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Boothroyd Dewhurst
138 Main Street
RI 02879
[t] +1 401 783 5840
[f] +1 401 783 6872
Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA software tools and services allow companies to develop products with fewer parts at lower cost and with higher quality than was previously possible. This disciplined approach to product development provides an early and accurate understanding of product cost and the capability to manage cost during the product development process.

Companies in many industries all over the world have been using DFMA software tools and services since 1983.
Boothroyd Dewhurst announces new version of design for manufacture and assembly software
05 November, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., today announced a new release of the company
Study shows product redesign, not outsourcing to China
05 November, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., announced the results of a benchmarking study titled
Better, Faster, Simpler
05 November, 2006
Symbol Technologies creates devices that capture, manage, and communicate information over networks. It makes bar-code scanners, radio frequency identification systems, and mobile handheld computers used in a wide variety of industries.
Nortel engineers dramatically lower product costs using DFX principles and design
04 November, 2006
Nortel engineers dramatically lower product costs using DFX principles and design for manufacture and assembly, a design analysis tool developed by Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc.
New design for manufacture and assembly software
01 October, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. announced a new version of the company
Good designs brewing at Access Business Group
30 September, 2006
Access Business Group (Ada, Michigan) develops, manufactures, and distributes a comprehensive range of durable goods, including patented water treatment and air filtration systems, and an award-winning coffee maker. Access has emerged as a leader in water filtration products, using special carbon and ultraviolet light technology for optimal health and taste benefits.
Design-For-Manufacturing-and-Assembly analysis can help take cost & complexity out of your products
30 September, 2006
If you want to take cost and complexity out of your products, a design-for-manufacturing-and-assembly analysis can help. But at what point in the product development cycle should you apply that analysis?
New approach to product design that promised
30 September, 2006
Remember Japan? In the fall of 1989, both Business Week and Industry Week broke stories about a new approach to product design that promised to make U.S. manufacturing more competitive with our upstart neighbor to the east.
DFM concurrent costing 2.0 software from Boothroyd Dewhurst promotes should-cost analysis
29 September, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., developer of the internationally recognized Design for Manufacture and Assembly software, announces a major new release, DFM Concurrent Costing Version 2.0. DFM Concurrent Costing 2.0 enables engineering organizations and their supply chains to take a multidisciplinary approach to cost assessment early in product design.
Design for assembly dramatically reduces complexity of plasma arc cutter
29 September, 2006
The engineers at Hypertherm Inc., a maker of plasma cutting systems,know a thing or two about cutting metals. They also know how to cut cost. A lot of cost. While redesigning one of the company's best-selling plasma cutting systems, they managed to reduce parts' count from more than 1,000 components to fewer than 500.
Manufacturing in China? The true cost may surprise you
29 September, 2006
Examining realistic estimates of the cost of outsourcing puts the magic bullet of Chinese manufacturing into question. Nick Dewhurst of Boothroyd Dewhurst has some eye-opening data on what it may actually cost you to move manufacturing of a product overseas. In the chart above, part costs represent 72% of a product, overhead is 24%, and labor only 4%.
If we maintain U.S. R&D leadership, both government support & industry practices need to be reconsidered
28 September, 2006
The experts warn: If maintaining U.S. R&D leadership is the goal, then both government support and industry practices need to be reconsidered. They contend that federal funding of basic research is slipping even as industry turns from basic to applied research. Further, they say industry has tilted too far toward equating R&D success more with product development than with optimizing the innovation process. In this, the first part of a four-part series, Recapturing R&D Leadership, IW explores the scope of the challenges facing U.S. manufacturers.
New technologies to reduce production costs
28 September, 2006
The day of the dedicated machine is dead. Shops must be lean, flexible, do more with less, and design for manufacturability. To do these, average manufacturers are shifting to lean manufacturing or Six Sigma principles, exploiting the advantages of R&D, putting spot solutions in place, and last, implementing productlifecycle management.
Evaluation of instrument panel designs for cost of manufacture and environmental impact
27 September, 2006
This paper considers possibilities for redesign of a current model Truck Instrument Panel in order to reduce manufacturing costs and to increase the likelihood of end-of-life material recovery. A new design concept for the Instrument Panel is proposed which would have had the potential to achieve the following benefits:
A less-costly fuel-cell design
27 September, 2006
To get around the problem of a nonexistent hydrogen infrastructure, a research firm examined reformer systems for fuel cells that produce hydrogen from gasoline. Directed Technologies Inc., Arlington, Va. (, recently completed a multiyear study funded by the Dept. of Energy.
Expanded use of Design for Manufacture & Assembly software will help practices in product cost analysis
26 September, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., developers of Design for Manufacture and Assembly software, today announced that Plug Power Inc., headquartered in Latham, N.Y., has purchased a corporate license for DFMA software.
DFA is used to enhance value engineering/value analysis workshop outcomes
26 September, 2006
In the automotive industry, the pressure to reduce prices is present at all levels, from the vehicle manufacturer through to the lowest level of the supply base. Most first and second tier suppliers are faced with contractual performance or productivity clauses which require annual downward price adjustments of 3 to 5% on the products they provide to the OEM.
26 September, 2006
The trend to shorter product cycles is also creating shorter design cycles, resulting in higher part costs, manufacturing problems, and even warranty issues down the road. Careful up-front work on product design can easily save 50% on total costs, and may even be America
New DFMA software from Boothroyd Dewhurst offers the most comprehensive tools available
25 September, 2006
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. announced a new version of the company
New design for manufacturing and assembly application on the design of ASH64D Helicopter
25 September, 2006
This new study examines the effectiveness of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly methodology used by the design, manufacturing, quality, and supporting engineers for the development of the Longbow Apache Helicopter. Data were obtained through the Integrated Product Development team for several redesigned areas of the Longbow prototype Helicopter Crew Station. Results of the study show that DFMA can be an effective approach, as indicated by a significant cost and weight savings.
Application of sourcing skills to aspects of its human resources buy is yielding 8-10%
25 September, 2006
Application of sourcing skills to aspects of its human resources buy is yielding 8-10% annual savings for Intel Corp., which is a world leader in managing indirect spend. Development of a global medical insurance program saved 23% through an online bidding event. A five-lot Internet negotiations strategy for a life and health insurance program in China yielded savings of 38%.
Boothroyd Dewhurst announces new version of Design for Manufacture and Assembly Software
15 December, 2004
Boothroyd Dewhurst has announced a new release of the company
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