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DSM Coating Resins
Ceintuurbaan 5
8022 AW
The Netherlands
[t] +31 38 456 95 69
[f] +31 38 456 95 00
DSM Coating Resins is one of the business groups making up DSM’s Performance Materials cluster. It specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of resins for coating systems. It is a global supplier of polyester resins for powder coatings, can coatings and coil coatings. The company also plays an important role as a resins supplier to the decorative coatings market, protective and maintenance coatings market, and industrial coatings markets. DSM Coating Resins has production sites in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

DSM's activities are grouped into three clusters: Life Science Products, Performance Materials and Industrial Chemicals. DSM Nutritional Products will remain a seperate entity for the time being. The group has annual sales (pro forma, including the recent acquisition - renamed DSM Nutritional Products) of approximately EUR 8 billion and employs in the region of 25 000 people around the world. Its headquarters are based in The Netherlands.
DSM launches second feed premix plant in China
22 August, 2006
DSM has today opened its new feed premix plant in Liaocheng in Shandong province, China. The new facility demonstrates the company
DSM to double capacity for engineering plastics in China
17 August, 2006
Royal DSM N.V. today announces the opening of its new compounding site for engineering plastics at Jiangyin in the Jiangsu province of China on April 26, 2006. This project will double the total capacity for the product lines Stanyl PA46, Akulon PA6 and Arnite PBT. These materials are used in manufacturing key molded components for the automotive, electrical and electronics, consumer and industrial segments.
DSM Nutritional Products unveils the secret of beauty with ALL-Q plus
02 August, 2006
DSM Nutritional Products has recently introduced ALL-Q plus, a cosmetic ingredient that comprises all the benefits Coenzyme Q10 is known for: antioxidant, energizer, wrinkle reduction, prevention of premature skin ageing. Due to its benefits Coenzyme Q10 is the active ingredient mostly known by consumers and cosmetic manufacturers.
New Dyneema grade makes its maiden voyage onboard ABN AMRO ONE and Pirates of the Caribbean
25 July, 2006
Making its debut in the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race, new Dyneema SK78 fiber from DSM Dyneema proved its superior performance under extreme conditions. The new grade of super-strong polyethylene was used in the running rigging of the two world-class yachts, ABN AMRO ONE and Pirates of the Caribbean, that finished first and second, respectively.
New installation of offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea, Mammoet Van Oord, an international marine
17 July, 2006
For the installation of offshore wind farms in the Irish Sea, Mammoet Van Oord, an international marine contractor, selected heavy lifting slings made with super-strong Dyneema polyethylene fiber from DSM Dyneema. The special round slings, manufactured by the Unitex Group, are designed to lift heavy loads weighing up to several hundreds of tons.
Crucell and DSM Biologics announce invitrogen as first partner in PER.C6 vendor network
10 July, 2006
Dutch biotechnology company Crucell N.V. and technology partner DSM Biologics have announced today that Invitrogen, a leading life sciences products and services provider, will become the first company to enter the partnership
DSM and Crucell announce new CEO and establishment of PER.C6 R&D Center in Boston area
28 June, 2006
Dutch biotechnology company Crucell N.V. and its technology partner DSM Biologics BV, a business unit of Royal DSM N.V., announced today that Dr. Marco Cacciuttolo has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of their joint PER.C6 R&D Center, which will be located in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Cacciuttolo joins the venture with over ten years of experience in technical operations within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.
First new protective vests for Dutch Law Enforcement
27 June, 2006
The first of 25,000 new protective vests for Dutch Law Enforcement was presented today to the Royal Dutch Police Services. The vests, manufactured by BSST GmbH of Germany in cooperation with Ten Cate Advanced Composites of The Netherlands, feature an innovative design incorporating Dyneema fiber and Dyneema Unidirectional sheet material from DSM Dyneema.
DSM invests in biomaterials company Oxford Performance Materials
21 June, 2006
DSM Venturing, the corporate venturing unit of Royal DSM N.V., today announced that it has invested USD 1.2 mln in the biomaterials company Oxford Performance Materials. This investment links on to DSM
Superstrong, lightweight Dyneema unidirectional sheet material from DSM into the new ;INSERTs
12 June, 2006
To provide its soldiers with a higher level of protection, the UK Ministry of Defence is incorporating superstrong, lightweight Dyneema unidirectional sheet material from DSM into the new ;INSERTs for the new Osprey body armor.
New Dyneema HB26 for best light weight hard ballistic protection performance
12 June, 2006
For protection of military and civilian vehicles against today
DSM Somos Drives SL Innovation, application development with 2006 product introductions
06 June, 2006
During Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 2006, held May 23-25 in St. Charles, IL (North America
Diaper champ keeps the earth-and living spaces-more habitable with new diaper champ's seal of Arnitel elastomer
21 May, 2006
A recently re-designed Diaper Champ, an innovative, odourless diaper pail from Garland BV (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), uses Arnitel copolyester thermoplastic elastomer seals from DSM Engineering Plastics. In conjunction with a reverse piston action during disposal, the seals prevent the spread of odours from the Diaper Champ to living areas around the container. Arnitel provides durable flexibility combined with low friction and high abrasion resistance to help ensure positive sealing throughout the life of Diaper Champ. Available globally, Diaper Champ is an important component of the growing trend in recycling the valuable materials in infant and adult hygiene diapers.
Launch of a new animal free Beta-Carotene beadlet form
20 May, 2006
DSM Nutritional Products is launching a new high potency Beta-Carotene beadlet, BetaTab 20% S, to expand its animal-free ingredients portfolio for the direct compression and dietary supplement market. DSM recognizes the market need and consumer requirement for animal-free ingredients. The launch of BetaTab 20% S demonstrates DSM's unique position in the animal-free Beta-Carotene field. DSM's portfolio of animal-free product forms will now consist of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, ALL-Q (Coenzyme Q10), Lutein and OPTISHARP (zeaxanthin). This is by far the most impressive and comprehensive portfolio of animal-free forms in the industry.
New Wanadoo ADSL modem brings high style to connectivity
19 May, 2006
Because French telephony and Internet giant Wanadoo wanted to communicate the fun of connectivity to its Livebox combined home consumer Internet, telephone and TV services, its new asymmetrical digital subscriber line Livebox modem combines the height of style with high technology. Much of the visual effect of the new modem depends on Xantar polycarbonate from DSM Engineering Plastics. The translucent Xantar FC 19 UR grade of PC resin imparts a brilliant finish to the impact- resistant Livebox enclosure, allowing a large Wanadoo logo in its side emit a pulsing glow during operation while still meeting UL V0 at 3mm flame ratings for safety.
New Bopla's Bocard enclosure cover offers clarity and strength thanks to DSM Xantar PC
18 May, 2006
New collaboration in Sizings & Binders
17 May, 2006
DSM Sizing & Binders extended its Neoxil product portfolio with new sizing and binding grades for the glass fibre production industry. These products, developed and manufactured by DSM NeoResins, herald a new phase of cooperation between the two business units. As Remko Goudappel, Business Director, Sizings & Binders commented: 'this is the start of an important collaboration between our two businesses which will result in a new range of innovative products being introduced to the glass fiber market during the course of this year.'
New DSM Nutritional Products enriches the PARSOL range with PARSOLTX
16 May, 2006
With the introduction of PARSOL TX, a new microfine Titanium Dioxide, DSM Nutritional Products expanded its PARSOL UV filter line. PARSOL TX is a new grade of microfine Titanium Dioxide, that eliminates once and for all, the compatibility issue with PARSOL 1789 (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Avobenzone) without any side effects, like deactivation or discoloration.
Public-private partnership in biomedical materials will give a boost to medical innovation
16 May, 2006
A consortium of leading Dutch industrial companies, small and medium-sized companies, knowledge institutes and public organizations recently convened a meeting in the Dutch city of Den Bosch to confirm their partnership in the BioMedical Materials Program. BMM
SIEMENS VDO Pioneers automotive use of Stanyl PA46 from DSM for e-motor end-laminate in new ABS pump
15 May, 2006
Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46), often used in non-automotive e-motor end-laminates thanks to its thin-wall strength and heat resistance, finds its first in-car use in an anti-blocking system pump motor by Siemens VDO. In the compact, newly designed e-motor, Stanyl resin enables a 0.4-0.6 mm, ultra-thin-wall design that maximizes both the laminate size and the number of wire windings. It provides a cost-effective way to optimize the motor assembly process while insulating the wire windings electrically from the metal rotor armature. The Stanyl end-laminate retains working rigidity and dimensional stability up to 290
Echo trimmer muffler covers rely on Stanyl to withstand the heat
02 May, 2006
ECHO Inc., successfully serving the professional market lawn and garden equipment for years, has introduced the new SRM 261 T trimmer that utilizes Stanyl TW200F6 in the muffler cover.
Philips long-life PAR38 lamp benefits from housing of Arnite PBT from DSM
02 May, 2006
The housing and rim of the recently-introduced Philips 25 watt MasterColor Integrated PAR38 metal halide lamp retain their good looks and strength, thanks to Arnite polybutylene terephthalate from DSM Engineering Plastics. The Philips lamp has proven popular in retail and industrial settings because it lasts two to three times longer than similarly-rated halogen lamps, and it uses 65% less energy to create more light output than halogen competitors. In addition to the material, DSM Engineering Plastics provided product and tool design consultation for the lamp, as well as International Electrotechnical Commission end-product testing.
From delicate to tough, ultra-precise Stanyl PA46 gears help keep Joysteer pointed in the right direction
25 April, 2006
Precision gears made of Stanyl, a high-performance polyamide 46 (PA46) resin from DSM Engineering Plastics, help a new joystick-based drive-by-wire system translate a driver's steering movements into vehicle control. Called Joysteer, the new system was designed to enable drivers with arm muscle disabilities get behind the wheel, or in this case, joystick, and drive by themselves. Joysteer will be demonstrated at Hannover Messe 2006, 24-28 April, a leading showplace for mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and the automotive sector.
Wabash transmission sensor relies on Stanyl for high heat resistance
25 April, 2006
Wabash Technologies selected Stanyl for the transmission sensor used on heavy-duty full size and commercial trucks. Stanyl TW200F8 (40% glass reinforced polyamide 46) is used for the main body of the sensor and Stanyl TW271F6 (30% glass reinforced polyamide 46) is used for the rotor.
DSM to double capacity for engineering plastics in China
18 April, 2006
Royal DSM N.V. today announces the opening of its new compounding site for engineering plastics at Jiangyin in the Jiangsu province of China on April 26, 2006. This project will double the total capacity for the product lines Stanyl PA46, Akulon PA6 and Arnite PBT. These materials are used in manufacturing key molded components for the automotive, electrical and electronics, consumer and industrial segments.
DSM NeoResins launches range of food contact compliant resins
07 December, 2005
DSM NeoResins introduced a new generation waterborne resins for use in liquid inks and overprint varnish. The NeoCryl A-2090 family offers high performing inks and OPV's which are compliant with the local food contact legislation. NeoCryl A-2091: Hard acrylic-styrene emulsion copolymer with high gloss, transparency, good block and heat resistance for pre and post print applications. Food contact compliant, low residual free monomer and low odour.
DSM NeoResins introduces new urethane resins for Overprint Varnishes and Ink industries
07 December, 2005
DSM NeoResins has recently introduced new urethane and urethane / acrylic resins for the global Graphic Arts market. NeoRez U-321 is a high solid non reactive solvent based urethane resin for use in flexo and gravure inks for packaging. The resin improves adhesion and flexibility in flexo printing inks based on nitro-cellulose. NeoRez U-321 is used to formulate solvent based flexo and gravure inks for packaging films, especially on polyolefines and aluminium. Inks based on this resin are recommended for surface printing as well as laminating applications.
DSM Somos ProtoFunctional Materialsfuel continued success of large-frame Stereolithography Technology
28 November, 2005
With help from DSM Somos ProtoFunctional stereolithography resins, European rapid prototyping service bureau Materialise NV is expanding capacity for its large-frame SL machines, after more than five years of unprecedented success with the technology. Materialise's patented 'Mammoth' technology (as it is known in-house) produces single-piece prototypes as large as 2100 x 680 x 800 mm, using Somos 9120 and Somos WaterShed 11120 resins exclusively. The resins are used for their particular ability to generate accurate, stable parts which closely mimic the performance properties of production plastics.
DSM launches a new animal free lutein beadlet form
16 November, 2005
DSM Nutritional Products launched a new lutein beadlet, lutein 5% CWS/S-TG, to expand its animal-free ingredients portfolio for the food and dietary supplement market. With this launch DSM is following the strategy to react to the market need and consumer requirement for animal-free ingredients. DSM portfolio consists already of animal-free product forms of beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, ALL-Q (coenzyme Q10) and OPTISHARP (zeaxanthin).
DSM NeoResins introduces new acrylic resins for the Overprint Varnishes and Ink industries
03 November, 2005
NeoCryl A-2061 is an acrylic styrene emulsion for use in the overprint varnishes and liquid inks. This resin shows excellent printability and transparency offering high gloss, hard and block resistance films. NeoCryl A-2061 is free of glycol ethers and therefore suitable to formulate low odour and low VOC printing inks and OPV's.
DSM Somos WaterShed SL resin verifies accuracy requirements for investment casting
27 October, 2005
In the largest accuracy study ever conducted for QuickCast parts, Chicago-area service bureau Express Pattern used Somos WaterShed 11120 stereolithography resin to produce investment cast patterns resulting in a metal part yield of close to 95%, similar to yields achieved by traditional wax patterns made from tooling. The company built more than 500 QuickCast patterns from WaterShed, ranging in size from 1 to 20 inches. Each pattern was measured multiple times in three to four dimensions, ultimately making 4,300 individual measurements on finished patterns. Based on these efforts, Express Pattern was able to verify that over 98% of all measurements were within the acceptable tolerance band required by manufacturers.
DSM Somos builds on success of Somos 14120 White with new enhanced-aesthetic stereolithography resins
29 September, 2005
Based on market demand for stereolithography resins that approximate the aesthetic of engineering plastics, DSM Somos has announced the expansion of their popular Somos 9000 and Somos 12000 material series with two new variant color product offerings. Somos Precision HT 12920 is a new, opaque gray version of Somos' high-temperature resistant material, ProtoTherm 12120. Somos 9420 EP White is new, opaque white version of Somos' popular polypropylene-like material, Somos 9120.
DSM Somos WaterShed Resin used by Medical Research Team for modeling human lungs
15 September, 2005
DSM Somos, a leading developer of stereolithography resins for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, has provided a unique material for helping researchers at the University of Delaware model the structure and performance of human lungs. It is hoped that the research project, funded by Philip Morris, will be used to create new medical delivery systems for illnesses such as asthma and, potentially, new types of drugs such as a needle-less form of insulin.
Philips Lighting gains design freedom, production cost control by selecting Xantar PC and Akulon PA
14 September, 2005
Royal Philips Electronics Lighting business benefits from increased design freedom and lower overall production costs by using Xantar polycarbonate and Akulon polyamide 6 from DSM Engineering Plastics for Philips' new Urbana decorative urban luminaire product. Aesthetic components, including the housing and lens, are made of Xantar resin. Structural components, including the pole mount and internal electrical box, are made of Akulon resin. During development, Philips designers tapped DSM expertise in resins, moulding and thermoplastics engineering to optimise the luminaire and reduce its costs.
Fabuless weight management from DSM
17 July, 2005
The Functional Food Ingredient business unit of DSM Food Specialties has launched its latest food ingredient brand, Fabuless. A weight management ingredient that helps control food intake without the sacrifice and discipline usually associated with dieting and weight control, Fabuless triggers the natural appetite control mechanism. By suppressing the hunger signals that would normally be sent hours after a meal, consumers feel more satisfied than they would have been and consequently eat less. At a time when consumer and government interest in health and obesity has never been higher, Fabuless represents a significant new product development opportunity for dairy and other food manufacturers.
DSM probiotic LAFTI L10 proves it's strength
13 June, 2005
Recent research by DSM has confirmed the superior efficacy, stability and survival of DSM`s probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus LAFTI L10. With the probiotic activity of many supplements significantly reduced by the time the capsule reaches the gastro-intestinal tract, the only place that really matters, the proven gastro-intestinal survival of LAFTI L10 will benefit both Dietary Supplement manufacturers and consumers.
Polimoon specifies Akulon Ultraflow PA6 for Volvo Engine Cover
30 May, 2005
Polimoon Norway, a major European supplier of plastic products and parts, working in collaboration with DSM Engineering Plastics, has chosen DSM's Akulon UltraFlow polyamide 6 for production of a new engine cover for the Volvo T6 2.9l V6 engine in the Volvo CX90 sports utility vehicle. The material, Akulon UltraFlow grade K-FGHM24 (10 percent glass and 20 percent mineral filled, heat-stabilised) was chosen for its ability to mould large-area, thin parts with shorter cycle times, better engineering performance and better aesthetics than such competing materials as polypropylene or PA66.
Design/Mould firm Quadrant CMS selects Akulon Ultraflow for high strength solarium hinge
23 May, 2005
Belgium-based Quadrant CMS, a major European design, moulding, assembly and logistics company, selected Akulon UltraFlow K-FG12 polyamide 6 from DSM Engineering Plastics to mould hinge assemblies of a consumer market full-body tanning solarium for Philips. Akulon PA6 provides significantly faster moulding, better surface finish and the ability to take on a broader range of colour than the conventional glass-filled PA6 grade it replaced.
Twinsweet makes vitamins sweet
12 May, 2005
Persuading young children to swallow anything that's good for them can be quite a challenge. Vitamin supplements should now slip down a little easier, however, with the launch of chewable banana-flavoured tablets incorporating the high intensity sweetener Twinsweet from Holland Sweetener Company. The tablets, manufactured by Viatris and marketed in the Netherlands under the Dagravit Junior brand, contain Twinsweet which masks the unpleasant taste of certain vitamins. Faced with a deliciously fruity, sweet-tasting tablet, youngsters are less likely to refuse their daily dose.
Twin success for Twinsweet
09 May, 2005
Holland Sweetener Company is celebrating the successful launch of two new products containing Twinsweet, the low-calorie sweetener made from aspartame and acesulfame-K to deliver long-lasting sweetness in its purest form. XyliFresh 100 Sensitive chewing gum, manufactured by RBV Leaf, hit Dutch retail shelves in January 2005. Rolo low carb was launched by Nestl
Schaeffler replaces metal chain tensioner with DSM's Stanyl
03 May, 2005
Looking to replace metal, consolidate parts, and reduce system costs in their chain tensioner Schaeffler turned to Stanyl TW341 from DSM Engineering Plastics. The chain tensioner is used in high volume engines that are supplied to Ford Motor Co. Throughout the evolution of the powertrain, Stanyl has been and remains the best material for tensioners.
Harry S.P.A. exploits strength, quietness of Stanyl PA46 for self-propelled lawnmowler transmission gears
13 April, 2005
Stanyl provides the superior wear and friction characteristics, mechanical and heat endurance required to handle the engagement forces and the transfer of energy from the engine to the mower's driven wheel. At the same time, Stanyl helps reduce noise, especially important for environmentally friendly and extra-quiet designs from Harry. Because gear surfaces and other complex geometry are cost effectively produced by injection moulding, the Stanyl gear set does not require the machining, polishing, or fitting required by metal counterparts.
DSM Somos introduces line-up of new SL materials
04 April, 2005
First previewed in December 2004 at the Euromold conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Somos ULM 17220 (Ultra Low Modulus) is a highly elastomeric material ideal for the prototyping of rubber-like parts. With a Shore A of approximately 70 and tensile elongation over 100%, ULM 17220 brings the benefits of stereolithography to applications traditionally reserved for laser sintering or silicone molding. Major applications for the material are expected in the transportation sector, where elastomeric parts are used extensively. Somos ULM 17220 is now in beta testing worldwide.
DSM's Akulon PA6 is chosen by Samsonite for its 'Flite' range of suitcases
01 February, 2005
Samsonite, a world leader in travel, provides innovative solutions in luggage, handbags, backpacks, computer cases and other travel accessories. For some critical components in their Flite range of suitcases, Samsonite chose two Akulon PA6 grades as the preferred material. 'We were looking for a materials solution provider who had the right set of knowledge of applications and materials to match our requirements. Our global standards on luggage were what we wanted to adhere for high reliability to meet our warranty promises. DSM helped us in that assurance, both in materials and the applications knowledge to bridge our requirements.', Mr. P. Bhattacherjee (Manager Purchase, Samsonite South Asia Pvt. Ltd., India).
DSM raises price of powder and liquid polyester coating resins
17 December, 2004
DSM Coating Resins has announced that it is increasing the price of its Uralac range of polyester coating resins.
DSM NeoResins launches range of food contact compliant resins
12 November, 2004
DSM NeoResins introduced a new generation waterborne resins for use in liquid inks and overprint varnish. The NeoCryl A-2090 family offers high performing inks and OPV
DSM expands production capacity at Kunshan plant in China
28 October, 2004
DSM Eternal Resins (Kunshan) has decided to expand its production facility for polyester powder coating resins in Kunshan, China.
DSM Coating Resins acquires H
10 May, 2004
DSM Coating Resins and H
DSM Coating Resins expands capacity for Uradil water-borne alkyds
12 December, 2003
To fulfil the increasing demands for more environment-friendly paint systems, DSM Coating Resins is investing in a new reactor dedicated exclusively to the production of its Uradil range of water-borne alkyds. The new reactor will be built at their Swedish production site in Landskrona and will be operational in early 2004.
DSM and Rhodia create water-borne binder for decorative paints
10 October, 2002
DSM Coating Resins and Rhodia PPMC have created a new water-borne binder for decorative paints.
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