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Travel to a new dimension in vision processing with Matrox Odyssey
Machine Vision Systems : 17 July, 2002
The scalable Matrox Odyssey Xpro features the premier Motorola G4 PowerPC embedded microprocessor, running at 1 GHz. The PowerPC, combined with Matrox Imaging's state-of-the-art Oasis processing and router ASIC, delivers over 130 billion operations per second. The single-slot Odyssey Xpro also offers over 5 GB per second of memory bandwidth, up to 1 GB of DDR SDRAM memory and up to 2 GB per second of external I/O bandwidth.
PETROBRAS DISTRIBUIDORA chooses ABB Process Portal, ControlIT and DesignIT solution suites
Production Monitoring Equipment : 12 July, 2002
PETROBRAS DISTRIBUIDORA has awarded ABB, the power and automation technology group, an order for IndustrialIT electrical systems and ControlIT terminal, management automation and control.
ABB delivers Industrial IT solutions to Basell Polyolefins
Production Monitoring Equipment : 09 June, 2002
ABB, will deliver a full range of products and services to Basell Polyolefins in Wesseling, Germany. The new plant will produce HDPE pipe grades in black, blue and orange-yellow using the Advanced Cascade Process which is the latest generation of the Hostalen Slurry technology. (Hostalen HDPE pipe grades are well established Basell brands used for water, sewage and gas distribution pressure pipe applications).
High-quality industrial graphics with the Matrox Meteor-II/Display adapter card for CompactPCI
Machine Vision Systems : 03 June, 2002
Boasting third-generation DualHead display technology, 32 MB high-speed double data rate memory, TV output and resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 in 32-bit colour, the Matrox G550 graphics controller is a leading 2D accelerator with 3D capabilities. The 256-bit internal architecture and high-speed 64-bit memory interface offers exceptional performance for 2D graphics including Windows GDI and DirectDraw functions. Plus, UltraSharp RAMDAC technology provides a crisp high-fidelity analog output.
New ABB technology expands Yanshan's ethylene capacity
Production Monitoring Equipment : 16 April, 2002
ABB has announced that the SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company's ethylene complex in Beijing, China has passed the performance test for the expansion project. The expanded ethylene capacity is now 710,000 metric tons per annum.
Matrox Parhelia and Avid Xpress DV at DV Expo
Machine Vision Systems : 12 March, 2002
Matrox Parhelia is the world's first graphics card capable of outputting to up to three displays, while catering specifically to the unique needs of the digital video workstation market. Whether you are extending your Avid Xpress DV timeline across three displays in TripleHead mode, or performing real-time TV preview in dual-display plus TV-output mode, Parhelia is able to efficiently manage the massive real estate requirements of Avid Xpress DV.
Connect to Camera Link with the Matrox 4Sight-II
Machine Vision Systems : 13 February, 2002
Through a flexible design, this module supports one, two or four tap monochrome, as well as component RGB, area or line scan video sources. With acquisition rates up to 50 MHz, a configurable LUT (four 256 x 8-bit and two 4K x 12-bit) and trigger input and timer outputs, the Meteor-II/Camera Link module for 4Sight-II features a 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus master interface, real-time transfer to system or VGA memory and extensive on-board buffering (32 MB) for reliable capture. This module also supports packed or planar transfers of color or multiple monochrome streams.
Double your acquisition with new 4Sight-II module
Machine Vision Systems : 13 February, 2002
The low-cost Matrox Orion/Dual module for the 4Sight-II includes a pair of video decoders that not only supports simultaneous capture from two independent video sources but also nearly doubles the channel switching speed. The Orion/Dual for 4Sight-II is a standard color/monochrome PC/104-Plus frame grabber that captures standard analog composite or Y/C in NTSC/PAL formats, as well as analog composite RS-170/CCIR video and can connect up to 24 composite or 12 Y/C combinations. Ideal for video surveillance applications, the Orion/Dual adds to the 4Sight-II's already extensive collection of optional frame grabber modules, including the Orion/Standard and Orion/RGB, as well as the Meteor-II/Multi-Channel, Meteor-II/Digital and Meteor-II/Camera Link frame grabbers for PC/104-Plus.
Matrox Parhelia digital video workstation graphics card to be showcased at DV Expo 2002
Machine Vision Systems : 12 February, 2002
Matrox Graphics Inc., will demonstrate Parhelia running Adobe Premiere 6.5, Adobe After Effects 5.5, Avid Xpress DV v3.5 and Discreet 3ds max 5.0 in dual-display plus TV-output configuration at DV Expo 2002. We invite you to join us at the Matrox booth to see how Parhelia will make you a more effective, efficient and productive digital video editor. Additionally, visitors to the Matrox booth can enter to win one of two Parhelia plus Adobe After Effects 5.5 Production Bundles valued at more than US$2000 each. You can also see Parhelia in action at the Adobe, Avid and Ulead booths.
ABB and SINOPEC Corp. cooperate on ethylene recovery technology
Production Monitoring Equipment : 05 February, 2002
ABB Lummus Global and China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SINOPEC Corp.) have signed a cooperation agreement creating a strategic alliance to develop and market new recovery technology for ethylene plants. The collaboration merges the extensive capabilities and experiences of both companies in the area of recovery technology.
Slash development costs with new Matrox Cronos frame grabber
Machine Vision Systems : 22 January, 2002
Matrox Imaging today announces an entry-level, ultra low-cost frame grabber for standard analog monochrome or color video acquisition. With its modular and scalable design, along with simple, standard connections, the new Matrox Cronos provides the flexibility required to keep development costs to a minimum.
Matrox introduces new Matrox MED2mp multi-monitor card set to deliver graphics excellence
Machine Vision Systems : 16 November, 2001
Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the Matrox MED2mp graphics card with two mega-pixel image and 10-bit per channel grayscale output precision, providing the medical imaging market with a rock-solid graphics solution featuring Matrox's world-renowned image quality, reliability and stability.
ABB charts new territory with on-line configuration of high voltage switchgear customers
Production Monitoring Equipment : 05 November, 2001
In planning and completing infrastructure projects speed determines success more than ever. Configuring high voltage switchgear on the Internet, for example, can drastically speed up the planning process. ABB, the global power and automation technology group, was able to close on projects in Norway and Canada, demonstrating how, in utility companies and industrial plants, information technology is changing the way engineers work. The configurator is presented in 3D virtual reality and streaming video at (see 'compact solutions' under 'search this site').
Global power and technology company wins US$ 30 million Alaskan utility contract
Production Monitoring Equipment : 29 October, 2001
ABB has won an US$ 30 million order from Golden Valley Electric Association Inc in Fairbanks, Alaska, for the supply, installation and project management of the world's largest Battery Energy Storage System.
ZX1 development premiered at Interkama
Production Monitoring Equipment : 12 October, 2001
ABB presented its new gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear at the INTERKAMA 2001 trade fair in D
New release of Matrox Imaging's interactive Windows imaging software
Machine Vision Systems : 09 October, 2001
Inspector 4.0 incorporates new and enhanced features from Matrox Imaging's latest version of its software development toolkit, Matrox Imaging Library 7.0, including an innovative tool for geometric pattern recognition. Model Finder quickly and accurately locates a model, or multiple models, at any position, at any angle, at any scale from 50-200 percent, and under such harsh conditions as occlusion and non-uniform changes in contrast.
Matrox Imaging's integrated industrial computer now offers Windows CE support
Machine Vision Systems : 09 October, 2001
Now offering Windows CE support, improved performance with the Celeron 850MHz and double the amount of RAM, the 4Sight-II provides developers with a powerful tool for building high-performance and cost-sensitive machine vision, medical imaging and video surveillance applications.
ABB supplied power transformers in record time to limit consequences of energy crisis in Brazil
Production Monitoring Equipment : 04 September, 2001
ABB, supplied two extra high-voltage (765 kV) power transformers to the Brazilian Utility Furnas in record time. The period between the placing of the order and the delivery was just six months.
Hefei-based company a model of the focused factory concept
Production Monitoring Equipment : 26 June, 2001
ABB, the global technology group, announced today it has launched a new focused factory called ABB Distribution Transformer (Hefei) Ltd.
ABB short-circuit tests the highest voltage generator step-up power transformer
Production Monitoring Equipment : 18 June, 2001
ABB has successfully short-circuit tested a single phase 500-kV generator transformer with 107,5 MVA. This was the highest voltage generator transformer ever to have undergone and passed such rigorous testing. The company considers this as part of its objective to make power technology products ever more efficient, safe and reliable to customer needs.
New ABB technology expands Yanshan's ethylene capacity
Production Monitoring Equipment : 16 April, 2001
ABB has announced that the SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Company's ethylene complex in Beijing, China has passed the performance test for the expansion project. The expanded ethylene capacity is now 710,000 metric tons per annum.
ABB supplied power transformers in record time to limit the consequences of the energy crisis in Brazil
Production Monitoring Equipment : 09 March, 2001
ABB, the global technology group, supplied two extra high-voltage (765 kV) power transformers to the Brazilian Utility Furnas in record time. The period between the placing of the order and the delivery was just six months. Normally, delivery periods of over a year are quoted for products of this level of complexity.
Matrox Imaging designs frame grabber for Camera LinkCM specification
Machine Vision Systems : 16 January, 2001
Camera Link is a high-speed digital interface specifically designed for scientific/industrial imaging applications. Developed by a consortium of camera and frame grabber manufacturers, it provides a simple and standard interconnect between these devices. Camera Link is built on Channel LinkCM, an LVDS-based high-speed serial transmission technology from National Semiconductor. Channel Link technology delivers transmission rates up to 2.38 Gbits/sec over distances of up to 10 meters (32 feet). An industry standard cable for video data and device control greatly facilitates the interchange of one Camera LinkCM device for another. Custom cables for digital data are no longer required.
Matrox Imaging introduces high-quality PCI frame grabber for RGB
Machine Vision Systems : 12 October, 2000
Combining high fidelity, flexible video capture and display on a single PCI board, Matrox Corona-II is an all-in-one solution for imaging OEMs and integrators. Designed to capture from standard or variable, analog or digital, monochrome or component RGB frame scan sources, the Corona-II combines these acquisition capabilities with the award-winning Matrox G400 graphics controller.
Enhanced version of field-proven interactive scientific/industrial imaging software
Machine Vision Systems : 05 October, 2000
Matrox Imaging today announced its latest software release, Matrox Inspector 3.0. This version of the field-proven interactive imaging software adds new and enhanced functionality to its comprehensive feature set.
Matrox Imaging releases Matrox Orion, a low-cost color/monochrome AGP frame grabber with integrated display
Machine Vision Systems : 05 October, 2000
Matrox Imaging today introduced its latest frame grabber, Matrox Orion. This cost-effective and multi-faceted board supports standard color/monochrome video capture and integrates a display section based on the award-winning MGA G400 graphics controllerm, providing leading edge graphics features and performance.
Matrox Imaging releases an IEEE 1394-to-PCI adapter board for digital video acquisition
Machine Vision Systems : 05 October, 2000
With IEEE 1394 emerging as a new standard for connecting to industrial/scientific cameras, Matrox Imaging today introduces Matrox Meteor-II/1394, an IEEE 1394-to-PCI adapter board that enables simplified, high-performance digital video capture using a PC.
Big business potential in building mobile telecommunications networks
Production Monitoring Equipment : 05 October, 2000
Global technology group ABB said today it has formed separate agreements with Nokia and Ericsson to build new-generation mobile telecommunications networks, highlighting ABB's strategy to become a major player in IT infrastructure.
ABB forming Industrial IT software joint venture with U.S. partner
Production Monitoring Equipment : 05 October, 2000
Global technology group ABB said today it has agreed to form a joint venture with U.S. software developer SKYVA International, a leading supplier of enabling software for collaborative commerce. ABB will pay US$ 130 million for a 53-percent stake in the venture, and will transfer software engineers into SKYVA as part of the transaction.
New vision processor board features the Motorola PowerPC G4 microprocessor with AltiVec technology
Machine Vision Systems : 03 October, 2000
Introduced this month at the AIA Vision Show West 2000 in San Jose, California, Matrox Imaging's GenesisPlus vision processor board delivers impressive computing power and memory bandwidth of up to 1 gigabyte/sec. The Motorola G4 PowerPC microprocessor with AltiVec technology, running at 400-500 MHz - is the driving force behind this latest addition to the award-winning Matrox Genesis family of scalable vision processors.
Company to design new high-speed digital serial interface into future products
Machine Vision Systems : 03 October, 2000
To coincide with the public release of the much-anticipated Camera LinkCM specification at this month's AIA Vision Show West 2000 in San Jose, California, Matrox Imaging announces its official endorsement of this high-speed digital serial link for vision applications.
ABB in consortium to run South Australia's power transmission network
Production Monitoring Equipment : 20 September, 2000
Global technology group ABB said today it is part of a consortium selected by the State of South Australia to operate and maintain a high-voltage power transmission network in the State under a long-term lease agreement.
HVDC Light technology key to 40-kilometer subsea link
Production Monitoring Equipment : 30 August, 2000
ABB, has won a US$ 120-million order to supply the transmission system for the HVDC (high-voltage direct current) Cross-Sound Cable subsea power interconnection linking Connecticut and Long Island, New York, in the U.S.
New addition to family of industrial imaging computers features more power and desktop PC performance
Machine Vision Systems : 14 August, 2000
Matrox Imaging's 4Sight-II industrial computer offers more power, desktop PC performance, flexible video capture and leading-edge graphics capabilities. This latest addition to the 4Sight family of self-contained imaging platforms includes the tools OEMs and integrators need to build cost-effective machine vision, medical imaging and surveillance applications. 4Sight-II integrates image processing, display, networking and general purpose I/Os, and can acquire from just about any video source, including IEEE-1394 cameras. Some of the key PC technologies found on this system include an embedded Intel Celeron or Pentium-III processor for applied computing, as well as Matrox's own G450 graphics controller, featuring Dualhead display technology and graphics overlay on live video output.
Separation system on the seabed boosts offshore oil recovery by as much as 50 percent
Production Monitoring Equipment : 26 June, 2000
Global technology group ABB said today the world's first subsea separation system is now fully operational in an oilfield off the coast of Norway. The ABB installation for Norsk Hydro is located in 350 meters of water in the Troll field, about 60 kilometers west of Bergen, Norway, in the North Sea.
ABB in alliance to develop new Web solutions for pulp and paper customers
Production Monitoring Equipment : 14 June, 2000
ABB, the global technology group, today announced an alliance with, the on-line paper industry marketplace, to jointly develop a new kind of Web portal for the pulp and paper industry. ABB said the alliance is part of its strategy to develop new eBusiness solutions for enhanced customer value.
Windformer (TM) makes wind power more cost effective, more attractive environmentally
Production Monitoring Equipment : 08 June, 2000
ABB, today unveiled a new wind power technology that makes wind farms competitive with conventional large power plants. The Windformer(TM) increases power output by up to 20 percent and cuts lifetime maintenance costs in half.
Low-cost color/monochrome frame grabber with integrated display now available for AGP or PCI
Machine Vision Systems : 16 May, 2000
Today's introduction of a PCI version of Matrox Imaging's latest frame grabber, Matrox Orion, meets a significant demand from users of industrial and previous generation PCs which do not have an AGP interface. Matrox Orion for PCI allows these users to take advantage of the cost-effective and feature-rich frame grabber which supports standard color/monochrome video capture and provides leading-edge graphics performance using the award-winning MGA G400 graphics controller.
Matrox Imaging announces CompactPCIand PC/104-Plus versions of Matrox Meteor-II PCI frame grabbers
Machine Vision Systems : 22 March, 2000
Matrox Imaging, a division of the Matrox Corporate Group and leading supplier of PC-based vision hardware and software components to OEMs and system integrators, today announced CompactPCI and PC/104-Plus versions of its Matrox Meteor-II PCI frame grabbers.Matrox Meteor-II framegrabbers for CompactPCI and PC/104-Plus marry the latest PCI bus video capture technology to rugged and compact form factors. Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and deeply embedded applications, they provide OEMs and integrators with low-cost image capture hardware that is supported by extensive development software, also available from Matrox Imaging.
MJPEG compression/decompression module for Matrox Meteor-II series frame grabbers now shipping
Machine Vision Systems : 10 March, 2000
Matrox Imaging today announced that the Motion JPEG compression/decompression module for Matrox Meteor-II series PCI frame grabbers is now shipping. Operating in unison with a Matrox Meteor-II frame grabber, this optional mezzanine module performs real-time MJPEG compression and decompression on monochrome and color images. Baseline (lossy) or lossless compression is supported.
ABB, Investor & partners launch new venture group to boost European business-to business eCommerce
Production Monitoring Equipment : 07 March, 2000
ABB Ltd. and Investor AB today announced the launch of b-business partners, a new European-based company with a capital base of more than Euro 1 billion. b-business partners will invest in and develop business-to-business eCommerce companies across Europe, and aims to forge closer links between 'new economy' and traditional enterprises.
Matrox announces version 6.0 of the Matrox Imaging Library
Machine Vision Systems : 23 February, 2000
Matrox Imaging today announced version 6.0 of the Matrox Imaging Library. Additions and enhancements to this award-winning package make it one of the most comprehensive development tools for OEMs and system integrators building machine vision, medical imaging and image analysis systems.
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