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LGC is Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory providing advanced chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, diagnostic services, DNA testing and genetic screening, research, method development, consultancy, training and analytical outsourcing. LGC operates in a diverse range of markets, in both the public and private sectors, including foods, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environment and chemicals and is the national measurement laboratory for chemical and biochemical analysis. LGC's services are designed to help organisations produce high quality data on which to base scientific and commercial decisions. Reference materials supplied by our market-leading distribution business, LGC Promochem, underpin the quality of measurement in many industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals. LGC Promochem distributes reference standards and ATCC biomaterials throughout Europe and in India. Growing at around 15% per annum and majority-owned by Legal & General Ventures since April 2004, LGC is based in Teddington, Middlesex, with additional laboratory facilities in Runcorn, Cheshire, in Edinburgh, Scotland and in Luckenwalde, Germany. Further offices are located in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and India.
First DNA test to predict individual patient response to clozapine
28 May, 2006
LGC, Europe
Seven new reference materials for antibiotics testing in animal products now available from LGC Promochem
27 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials, is pleased to announce the launch of seven new reference materials from the Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements intended for validating methods of analysis for veterinary residue testing in pig and salmon tissues and related products.
ATCC apoptosis detection products now available from LGC Promochem
27 May, 2006
LGC Promochem is pleased to announce that the new range of ATCC kits for apoptosis detection is now available throughout Europe. Designed for the straightforward detection of this complex process, researchers are now able to detect all stages of the process quickly and reliably in cultured cells or tissue samples.
LGC-funded new MSc programme in analytical chemistry
26 May, 2006
Dr Peter Lyne, Head of LGC
LGC Promochem announces a new range of botanical reference standards
26 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials, has announced its new range of botanical reference materials for specific plants, from artichoke to yarrow. The reference materials are primarily characterised by thin layer chromatography showing a 'fingerprint' of the botanical along with the certified identity and source. Many are also provided with macro and microscopic information for specific genus and species of the plant.
The new Pharmaceutical Reference Substances and Impurities catalogue from LGC Promochem
25 May, 2006
The release of the 2006 Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities catalogue from LGC Promochem is set to make compulsory reading for the pharmaceutical industry and reinforce LGC Promochem's position as Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials.
New Promochem for LGC
24 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's most comprehensive source of certified reference materials and analytical standards, is exhibiting at Analytica 2006, and will be offering visitors information on a host of new products as well as technical advice on the use of reference materials.
New VAM Bulletin puts food at the top of the menu
24 May, 2006
LGC, Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory and the UK's National Measurement Institute for chemical, biochemical and nucleic acid analysis, has published the Spring 2005 issue of the VAM Bulletin. This twice-yearly journal looks at the activities and projects currently underway as part of the National Measurement System Valid Analytical Measurement Programme, as well as the issues surrounding the quality and reliability of analytical measurements.
LGC launches generic DNA-based proficiency testing scheme for quantitative PCR
23 May, 2006
Developed by LGC as part of the DTI-funded Measurements for Biotechnology programme 2004-2007, this innovative approach is the first DNA-based PT scheme able to provide test materials applicable to a significantly wide range of sectors, beneficial to analysts working in clinical, pharmaceutical, forensic, academic and public health laboratories. LGC has established a reputation for setting up and running successful PT initiatives and, as the UK's National Measurement Institute for chemical and biochemical analysis, promotes international standards for analytical measurement for use in trade, industry, academia and government.
InsightFaraday launches LabSmart software audit package
23 May, 2006
The InsightFaraday Partnership has launched LabSmart, a novel software-based process developed to analyse and significantly enhance laboratory operations. Coordinated by LGC, core partner of the InsightFaraday Partnership, this unique audit service is designed to model laboratory processes and explore alternative scenarios for improving efficiency and resource utilisation.
Identifying pluripotency with the new ELF Phosphatase Detection Kit from ATCC
22 May, 2006
The new ELF Phosphatase Detection Kit from ATCC, now available though LGC Promochem, offers a simple and robust method to fluorescently detect and visualise alkaline phosphatase activity in embryonic stem cells. The test method, which has been optimised by scientists at the ATCC Stem Cell Center, takes only a few minutes to perform and can be used alone or in conjunction with other techniques to provide dual colour assessment of overall in-vitro stem cell pluripotency. By quickly assessing the state of ES cells, the assay allows improved reproducibility of scientific data, enabling researchers to have increased confidence in their results.
New pesticide references are anything but standard!
22 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of reference materials and analytical standards, has launched a new, extremely flexible range of pesticide standards. The new standards, from ULTRA's New Catalogue Customs range, are semi-customised reference standards that are available at catalogue prices, with off-the-shelf shipping times. Users can have their chosen pesticides delivered in one of four solvents, at either of two possible concentrations and in one of four packaging options.
15 May, 2006
LGC, Europe
Certified reference materials for doping control, forensic toxicology and food analysis
14 April, 2005
From 1st April reference standards from the National Measurement Institute, Australia will be available in Europe from LGC Promochem. Under the agreement LGC Promochem has the exclusive right to distribute NMIA reference materials in Europe and a non-exclusive right for other parts of the world, excluding Australasia.
New toxicogenomics project aims to maximise the potential of DNA microarray technology
17 February, 2005
As the next phase of DTI's Measurements for Biotechnology programme to 2007 gets underway, a large DNA microarray dataset generated by an LGC-led consortium during the first phase is now freely available online at ArrayExpress, a leading public repository managed by the European Bioinformatics Institute. The sharing of well-annotated data is a primary objective of the Microarray Gene Expression Data Society and this repository is stored in accordance with MGED recommendations.
Industry-driven technology roadmap from InsightFaraday Partnership helps stimulate uptake of HTT
28 January, 2005
The InsightFaraday Partnership's technology roadmap for High Throughput Technologies is now available Designed to provide industry with a step-by-step, comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques, benefits and barriers associated with HTT in the UK, the roadmap is also being referred to by applicants to EPSRC's current call for proposals in High Throughput Methods.
New 2004-05 'Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities' catalogue.
20 December, 2004
LGC Promochem's new 2004-05 edition of its Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities catalogue has a massively expanded product range including primary pharmaceutical standards from the United States Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia as well as secondary impurity standards with detailed certificates of analysis.
Natural products are central to a new drug discovery alliance announced by LGC and Novacta Biosystems.
15 November, 2004
LGC, Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory providing advanced chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, has signed a memorandum of collaboration with Novacta Biosystems, a Hertfordshire based drug discovery and development company formed to commercialise bioactive natural products. In the collaboration, LGC will market and provide access to Novacta's well-documented natural product library of 10,000 actinomycetes, creating a novel addition to the screening services available to drug discovery companies.
15 October, 2004
LGC has published its new 2005 calendar of courses which has been designed to help laboratory managers and analysts demonstrate competence in, and keep abreast of, quality assurance issues and practices. Companies are facing increasing demands to meet regulatory, trade and quality requirements, resulting in a greater need to enhance skills in method validation, measurement uncertainty and the traceability of results.
02 September, 2004
LGC's new website provides accurate, jargon-free information about paternity and relationship testing. LGC is Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory providing advanced chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, diagnostic services and DNA testing, and has been an accredited provider of paternity testing for the past 15 years.
LGC Promochem announces new reference materials for clinical analysis and forensic toxicology
11 August, 2004
The misuse of drugs is a growing problem that is setting new challenges for clinical and forensic analysts, but help is now at hand from LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials. LGC Promochem has released the new 2004-05 edition of its well-known Reference materials for clinical analysis and forensic toxicology catalogue.
LGC Promochem responds to customer demands with its new Snap-n-Shoot reference standards
13 July, 2004
The demand for plant-derived phytomedicines is increasing and, consequently, manufacturers are having to widen their sources of the plant extracts which are their raw materials. Many of these extracts are imported from overseas, particularly the Far East, and quality is often variable depending on how the extraction step has been carried out.
LGC Promochem announces new reference standards for the food industry.
09 June, 2004
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of reference materials, has launched a range of reference standards for the nitrofuran drug metabolites. Developed by Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, these new standards support the demand for analytical techniques to determine drug residues in meat.
LGC Promochem announces new reference materials for the oil industry
06 May, 2004
We are all aware of the contribution that sulfur makes to atmospheric pollution and acid rain, and low sulfur fuels are a familiar feature of forecourt advertising. But what exactly is low sulfur? The current limits set by European Union Directives for sulfur in petrol and diesel fuels are 150 and 350mg per kg, respectively, and will be reduced to 50mg per kg for both fuels by 2005.
LGC and AKOS combine to offer expanded drug development services
22 March, 2004
LGC, Europe's leading independent provider of chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, has formed a strategic alliance with AKOS, the UK-based specialist drug development and regulatory affairs consultancy company, that will enable both parties to expand the range of services they offer to drug discovery companies.
The sky
05 December, 2003
LGC Promochem has released a new forensic ethanol reference material in rapid response to recent legislation. Legislation lowering the blood alcohol limit for air traffic controllers and active aircrew to a quarter of the drink drive limit recently passed into law in the UK. This law now brings the UK into line with other EU countries.
New VAM Bulletin looks back
14 November, 2003
The VAM Bulletin is a twice-yearly journal focusing on the latest activities and developments from the DTI National Measurement System's 'Valid Analytical Measurement' Programme, of which LGC is the lead contractor. Through VAM, LGC has been providing support to UK industry to ensure that analytical measurements are carried out competently and accurately by providing the 'tools' needed to implement best practice and demonstrate the validity of their results.
New VAM guide and software package to aid in-house method validation studies
14 October, 2003
LGC has launched two new products, both of which were produced as part of the DTI
New European Reference Materials Initiative will harmonise chemical analysis
13 October, 2003
First commercial use of a Leco Pegasus 4D Fast GC-ToF-MS
31 July, 2003
LGC, the UK
New LGC Promochem catalogue - Reference materials for food, industry and occupational hygiene
19 June, 2003
LGC Promochem, Europe
New interactive Measurements for Biotechnology website at
30 May, 2003
In collaboration with the BioIndustry Association and the National Physical Laboratory, LGC has developed and launched a new website at for the Measurements for Biotechnology Programme, part of the DTI National Measurement System. A non-commercial, independent source of information, the site aims to provide the biotechnology sector with access to the data and guidelines arising from the MfB programme to help improve the quality, reliability and comparability of bioanalytical measurements.
Biotechnology Regulatory Atlas, an overview of modern biotechnology regulation & how to achieve compliance
02 April, 2003
The new Biotechnology Regulatory Atlas, compiled by LGC for the Department of Trade and Industry, guides SMEs and start-up companies to effective compliance strategies, equipping them to minimise the risks and costs arising from knowledge gaps. The Atlas is a key component of, the new UK Biotechnology Portal and one-stop internet resource for industry, researchers and the public interested in the biotech sector.
European launch of herbal reference materials set to improve standards in growing health product market
14 March, 2003
Over 2500 high purity ChromaDex phytochemical reference standards are now available exclusively from LGC Promochem throughout Europe. Extracted from natural plant material, the ChromaDex range of standards are used to verify the presence of, and accurately quantify, key marker or active compounds - such as hypericin for St John
LGC launches ADME-Tox screening service for pharmaceutical, drug discovery & combinatorial sector
18 February, 2003
LGC, the UK
InsightFaraday launches with plans for high throughput technology transfer
10 December, 2002
A major technological enterprise, InsightFaraday, was launched on Monday 9 December at the Society of Chemical Industry, London. Awarded an initial
A new national resource offering independent advice on regulation in chemical industry is now available
08 October, 2002
LGC, the UK's national centre for analytical measurement, has announced a new advisory service for the chemical sector. Funded through the DTI's Government Chemist programme, the Regulatory Advisory Service at LGC provides free guidance and technical advice to producers and users of chemicals regarding current and emerging chemical and environmental legislation. Information available includes:
New Faraday Partnership to enable high throughput technologies in product and process R&D.
06 September, 2002
Patricia Hewitt, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, announced a new Faraday Partnership in High Throughput Technologies on 5 September 2002 in which LGC is the core partner. The aim of the INSIGHT Faraday Partnership is to make HTT an integral part of new product and process development, leading to reductions in 'time to market' for UK industry. INSIGHT, one of six partnerships approved in the latest round, has been awarded an initial
New quality control reference materials range from LGC
23 April, 2002
LGC has launched a new range of reference materials which are being developed in conjunction with the analytical market place to meet the growing need for independently produced reference materials for use in routine analysis.
LGC launches the Analytical Route Map, a web resource for scientists in industry
15 April, 2002
LGC, the UK's leading independent analytical laboratory, has launched a new interactive web site for analytical scientists and laboratory managers based in industry. Sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Analytical Route Map at provides a problem solving resource and non-commercial practical advice on specialist techniques, from active ultrasound spectroscopy to electroseparations.
Forensic DNA technique to revolutionise life science research
22 June, 2001
A recent validation study 1 conducted by LGC has shown that a technology previously applied in forensic DNA profiling offers a fast, inexpensive and reliable method for the identification of cell lines used in medical research.
Launch of new UK biotechnology initiative
15 March, 2001
LGC, the UK's leading independent analytical laboratory, has led a successful consortium bid to formulate a new national science programme for the advancement of measurement in biotechnology. The programme, commissioned by the DTI's National Measurement System, will develop the facilities and expertise needed to support growth and prosperity in the UK's biotechnology industry.
Launch of new UK biotechnology initiative
19 January, 2001
LGC, the UK's leading independent analytical laboratory, has led a successful consortium bid to formulate a new national science programme for the advancement of measurement in biotechnology. The programme, commissioned by the DTI's National Measurement System, will develop the facilities and expertise needed to support growth and prosperity in the UK's biotechnology industry.
LGC launches first Chemicals Regulatory Atlas
20 December, 2000
At the Scientific Societies
New tests could provide answer to safety of PVC toys
28 October, 2000
Two new tests have been developed which represent an important advance in establishing whether certain softening agents used in the manufacture of PVC toys and childcare articles present a risk to young children.
Equine drug testing, straight from the horse's mane
27 October, 2000
University Diagnostics Ltd, known for its pioneering horse identification service GENEQ, has launched a new drug testing service that can detect a horse's exposure to drugs from a simple hair sample. This is the first time such testing has been made available to the general public in the UK.
LGC and North West Water launch new environmental analysis service to cut cost of regulatory compliance
19 April, 2000
Two leaders in environmental analysis have joined forces to offer a new analytical service designed to help industry meet regulatory demands for higher levels of environmental monitoring.
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