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ESI Group
100-102 Avenue de Suffren
BP 2008-16
Paris cedex 16
[t] +33 (0) 1 53 65 14 14
[f] +33 (0) 1 53 65 14 12

ESI is a pioneer in Virtual Prototyping that takes into account the physics of materials. ESI boasts know-how in Virtual Product Engineering, based on an integrated suite of coherent, industry-orientated applications. Addressing manufacturing industries, Virtual Product Engineering aims to replace physical prototypes by realistically simulating a product's behaviour during testing, to fine-tune fabrication and assembly processes in accordance with desired product performance, and to evaluate the impact on product use under normal or accidental conditions.

Casting process fluid flow solver is faster and more accurate
17 November, 2013
ESI Group has released ProCast 2013.5, along with its dedicated user environment Visual-Cast 9.0, both designed to enable foundries to improve casting yield and quality thanks to more efficient processes and solvers.
To design a progressive die to produce an automotive component with a narrow stock width
01 August, 2007
ESI integrates RTM simulation in CATIA V5 working environment for AirbusPAM-RTM for CATIA V5
31 July, 2007
ESI Group integrates RTM simulation in the CATIA V5 working environment for AirbusPAM-RTM for CATIA V5, a software program used for simulation of manufacturing composite components formed by injection molding.
ESI Group announces the release of ProCASTProCAST
30 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce the new release of ProCAST 2006, the leading finite element software package for foundry simulation. This new version brings additional new features in meshing, processing capabilities and numerous improvements in product performance.
ESI Group announces Visual Environment, a major breakthrough in multi-disciplinary simulation
29 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310), pioneer and world leading provider of digital simulation software, based on the physics of materials, releases Visual Environment a proven virtual product design solution articulated around openess and extended interoperability with tier simulation solutions.
28 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) the technology leader in the field of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics, announces the release of V2007 of CFD products. ESI's Advanced CFD solutions include CFD-ACE+ for multidisciplinary and multi-physics simulation, CFD-FASTRAN for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic simulation, and CFD-CAD alyze r for CAD integrated CFD simulation.
ESI Group announces PAM-QUIKFORM for CATIA V5
27 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce that PAM-QUIKFORM for CATIA V5, developed under the CAA V5 Gold Software Partnership Agreement signed with Dassault Syst
One triggers interest of European leading companies in sector of Marine, Aero, Rail & Industrial vehicles
26 July, 2007
ESI Group announces the launch of the European Marine, Aero, Rail and Industrial structures Consortium. Participants of the MARI Consortium include renowned industry leaders such as Alstom, BAE Systems, Bombardier Transportation, QinetiQ, Volvo Group and VTT.
PAM-STAMP 2G 2007 boosts reliability in tool and die design & forming simulation
25 July, 2007
ESI Group(ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce the release of the 2007 version of PAM-STAMP 2G, the virtual manufacturing software
ESI Group announces the latest version of PAM-CRASH 2GPAM-CRASH 2G
24 July, 2007
ESI Group announces the latest version of PAM-CRASH 2GPAM-CRASH 2G brings major innovations to improve accuracy and reduce the product design cycle by offering a new and unique methodology to process more realistic compute models.
ESI announces the release of the 2006 version of CFD-CADalyzer
05 September, 2006
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 version of CFD-CADalyzer. CFD-CADalyzer is the perfect tool for both CAD engineers and CFD analysts to perform design level analysis with a simple and intuitive interface. CFD-CADalyzer, a complete package in itself with built-in pre and post-processor, enables the simulation of flow and heat transfer, and allows the comparison of results over a range of varying geometries and operational conditions.
Strategic partnership aiming to take over ATE Technology International
04 September, 2006
ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310), a pioneer and world leading solution provider in virtual prototyping and manufacturing processes, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership that aims to take over the Chinese-based company ATE Technology International
ESI releases breakthrough simulation technology for welding assembly PAM-ASSEMBLY
03 September, 2006
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) announces PAM-ASSEMBLY. Validated for more than five years by many industrial partners, PAM-ASSEMBLY allows designers, production planners and manufacturing practitioners to quickly understand, control and minimize distortion coming from welding fabrication.
ESI Group announces PAM-TUBE 2G for Virtual Manufacturing
02 September, 2006
ESI Group, (ESIN FR0004110310) announces PAM-TUBE 2G, a new product suite in the stamping simulation solution line, tailored made for tube bending and hydro forming processes. PAM-TUBE 2G supports all the stages from design to product manufacturing.
ESI Group integrates RTM simulation in the CATIA V5 working environment for Airbus
01 September, 2006
ESI Group and Airbus announce their first collaboration in the field of virtual manufacturing. Based upon Airbus specifications, ESI Group has developed in CATIA V5 a simulation application for composite parts manufactured using the liquid composite molding processes.
Technological collaboration announcement between ESI Group and Intel
01 September, 2006
ESI Group, the leading solution provider in physics based simulation software and Intel, the world largest chips makers announced a Technological Collaboration. ESI Group and Intel will jointly develop ESI Group enterprise leading solutions on Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Itanium Processors benefiting from the latest technological improvements such as the Multi Core Technology using Intel Software Tools (compilers library
Models could help speed discovery of new drugs
17 February, 2006
In an important step toward accelerating drug discovery, researchers have created computer models of more than 900 cell receptors from a class of proteins known to be important drug targets. The models, which are now freely available to noncommercial users, promise to help scientists narrow their research inquiries, potentially speeding up the discovery of new drug compounds. The research appears in the February 17, 2006 issue of the Public Library of Science Computational Biology.
ESI Group announces the release of Version 2006 of CADalyzer
03 February, 2006
ESI Group is pleased to announce the release of the 2006 version of CFD-CADalyzer. CFD-CADalyzer is the perfect tool for both CAD engineers and CFD analysts to perform design level analysis with a simple and intuitive interface. CFD-CADalyzer, a complete package in itself with built-in pre and post-processor, enables the simulation of flow and heat transfer, and allows the comparison of results over a range of varying geometries and operational conditions.
PAM-RTM, simulation software for resin injection and infusion on fibrous reinforcements
11 January, 2006
For the first time, Poncin Yachts is using to its advantage the technology provided by the ESI Group's PAM-RTM software, a simulation software program for manufacturing composites by injection. Thanks to a technological partnership with specialists in composite materials and the use of engineering applied to industrial systems, Poncin Yachts has defined a method of production never seen before in the field of water sports.
ESI Group's Casting Solutions benefit from two ambitious European Projects
18 November, 2005
ESI Group's (ISIN FR0004110310), metallurgical development team has been selected for its proven ability to develop and implement accurate material models to simulate complex solidification and solid state transformation phenomena.
Advanced Cam turns to ESI Group's stamping simulation software for faster design of automotive parts
12 October, 2005
For Advanced Cam, a die production designer for automotive components, meeting requirements for part quality, piece cost and delivery lead time demands an in-depth understanding of the stamping process.
Fujitsu and ESI Group partner to develop service-oriented solutions
05 October, 2005
Fujitsu Systems Europe and ESI Group's (ESIN FR0004110310) announce a partnership to extend the validation of ESI's world-leading applied mechanics technology with the SynfiniWay service-oriented platform for collaborative computing from Fujitsu. The first validation of SynfiniWay with ESI Group products was made with the PAM-CRASH application for crash simulation, a solution that has been deployed in production through the joint pay-per-use Application Service Provider business with Fujitsu Systems Europe. End-users connect to the ASP site using a SynfiniWay client interface, which ensures complete run-time security of the compute servers and manages the automatic transfer and encryption of data between the server and desktop machine. Initial clients for this PAM-CRASH ASP include automotive manufacturers and sub-contractors wishing to benefit from access to peak-load capacity or scalable systems to solve larger problems.
ESI Group releases breakthrough simulation technology for aerodynamic shape optimization
05 October, 2005
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) announces a breakthrough in Simulation Based Design by implementing a new technology, called PAM-FLOW/Adjoint Solver, into its Computational Fluid Dynamics solutions for aerodynamic shape optimization.
ESI Group announces EuroPAM 2005 keynote speakers
20 August, 2005
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) announces the keynote speakers for its EuroPAM 2005 Virtual Engineering European Conference and Exhibition scheduled for October 5-7 in Germany. The three day event will be held at Seminaris Seehotel in Potsdam, near Berlin. EuroPAM's keynote speakers will feature Prof. Dr-Ing; Axel S. Hermann, Head of the Composite Technology Center, Airbus and Pat Hearn, Director, Advanced Fuel Cell Products, Ballard Power Systems.
ESI Group launches PAM-VA One the one simulation environment
18 August, 2005
ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310) an innovative company committed to delivering state-of-the-art predictive vibro-acoustic solutions announced today the official launch of PAM-VA One at InterNoise 2005, the International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering. PAM-VA One is the world's first fully integrated environment for simulating the response of vibro-acoustic systems across the entire frequency spectrum. This major product launch represents the latest ESI Group's innovative solution for vibro-acoustic simulation, analysis and design.
Italian foundries have chosen the ProCAST solution to simulate and optimize their casting process
17 June, 2005
ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310) strengthens its position as a leading supplier of foundry simulation solutions on the Italian market. Following the success of the METEF exhibition held in April 2004 in Brescia, Italy, and with the efficient collaboration of ESI Group's Italian agent Ecotre sas di Valente dr. Tiziano & C., ESI Group's casting solutions gained new ground in Italy. Over the past year, 15 new customers have decided to adopt the ProCAST solution to optimize their process and to improve their casting quality.
ESI Group and MECALOG to collaborate on future releases of EASi-CRASH RAD for RADIOSS
01 June, 2005
ESI Group and Mecalog announce a multi-year collaborative agreement to continue the development of EASi-CRASH RAD, a comprehensive CAE environment for multi-body and finite element occupant safety simulations using RADIOSS.
Solutions that can scale with growing needs
26 May, 2005
Manufacturers today struggle to reduce delays in product design as they work with more and more refined models. To keep up with these time and quality constraints, they look for solutions that can scale with their growing needs. Silicon Graphics and ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310) today announced they have pushed scalability to new extremes, enabling users to run a crash simulation model eight times larger than today's standard industry practice. The achievement represents a significant competitive advantage for automotive designers confronted with ever growing model sizes and shrinking turnaround time.
Courage Competition turns to simulation for help to meet challenges of 24 Hours of Le Mans
05 April, 2005
For over 20 years, Courage Comp
ESI Group announces new industrial parallel version of its Finite Element Foundry Simulation Software
05 April, 2005
ESI Group, leading provider of digital simulation software for prototyping and manufacturing processes, today announced the release of ProCAST 2005, a comprehensive finite element software package for foundry simulation. ProCAST 2005 offers an efficient and accurate solution for a wide range of processes and alloys, from high and low-pressure die casting to sand casting and investment casting. The new DMP (Distributed Memory Parallel) version enables customers to achieve unmatched performance as simulation tasks are distributed amongst several processors running in parallel, at a very competitive cost. The release provides an industrial and highly scalable version on Linux clusters and UNIX multiprocessor platforms.
ESI Group announces PAM-TFA for CATIA V5, a new PAM-STAMP Solution
05 April, 2005
ESI Group is glad to announce that PAM-Transparent Formability Analysis for CATIA V5, its first application developed under the CAA V5 Gold Software Partnership Agreement signed with Dassault Syst
Corus and ESI Group Partnership provides advanced material simulation capabilities
09 March, 2005
Corus, the international metals producer, and ESI Group, leading provider of digital simulation software for prototyping and manufacturing processes, today announced the integration of the Corus-Vegter model, a new advanced material simulation model, into PAM-STAMP 2G software package. Combining Corus and ESI Group expertise, this partnership will help automotive designers and engineers to significantly improve the accuracy of formability analysis predictions and press stamping evaluations.
ESI Group to inaugurate its Software Product Development Center in Bangalore - India
26 November, 2004
ESI Group (ISIN FR0004110310), pioneer and world leading solution provider in virtual prototyping and manufacturing processes, today announces the inauguration of ESI Software India private limited, a wholly owned subsidiary in Bangalore on December 1st, 2004. The India center will primarily be involved in the development of software products for virtual simulation.
ESI Group to port open virtual try-out space on Microsoft 64-Bit Windows
11 October, 2004
ESI Group demonstrated today the powerful capabilities of its Open Virtual Try-Out Space Solution, a proven engineering simulation environment, on Microsoft's new 64-bit Windows operating system. PAM-CRASH is the first crash simulation solution on the market to be ported to 64-bit Windows 64, before the future release of other major CAE software from ESI Group.
ESI Group announces visual-crash for PAM
11 October, 2004
ESI Group today announced Visual-Crash for PAM, the first brick of ESI Group's new open integrated environment available now for PAM-CRASH solution. ESI Group leverages the acquisition of EASI by integrating the company's renowned technology into its virtual engineering solution, known as the Virtual Try-Out Space. This strategy paves the way to a unique open environment where competitive simulation software can be coupled with ESI Group's state-of-the-art solvers. First delivered for PAM-CRASH users, this open environment allows them to address any crash and safety related simulations as it effectively replaces the most competitive environment solutions.
BMW stays ahead of Car Safety Requirements
11 October, 2004
At BMW, thousands of highly complex simulations have to be performed every year to test the overall crashworthiness of vehicles. Beyond the requirements of current regulations, BMW has selected ESI Group's H-Model, a digital model of the human body, to get a better understanding of possible human injuries in side impact scenarios. In partnership with the Munich Institute for Forensic Medicine, BMW has been able to investigate, for complex impact configurations, the differences between a mechanical physical dummy and the human body simulated by the H-Model.
ESI Group announces release of PAM-STAMP 2G 2004
11 October, 2004
ESI Group released today at the EuroPAM conference PAM-STAMP 2G version 2004, a business value and cost-efficient sheet metal stamping simulation software. PAM-STAMP 2G includes PAM-DIEMAKER for fast design and optimization of binder surface and die-addendum, PAM-QUIKSTAMP for rapid stamping evaluation, and PAM-AUTOSTAMP for forming process validation, quality and tolerance control. Offering business value, the 2004 version has been intensively tested by ESI Group's customers in the Americas, Asia and Europe.
ESI Group unveils EuroPAM keynote speakers
23 August, 2004
ESI Group announces the keynote speakers for its 2004 virtual engineering European conference and exhibition scheduled for October 11-13 in Paris. The three-day event will be held at La Villette conference center in the heart of La Cit
Fiat adopts ESI Group's Vibro-Acoustic Simulation Software to optimize NVH process
13 May, 2004
Elasis, Fiat's research center in Southern Italy, has selected AutoSEA2 from ESI Group to improve automotive acoustic design. Noise, Vibration and Harshness are today an important part of virtual product development. AutoSEA2 addresses automakers' critical need for the control of broadband airborne and structure-borne noise. The product relies on the Statistical Energy Analysis method which is well suited to broadband and high frequency noise predictions.
ESI Group and LSTC to collaborate on future releases of EASi-CRASH DYNA for LS-DYNA
13 May, 2004
In 2003, ESI Group acquired the intellectual property rights of EASi's CAE software, including EASi-CRASH, EASi-Vista and EASi-Process. EASi-Vista is a software environment that fully exploits the power of object-oriented technology, ensuring high performance and productivity. EASi-Process is an advanced technology for creating, automating, and standardizing CAE processes. ESI Group will reinforce the development of these tools to provide a common user environment for an extended range of CAE applications, including LS-DYNA solver.
PAM-CEM solutions reduces physical tests in Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility
30 March, 2004
ESI Group today launched PAM-CEM Solutions 2004, a comprehensive family of software for virtual testing of complex electromagnetic phenomena. PAM-CEM Solutions 2004 analyzes electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems in a wide frequency range. PAM-CEM Solutions includes CRIPTE, for induced phenomena on cable networks, and SYSMAGNA, for low frequency analysis.
ESI Group's new CFD simulation software recognized as one of the most innovative product
19 February, 2004
Thanks to the recent acquisition of CFDRC's product division, ESI Group has enhanced its product portfolio with new virtual engineering software including CFD-CADalyzer, Computational Flow Dynamics software for design engineers, CFD-ACE+ for advanced CFD and multiphysics simulation, CFD-FASTRAN, CFD software specifically designed for the aerospace industry, and CFD-VISCART for the generation of viscous, Cartesian meshes.
ESI Group and Neilsoft to jointly develop and market new Generation of Die Casting Design Software
07 August, 2003
ESI Group and Neilsoft signed OEM agreement to provide a new generation of die casting design software to the foundry industry. Both companies will collaborate on a joint development program for integrating Neilsoft's DiEdifice within ESI Group's casting process simulation solutions. This will offer unique die gating construction capabilities for rapid design and process validation.
Dassault Syst
18 February, 2003
Dassault Syst
ESI Group announces PAM-Crash 2G
17 February, 2003
ESI Group today announced the availability of PAM-CRASH 2G, the second generation of its leading crash simulation software. A new environment facilitates model preparation and analysis. Major innovative features have been added. The first predictive rupture model available in the industry provides accurate answers to material deformation, including composites, high-strength steel and aluminum. An enhanced solver offers a highly scalable parallel version for overnight computation, while a Distributed Memory version on Linux clusters or Itanium 2 platforms enables to intensive calculation at a very competitive cost.
ESI Group announces PAM-CAST
21 January, 2003
ESI Group, leading provider of virtual prototyping and manufacturing solutions, today announces the release of PAM-CAST 2002, the industry's most comprehensive casting simulation solution. The new release offers advanced high pressure die casting capabilities, a new interface with thermo-mechanical coupling, and enhanced data exchange with CAD. PAM-CAST 2002 simulates a wide range of processes including gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, semi-solid, and lost foam processes.
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