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New Polytec Microscope-based vibration and motion analyzers
11 June, 2006
For full-field vibration analysis on very small objects such as MEMS optical switches, Polytec has developed the MSV-400 Microscope Scanning Vibrometer, a successor of the awardwinning MSV-300. The laser beam, delivered through the optics of a standard microscope, can scan an object up to 320 x 240 μm with a lateral resolution of about 1 μm. The new MSV-400 is the ideal tool for research on structures that are too small for analyzing with the standard PSV-400 Scanning Vibrometer. Polytec's MSV-400 is the perfect instrument for a quick and accurate vibration and motion analysis of unpackaged MEMS devices. For waferlevel testing, the MSV-400 can easily be mounted onto manual or fully automated probestations.
New geometry scan unit for Polytec Scanning Vibrometers
10 June, 2006
The new revolutionary Geometry Scan Unit for the PSV-400 and PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometers opens up completely new opportunities for the analysis of structural vibrations. Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are used to precisely measure mechanical vibrations, quickly, easily and free from mass load, cross-talk or feedback problems.
AFIT uses new Polytec's 3-D Scanning Vibrometer to measure aerospace structures
09 June, 2006
Polytec, the leader in the design and manufacture of scanning laser vibrometers for experimental modal analysis, announces the newest application for the advanced PSV-400-3D. The Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio will utilize this 3-dimensional scanning vibrometer to measure vibration characteristics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and other intricate aerospace and vehicular structures. Polytec's first North American sale of this premier instrument to AFIT permits engineers to perform complete 3-D vector component analysis on complex structures.
Bosch research facilities use new Polytec PSV-400-3D scanning
08 June, 2006
The PSV-400-3D Scanning Vibrometer is Polytec's premier measurement system for macro structure characterization. It combines three PSV-400 Scanning Laser Vibrometer heads, allowing true non contact visualization of 3-D motion. Bosch is a leading manufacturer of high quality automotive parts. Corporate research and development labs in Gerlingen, Germany were the first to benefit from the unique advantages of Polytec's PSV-3D system. In February 2004, Bosch's European Center for Brake Development and Testing in Drancy, France installed a new PSV-400-3D. A third system was purchased in May 2004 for installation at Bosch Braking Systems USA.
Just point and scan
07 June, 2006
In Aerospace or Automotive vibration measurement applications typically large but also often fragile structures are involved where non-contact measurement techniques are a must. Polytec Laser Vibrometers are the optimum choice for such applications.
New laser-precise length and speed measurement
06 June, 2006
The compact and robust LSV-300 provides precise speed and length measurement data which are critical for cost controlling and process optimization in the continuous or quasi-continuous production of materials such as steel, aluminium, plastics, paper and cardboard. High precision, easy integration, reliability and high ROI are the key features of the new non-contact Polytec measurement system and make it the first choice in many application areas.
New compact optical vibration sensor
05 June, 2006
Polytec presents the new multipurpose OFV-534 Vibrometer Sensor Head for non-contact vibration measurement. The excellent optical sensitivity that Polytec vibrometers are famous for has been packed into an extremely compact, very versatile sensor head housing. Despite the amazingly small size of its housing, the sensor head is both a high performance vibrometer, and a video camera (optional) for online monitoring of the measurement. In addition, a microscope lens can be fitted directly onto the sensor head which makes it possible to measure vibration on microstructures.
Designed for sophisticated measurements - Polytec introduces new Fiber-optic Interferometers
13 July, 2004
Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are precision tools for non-contact vibration measurement. Designed to be quick, easy to operate and free from crosstalk or feedback problems, these instruments determine vibrational velocity and displacement from the Doppler shift of back-scattered laser light.
Polytec GmbH introduces the incorporation of Polytec K.K
13 July, 2004
As the worlds largest and most dynamic manufacturer of laser Doppler vibrometers, Polytec GmbH of Waldbronn, Germany, is pleased to introduce to you, the incorporation of Polytec K.K. To allow us to provide even more responsive service, expand our applications offerings, and offer even more products of the highest of standards dedicated to our valued Japanese customers, Polytec K.K. has, as of July 1st 2004, moved into facilities in the German Centre for Industry and Trade in Hakusan High Tech Park in Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken.
The New - Your gateway to the world of electro-optical instrumentation excellence
30 June, 2004
Polytec delivers innovative electro-optical products and solutions that enhance productivity, improve product development and assure quality to worldwide markets.
Polytec new laser surface velocimeter
07 June, 2004
Polytec is known throughout the high-tech world for its leadership in the design and manufacture of laser-based measurement instruments. Polytec`s Laser Surface Velocimeter LSV perform highly accurate non-contact speed and length measurements on moving surfaces in industrial production environments. LSV' measure accurately on billets, slabs, plates, tubes, profiles, coils, and almost any other moving materials, including hot metals thus allowing online control of the production process.
Strategic European alliance between POLYTEC and OMETRON
02 December, 2003
In a move designed to secure their position as the market leaders in laser vibrometry, Polytec GmbH and Image Automation Ltd. (Ometron) are now co-ordinating their approach to the laser vibrometry market. The activities of Polytec GmbH and Ometron Ltd. will be united within Polytec's holding company, Polytec GmbH & Co. KG.
New Polytec Velocimeter Controller - Non-contact length measurement for continuous caster installations
25 September, 2003
In the new Velocimeter Controller LSV 6200 Polytec utilizes state-of-the-art DSP-processor technology. The LSV-6200 quickly and reliably derivates precise velocity and length data from the measurement signals of the non-contact Laser Surface Velocimeter sensor. In continuous caster installations the LSV replaces the measurement rolls commonly used for the measurement of casting length and casting speed.
New modular Polytec Vibrometer Product Line for noncontact Vibration Analysis
14 August, 2003
With the new Vibrometer Controller OFV-5000 and (the also new) Vibrometer Sensor Heads OFV-505 and OFV-503 Polytec once more sustains the leading position in the field of non-contact vibration measurement. Polytec Laser Doppler Vibrometers are used to precisely measure mechanicalvibrations, quickly, easily and free from cross-talk or feedback problems. They operate on the Doppler principle, measuring back-scattered laser light from a vibrating structure, to determine its vibrational velocity and displacement. A vibrometer system is made up of a controller and non-contact standard optic or fiber optic sensor head.
Digital vibration measurement in production environments
11 August, 2003
The new Polytec Industrial Vibration Sensor (IVS-300) is an integrated single box vibrometer, specifically developed for non-contact vibration measurement in production test applications. It features a robust and compact design, sealed according to IP-64 standard to cope with the challenges of harsh industrial areas. The IVS-300 exploits the latest digital signal processing techniques to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement from uncooperative surfaces.
The future is digital
23 January, 2003
The PDV-100 fully incorporates digital signal processing, resulting in unequalled accuracy and long-term calibration stability. For the best resolution even at very low vibration levels three user-selectable velocity ranges are available (max. velocity 500mm/s, velocity resolution ≤ 0.05 μm/s). The PDV-100 incorporates three digital low pass and 1 analog high pass filter for reducing the acquisition bandwidth (max. bandwidth 22kHz) and removing spurious environmental vibrations.
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