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The University of Michigan College of Engineering is ranked among the top engineering schools in the country. Michigan Engineering boasts one of the largest engineering research budgets of any public university, at $135 million for 2004. Michigan Engineering has 11 departments and two NSF Engineering Research Centers. Within those departments and centers, there is a special emphasis on research in three emerging areas: nanotechnology and integrated microsystems; cellular and molecular biotechnology; and information technology. The College is seeking to raise $110 million for capital building projects and program support in these areas to further research discovery. The CoE's goal is to advance academic scholarship and market cutting edge research to improve public health and well being.

For more information see the CoE home page:
Worry patterns vary for elderly ages 85 and older
20 April, 2007
A new study indicates that the elderly ages 85 and older mainly worry about health and memory, and some will seek more social contact as their worries increase with age.
White, poor women with mental woes likely to seek treatment
19 April, 2007
White, low-income women are more likely to seek outpatient services to treat mental health problems than their African American counterparts, a new study shows.
Turning green gunk to gold, anti-cancer gold
18 April, 2007
Combining synthetic chemistry techniques with a knowledge of the properties and actions of enzymes, scientists have been able to produce an exciting class of anti-cancer drugs originally isolated from blue-green algae.
Fires fuel mercury emissions, U-M study finds
17 April, 2007
Forest fires release more mercury into the atmosphere than previously recognized, a multidisciplinary research project at the University of Michigan suggests.
Scientists discover rules for some common virus shapes
16 April, 2007
A surprising discovery at the University of Michigan about how nanoparticles self-assemble into structures that resemble viruses gives scientists key insight into how common disease producing viruses might form in our bodies.
U-M research: Moving beyond one treatment fits all
15 April, 2007
Not only does one treatment not fit all, but over the long haul, one treatment probably won't fit anyone suffering from depression, substance abuse problems, HIV infection and many other chronic conditions, according to a University of Michigan researcher.
New online resource streamlines access to data on minority issues and populations
14 April, 2007
A new online Minority Data Resource Center at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research provides easy analysis of a wide range of topics related to racial and ethnic minority populations in the U.S.
Scientists studying diseases will benefit from new protein interactions database
13 April, 2007
Research on disease processes will accelerate with a new multi-purpose protein database launched by the University of Michigan. This new tool will help biomedical scientists digest the enormous volumes of data being produced by modern biotechnology.
Single protein in brain cells plays a key role in controlling body weight, response to insulin and leptin, and energy balance
12 April, 2007
A single protein in brain cells may act as a linchpin in the body
Immigrants and mental health: U-M study
11 April, 2007
Black Caribbean immigrants now make up more than one-quarter of the Black population in New York City, Boston, Miami and other U.S. cities. But until now, little has been known about this growing segment of the increasingly diverse U.S. Black population.
Company formed around body friendly polymer coatings
10 April, 2007
A new company, Biotectix LLC, is being formed around intellectual property developed at the University of Michigan that could dramatically improve the functionality of medical devices that are implanted in the body, such as pacemakers and cochlear implants.
Robotic exoskeleton replaces muscle work
09 April, 2007
A robotic exoskeleton controlled by the wearer's own nervous system could help users regain limb function, which is encouraging news for people with partial nervous system impairment, say University of Michigan researchers.
Peregrines on probation: Population's prospects appear promising
08 April, 2007
The recently endangered peregrine falcon of North America got a health checkup of sorts and the prognosis looks good. A team of population geneticists, including a University of Michigan graduate student, got an unexpected result when they measured levels of DNA variation in the current cohort of falcons.
Older stem cells don
07 April, 2007
The natural consequences of growing old include slower wound-healing and a brain that makes fewer new neurons because old tissues have less regenerative capacity. What has not been clear is why. A trio of papers published the journal Nature shows that old stem cells don
U-M students don masks and wash hands for influenza study
06 April, 2007
Though washing hands and wearing masks are widely recommended as approaches that might prevent the spread of a global killer influenza, apparently nobody actually has any data on whether these things would work, says study leader Arnold Monto, professor of epidemiology in the U-M School of Public Health and an international authority on respiratory disease.
Does he love you so? Maybe it really is in his face
05 April, 2007
U-M social psychologist Daniel J. Kruger conducted a series of on-line experiments showing 854 male and female undergraduate students versions of composite male faces that had been altered to look more or less masculine by adjusting, for example, the shape of the jaw, the strength of brow ridges and the thickness of lips.
U-M leading national effort to find the cause of autism
04 April, 2007
University of Michigan researchers are leading an 11-university consortium to gather and bank DNA samples from 3,000 autism patients over the next three years.
Fires fuel mercury emissions, U-M study finds
03 April, 2007
Doctoral student Abir Biswas, the paper's lead author, came up with the idea for the project when he was a student at U-M's Camp Davis Rocky Mountain Field Station near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wildfires were burning all around the station that summer, and smoke blanketed the camp. Around that time, Biswas happened to read a new scientific paper suggesting the possible role of fires in global mercury emissions.
Intellectually stimulated children less likely to get spanked
02 April, 2007
Children who get high levels of intellectual stimulation at home, such as books and educational games, had parents who rarely used physical punishment, a new University of Michigan study indicates.
Discovery could lead to more effective treatments for this deadly cancer
01 April, 2007
University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers have discovered the small number of cells in pancreatic cancer that are capable of fueling the tumor's growth. The finding is the first identification of cancer stem cells in pancreatic tumors.
New isotope gives a glimpse of the origins of precious metals
15 April, 2005
The beginnings of precious metals like gold can be traced to the blink of an eye in an exploding star billions of years ago, and scientists at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University have been able to scrutinize a crucial step in that process.
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