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Britain's Health and Safety Commission (HSC) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are responsible for the regulation of almost all the risks to health and safety arising from work activity in Britain.

The HSE looks after health and safety in nuclear installations and mines, factories, farms, hospitals and schools, offshore gas and oil installations, the safety of the gas grid and the movement of dangerous goods and substances, railway safety, and many other aspects of the protection both of workers and the public. Local authorities are responsible to HSC for enforcement in offices, shops and other parts of the services sector.

The HSC is sponsored by the Department of Work and Pensions and is ultimately accountable to the Minister of State for Work, the Right Honourable Jane Kennedy MP.
New approved code of practice to help prevent occupational asthma
07 May, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has published a new Approved Code of Practice to help ensure substances that cause occupational asthma are properly controlled by employers. Occupational asthma is the most frequently diagnosed respiratory disease in Great Britain. HSE estimates that between 1,500 and 3,000 people develop it every year.
New innovative ways of handling dangerous substances and put British companies on top
06 May, 2006
Nominations for Good Practice Awards to recognise outstanding and innovative ways of handling dangerous substances by British companies, are being sought by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.
New pilot project has been launched
05 May, 2006
Up to 13.4 million days a year are lost due to stress at work and although guidance has been available for almost a decade, the Health and Safety Commission wanted an innovative approach which would provide the tools for bosses and workers to tackle the challenge in their own firms.
New Guidance to tackle accidents at power presses
04 May, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has today published new guidance aimed at tackling one of the main causes of accidents at power presses. Accident data shows that poor maintenance was at the root of about 40% of incidents involving mechanical presses.
A new way to help protect workers
03 May, 2006
The Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) to help managers identify high risk manual handling jobs has been launched today by the Health and Safety Executive. The website was also launched today. Employers, safety reps, health professionals and members of the public should find this site useful as it provides up to date information on health and safety relating to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) - the general name for conditions such as back pain and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).
New help to tackle infection risks at work
02 May, 2006
The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens today published new health and safety guidance on how to control the risks posed from infections at work, as part of the European Week for Safety and Health 13 -18 October 2003.
New Call Centre Community Sharing
01 May, 2006
A new approach of 'community sharing' in the call centre industry could improve their occupational health record and benefit UK industry overall, says the Health and Safety Executive today as it publishes the first major study of call centre working.
Asian audiences targeted with new HSE Worksmart series
21 April, 2006
Sponsored by the Health and Safety Executive, 'Worksmart', has already run in its more general form on ITV television networks across the country in 2001 and 2002. It achieved a 250% per cent increase in awareness of health and safety issues among viewers in the target audience. It was piloted with Granada Television, North West, where it ran for two years.
New offshore safety regulations become law today
07 April, 2006
The 2005 Regulations reflect the experience and changes in the offshore oil and gas industry since 1993. They will cut bureaucracy for industry and allow Health and Safety Executive inspectors to carry out more planned interventions.
Noise regulations come into force
06 April, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive is reminding employers that the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 come into force today. The regulations replace the existing Noise at Work Regulations 1989 for all industries in Great Britain except music and entertainment, which have until April 2008 to comply.
Amendment to the management of health and safety at work regulations
06 April, 2006
The amendment changes the civil liability provisions in the Regulations so as to exclude the right of third parties to take legal action against employees for contraventions of their duties under these Regulations. This extends to employees the same protection against third party action as that provided for employers.
HSE begins public consultation on revised nuclear safety assessment principles
04 April, 2006
The safety of a nuclear plant is the responsibility of the licensee, who is required to submit to HSE a written demonstration of safety, or safety case, which is periodically updated to reflect changing conditions. The Safety Assessment Principles provide a famework for the technical judgements that HSE inspectors have to make to establish whether safety cases are adequate, thus ensuring a consistent approach to the assessment process.
Asbestos - updated information for schools
03 April, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has updated information on managing asbestos in schools. The potential exposure of teachers and pupils to asbestos remains low but HSE is re-issuing the guidance to remind those responsible of their duties relating to the management of asbestos.
Rail departs HSC/E
31 March, 2006
The responsibility for railway health and safety regulation is transferring from the Health and Safety Commission and Executive to the Office of Rail Regulation on 1 April 2006.
Buying for life in public sector construction, Be the best, say health and safety minister
28 March, 2006
'Each year approximately 17 workers are killed on essential projects procured by the public sector ', Lord Hunt, Minister for health and safety, said today at a major construction event. 'This human cost is too high a price to pay, both economically and ethically'.
HSE publishes discussion document on review of strategy for regulating new nuclear power station design
27 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive is today inviting views and comments on a review of its strategy for regulating the design of new nuclear power stations. This follows a request from the Department of Trade and Industry, as part of the Government's Energy Review, for advice on the potential role of pre-licensing assessments of power station designs.
Is your workplace noisy?
27 March, 2006
Hearing loss caused by work is preventable but once your hearing, or that of your workers, has gone it won't come back. A communications campaign was launched today through key trade journals, direct mail-outs, online newsletters and press activity to remind people of the simple rules of thumb to see whether the new regulations may apply. If they do, employers can get help tackling noise at work through HSE's noise web pages and Infoline.
Cocklers tragedy highlights need for high safety standards
24 March, 2006
Following the successful prosecution for manslaughter following the death of 23 cockle pickers on Morecambe Bay in February 2004 the Health and Safety Commission has today taken the opportunity to re-empahsised the importance of worker protection imposed by health and safety legislation.
Watch out for your bin man
24 March, 2006
'Watch out for your bin man' is the Health and Safety Executive's call to the people of Leicester this week, following the launch of an initiative designed to make householders more aware of the safety of the people who collect their waste and recyclables.
Oil company ordered to pay out
23 March, 2006
Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Limited has been fined
HSE warns of dangers to children playing on powered rolling doors
22 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has today issued an information document to the owners of vertically opening powered rolling doors following a number of serious and fatal accidents to children riding on these doors.
HSE warns of dangers to children playing on powered rolling doors
22 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has today issued an information document to the owners of vertically opening powered rolling doors following a number of serious and fatal accidents to children riding on these doors.
HSE urges caution over retractable type fall arresters
21 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive is today reminding industry of the dangers of misusing retractable type fall arresters, sometimes referred to as 'inertia blocks', following the interim findings of a research project commissioned by HSE.
HSC Consults on proposals for amended biocidal products regulations
17 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Commission today published a consultative document seeking comments on proposals for the Biocidal Products (Amendment) Regulations 2006. Biocidal products are used in a variety of industries to control unwanted organisms, such as animals, insects, bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are intended to kill or otherwise exert a controlling effect by chemical or biological means.
Inadequate safe system of work leads to
15 March, 2006
West Coast Traincare was yesterday fined
HSE prosecutes following fall from height fatality
14 March, 2006
Henderson General Services Ltd, a construction company based in Putney, London, was fined
HSE Chief Executive outlines the new challenges of regulating British industry
13 March, 2006
The Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive Geoffrey Podger, in a speech, today at the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health conference, has set out the challenges facing a modern regulator.
New research confirms low risk of exposure from Asbestos containing textured coatings
13 March, 2006
New research on asbestos confirms that risks from asbestos containing textured coatings are much lower than previously thought. The new research published today supports the proposal that work with textured coatings will no longer require a licence.
Preventing back pain and other aches and pains to kitchen staff
10 March, 2006
Back pain and manual handling injuries are among the most common occupational ill health problems in the UK. In catering and hospitality industry kitchens there are many tasks that without proper controls can cause back pain or upper limb injuries.
Nine fatalities in eight weeks
01 March, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive has today issued a safety alert to the waste and recycling industry following nine reported fatalities in eight weeks. In seven instances, people were killed by being struck by a vehicle.
Workers' Safety Adviser Challenge Fund award winners announced
01 March, 2006
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, minister responsible for health and safety, today announced the 13 award winners from the third round of the Workers' Safety Adviser Challenge Fund. The aim of the fund is to increase worker involvement and consultation.
New advice for employers on involving workers in health and safety management
28 February, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive today launches new resources for employers to help them involve workers in health and safety management. Published as part of a new 'worker involvement' website the tools provide a wealth of sound help and advice to businesses.
HSE announces new timetable for construction design regulations
28 February, 2006
Today, the Health and Safety Executive announced the revised Construction (Design and Management) Regulations would be implemented in Spring 2007. The Regulations will revise and bring together provisions in the existing CDM Regulations 1994 and the Construction Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1996 into a single regulatory package.
New service to reduce estimated
23 February, 2006
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath today launched Workplace Health Connect, a new free advisory service on workplace health for smaller businesses: 'This new confidential advisory service for small businesses offers cost-effective and simple solutions to help cut workplace injuries and ill-health. It is simply unacceptable that UK small businesses incur major costs because they are unaware of effective and efficient solutions to manage health and safety.'
HSE issues precautionary advice to fuel depot operators
21 February, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive today issued precautionary advice to operators of fuel storage sites following the publication of a progress report by the Buncefield Major Incident Investigation Board on the joint investigation by HSE and the Environment Agency.
Stress Workshop Tackles Sickness absence in the police
20 February, 2006
'Stress is the main cause of sickness absence in the public sector,' Geoffrey Podger, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive, will today tell Human Resource Directors in the police service, 'but there is a growing realisation that it can be tackled effectively.'
Stress Workshop Tackles Sickness absence in the police
20 February, 2006
'Stress is the main cause of sickness absence in the public sector,' Geoffrey Podger, Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive, will today tell Human Resource Directors in the police service, 'but there is a growing realisation that it can be tackled effectively.'
Transport case prompts HSE reminder on the importance of radiation protection controls
20 February, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive today issued a reminder to companies working with radiation on the importance of protection control measures, including basic monitoring. The reminder follows the conclusion of a case brought jointly by HSE and the Department for Transport against specialist contractor, AEA Technology plc.
HSE to prosecute Corus UK LTD following incident in November 2001
16 February, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive yesterday served two summonses on Corus UK Ltd for breaches of health and safety law, following the conclusion of its investigation into the explosion at Blast Furnace 5 at their Port Talbot site in November 2001. The explosion killed three men, Len Radford, Andrew Hutin, and Stephen Galsworthy.
Statement of nuclear incidents at nuclear installations
16 February, 2006
A statement on incidents at nuclear installations in Britain that meet Ministerial reporting criteria is reported to the Secretaries of State for Trade and Industry and for Scotland and published every quarter by the Health and Safety Executive.
HSE seeks views on domestic gas safety
15 February, 2006
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Minister with responsibility for health and safety, is launching the review by opening a stakeholder forum on 20 February at HSE's London offices. He said today: 'Every year between 20-30 people are tragically killed through carbon monoxide poisoning. I want to ensure that we have an effective regime to improve gas safety.'
Sorting slips and trips in construction
02 February, 2006
'If you see it, sort it' is the message from Stephen Williams, the Chief Inspector of Construction at the Health and Safety Executive, as construction inspectors begin a nationwide inspection programme targeting building sites with poor housekeeping.
Patient safety & health & safety: two sides of the same coin: minister addresses patient safety
02 February, 2006
Addressing healthcare staff and patient safety experts at the National Patient Safety Agency's event 'Patient Safety 2006', Lord Hunt pointed out: 'Injuries from incidents such as falls account for around a third of patient injuries. For health services staff, 54% of major reported injuries are due to slips, trips and falls, compared with 34% across all employment sectors. Given that the vast majority of such injuries result in broken bones, the costs to the health services in staff absence are phenomenal, while those injured endure a great deal of pain and suffering.'
Egg carton manufacturer fined
02 February, 2006
Yesterday the Great Yarmouth based company was fined a total of
Absence costs UK economy
31 January, 2006
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath yesterday underlined the cost of sickness absence to the British economy. The latest estimate puts the cost to the economy at around
HSE and EEF launch ground-breaking partnership to promote health and safety in manufacturing
27 January, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive today signed a ground-breaking partnership agreement with EEF, the manufacturers' organisation, to promote effective health and safety management across manufacturing industries.
Watch your step in construction
24 January, 2006
Over 1,000 construction workers fracture a bone or dislocate a bone every year. This February, as part of an initiative to reduce the number of slips and trips on construction sites, Health and Safety Executive inspectors will be carrying out a nationwide 'Watch Your Step' inspection programme.
HSE to contribute safety report to energy review
23 January, 2006
The Health and Safety Executive confirmed today that it is to produce a report on health and safety issues relating to significant energy sources and technologies, as a contribution to the Government's Energy Review.
Custodial sentence for construction company owner
20 January, 2006
Construction company proprietor Wayne Davies of A & E Buildings, based in Knighton, Powys, was today sentenced to an 18-month custodial sentence following a prosecution brought by the Crown Prosecution Service. The case heard at Hereford Crown Court, followed a joint investigation between the police and the Health and Safety Executive into the death of Mark Jones.
HSC consultation on asbestos ends in two weeks
18 January, 2006
The draft package implements changes to the european asbestos worker protection directive and tightens statutory protections for those working with asbestos, by introducing a single, lower control limit for worker exposure to all types of asbestos and requiring specified training for all employees who are liable to be exposed to asbestos.
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