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SSAB Tunnpl
Box 26208
SE-100 40
[t] +46 8 679 17 67
[f] +46 8 611 20 89

SSAB Swedish Steel is Scandinavia's largest steel manufacturer and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tensile steel. The product range within the steel sector is limited to sheet and heavy plate. The steel sheet production is operated within SSAB Tunnpl

Polish container manufacturer JK switches to SSAB stainless
21 October, 2018
ZPUH JK Milosz Kiedrowski, a container manufacturer located in northern Poland, started in 2001 to closely cooperate with the Swedish company ILAB Container AB, thus accessing the Scandinavian market. In 2008, JK launched the production of light containes made from high-strength steel.
New ultra-high strength steel for improved crashworthiness
25 June, 2006
An advanced hot-dip galvanised, high strength steel that has excellent formability and can be re-bent without the risk of cracking, this is a news item that will be of major importance to the development of stronger and lighter door beams and other car components for improved crashworthiness. Dogal 800 DPX is the latest SSAB Tunnpl
Scaffolding manufactured from high strength steel
24 June, 2006
Lower weight and simpler to use, the new, latest design of scaffolding manufactured from high strength steel by Haki is around 25 percent lighter than earlier systems. Due to its low weight, the new high strength steel scaffolding will also be able to replace many of the alumi-nium scaffolding systems now available on the market. The new design has been developed to meet the needs of the offshore industry for safer scaffolding systems for maintenance work on drilling platforms in the North Sea.
Technical breakthrough leads to crashworthy battery holder for hybrid cars
23 June, 2006
US based Trim Trends has developed a crashworthy battery holder manufactured from ultra-high strength steel for the batteries powering the recently launched Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. The battery holder is produced using press tools of advanced design that represent a major technical advance in working high strength steels. This opens the way for regular production of large components made from very high strength steels. The result may be lighter, safer and more environmentally-friendly cars that can be produced at reasonable cost.
Safer bus seat weighs 20% less
22 June, 2006
A new bus seat built from high-strength steel has been a success for Grammer S.r.l. from Italy. Improved comfort, better safety and significantly lower weight are among the advantages of the new seat, to say nothing of affordable production costs. Grammer has now been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize 2004 for the seat's high-strength steel frame.
Passenger seats of high-strength steel make buses lighter and safer
21 June, 2006
By leveraging the advantages of advanced high-strength steel, the Spanish company Fainsa has developed a new bus seat that is both safer and lighter than existing ones. The seat meets the stricter safety requirements now adopted by several EU countries, and the weight of the seat frame is reduced by over 30 percent. The seat has a built-in three-point belt and integrated whiplash protection.
New method could revolutionise vehicle manufacturing
20 June, 2006
The Swedish company Ortic, together with Bemo of Germany, has developed a new method of roll-forming steel sections in curved or varying shapes. The method, dubbed Monroe, utilises high-precision computer control and infinitely adjustable rollers.
Expertise in strong joints boosts competitiveness
19 June, 2006
The new Sheet Steel Joining Handbook from SSAB Tunnpl
Ultra-thin steel guarantees highly profitable containers for CMT's customers
18 June, 2006
The world's lightest and toughest container? Manufactured entirely from one of the most advanced high strength steels available on the market and with ultra-thin walls, this new CMT range of containers is a definite candidate for the title. The material used and the new design significantly increases the useful life of the container. The container has now been nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize, which is awarded for the world's foremost product for which high strength steel is used.
High strength steel is gentle on the crops
17 June, 2006
As wide as an airliner, but now lighter than ever. When a Hardi Evrard self-propelled sprayer runs across a field, it does so without damaging the crops. With a width of about 30 metres, these vast machines resemble giant birds with outstretched wings as their long lattice booms extend freely out at the sides. The high stresses that they create are carried by an advanced chassis manufacturered from high strength steel. The structure is light but stable, reliable and durable. France-based Hardi Evrard , where the development work was carried out.
New design of side impact beam improves crashworthiness
16 June, 2006
The automotive industry is constantly striving to lower the weight of its products, improve crashworthiness and rationalise production . The German company Dura Automotive Body & Glass Systems GmbH has met all of these three objectives with a new design of side collision protection beam manufactured from ultra-high strength steel with reinforcement. The company has also developed a system for volume production of the beams.
High strength steel for optimum crash protection
15 June, 2006
The Shape Corporation is an American automotive component manufacturer that has developed a bumper made of advanced high strength steel but which weighs only roughly the same as a much more expensive aluminium bumper. The new bumper comprises two members, one of which is roll formed and the other is pressed. The two are joined together and are provided with integral reinforcement. The automotive industry has already shown keen interest and the design has now been nominated for the international Swedish Steel Prize for design, which will be presented in November in Stockholm.
Weight of light truck reduced
14 June, 2006
Changing over the body to high strength steel, a new technically advanced design, and switching to a more advanced welding method, these three measures have cut the weight of the body used for light trucks by almost 30 percent. The light weight means that the trucks can carry more payload. In addition, the body design is more durable, has a more attractive finish and needs less maintenance. The body design developed by the company V.N.
Open your mind - practical benefits of advanced high strength steels
13 June, 2006
'Benefit from the latest developments in Domex, Docol and Dogal advanced high strength steels'. This is the message under which SSAB Swedish Steel is now launching a series of seminars that will be run in various venues worldwide. The seminars are aimed at both existing users and those who have yet to discover the benefits of using advanced high strength steel. The seminars focus on practical applications, showing the participants a complete picture of how the materials can be used, from design to fabrication, to full production, as well as illustrating how using the materials can deliver improved profitability. The first of the seminars will focus on the automotive industry, and will start in the spring in the USA.
High strength steels backed by knowledge and service
12 June, 2006
Access to materials expertise right from the beginning of the design stage, material deliveries adjusted for optimized stock-keeping, and immediate access to comprehensive customer support, these are some of the elements in the services package accompanying deliveries of high strength steels from SSAB Swedish Steels.
Passenger seats of high-strength steel make buses lighter, safer
17 November, 2004
Exploiting advanced high-strength steel, the Spanish company Fainsa has developed a new bus seat that is both safer and lighter than existing ones.
Joint effort creates new concept
22 October, 2004
The use of advanced high strength steel may require higher force to cut and form sheet steel. Therefore, the need for higher hardness and ductility in the tool steel becomes obvious.
High strength steels for stronger, lighter and safer cars and trucks.
18 October, 2004
The South African Automotive industry is increasingly turning to extra high strength and ultra high strength steels in order to develop vehicles that are stronger and lighter. Trucks and trailers can be built with lighter chassis and fewer reinforcements.
New supersteels help the automotive industry meet environmental targets
18 August, 2004
The time is fast approaching for the automotive industry to conform to its agreement with the EU Commission concerning reduced carbon dioxide emissions. No later than 2008, the aver-age emissions from new cars will have to be below 140 grams per kilometre. In terms of fuel consumption, this amounts to 6 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres, a figure that few of today's family cars can achieve. To meet the future limits, cars will need to be developed to be lighter and more fuel-efficient.
High strength steels for contractor equipment and the vehicle industry
29 March, 2004
As the largest producer of strip and sheet steel in Scandinavia, SSAB Swedish Steel maintains a leading position in the manufacture of extra high strength and ultra high strength steels in Europe.
The more competent steels
15 March, 2004
SSAB Swedish Steel will be presenting the whole of its range of advanced high strength steels at the ESEF Fair in Utrecht on 16 - 19 March. These steels provide the means for producing lighter, stronger and slimmer products, and they also have excellent properties for roll forming, laser cutting and other manufacturing processes.
Acclaim for lightweight structures
26 November, 2003
Lightweight structures are more durable, perform better and offer distinct environmental benefits. There is a clear trend towards a greater proportion of high strength steels being used for various structures around the world. The use of high strength steels is growing as is the number of products and structures for which the material is used.
Curved forms can carry more load
26 November, 2003
Trailord Pty. Ltd. of South Africa has succeeded in what may be merely a dream to others, to develop an established design and thus gain market share in a mature industry. The com-pany is one of this year's four candidates for the Swedish Steel Prize and has been nominated for a new type of chassis member for a trailer.
Towards lightweight railway wagons
26 November, 2003
The Slovak Tatravag
Clever design keeps small items in place
26 November, 2003
The ability to seek out new opportunities is what distinguishes Teresa Amman, who is in charge of the Materials Supply Department at the American Su-Dan Corporation. Clever thinking in design and interest in new materials have resulted in the company being selected as one of the candidates for the Swedish Steel Prize 2003. The company's nominated design is a spring strip made of advanced high strength steel to replace an earlier design for which hardened steel was envisaged.
Curved forms can carry more load
26 November, 2003
Trailord Pty. Ltd. of South Africa has succeeded in what may be merely a dream to others, to develop an established design and thus gain market share in a mature industry. The com-pany is one of this year's four candidates for the Swedish Steel Prize and has been nominated for a new type of chassis member for a trailer.
Successful search for strong, lightweight transport
26 November, 2003
Advanced thinking in high strength steels is one of the distinguishing features of the Superior Trailer Works of Fontana, California. The company is highly proficient in putting to effective use the properties of high strength steels for their interchangeable bodies. Up to 100 percent higher strength, 20 percent lower weight and 100 percent better wear resistance are some of the benefits achieved.
Safe backrest uses tomorrow's material
26 November, 2003
Same weight and safety at a lower cost, this was part of the specification when the Autoliv Mekan automotive safety company was entrusted with the development of a new backrest for the rear seat of a car. The task was complicated by a tight time schedule and the fact that the new backrest was to be incorporated into an existing production line. Everything needed to work well immediately, without any hitches and the project was completed after only 18 months.
High strength steel for improved working conditions
14 July, 2003
These are some of the benefits that the Oxel
High strength steel for a better environment
03 June, 2003
A new environmental study reveals that products made of high strength steel are beneficial to the environment. Environmental effects were studied both in the production and in the use of various products and structures. The results are clear, the emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide can be substantially reduced in important areas such as road traffic, transport and production. Calculations reveal that the environmental benefit of high strength steels is also economically favourable to companies that decide to use these steels.
Six steel steps towards improved economy
18 March, 2003
SSAB Swedish Steel's recently launched Business Steel School is mounting an initiative throughout Europe to drive home the benefits of using high strength steels and promote greater understanding of how using the material can result in direct economies.
An eco-vessel tougher than the rest
29 November, 2002
Searcher, the word itself is the essence of passionate involvement and endless exploration. It also says a lot about Alve Henricson and Rolf Modigh, who have extended the frontiers for sailboats and smaller working vessels. Extra high strength steel and a carefully thought-out design enhance the boats' level of safety and widen their area of use. The research vessel Searcher is a pioneering design by the two men.
High strength steel frame keeps passengers in place
29 November, 2002
A maximum weight of 20 kg and the strength to withstand 60 kN, or around six tonnes, of tensile force in a collision. Those were the exacting requirements which Finnveden committed themselves to when they were assigned by Volvo's development division to produce a new strengthening frame for the centre seat in the new Volvo XC90.
High strength back support conquers the world
29 November, 2002
Pick up the paper and lean back in your most comfortable chair and you'll find out why it's so relaxing. The secret is in the support for the curve of the back, and there's a good chance that it comes from Schukra Manufacturing. The company controls 80 per cent of the world market. The ergonomic back support has now been nominated for the 2002 Swedish Steel Prize, the international engineering design accolade.
Multitool makes pistes safer and more exciting
29 November, 2002
Ulf Thors, a partner in the Swedish company MultiCat System AB, describes the context for the development of MultiCat, the universal tool for skiing centres which has received an honourable mention from this year's Swedish Steel Prize jury. Mr Thors heads the development team. The new snow tool opens the door to more advanced and exciting snowparks, jump courses for skicross and boardercross, and other slope formations demanded by an increasing number of Alpine skiers the world over. The tool system also makes work safer for people repairing and erecting chairlift support poles, and makes it simpler to carry out heavy lifts in inaccessible places.
Ultra strong container takes the knocks
14 November, 2002
South Korean container producer Jindo Corporation has put extra and ultra high strength steel to innovative use. Its new container is strong, durable and comparatively light, in addition to which it is cheaper to manufacture than its conventional counterparts.
Right steel provides support and comfort
12 November, 2002
A back support which is lighter, more durable and more comfortable, and easier to manufacture, has been developed by the Canadian company Schukra Manufacturing of Toronto. The new design, which is in ultra high strength steel, has helped lift Schukra to its world-leading position when it comes to back supports for automotive seating and chairs. There has been a twenty-fold increase in the production rate, thanks to much simpler manufacturing. The ergonomic support has been nominated for the 2002 Swedish Steel Prize, the international engineering design accolade. The prizegiving ceremony takes place on 21 November.
High strength steel keeps passengers in place
30 October, 2002
Designed for collision forces equal to six tonnes, but weighing only 16.4 kilograms. That's the newly developed beam which keeps the centre seats in the new Volvo XC90 in place. Finnveden and Volvo Car have jointly met the requirements for low weight, a high level of safety, and passenger comfort with the help of a frame design in high strength steel.
High strength steel helps skiers take flight
24 October, 2002
MultiCat, a new multifunction tool for piste preparation machines and snow vehicles in Alpine environments, is distinguished by its high precision, long reach and wide range of applications. The system opens up new opportunities to build exciting ski slopes, advanced jumps, and slopes for the new skiing disciplines skicross and boardercross.
High strength research vessel extends frontiers
24 October, 2002
Low weight, high strength and outstanding seagoing qualities Swedish company L
World's strongest weather resistant steel
27 March, 2002
SSAB Swedish Steel is launching the world's first extra high strength steels with weather resistant properties. Hot-rolled Domex 100W (100 min. yield) is manufactured from .118' .236', and Docol 100W, which is a cold reduced steel, is produced between .0197' and .079'. In approximately two years, an oxide layer forms on the surface which impedes corrosion-inducing moisture from entering the steel. This gives 4 to 5 times the corrosion resistance of conventional steels. The new weather resistant extra high strength steels are suitable for containers, railway cars and wagons, bridges, vehicle chassis, utility poles and other constructions where the combination of extra high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion results in more profitable products.
Swedish Steel reduces Italian car seat weight
21 February, 2002
By using thin-walled tubing in extra high strength steel from SSAB Swedish Steel, Lear Corporation in Italy has succeeded in reducing the weight of the Alfa Romeo 147 rear seat by 25 per cent. The new car seat design, which was completed in record time and which recently won the Swedish Steel Prize, the international engineering industry accolade, is now being exhibited. In addition to reduced weight, the Italian designers have succeeded in improving the seat's rigidity and shock-absorbing capacity, which contributes to enhanced safety in a collision.
Steel-and-epoxy superpipe for oil industry
22 December, 2001
A pipe for high pressure conditions with a service life ten times that of alternative pipes, and which can be 70 per cent cheaper, has been developed by Ameron International, one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass fibre-strengthened epoxy pipes. The pipe, Bondstrand SSL, has been constructed with a completely new design. The significantly improved qualities have been achieved by embedding several layers of thin ultra high-strength steel in glass fibre-strengthened epoxy. This gives an extremely strong and corrosion-resistant pipe for the most demanding environments, such as those found in the oil industry.
High strength steels makes railway transport lighter
11 July, 2001
Up to 25 per cent lighter railway carriages, a dream which will soon be reality according to steel manufacturer SSAB Swedish Steel, which is now introducing a new materials concept for railway carriages. Through the use of extra and ultra high strength steels and design ideas from the automobile industry, weight can be reduced without the carriages losing stability. To haulage firms, this means that the load capacity can be increased considerably without exceeding weight limits. This new concept will be presented at Nordic Rail, the international trade fair which will be held at Elmia in Sweden 2 to 4 October 2001.
High-strength steel a success factor for engineering
14 June, 2001
Engineering companies are becoming increasingly interested in steels in the highest strength categories. The trend is partly explained by companies' needs to strengthen their competitiveness. According to SSAB, the Swedish Steel Prize industry award has contributed to spreading knowledge of the opportunities which high-strength steel opens up. Companies can bring to fruition completely new design ideas which were previously not considered possible and which give products greater profitability and enhanced performance.
1.8 kg steel against side-on collisions
05 April, 2001
Low weight, fully symmetric design, much cheaper to manufacture and easier to assemble. These are just some of the advantages Italian Frigostamp S.p.A. point out regarding their new side-collision beam. The beams are made of ultra high strength steel from SSAB Swedish Steel. Total symmetry in design means the same beam version fits both left and right-hand doors, facilitating both production and stock-keeping.
New steel design behind sturdy dumper cab
05 April, 2001
A new dumper cab made from high-strength steel has been developed by Volvo Articulated Haulers AB and Volvo Construction Equipment Cabs AB. The number of production parts has been reduced by more than two thirds. The result is a sturdier cab, which is safer for the driver and costs less to fabricate than earlier models. Laser-cut cold-formed plate parts are used in the new design, instead of a tubular fabrication.
A steel for stronger cranes and loaders
23 January, 2001
Steel producer SSAB Swedish Steel is launching a new super-strength steel Domex 750 MC at the Bauma 2001 trade fair in Munich. The steel, which is a hot-rolled cold-forming quality, allows stronger and lighter designs, and therefore improved performance, for cranes as well as plant and construction machinery. The result is greater profitability for customers such as construction companies, crane owners and subcontractors.
Comfortable low-weight pram in high-strength steel
12 August, 2000
Emmaljunga, the Swedish pram, pushchair and stroller manufacturer, has developed a new pram in extra high-strength steel. Merits include its low weight, excellent suspension and shock absorption, high resistance to tensile stress and environmentally-adapted production of a totally recyclable chassis. The company describes the new pram as more comfortable for the child compared to pram chassis made of other materials.
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