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BOC Edwards Releases New Controller for Special Gas Delivery Systems
Gases : 02 October, 2001
BOC Edwards today announced the global release and availability of its new intelligent Gas Source Controller, an automatic controller designed specifically for delivering special gases into ultra high purity applications, like the semiconductor manufacturing process. It is available for use on traditional gas cabinets for cylinder gases, valve manifold boxes and bulk special gas systems.
BOC Edwards develops unique ultra high purity ammonia gas production system
Gases : 28 September, 2001
BOC Edwards today announced that it has completed the design of a novel ultra-high purity ammonia gas production system utilizing a low grade liquid ammonia feedstock. The system is capable of annually producing up to150 tons of Grade 6.0+ liquid ammonia with a moisture content of less than 0.3ppm. High purity ammonia gas has applications in the semiconductor, LED, and flat panel display markets where low levels of metallic impurities and moisture are required for processing.
Transatlantic success for BOC
Gases : 26 September, 2001
A BOC employee has been recognised for his work in advancing heat treatment technology by receiving a prestigious American industry award.
BOC Edwards is First to Launch Vacuum e-commerce with Integrated Supply Chain
Gases : 24 September, 2001
BOC Edwards, the world leading supplier of gas, chemical, vacuum and exhaust management solutions has launched a new e-commerce service for on-line purchasing of vacuum pumps, components and accessories.
FLUENT and PLASMATOR are bundled to offer comprehensive plasma discharge modeling capabilities
Finite Element Analysis : 20 September, 2001
Fluent Inc. and Kinema Research & Software, announce the release of FLUENT-PLASMATOR, a comprehensive plasma discharge modeling software for semiconductor manufacturing. Chemically reacting plasma discharges are an indispensable part of integrated circuit fabrication technology. By combining the strengths of the FLUENT and PLASMATOR programs, the bundled product provides the tools needed for reliable semiconductor manufacturing simulation. 'By partnering with Kinema we can offer the IC fabrication industry detailed insight into their plasma processes, such as plasma-enhanced CVD and plasma etching systems. Both semiconductor equipment manufacturers and chip makers will benefit,' explains Eric Grald, manager of Fluent's Materials Processing Industry Team.
BOC rolls out first-ever cryogenic impingement freezer to baking industry
Gases : 13 September, 2001
BOC has developed a cryogenic impingement freezer that delivers the baking industry's highest freezing efficiency, along with significant improvements in the dehydration rate. The new cryogenic freezer was introduced to the industry this week at the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Fluent releases beta version of FlowLab: New educational software provides virtual fluids laboratory
Finite Element Analysis : 31 August, 2001
Fluent Inc. Lebanon, NH USA, announces the beta release of Fluent/FlowLab. FlowLab is software, which uses the power of flow visualization through CFD to teach basic fluid mechanics principles in the engineering classroom. The beta version is now being deployed by a select group of engineering professors in Europe and North America, who will test it during the fall semester. Some of the institutions that will be testing FlowLab are: Dartmouth College, University of Vermont, University of Maryland, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Delaware, University of Iowa, Iowa State University and Wayne State University.
BOC provides advanced energy injection system to steel industry
Gases : 16 August, 2001
BOC has announced the first North American placement of its Burnjector technology, an advanced, chemical energy injection system for the Electric Arc Furnace, at a Delaware carbon plate steel mill.
BOC nitrogen generator meets Goodrich`s needs
Gases : 29 July, 2001
Goodrich Corporation
BOC Edwards, Accentus to develop plasma abatement system
Gases : 16 July, 2001
BOC Edwards, a major supplier of exhaust management systems, announced today that they have entered into a joint development program and exclusive licensing agreement with Accentus plc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AEA Technology plc. The two companies have agreed to develop and market a plasma abatement system that will destroy a wide selection of PFC gases used in the semiconductor industry.
Recent Process developments have stretched the capability of traditional cryopump technology
Gases : 16 July, 2001
A new water vapor pump which can handle situations beyond the scope of conventional turbomolecular and cryopumps has just been launched by BOC Edwards.
UMass researcher solves the mystery of the shower curtain
Finite Element Analysis : 13 July, 2001
There's no way to get rid of the daily annoyance of the shower curtain billowing in and sticking to an exposed body part, but there's now a way to explain the phenomenon, thanks to a researcher at the University of Massachusetts. David Schmidt, assistant professor in the mechanical and industrial engineering department, decided to map the forces acting on a shower curtain. Schmidt's areas of expertise include computer modeling of sprays, and the shower curtain question is one he's run into several times during his career. 'This is a popular question,' Schmidt said. 'It's nice to have the answer key.'
Entonox aired at Harrogate
Gases : 22 June, 2001
The Entonox version of BOC Medical's innovative lightweight oxygen CD cylinder will be launched at the Ambex exhibition in Harrogate next week.
Fluent releases Airpak 2.0
Finite Element Analysis : 18 June, 2001
Fluent Inc., announces the release of Airpak 2.0 - a major new release of this airflow modeling software, which made its market debut last year. 'The demand for airflow modeling to be done upfront in the design process for ventilation systems is heating up,' says Airpak Product Manager Walter Schwarz, 'and more and more firms are selecting Airpak as their tool of choice. The features that we've added with this new release are our response to the continuous market demands for faster model building, faster solutions, and easier ways to produce effective pictures, plots and animations from simulation results.'
Fluent releases TGrid 3.4
Finite Element Analysis : 18 June, 2001
Fluent Inc announces the release of TGrid 3.4, its popular unstructured meshing tool for CFD model building. All CFD analysis requires that a geometrical representation of the problem be constructed and covered with a computational mesh, or grid. TGrid is one of several tools that Fluent provides to the users of its CFD software in order to streamline and take the guesswork out of the sometimes-tedious task of building a computational mesh. An unstructured mesh is made up of elements such as tetrahedra pyramids, and wedges, in addition to the traditional hexahedral (brick) elements, for greater flexibility, particularly in the case of complicated shapes. 'One key advance in TGrid 3.4 is the ability to grow prism layers along non-planar boundaries,' says Scott Gilmore, Fluent's Manager of Added-Value Analysis Products. 'This can substantially reduce design time,' adds Gilmore.
BOC and MORE to provide state-of-the-art energy injection systems to steel industry
Gases : 14 June, 2001
BOC, a major supplier to the global steel industry, is offering metals producers another way to enhance the energy efficiency, productivity, environmental performance and safety of the steelmaking process.
Dry vacuum pump solution for filter/dryer applications brings process benefits to pharmaceutical manufacturers
Gases : 12 June, 2001
Leading dry vacuum technology Nitrogen re-circulation Low cost of ownership BOC Edwards launched Solstar, a highly cost-effective new filter/dryer pumping system for pharmaceutical and fine chemical filter dryer applications, at Eurochem.
BOC Edwards Introduces Fabsense Instrumentation Solutions
Gases : 27 April, 2001
BOC Edwards has introduced FabSense Instrumentation Solutions, a range of cost effective, on-line instrumentation products designed for installation at key locations in a semiconductor fab to provide continuous, real-time monitoring capability. FabSense addresses the challenges of contamination control, overall equipment effectiveness and environmental safety and health.
Fluent Inc. and Concepts NREC announce strategic partnership
Finite Element Analysis : 26 April, 2001
Fluent Inc., and Concepts NREC, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive design and analysis software tools for turbomachinery applications. Combining Concepts NREC's world-renowned expertise in turbomachinery design with Fluent's market and technology leadership in CFD, the collaboration will offer best-in-class software tools by bundling Fluent's general purpose CFD software with Concepts NREC's Agile Engineering Design System software. Under the terms of the partnership, both companies will sell the bundled software.
BOC Gases show customers how to improve their operations using BOC`S E-Business Capabilities
Gases : 19 March, 2001
BOC Gases is inviting companies in the Chattanooga area to a daylong seminar on March 29 to learn how they can reduce purchasing and ownership costs, keep better track of their operations and ensure consistent supply through state-of-the art e-Business technology.
Fluent helps Winston Cup Winner go faster
Finite Element Analysis : 22 February, 2001
Fluid flow analysis is a critical technology in the high-tech world of Formula One racing. World-class teams, such as Benetton and Ferrari, have large and extremely advanced engineering facilities, where highly trained aerodynamicists and automotive engineers use tools like computational fluid dynamics to fine-tune their vehicles by any means that will provide an advantage. Now, CFD technology is being implemented for predictable success in NASCAR and CART racing as well. The 2000 Winston Cup Champions, Gibbs Racing, recently demonstrated how quickly and effectively they could give their team an edge using CFD software from Fluent Inc. CFD is computer-aided engineering software, which simulates fluid (air, liquid, or gas) flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions.
Poultry industry draws blueprint for consumer protection at BOC/Ecolab food safety panel
Gases : 01 February, 2001
Representatives from the poultry industry joined with technology providers and government, academic and consumer representatives in identifying new and emerging technologies as the cornerstone of food safety and consumer protection at the Sixth Annual Food Safety Panel sponsored by BOC and Ecolab at the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia on January 18, 2001.
BOC`s metal treatment goes global
Gases : 16 January, 2001
BOC's CATweb site has been launched at It was originally developed as an intranet site on controlled atmosphere technology to help BOC's global team in this sector provide a better service for its customers.
ADA reconfirms hypertherm preferred supplier of plasma equipment
Gases : 15 January, 2001
The AIRCO Distributor Association extended Hypertherm's preferred supplier status for Plasma Equipment. The ADA represents more than 120 distributors nationwide, and the group facilitates more than $1 billion in sales of welding gases and hardgoods annually.
Fluent helps Ferrari go faster
Finite Element Analysis : 14 January, 2001
Fluent Incorporated, world leader in computational fluid dynamics software, announces that Formula One World Drivers' and World Constructors' Champions, Ferrari, has designated them as a Supplier. Under the agreement, Fluent supplies the Ferrari Racing Department with software and services for CFD analysis of racing vehicle aerodynamics.
Advanced waste water treatment at Paper Mill
Gases : 06 January, 2001
BOC Gases has recently signed contracts with the Shotton Paper Company for the supply of a new 30 tonne per day oxygenation system for the treatment of waste water at the Shotton site in Deeside. The plant, designed by BOC, combines the benefits of high purity oxygen and air. At the heart of the system are a 24 tonne per day oxygen pressure swing adsorption plant and a new Vitox oxygenation and mixing system.
New Vishay thermistors deliver stable, accurate performance
Thermoplastic Composites : 03 January, 2001
A new series of linear positive temperature coefficient thermistors offering an approximate 25% improvement in accuracy compared with previous-generation components has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Offered in three internationally recognized surface-mount case sizes, the new Vishay Dale TFPT thermistors are the first devices of their kind to provide a lot temperature coefficient of resistance of up to 5000 ppm.
Fluent Inc. releases version 5.5 of its FLUENT software
Finite Element Analysis : 21 December, 2000
GT-Power is one-dimensional gas dynamics and engine simulation software developed by Gamma Technologies, Inc. (Westmont, IL). It is commonly used in the automotive industry for engine simulation. FLUENT 5.5 offers an option for users to couple their FLUENT simulations with their GT-Power simulations. This makes it easy for engineers to integrate their CFD flow modeling of components with the big picture, system-level simulation in GT-Power. Technological wizardry built into this coupling also makes the process fast and computationally economical. Currently, the coupling can take place in several areas of the simulation: velocity inlet, mass flow inlet, pressure inlet, and pressure outlet. To take advantage of the GT-Power/FLUENT coupling, users need a specialized license and the GT-Power library, specifically built for this coupling, from Gamma Technologies. Initially, this capability will be available on selected platforms only, with additional platforms planned for the near future.
SGI and Fluent Inc. combine efforts to port and optimize Fluent's CFD software
Finite Element Analysis : 14 November, 2000
SGI, known worldwide for providing a broad range of high-performance computing and advanced graphics solutions, and Fluent Inc., the world-leading provider of computational fluid dynamics software and services, are combining efforts to port and optimize Fluent CFD software for the Intel Itanium platform. The results of this joint effort will give CFD users that depend on high-performance, high-memory simulations-including users in the automotive and aerospace industries-the ability to do large-scale simulations and include better resolution in their models on the Itanium architecture.
New version of Icepak focuses on design integration
Finite Element Analysis : 11 November, 2000
Fluent Inc. announces that the newest version of its Icepak electronics cooling simulation software is now available. Icepak 3.2 provides major new user options for reading files to and from CAD and other CAE packages commonly used in electronics engineering. 'Our customers use Icepak because it provides thermal information that helps them to design better and faster,' says Icepak product manager Rajesh Nair. 'It helps them to find the best way to keep their system cool,' he adds 'but design time and cost are further reduced when the thermal, electrical, and mechanical analyses are as streamlined as possible. Icepak 3.2 gives you more ways to 'talk' to your other CAE software than any other thermal design tool, that's the major significance of this version,' he concludes.
BOC opens southern hemisphere`s biggest hydrogen plant
Gases : 26 October, 2000
BOC has opened the southern hemisphere's largest hydrogen plant at Bulwer Island, Brisbane, Australia, as part of an AUS$170 million (
New version of this computational fluid dynamics software for polymers widens its scope and improves usability
Finite Element Analysis : 12 October, 2000
Fluent Inc., announces the release of POLYFLOW 3.8. This software is uniquely suited to simulate flow, heat transfer, and chemical reaction in polymers and materials with similar properties, such as plastic, rubber, glass, food, and other consumer products. It is used by engineers and analysts as a virtual prototyping tool for quickly and effectively improving product and equipment designs.
The newest release of this state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics software
Finite Element Analysis : 16 September, 2000
The reality is that fluids and structures don't live in separate worlds. They interact. 'When fluids and structures interact, a new set of engineering challenges are introduced: deflection, stress, vibration. These factors must be taken into consideration in order for the computer model to accurately reflect reality. Some engineers have been able to calculate fluid structure interaction by doing the programming gymnastics required to couple a flow modeling software program with a structural analysis program. FIDAP 8.5 makes this unnecessary, because the entire capability is contained within one software program', says Eric Grald, Fluent's FIDAP Product Manager.
BOC to build biggest hydrogen plant for Huntsman
Gases : 13 September, 2000
Huntsman Petrochemicals and BOC have entered into a long-term contract for the supply of hydrogen and steam to Huntsman's manufacturing operations on Teesside.
Fluent Inc. announces plastics database interface
Finite Element Analysis : 01 September, 2000
Fluent Inc., the leading provider of computational fluid dynamics software and M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH, announce the availability of a database interface between Fluent's POLYFLOW CFD code and M-Base's CAMPUS Merge Program. This database interface will provide faster, seamless, computer-aided engineering for design and analysis of polymer manufacturing processes.
Fluent Inc. announces CFD software for plasma modeling
Finite Element Analysis : 10 July, 2000
Fluent Inc., and Kinema Research & Software, a technology leader in the field of plasma modeling, announce that they will develop a joint software product for the semiconductor industry. The new product, a computer aided engineering tool for plasma simulation, links Fluent's FLUENTTM CFD package with Kinema's PLASMATOR software, supporting users with best-in-class CFD software for design and analysis of plasma-related applications.
HP 9000 V-Class Enterprise Server powers FLUENT'S motor-sports consulting business
Finite Element Analysis : 01 June, 2000
Hewlett-Packard Company and Fluent Inc., a market leader in computational fluid dynamics software, announced today that Fluent(TM) has procured a 16-processor HP 9000 V2250 Enterprise Server to support Fluent's growing motor-sports consulting business. In a never-ending quest to find more speed, motor-sports teams are relying more and more on CFD software, such as Fluent's, to evaluate race-car designs and configurations. According to Fluent, this increased demand on CFD usage is responsible for the company's growing motor-sports business, both in consulting and end-user licensing.
Fluent launches Airpak 1.0 Ventilation Modeling Software
Finite Element Analysis : 08 May, 2000
Fluent Inc., introduces Airpak 1.0, its CFD-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning system design software. Airpak is an accurate, quick and easy-to-use tool, which simplifies the design and analysis of ventilation systems. Airpak's capabilities are unique in the HVAC industry, because it combines some of the most advanced features available in CFD software, such as highly accurate unstructured meshing and a powerful solver engine in a remarkably easy-to-use package. Using drag and drop selection of solid models in Airpak, a ventilation system designer quickly builds a virtual prototype of his design. Then, Airpak simulates the airflow through the design and provides visual results that the designer uses to pinpoint problem areas and optimize the design.
Fluent and PFD announce internet-based simulation tools
Finite Element Analysis : 07 April, 2000
Performance Fluid Dynamics, an engineering consultancy and software company based in Dublin, Ireland, and Fluent Inc., a market leader in computational fluid dynamics software, have teamed to provide 3-D simulation of chemical reactors on the Internet. The Internet-based simulation tool, Net.Re@ction, gives engineers access to pre-solved CFD flow simulations from the FLUENT software, coupled with PFD's PFDReaction software for prediction of the reactor system chemistry.
Fluent Inc. and Aspen Technology announce strategic technology initiative
Finite Element Analysis : 04 February, 2000
Fluent Inc., and Aspen Technology, Inc., today announced the formation of a strategic technology initiative to provide comprehensive design and simulation tools for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and power industries. The collaboration will leverage the complementary expertise of the two companies to provide best-in-class tools for engineers engaged in process equipment design and process optimization, enabling manufacturers to see how individual plant assets impact overall plant performance and efficiency.
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