-2N, which is the established material for instrument panel production.
Makrolon in medical technology sector: Micro forceps and scissors for ophthalmic surgery
14 August, 2007
The level of vision-impairing retinal disease being diagnosed by eye specialists is growing. Most cases are due to macular degeneration, or AMD for short, which is particularly prevalent among the older generation. Alcon Grieshaber AG, a leading medical technology manufacturer based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, has developed a new generation of surgical instruments to help combat this problem. The Grieshaber Revolution DSP micro forceps and scissors have the advantage over similar commercial instruments that they can be freely rotated while being used.
Highly functional housing for professional light consoles
14 August, 2007
The Maxxyz model from Danish firm Martin Professional is a professional light console that provides programmers and light designers with many different options for creating the perfect show. The housing is made by Dupont plastic ApS from the flame-retardant polyurethane integral skin foam Baydur 110 FR from Bayer MaterialScience, supplied by BaySystems B
Thermoplastics Testing Center automates fire testing:Shorter throughput times
14 August, 2007
Automation of the UL fire tests results in a faster testing run, which considerably reduces customers
New solvent-free, one-component polyurethane dispersions
13 August, 2007
The Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants Business Unit of Bayer MaterialScience AG has extended its range of solvent-free products with the addition of two Bayhydrol polyurethane dispersions specially developed for the coating of plastics.
New software tool DPP based on neural networks
13 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG regards itself not just as a raw materials supplier but also as a solution provider driving innovations in materials, technologies and processes, either on its own or in cooperation with customers. The most recent example of this is a new simulation and calculation tool called Design & Processing Properties. It has been developed by the company's specialists for injection molded parts and tooling, and was recently made available to customers online.
Makrolon in new applications: Focusing optics made of polycarbonate for LEDs
12 August, 2007
Focusing optics with a free-form surface are usually very thick injection moldings with extreme variations in wall thicknesses. Thanks to special rheological calculation programs, Bayer MaterialScience can simulate mold filling precisely.
Bodywork parts with Class A surfaces using film ;INSERT molding
11 August, 2007
One method of producing plastic bodywork parts that enable color matching to neighboring metal parts is through back-injecting pre-formed films with thermoplastics, also known as film ;INSERT molding. The film is responsible for the surface quality of the component (Class A) and the back-injection material is responsible for its mechanical and thermal properties in particular, such as stiffness and thermal expansion.
Lightfast, scratch-proof decorative films for kiteboards made of aliphatic TPU
10 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience expands MDI production capacity in Tarragona to 150,000 tons a year
09 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG has now completed the expansion of its production facilities for methylene diphenyl diisocyanate in Tarragona, Spain by 50,000 tons a year to an annual capacity of 150,000 tons. As a result, the company has a global production capacity of almost 1.1 million tons per year. Plant capacity at Tarragona for the intermediates carbon monoxide and methylene diphenyl diamine has also been expanded.
Firm foothold in the world
08 August, 2007
The new Global Footwear Competence Center of Bayer MaterialScience in Shanghai is equipped with the most advanced footwear-related facilities. Bayer MaterialScience has established its Global Footwear Competence Center in Shanghai, China, where it will spearhead the development of advanced materials and provide technical support to the global footwear industry.
Bayer MaterialScience production facilities in Krefeld-Uerdingen working at full capacity again
07 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer MaterialScience lifts TDI Force Majeure
06 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience LLC has lifted Force Majeure regarding its ability to supply toluene di-isocyanate products in North America.
Meeting the highest demands: Studio monitors with totally authentic sound
05 August, 2007
The loudspeaker front of the O 300 near-field reference monitor from Klein+Hummel is manufactured using Baydur 60 polyurethane integral skin foam from Bayer MaterialScience. The high-frequency, mid-range and bass systems are integrated in the baffle, which is responsible for the outstanding sound quality produced by the loudspeaker.
Head restraints made from polyurethane integral skin foam ensure comfort in all-terrain vehicles
04 August, 2007
In Suzuki's Jimny model, four head restraints made from polyurethane soft integral skin foam based on the raw materials BayflexK 5102 and DesmodurPA 50 from Bayer MaterialScience ensure a safe and comfortable ride.
We want to be the supplier of choice in this fast developing region
03 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG and Pearl Insulation Materials Industries LLC had invited customers and representatives of authorities in the Middle East region to celebrate the launch of BaySystems Pearl, the newly established polyurethane systems house joint venture of both companies in Dubai.
Bayer MaterialScience intends to expand annual capacity of TDI production facility in Shanghai
02 August, 2007
Bayer MaterialScience AG intends to boost the annual capacity of the planned plant for producing toluene diisocyanate in Shanghai from 160,000 to 300,000 tons. This Bayer subgroup is harnessing an innovative process technology in the construction that, among other things, enables investment and energy costs to be dramatically reduced.
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