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DSM Engineering Plastics (Sittard)
Poststraat 1
NL-6130 AA
[t] +31 46 477 3051
[f] +31 46 477 3959

DSM Engineering Plastics is a business group forming part of DSM's Performance Materials cluster. DSM EP is a global supplier of Stanyl PA46 and Akulon 6 and 66 polyamides, Arnitel TPE-E, Arnite PBT and PET polyesters, Xantar polycarbonate, Yparex extrudable adhesive resins, and Stamylan UH Ultra High Molecular Weight PE. These materials are used in technical components for electrical appliances, electronic equipment and cars, in barrier packaging films as well as in many mechanical and extrusion applications. The business group had annual sales of EUR 566 million in 2003. With Stanyl, it is the global market leader in high heat polyamides. Stanyl is a family of heat-resistant polyamides from DSM Engineering Plastics. Stanyl

Dutch polymer giant opens international research centre for innovative materials
28 November, 2014
Royal DSM has opened a new centre for research into and development of high-performance materials on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands. The completion of DSM's largest materials centre worldwide is part of the €100 million investment in knowledge and innovation in the Netherlands that DSM announced in May 2012. The centre employs over 400 knowledge workers and combines important technological skills and expertise unique in the Netherlands for use in applications the world over.
High performance polyimides for high performance DDR4 memory connectors
22 April, 2014
Top electronics companies are choosing DSM's high performance polyamides for the latest generation of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) connectors. These so-called DDR4 connectors demand more from thermoplastics in terms of thermal and mechanical performance. DSM is showing DDR4 connectors in its Stanyl polyamide 46 and Stanyl ForTii polyamide 4T at Chinaplas, which takes place in Shanghai on 23-26 April.
Bio-based polyamide selected for fuel vapour separators
27 March, 2014
Royal DSM's bio-based high performance EcoPaXX polyamide 410 has been selected by Dytech-Dynamic Fluid Technologies for the fuel vapour separators it produces for Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. The halogen-free flame retardant EcoPaXX Q-KGS6, will increase the fire safety of the cars by combining flame retardancy with a high level of chemical resistance, essential for this application. EcoPaXX polyamide 410 is 70% derived from renewable resources.
More sustainable, lightweight thermoplastic composites for automotive use
16 September, 2013
DSM is launching advanced thermoplastic composites for lighter and more sustainable automotive applications. The custom-made structural and semi-structural materials incorporate various types of continuous fibre reinforcements embedded in advanced polyamides.
High performance polyamide beats LCP and PPA for DDR4 memory connector housings
29 August, 2013
The Taiwanese memory connector manufacturer Lotes has selected DSM's Stanyl ForTii H11 polyamide 4T for housings for a new range of DDR4 connectors. T/H type and also SMT, Single-latch, VLP, ULP and Press-fit types will meet OEM design needs in servers, desktops, complex base station and voice gateways. The housings are suitable for wave and infrared reflow soldering, and are available in various colours.
Vinyl ester resin suitable for contact with food and drinking water
06 April, 2011
DSM has introduced its latest composite resin
Europower hydraulic hoses feature Arnitel TEE-E core
23 November, 2004
Europower, a major UK-based manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and fittings, is using Arnitel thermoplastic ether ester block copolymer elastomer (TEE-E) from DSM Engineering Plastics for the core of a select line of its hydraulic hoses.
Frost & Sullivan product innovation award for Stanyl
22 October, 2004
Stanyl from DSM Engineering Plastics has received the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award in the High Performance Polyamide sector.
Heat-stabilised polyamide 46 for locking automotive quick-connect
20 October, 2004
Oystertec Plc (York, UK) is using DSM Engineering Plastics
Class A surface combined with top aesthetics and durability
20 October, 2004
In close collaboration with Automotive Lighting GmbH and Coko Werke, DSM Engineering Plastics developed two materials for use in and around the headlamp of the 2003 model Audi A3.
TPE-E elastomer For ergonomic non-slip grips
20 October, 2004
For ergonomic non-slip grips on select hand tools, the Facom Tools Group uses Arnitel thermoplastic ether ester block copolymer (TPE-E) elastomer from DSM Engineering Plastics.
DSM announces major capacity expansion for Stanyl
20 October, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has announced two further capacity increases for its successful range of Stanyl high performance polyamide products.
Circuit breaker housings use polyamide 6, replace thermosets
20 October, 2004
A major European manufacturer of electrical components has reduced overall system costs while improving product performance for a series of micro circuit breakers (MCBs) by using Akulon K222-KMV5 polyamide 6 (PA6) thermoplastic from DSM Engineering Plastics for the MCBs
PA46 for demanding timing chain tensioner application on Porsche Cayenne engine
20 October, 2004
Iwis, a major European supplier of automotive chain systems as well as chains and components for industrial applications, uses two grades of Stanyl (PA46) from DSM Engineering Plastics for timing chain tensioners on the Porsche Cayenne engine.
PBT cuts rear wiper production and assembly time
20 October, 2004
Automotive and auto component manufacturers are now benefiting from Arnite TV8 260, a new 30% glass-filled polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) material ideal for rear wiper E-motor gear housings on SUVs and station wagons.
Arnite proves best for flexible automotive connectors
20 October, 2004
An extensive evaluation of materials for a new series of flexible harness connectors by FCI, a major automotive electrical/electronic connector maker, resulted in the specification of Arnite T06 202, an unfilled polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) from DSM Engineering Plastics.
Laser-weldable PA6 opens broad 3D production options
20 October, 2004
A laser-weldable PA6 from DSM opens broad 3D production options for assembled products that require strong, smooth bonding
VW Golf airbag shows better cold weather performance
20 October, 2004
VW Golf airbag deploys more safely thanks to better cold weather performance of airbag covers made with Arnitel TPE-E from DSM
Lift truck steering wheel is moulded 33% faster and has better surface
20 October, 2004
Lift truck steering wheel is moulded 33% faster and has better surface using Akulon Ultraflow PA6 switching from a conventional polyamide 6.
High performance plastics for convoluted tubing
20 October, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics offers three highly engineered materials for convoluted tubing, whose bellows-like form allows it to bend and flex readily.
Razor sharp and indelible laser marking of plastics
20 October, 2004
Razor sharp and indelible laser marking on virtually any plastic is possible with DSM
Friendlier plastic for train cladding
20 October, 2004
Dutch railways is using Xantar C CE 407, an unfilled blend of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) from DSM Engineering Plastics to replace train cladding made from polyester sheet.
Logicom chooses overmoulded elastomer skin for wireless game controller
30 September, 2004
An overmoulded skin of an elastomer on an ABS moulded base has been adopted by Logicom design engineers to give both a soft touch feel and a good grip for its wireless game controller.
Sustainability World Index puts DSM on top
02 September, 2004
According to company sources, DSM is revealed as the Market Sector Leader in the World Chemical Sector by the latest Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
New focus on wire and cable from DSM
02 September, 2004
With new initiatives in wire and cable coating materials, DSM Engineering Plastics announces a new focus for its Arnitel TPE elastomers
Nylon automotive engine covers offer part price reduction
05 August, 2004
New Akulon Ultraflow PA6 grades for automotive engine covers offer part price reduction over conventional PA grades
Siemens VDO uses polyamide 46 for automotive sensor housings
05 August, 2004
Automotive sensor housings are being made of DSM Engineering Plastics Stanyl TW200F6, a polyamide 46 (PA46) with 30% glass reinforcement, to provide oil and temperature resistance, strength, and sealing for Siemens VDO components.
Fibreglass-reinforced polyamide resin takes the chair
28 July, 2004
The Herman Miller Equa chair benefits from the strength and aesthetic advantages of DSM
Fibre-grade PA46 drives use of yarns in automotive V-belts
23 July, 2004
German company Polyamide High Performance (PHP) GmbH is using DSM Engineering Plastics
Stanyl means cost savings for Delphi Connectors
09 July, 2004
When Delphi Connection Systems took over production of 2mm header connectors for a new commercial microprocessor customer, they found themselves facing some pretty big issues with the LCP being used in the application.
New high flow Stanyl grade from DSM for jet engine parts
07 July, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics announces the availability of a new grade of high-flow Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46) designed for elements of aircraft jet engines.
TPE-coated film with patented additive hits the roof
01 July, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics
High modulus polyamide 6 grade challenges 66 alternatives
24 June, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics is introducing a new high modulus, high finish Akulon Ultraflow K-FG0 polyamide 6 grade which is lighter, moulds more quickly and costs 25% less than PA66.
Railway pads take a helluva beating
22 June, 2004
Railway pads made form DSM
DSM Engineering Plastics adds to Stanyl team in Europe
22 June, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has added two members to their Stanyl Team in Europe, as part of the company
Moulded-in tear seam critical element of airbag cover
18 June, 2004
The side-door airbag covers in the 2003 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Phantom model have adopted Arnitel TPE-E copolyeser elastomer from DSM Engineering Plastics.
Agricultural plastic film designed to resist puncture by stones and stubble
04 May, 2004
Agriplast meets large production challenges with Eco-Brom multi-layer films co-extruded with DSM Akulon XP polyamide 6.
Muffler housing upgraded using high heat polyamide
28 April, 2004
Echo, a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade lawn and garden power equipment sold worldwide, now uses Stanyl polyamide 4.6 from DSM Engineering Plastics for the company
Significant expansion for new flexible packaging feedstock
28 April, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has announced an expansion of its Akulon PA6 capacity at its polyamide plant in Emmen, the Netherlands. The plant will be completed by mid 2005.
Arnitel a soft touch for Tupperware
31 March, 2004
Tupperware, leading producer of quality household goods and Kitchenware, has selected Arnitel TPE from DSM Engineering Plastics for its new Cafetiere.
PET excels in automotive brake booster valve applications
23 March, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has more than 10 years experience in brake booster valve applications, working in partnership with leading European automakers to develop materials that meet the requirements of some of the world
Thermoplastic copolyester elastomer manages noise in camera application
11 March, 2004
Arnitel thermoplastic copolyester elastomers (TPE-Es or COPE) from DSM Engineering Plastics, well known for applications that exploit its heat resistance, flexibility and strength in automotive and other demanding applications, has another side: noise management.
Energy-saving lamps to benefit from dedicated DSM resource
05 March, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has enhanced its focus in the Electrical Lighting Segment by appointing a dedicated resource to coordinate its activities. The refined approach in this segment is intended to improve the coordination with customers in the development of new and improved applications across a wide range of materials.
Nylon 46 sensors outdo stainless steel on cost and performance
04 March, 2004
Wabash Technologies, a leading manufacturer of a broad range of vital electronic/electromechanical components for original equipment manufacturers, has developed a new threaded powertrain sensor using Stanyl from DSM Engineering Plastics.
Stanyl nylon 46 for VW intercooler endcaps
04 March, 2004
Stanyl TW200F6 has been selected for the intercooler end-caps of Volkswagen.
PC/ABS blend for mobile phone flip cover
02 March, 2004
The Xantar C PC/ABS blend from DSM Engineering Plastics was selected as a problem solver for the production of the flip cover of the Nokia 6800 mobile phone.
New PBT grade for autmotive headlamp bezels
24 February, 2004
The new Arnite XL PBT, specifically designed for automotive headlamp bezels, is now available from DSM Engineering Plastics.
Arnitel elastomer gives the Mirra image
19 February, 2004
Herman Miller, a pioneer and leader in the office furniture industry, has specified Arnitel EM400 from DSM Engineering Plastics for the seat carrier on its new Mirra Chair.
Hard-soft combinations with excellent adhesion
18 February, 2004
Designed to adhere to such hard materials as polycarbonate (PC), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene/Polycarbonate (ABS/PC), and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), DSM Engineering Plastics
DSM Akulon PA6 said to outperform PA66 formulations on price/performance
28 January, 2004
The choice of a polyamide (PA) thermoplastic for an engineering application, particularly between PA6 and PA66, often focuses on heat aging or strength and stiffness - and cost. Akulon PA6 from DSM Engineering Plastics offers performance equal to or better than many competitive PA66 formulations, with significantly better price/performance when processability is factored in.
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