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Advanced Composites
New solution improves engineering simulation speed and accuracy
Finite Element Analysis : 25 December, 2006
ANSYS, Inc., a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, today announced that the upcoming releases of its multiphysics simulation software, ANSYS 11.0 and FLUENT 6.3, will include support for Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. Enabling high-performance computing on the Microsoft Windows platform, the new solution helps customers deploy computer-aided engineering at a higher level than in the past, decreasing the time required for simulations and increasing the accuracy of results.
Husky helps develop world's first compostable water bottle
Injection Moulding Equipment : 05 November, 2006
Husky, the world's leading supplier of bottle preform production equipment and services, has helped bring the first compostable water bottle made from NatureWorks PLA corn-based resin to the market.
BOC plant first to supply Pakistani beverage industry with ISBT-compliant CO2
Gases : 04 November, 2006
BOC has installed a state-of-the-art liquid carbon dioxide plant in Multan, northern Pakistan. The 60 ton-per-day plant, which began operations earlier this year, is capable of producing International Society of Beverage Technology-compliant CO2. The plant is the first of its kind in Pakistan to serve the country
Novapak continues investment in PET product platform
Injection Moulding Equipment : 04 November, 2006
To support the increasing growth and demand for PET bottles, Novapak, a business of PVC Container Corporation, has purchased a new Husky HyPET 300, 48-cavity system to be installed in its Paris, Ill., plant this summer.
Husky introduces new QTI System for large multi-material automotive applications
Injection Moulding Equipment : 03 November, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems today unveiled injection molding machinery technology that enables automotive Tier 1 and OEM customers to cost-effectively manufacture large interior and exterior plastic panels with multiple materials in one machine. This innovation, called the Quadloc-Tandem-Index system, delivers a complete part with improved quality, lower cost, and less downstream assembly.
Husky provides hot runner solution for difficult-to-mold medical application
Injection Moulding Equipment : 02 November, 2006
When Ypsomed AG, a leading medical technology company, needed superior production quality for its pharmaceutical self-injection applications, it turned to Husky Injection Molding Systems. With more than 25 years experience in hot runner systems, Husky was able to provide the company with the technology and expertise needed to process FDA-approved medical resins.
Husky introduces new edge gate hot runner nozzles
Injection Moulding Equipment : 01 November, 2006
Well suited for applications using polyolefin materials and where side gating is necessary, the EG nozzles feature a minimum pitch spacing of 44.5 mm and a wide range of standard nozzle housing lengths. The new nozzles are available in two or four gates, and offer two gate pitch sizes, EG-S (15 mm) and EG-L (22 mm).
Husky launches hot runner manufacturing in Brazil
Injection Moulding Equipment : 31 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems has established a hot runner manufacturing operation at its Brazil Technical Center to provide dedicated support to the growing Brazilian plastics industry
Husky demonstrates packaging expertise at open house
Injection Moulding Equipment : 30 October, 2006
The use of plastics in packaging will grow to more than 50% by the year 2009, according to a recent survey by Mastio and Co. With average annual growth of 5% in most of the major rigid packaging sectors, Husky is focusing its efforts to capture more of this key market.
HyPAC offers quantum leap for thinwall molding
Injection Moulding Equipment : 29 October, 2006
Husky introduced its new purpose-built HyPAC injection molding system at NPE. The system features several new technologies that deliver unparalleled performance and achieve the lowest part cost possible for thinwall molding.
Husky displays high-speed in-mold labeling workcells
Injection Moulding Equipment : 29 October, 2006
A Husky Hylectric 120 system molded 200 ml containers with in-mold labeling at a 2.3-second cycle at the company's Packaging Days event at its Luxembourg Technical Center, establishing a new performance benchmark.
New thinwall packaging system features the world's best melt delivery system
Injection Moulding Equipment : 28 October, 2006
Husky introduced its new purpose-built HyPAC injection molding system at NPE. The system features several new technologies that deliver unparalleled performance and achieve the lowest part cost possible for thinwall molding.
Husky demonstrates versatile machine technology for wide range of returnable packaging applications
Injection Moulding Equipment : 28 October, 2006
Husky has gained a significant share of the European machine market for returnable packaging, from small collapsible thinwall crates to large industrial containers, with its highly flexible and reliable Hylectric and Quadloc Tandem platforms.
New touchscreen features designed to give user precise control of molding process
Injection Moulding Equipment : 27 October, 2006
Husky has added several new features to its Polaris Control, giving machine operators more precise control of the injection molding process.
New Shenzhen facility to offer FTO quick-delivery systems, reduced lead times
Injection Moulding Equipment : 26 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems, one of the world's leading hot runner suppliers, has officially opened its new Shenzhen manufacturing facility, the company's second hot runner operation in China.
Fast cycles, high uptime give Chilean molder Wenco a competitive edge
Injection Moulding Equipment : 25 October, 2006
Wenco, a leading South American producer of collapsible plastic crates, has turned to Husky Injection Molding Systems for a reliable, cost-effective manufacturing solution for its popular fruit crates.
Quadloc Tandem aids in door panel customization
Injection Moulding Equipment : 24 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems has supplied four Quadloc Tandem injection molding machines to Johnson Controls' operations in Italy to produce two-color automotive door panels for Fiat's new Grande Punto.
Husky to improve customer support network in Europe
Injection Moulding Equipment : 23 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems has announced plans to improve its customer support network in Europe to ensure customers receive exceptional products, service and support across the continent.
Husky unveils new automotive hot runner products
Injection Moulding Equipment : 22 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has introduced a number of new hot runner products aimed at the automotive market. Among them is the Hydraulic Ultra 1750 Valve Gate nozzle for large part automotive molding. The Ultra 1750 can handle throughputs of up to 2,000 grams/second.
PRONTO hot runners ship in two weeks
Injection Moulding Equipment : 22 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has introduced two-week shipments for its PRONTO line of hot runners. It is the only quick delivery program of its kind to offer fully configurable, complete hot halves with plates and manifold systems in two weeks at a reduced cost.
Husky rolls out upgraded CoolPik for HyPET
Injection Moulding Equipment : 21 October, 2006
Husky has upgraded the CoolPik robot on its HyPET preform systems with a new, more reliable vacuum-based preform handling system. Vacuum transfer offers a number of advantages over the previous bladder-type system, including increased reliability, reduced maintenance and simpler setup.
Improved UltraFlow hot runner nozzle tip allows the industry's fastest color changes
Injection Moulding Equipment : 21 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has introduced its redesigned UltraFlow mixing tip, which delivers the industry's fastest color changes and is ideal for applications that require frequent color changes, such as closures.
Husky showcases high-performance closures system
Injection Moulding Equipment : 20 October, 2006
Husky is demonstrating a Hylectric 300 machine with a 72-cavity closures mold at NPE that sets new industry benchmarks for speed, output and part quality. The system produces 1,500 parts per minute.
Husky ships fastest CSD preform system in the world
Injection Moulding Equipment : 20 October, 2006
Husky has shipped a HyPET 500 144-cavity system that runs a 20 oz. carbonated soft drink preform at an industry-best 10.5 seconds. The system, currently running at a customer facility in the U.S., is equipped with some of Husky's new cycle-reducing technologies being showcased at NPE.
A new series of purpose-built hot runners
Injection Moulding Equipment : 19 October, 2006
Every Husky hot runner is customized for its specific application. With this in mind, Husky introduced several new hot runner products and services at NPE that support the specific requirements of a wide range of applications, including automotive, closures, consumer electronics, medical and packaging, including:
Husky to showcase world's fastest IML system
Injection Moulding Equipment : 19 October, 2006
Husky will showcase a high-speed in-mold labeling system at NPE to address the anticipated growth of IML in North America. The system will mold 125g cream cheese containers with five-sided labeling at less than 2.5 seconds.
The world's most productive preform systems
Injection Moulding Equipment : 18 October, 2006
Husky introduced new injection molding technology for faster preform cycles and higher outputs at the National Plastics Exposition.
Husky introduces Predictive Maintenance program
Injection Moulding Equipment : 18 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems has introduced a new Predictive Maintenance program for its complete line of machines. By leveraging the power of Husky's PC-based Polaris Control, SmartLink plant monitoring software and the latest in third-party predictive devices, Husky is now able to provide customers with the tools necessary to predict the need for preventative maintenance to reduce machine downtime.
Husky's Hylectric machine passes the test with Sch
Injection Moulding Equipment : 18 October, 2006
Husky introduces purpose built packaging nozzle
Injection Moulding Equipment : 17 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has introduced its new UP nozzle, a purpose built nozzle that delivers best-in-class performance for thinwall molding applications. The new nozzle is installed in Husky's new HyPAC thinwall packaging machine at NPE.
Husky launches new Single Cavity Valve Gate
Injection Moulding Equipment : 17 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has introduced its next generation Single Cavity Valve Gate. The technology delivers an excellent operating window and increased reliability. It is well-suited for either prototype tooling or production molding, and features a three day order turnaround.
Husky unveils new cycle-reducing technologies
Injection Moulding Equipment : 16 October, 2006
Husky Injection Molding Systems, the world's leading supplier of preform systems and services, has unveiled new technology for faster preform molding cycles.
New Split Sprue Bar eliminates stringing and drool
Injection Moulding Equipment : 16 October, 2006
Husky Hot Runners has developed a new Split Sprue Bar that keeps the molding area clear for free drop of parts or easy robot access, and features a stem-to-stem shutoff to eliminate stringing and drool.
Sheffield secures BOC chemical engineer hat-trick honour
Gases : 30 September, 2006
A North Wales student has helped the University of Sheffield complete a hat-trick of wins of the BOC Award for the Best Chemical Engineering Student at a gala awards evening in London.
BOC Edwards and AUECC move forward with China Wet Chemical Production Plan
Gases : 29 September, 2006
Following announcement of its equity position in Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corporation, BOC Edwards announced today that AUECC is moving forward with plans to supply wet process chemicals to the growing electronics manufacturing industry in China, and has formed an equity joint venture with Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company. The new venture is called Shanghai Huayi Microelectronic Material Co. Ltd.
Akrion's Goldfinger Technologies selects BOC Edwards Chemical Blending Systems
Gases : 28 September, 2006
BOC Edwards announced today that it has received an order from Akrion for 19 additional chemical blend and delivery modules to support Goldfinger Mach2HP megasonic wafer cleaning tools at a major Asian fab.
Successful qualification program indicates F80 good complement to TELFORMULA platform
Gases : 27 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a global supplier of materials and subsystems for electronics manufacturing, announced today it has successfully completed a two-year fluorine qualification program with Tokyo Electron Limited, Japan, a major manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment. The BOC Edwards' Generation-F80 prototype fluorine generator has supplied up to 80 l/hr to multiple TELFORMULA 300 mm LPCVD tools at TEL/AT's Tohoku, Japan facility.
BOC increases focus on independent distributor channel
Gases : 26 September, 2006
BOC plans to increase its focus on its independent distributor channel and has identified opportunities for improvement following a Distributor Advisory Council meeting in Saratoga, N.Y.
BOC and Cellex Power to supply hydrogen and fuel cell products for forklift trucks
Gases : 25 September, 2006
Forklift trucks will soon be the latest vehicles powered by clean and efficient hydrogen energy, thanks to an agreement between BOC, one of the world
BOC opens largest commercial helium facility in China
Gases : 24 September, 2006
BOC, one of the world's leading helium suppliers, has recently opened the largest commercial helium facility in China, a distribution center located in Suzhou.
BOC resuscitators essential for dental
Gases : 24 September, 2006
With the ability to deliver oxygen up to six times better than the mouth to mouth technique, LifeLine and LifeLine-PRO, the resuscitator kits from oxygen specialist BOC Medical are essential lifesaving tools for the dental practitioner.
BOC offers bakers a perfect recipe, time after time
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Murray Hill, New Jersey, U.S., July 21, 2004, BOC (NYSE:BOX) will show bakers how they can achieve a perfect recipe, time after time, with the company
1500-Pump monitoring system is BOC Edwards
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Managing an entire system of over 1500 vacuum pumps as well as multiple exhaust management systems in a manufacturing environment where downtime can rise above tens of thousands of dollars per hour is a challenge that has been successfully met by monitoring and reporting specialists at BOC Edwards.
BOC's dolphin-shaped car makes a splash
Gases : 24 September, 2006
The BOC Gh2ost, being tested on the remote island of Shetland, off the north coast of Scotland, is expected to be able to travel around the world on less than the equivalent of two gallons of petrol; using 25 watts, a fraction of the power a light bulb uses.
Intervent offers anti-microbial technologies for food and beverage
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Intervent, the new food safety technology and consulting arm of BOC, is providing food and beverage manufacturers with a single source for addressing their plants food safety needs.
BOC joint venture to supply oxygen to new mono ethylene glycol plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand
Gases : 24 September, 2006
MIG Production Co. Ltd, a joint venture between Thai Industrial Gases PCL and Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Ltd has been awarded a long-term contract to supply 800 tonnes a day of oxygen to a new mono ethylene glycol project operated by TOC Glycol Co. Ltd. in Map Ta Phut, Thailand.
Research project set to uncover the future of helium
Gases : 23 September, 2006
The UK's biggest provider of helium is joining forces with a major user and Cambridge academics to sponsor a three year research project, the results of which are expected to reveal how much longer industry can rely on this increasingly scare resource.
BOC powered hydrogen bus supports Guildford's Ambient Picnic
Gases : 23 September, 2006
The UK's first ever zero emission bus will give Surrey residents an alternative view of public transport at the Ambient Picnic 2005, Guildford's annual music art and environment festival.
South Korea facility is the world
Gases : 23 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, an integrated supplier of gas, chemical, vacuum and exhaust management solutions to the flat panel and semiconductor industries, has received a major vacuum systems order from Samsung Electronics. Over 60 vacuum systems will be supplied for Samsung
BOC Edwards announces construction of China Silane Transfill Facility
Gases : 23 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a global supplier of materials, equipment and services to the microelectronics manufacturing industry, announced today it will construct a 60-tonnes per year high-purity silane transfill facility in Kunshan, Suzhou, China. Local distribution facilities, known as transfills, compress bulk gas into cylinders for shipment to customer sites.
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