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Advanced Composites
Dynamic inaugural US composites event reported
Advanced Composites (General) : 18 November, 2012
Exceptional interest and turnout at inaugural JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences id reported by JEC for its inaugural composites conferences and show for the Americas, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from 7 to 9 November 2012.
TeXtreme Spread Tow Reinforcements found best in independent reinforcement test
Carbon Fibres : 08 November, 2012
TeXtreme Spread Tow Reinforcements have been tested by an independent research institute and proved to provide better or equal mechanical performance to other composite reinforcements in six out of seven tests.
Tape Laying gets closer to Series Production
Advanced Composites (General) : 05 November, 2012
Tape laying makes it possible to produce precisely fitting continuous-fibre structures with no or nearly no waste due to clippings. This process is still too slow, however, for high-volume component series such as those needed by automobile manufacturers for compact-class models.
Three-step manufacturing process for lighter, cheaper and tougher composites
Advanced Composites (General) : 29 October, 2012
Chomarat has won a JEC Innovation Award in the carbon category thanks to C-PLY Bi-Angle, a carbon reinforcement allowing the production of composites 30% lighter than traditional carbon fibre composites.
Lightweight concrete in sandwich panels for designer furniture
Polypropylene Honeycomb : 12 October, 2012
Nidaplast Composites is supplying honeycomb structural panels that allow the use of concrete without the usual weight constraints, making it possible to combine traditional heavy materials like concrete and natural stone with polypropylene honeycomb panels.
Institute for Advanced Manufacturing unveiled
Carbon Fibres : 06 October, 2012
Wednesday 19 September 2012 saw Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science, welcomes Atlas Composites Managing Director Shaun Moloney and a select group of guests to the official launch of Nottingham Universities new £3.5 million Institute for Advanced Manufacturing.
Oberaigner Aerospace displays carbon fibre aeroplane in Shanghai
Carbon Fibres : 27 September, 2012
During the 2012 AOPA Shanghai International General Aviation Show Juergen Schluemer of Oberaigner Aerospace has discussed the development of Oberaigner new business aircraft, aiming to find business partners in China.
US glass reinforcement capability expanded as composites centre opens in Shanghai
Glass Fibres : 16 September, 2012
Owens Corning's new furnace in its glass reinforcements facility in Tlaxcala (Mexico) is now operational. This is the latest step the company has taken to increase its global capacity to produce composite material.
Prodrive to double workforce at Milton Keynes composites plant
Carbon Fibres : 12 September, 2012
Technology consultancy and precision-manufacturing specialist Prodrive is nearly doubling the size of the workforce at its composites plant in Milton Keynes. The company is actively recruiting now and will take on a further 80 people during 2013, making it one of Europe’s largest composites specialists with close to 200 employed in its manufacturing operations.
French pultruded profile company provides Bangkok metro with third rail cover
Pultrusions : 12 September, 2012
ICCO Composites is participating in the INNOTRANS Show in Berlin on 18-21 September 2012 (and announces its involvement in the project of Bangkok’s underground railway.
High performance composites influence wind energy agenda
Advanced Composites (General) : 20 August, 2012
From an historical perspective, a mixed set of factors have affected the composites industry, crossing socio-political, technology, marketing and environmental issues. Here, Philippe Michaud, Huntsman Advanced Materials Technology Director discusses how high performance composites technologies are now firmly on the agenda as a key enabler in the wind energy sector.
Epoxy liquid resin systems speed composite cycle times
Thermoplastic Composites : 14 August, 2012
Composites are swiftly becoming the materials of choice in many different industries for both structural and non-structural applications. At COMPOSITES EUROPE 2012, Huntsman will look at growing demands for faster processing and reduced production cycles, focusing on the role high-performance chemistries are playing in enabling more efficient manufacturing techniques and the increased penetration of composites.
High performance boron-free glass reinforcement for long-span pultrusion enables fabricators to produce longer spans
Glass Fibres : 22 April, 2011
XStrand H roving is a new high-performance reinforcement for long-span composite parts manufactured using the pultrusion process.
European Commission project looks at fibre reinforced composites for transport infrastructure
Advanced Composites (General) : 20 April, 2011
Huntsman Advanced Materials is a partner in the Trans-IND project, a European Commission funded 4 year programme dedicated to enabling the industrialisation of components for transport infrastructure using fibre reinforced (FRP) based materials.
High performance composites: pocket-sized reference guides to reinforcement and chemical resistance published by Owens Corning
Glass Fibres : 19 April, 2011
Owens Corning has published two comprehensive guides to help end-users select the best glass fibre for use in their applications. The Composite Solutions Reinforcement Guide provides information about processes, products and applications, while the Glass Fiber Reinforcement Chemical Resistance Guide includes data about the effect of corrosive chemicals on different glass fibres.
High-performance chopped strand glass fibre for composites exposed to high temperature fluids
Glass Fibres : 16 April, 2011
HydroStrand is a chopped strand glass fibre for high-performance polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) composites. The glass fibre is is designed for automotive and industrial applications that come in direct contact with high-temperature fluids.
Two new grades of short glass fibre reinforcements for polypropylene (PP) offer superior tensile mechanical performance Strength and Impact Resistance
Glass Fibres : 13 April, 2011
At the annual JEC Composites Show, Owens Corning announced two new grades of short glass fiber (GF) reinforcements for polypropylene (PP) specifically engineered for automotive applications. They are available worldwide and provide alternatives to short GF reinforced polyamide (PA) and long glass fibre reinforced PP in automotive applications.
DSM forms functional materials business unit to focus on coatings and composites
Advanced Composites (General) : 12 April, 2011
Following an extensive strategic study for its resins businesses, DSM proposes to expand its innovation activities in the area of formulated coatings and composites, with the formation of a DSM Functional Materials Business Unit.
High-performance glass fibre for composites in high-temp fluid applications
Advanced Composites (General) : 10 April, 2011
At the JEC Composites Show, Owens Corning (NYSE:OC), the leading global producer of glass fiber reinforcements for composite systems, introduced HydroStrand, a chopped strand glass fibre for high-performance polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) composites. The glass fibre is available globally and is designed for use in automotive and industrial applications that come in direct contact with high-temperature fluids
Non-woven glass fibre veil to improve performance of flooded lead-acid batteries for stop-start engine systems
Advanced Composites (General) : 07 April, 2011
New veil requires no capital investment, streamlines production and extends battery life and capacity
Two new grades of short glass fibre reinforcements for polypropylene (PP)
Glass Fibres : 05 April, 2011
New short glass fibres for PP offer superior mechanical performance, tensile strength and Impact Resistance
3B wins three innovation awards
Advanced Composites (General) : 03 April, 2011
The composites industries in Europe and the USA, have presented 3B with three prestigious innovation awards. At the annual JEC Show 3B won the JEC Innovation Award in the Construction Category, and earlier this year at the American Composites Manufacturers Association
Composite protection pod dampens and absorbs incoming blast waves on the Ocelot Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV)
Glass Fibres : 03 April, 2011
Multi-end roving designed to transform translucent panel applications, such as skylights, cladding and greenhouses
Glass Fibres : 02 April, 2011
Thinner panel provides superior clarity and enables higher glass content for strength and stiffness using less resin
Non-woven glass fibre veil improves performance of flooded lead-acid batteries for stop-start engine systems
Glass Fibres : 01 April, 2011
Owens Corning has announced a new solution to help battery makers meet the challenges of stop-start engine technology. A new non-woven glass fibre veil requires no capital investment, streamlines production and extends battery life and capacity.
Cellulose-based nanomaterial, a binderless hybrid Micro, voted Biomaterial of the Year 2011
Advanced Composites (General) : 01 April, 2011
Zelfo's binder-less hybrid Micro and Nano based cellulose based material has been voted Biomaterial of the Year 2011 at the International Congress on Bio Plastics, organised by the Nova Institute in Cologne, Germany.
New company to composites arena focuses on technical competence at JEC
Advanced Composites (General) : 30 March, 2011
Azelis Composites is exhibiting at JEC Paris, building on its strong customer and supplier relationships.
Composites business focus at Victrex reinforced by world-wide task force
Advanced Composites (General) : 30 March, 2011
Driven by the pressure to reduice weight, Victrex Polymer Solutions has strengthened its composites business focus and has established a worldwide task force to offer an array of technical resources to assist engineers both at the processor and end-user level in order to address specific requirements within the composite area.
Compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks manufactured from glass fibre cut weight by 57%, replacing steel
Glass Fibres : 30 March, 2011
Greenes Group is one of the Netherland
Glass fibre for high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs based on very thin, dimensionally stable laminates
Glass Fibres : 30 March, 2011
AGY has introduced S-3 HDI glass fibre for high performance printed circuit boards (PCBs). Designed to meet the demanding technical requirements of high-density interconnect (HDI) technology in PCBs
Multi-compatible single-end roving for fabrics and pre-pregs designed for all resin systems and optimized for weavers
Glass Fibres : 30 March, 2011
At the annual JEC Composites Show, Owens Corning introduced SE1550, a new single-end Type 30 roving which is compatible with all major thermoset resin systems and weaving processes. The new roving will be available globally and is made from the company
Materials advance reduces carbon footprint of key transmissi​on component
Carbon Fibres : 18 March, 2011
Federal-Mogul has developed a clever elastomeric compound that makes the production of its Unipiston bonded hydraulic clutch pistons more energy-efficient. The component is used in most automatic and dual-clutch transmissions
14 companies rewarded for their composite innovations in the 2011 JEC Innovation awards programme
Advanced Composites (General) : 11 March, 2011
This year, 14 companies and their partners will receive awards at the JEC Composites Show (29-31 March 29-31 2011). The programme was originally created in 1998 with the goal of promoting innovation. Each year, a jury of renowned international experts chooses the best composite innovations, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnership, financial impact and originality. The 2011 JEC Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday March 29th at 5:00 pm on the JEC Show and will be open to all visitors.
Owens Corning opens new glass fibre manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China
Glass Fibres : 11 March, 2011
State-of-the-art plant significantly expands capacity in China, supportng demand from fast-growing Asian markets
Summit: Composites for Mass Production
Advanced Composites (General) : 03 February, 2011
JEC has announced that the agenda has been set for the 2011 2nd I.I.C.S (Innovative International Composites Summit), which will take place on 29-31 March at Porte de Versailles
Trends in advanced composite usage observed during the review of 2010 JEC Awards applications
Advanced Composites (General) : 26 January, 2010
Each year for the JEC Innovation Awards Programme, a jury of renowned international experts chooses the best composite innovations, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnership, financial impact and originality. Here follows the views of the jury on trends observed during their deliberations.
Eleven companies rewarded for their composite innovations in the JEC Awards Programme 2010
Advanced Composites (General) : 25 January, 2010
JEC Composites is announcing this year
Cricket helmet could prove match-winner
Carbon Fibres : 15 January, 2010
A new lightweight cricket helmet worn for the first time by Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara in the 2009 World Twenty20 tournament could prove a match-winner for the East Anglian manufacturing firm behind the design.
The only DNV-certified polypropylene honeycomb
Polypropylene Honeycomb : 16 January, 2009
Nidaplast is the only polypropylene honeycomb certified for marine use by DNV, the leading global provider of risk management services.
GE Reveal(R) and GE Edison light bulbs shed the best light on any occasion
Thermoplastic Composites : 01 October, 2007
Set the right mood with the right light. GE Reveal light bulbs produce clean, beautiful light that's perfect for overall lighting. GE Edison bulbs deliver bright, crisp light that's ideal for highlighting artwork, mantels and favorite accessories or holiday decorations.
Clockwork home services chooses GE for new credit program
Thermoplastic Composites : 01 October, 2007
E's Retail Sales Finance unit, a leader in home improvement financing, has been selected to provide a new consumer credit program for Clockwork Home Services, parent company of Success Group International and provider of home services with more than 180 franchisees across the country.
GE healthcare introduces new bone density system to enhance osteoporosis diagnosis
Thermoplastic Composites : 01 October, 2007
GE Healthcare introduced today the company's new Lunar iDXA, a bone mineral density system designed to help clinicians detect, diagnose and monitor treatment of osteoporosis. GE's new iDXA is designed to help clinicians diagnose osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass and increased risk of fracture, more accurately and earlier in the disease process. The iDXA also enables clinicians to simultaneously assess body composition and ascertain fat distribution.
GE healthcare introduces discovery VCT, the World's first Volumetric PET/CT system
Thermoplastic Composites : 01 October, 2007
GE Healthcare introduced today the company's new Discovery VCT, the world's first true 64-slice combination positron emission tomography and volume computed tomography system for cardiac imaging applications. Launched at the 91st annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago, GE's new Discovery VCT has the potential to transform the way physicians diagnose and treat heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses.
Singapore's Changi water reclamation plant uses GE Fanuc's proficy iFIX 4
Thermoplastic Composites : 30 September, 2007
GE Fanuc Automation, Inc, a unit of GE Industrial, has announced it is working with CH2M HILL, a multinational engineering firm and designer of Singapore's Deep Tunnel Sewerage System, on one of the largest integrated SCADA systems in the world. One of the project's first centralized water reclamation facilities, the Changi plant, is configured with approximately 500,000 tags across an architecture of 50 nodes running the newly-announced Proficy(TM) iFIX 4.0.
Hold the phone! GE's corporate card business releases new manual authorization feature
Thermoplastic Composites : 30 September, 2007
Cardholders and commercial card program administrators will see added convenience, efficiency and control from a new feature released by GE's Corporate Payment Services unit. The new manual authorization feature in NetService leverages GE's patented pre authorization technology and will significantly reduce phone calls that cardholders and PAs make when dealing with transaction declines at the point of sale.
GE energy to supply 18 gas turbines, services for Nigerian projects totaling 2000 megawatts
Thermoplastic Composites : 30 September, 2007
Marking one of the largest power generation agreements in the country's history, Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Power and Steel has selected GE Energy to supply 18 gas turbines, additional equipment and services for five power plants in the Niger Delta area that will add more than 2,000 megawatts to the country's electricity grid.
GE challenges Royal College of Art students to imagine future of automotive design
Thermoplastic Composites : 29 September, 2007
Graduate students from the Vehicle Design department of London's prestigious Royal College of Art tare imagining, and prototyping, the future of automotive design in plastics during a three-month program and competition called PLASTicon which began in December.
Asbestos: next threat to the workers comp system?
Thermoplastic Composites : 29 September, 2007
While the insurance industry grapples with the issue of fair compensation for asbestos victims, a new vulnerability may be lurking around the corner. Robert Blanco, Senior Actuary at GE Insurance Solutions, told an audience here that conditions exist that could expose the workers compensation markets to escalating asbestos claims.
GE'S 2.5-megawatt wind turbine technology selected for new projects in Japan GE-ecomagination
Thermoplastic Composites : 29 September, 2007
GE Energy's 2.5-megawatt wind turbine technology is being introduced into Japan through an agreement that will add 85 megawatts of wind energy capacity to the country's electricity grid.
GE gas turbines, compressors selected for China's West-East gas pipeline project
Thermoplastic Composites : 29 September, 2007
GE's Oil & Gas business has been selected as an equipment supplier for the expansion of China's landmark West-East Gas Pipeline Project, one of the country's most critical infrastructure projects of the 21st century. Under a contract of more than US$196 million, GE will provide gas turbines, compressors and installation services for 12 new compression stations.
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