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Dow Corning
Additives & Chemicals : 12 May, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation today introduced DOW CORNING TC-5022, a new thermally conductive grease that offers a step-change in thermal performance and cost of ownership for high-end microprocessor packages. TC-5022 is the latest material to emerge from Dow Corning
Dow Corning 111 valve lubricant and sealant offers versatility, chemical resistance
Additives & Chemicals : 11 May, 2007
Dow Corning 111 Valve Lubricant and Sealant is a heavy-consistency dimethyl silicone compound that resists a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals
Dow Corning to discuss new window & door manufacturing solutions
Additives & Chemicals : 10 May, 2007
Experts from Dow Corning, a leading provider of silicone adhesive and sealant technologies in the construction industry, will discuss new solutions for window and door manufactures.
TC-5022 improves thermal performance 10-15 percent compared to existing materials
Additives & Chemicals : 09 May, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation today announced that its new thermally conductive grease, DOW CORNING TC-5022, has been approved by AMD for use on its AMD64 processors and inclusion into its bundled Processor-In-a-Box product offerings.
Lubolid Products added to Molykote brand to reflect global customer needs
Additives & Chemicals : 08 May, 2007
To better serve the needs of its global automotive customers, Dow Corning will now include Lubolid products in its Molykote portfolio of automotive lubricant products and services.
Molykote G-4500 multi-purpose grease offers synthetic advantages to food-grade applications
Additives & Chemicals : 07 May, 2007
Molykote G-4500 Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease provides higher load carrying capacity, greater wear resistance and longer service life than conventional petroleum-based lubricants.
New Dow Corning brand resin improves flexibility of epoxy coatings
Additives & Chemicals : 06 May, 2007
Dow Corning has introduced a new amine-functional siloxane resin, Dow Corning 3052 Intermediate Resin, designed to improve the flexibility of epoxy resin-based industrial maintenance coatings without compromising recoatability.
Compressor/vacuum pump fluids from Dow Corning last up to 10 times longer than competitive lubricants
Additives & Chemicals : 06 May, 2007
A line of compressor and vacuum pump fluids based on ultra high-purity synthetic and mineral oil formulations that last up to ten times longer than competitive alternatives is now available from Dow Corning. Marketed under the Molykote brand name, these fluids are formulated to provide reduced lubricant consumption, longer oil-drain intervals, and extended equipment life, advantages that reduce maintenance costs and effort.
Molykote bearing grease designed for extreme low temperature applications
Additives & Chemicals : 05 May, 2007
With a service temperature range of -100
Dow Corning introduces 42 new food-grade industrial lubricating fluids in Europe
Additives & Chemicals : 05 May, 2007
Dow Corning has expanded its line of industrial lubricants for customers in Europe by adding 42 new food-grade synthetic fluids and ultra high-purity mineral oils that can last up to ten times longer than conventional products.
Molykote develops new synthetic oils to improve gearbox life
Additives & Chemicals : 04 May, 2007
Six new full synthetic Molykote extreme pressure gear oils help lower overall maintenance costs by providing superior wear protection plus greater thermal and oxidative stability when compared to conventional oils.
42 new food-grade lubricants described in brochure from Dow Corning
Additives & Chemicals : 04 May, 2007
The world
Stabilized lipids easily formulated with silicones
Additives & Chemicals : 03 May, 2007
Dow Corning has introduced a line of natural lipids that can be used with silicones to allow formulators to meet the multifunctional and multi-beneficial needs of consumers.
Aging marker reduces risks
Additives & Chemicals : 03 May, 2007
The oil analysis service optimizes equipment protection by tracking the condition of Molykote brand lubricants based on comparing running oil samples with their original properties. Unlike most alternative oil analysis programs, the Integrated Oil Analysis Program from Dow Corning tells exactly how Molykote lubricants have aged and, given specific application requirements, precisely when to change them.
Molykote L-8008 lubricant provides non-sticky coating for sliding parts
Additives & Chemicals : 02 May, 2007
Molykote L-8008 Semi-Dry Lubricant is compatible with many plastics and elastomers and forms a non-sticky coating that can be used to lubricate sliding parts in cameras, audio-visual equipment, precision appliances and office equipment.
Integrated oil analysis program from Dow Corning optimizes equipment protection
Additives & Chemicals : 02 May, 2007
An Integrated Oil analysis Program featuring a proprietary chemical aging marker that pinpoints when to change plant lubricants is now available from Dow Corning. The oil analysis service is being offered as part of the company
Dow Corning introduces eight new products for leather finishing
Additives & Chemicals : 01 May, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation, a leading global supplier of silicone solutions for the leather and textile industry, has developed a new range of products that allows manufacturers to customize the finish of their leather products to meet the exact needs of their customers. The products are the first of a new 'Sense the Difference' line of finishes developed exclusively for the leather market.
Fluids / oils, greases, compounds, pastes, anti-friction coatings, dispersions
Additives & Chemicals : 01 May, 2007
Uses a proprietary aging marker that tells exactly how Molykote brand fluids have aged and, given specific application requirements, precisely when to change them. Measures seven critical parameters to track deviation from original content. Helps maximize equipment lifetime by tracking wear trends. Ensures that the right product is used for each application.
Dow Corning names new leaders for global curtain wall market and Asia construction markets
Additives & Chemicals : 30 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation has named Ricky Neoh as the new global market leader for the Construction Industry
Resists oxidation, emulsification with water
Additives & Chemicals : 30 April, 2007
Much of the superior performance of Molykote oils is derived from engineered chemistry combined with proprietary additives. The line
Dow Corning announces new impact protection technology
Additives & Chemicals : 29 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation, a leading supplier of silicone solutions for the textile industry, will introduce its new, patented impact protection technology, the Dow Corning Active Protection System.
19 food-grade industrial lubrication fluids, oils from Dow Corning offer exceptional purity, lubrication
Additives & Chemicals : 29 April, 2007
For those in the food industry who must keep the wheels turning, Dow Corning offers an array of 19 food-grade synthetic lubricating fluids and ultra high-purity mineral oils marketed under the Molykote brand name.
Dow Corning expert to discuss ways silicone facilitates airbag technology development
Additives & Chemicals : 28 April, 2007
Today's airbag market is ready for innovation, yet has very stringent evaluation and development methodology requirements. In his presentation, Mr. Blackwood will discuss ways silicone can address, primarily from a coated and sealed fabric perspective, the need for innovative and timely approaches to the development of new airbag technologies. Appropriate evaluation methods for use throughout the implementation process, which includes application, manufacturing and deployment, will also be discussed.
China Application Center inaugurated to facilitate collaborative customer innovation
Additives & Chemicals : 28 April, 2007
The US-based Dow Corning Corporation announced today the establishment of its China Application Center, located next to its current processing plant in the Songjiang Industrial Zone of Shanghai. As a part of the company
Century-old compound turns into high-tech hero
Additives & Chemicals : 27 April, 2007
More than a century after its creation, one of the world
Dow Corning broadens its capability in silicon carbide substrates; acquires Sterling Semiconductor
Additives & Chemicals : 27 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corp. today announced the acquisition of the assets of Sterling Semiconductor Inc. for $11.2 million. Dow Corning will acquire the manufacturing and research and development assets of Sterling, an industry leader in manufacturing silicon carbide, in Danbury, Conn. and Tampa, Fla. and will hire 32 of Sterling
Dow Corning(R) 4 electrical insulating compound provides moisture-proof lubrication, protection
Additives & Chemicals : 26 April, 2007
Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating Compound provides a moisture-proof seal for aircraft, automotive and marine ignition systems and spark plug connections.
Industrial assembly and maintenance solutions
Additives & Chemicals : 26 April, 2007
Chain oils that can significantly extend chain life better than conventional lubricants are available from Dow Corning Corp. The extended chain life made possible by Molykote brand chain oils is due to the use of synthetic-based formulations that provide superior resistance to emulsification, and a proprietary tackifier that prevents dripping and/or oil
New ABn silicone polyethers expand formulating options while enhancing aesthetics
Additives & Chemicals : 25 April, 2007
New ABn Silicone Polyethers from Dow Corning help meet unique formulating needs, simplify product development, and help speed the manufacturing process. Dow Corning Toray FZ-2233 is a very efficient water-in-silicone and water-in-silicone/organic oil emulsifier that produces emulsions with particles as small as one micron.
Dow Corning presents safety award from putting people first foundation
Additives & Chemicals : 25 April, 2007
Recent laws mandate the installation of blast-resistant windows in all new federal buildings. Dow Corning Corporation is a member of the Protecting People First Foundation, which was founded in the wake of the 1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City. The Protecting People First Foundation strives to inform those in the building industry about the importance of protective glazing.
Dow Corning offers tips on formulating with silicones and natural lipids
Additives & Chemicals : 24 April, 2007
Natural lipids and silicones offer a variety of benefits and formulation possibilities, and they provide complementary properties in skin and hair care formulations, silicones are good emollients that improve the feel of formulations; lipids are good moisturizers for skin and hair (especially ethnic hair) and can even restore the skin
Dow Corning introduces E-newsletter for specialty chemical manufacturers
Additives & Chemicals : 24 April, 2007
In a move designed to help streamline new materials development and speed time to market, Dow Corning Corporation has announced the launch of an electronic newsletter created specifically for specialty chemical manufacturers. Chemical Manufacturing Solutions will deliver product information, service offerings and information on new technologies to help chemical manufacturers succeed in demanding, fast-paced markets.
Dow Corning discusses second-generation silicone elastomers for skin care
Additives & Chemicals : 23 April, 2007
Nearly 20 years ago, silicone elastomers revolutionized the skin care industry with their unique combination of skin feel (silky, smooth, powdery), thickening properties, and ability to delivery active ingredients.
Demonstrates strong commitment to developing & manufacturing SiC & GaN materials & service solutions
Additives & Chemicals : 23 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corp. is pleased to announce the formation of a new business serving the wide band gap semiconductor industry. The business is founded on an expertise developed from years of in-house and academic research investments, plus the recent acquisitions of business and technology assets in bulk Silicon Carbide, SiC thin film technology, and Gallium Nitride thin film technology.
New silicone technologies for ethnic hair care
Additives & Chemicals : 22 April, 2007
Over the past two decades, technology for hair care products has evolved significantly, allowing the market to grow and offer a range of differentiated products designed for the distinctive hair structure and grooming techniques of various consumer groups. Silicones have played a major role in product development, in part because of their ability as conditioning agents for softness and manageability, but also because they impart shine.
Molykote offers on-line lubrication price quotes
Additives & Chemicals : 22 April, 2007
Molykote now offers price quotes for lubrication testing services in the Americas and Europe from its website,
New syl-off release coating formulation guides
Additives & Chemicals : 21 April, 2007
Dow Corning has introduced new release system information guides for its Syl-Off Emulsion, Platinum-Catalyzed Release Coatings and Syl-Off Solventless, Rhodium-Catalyzed Silicone Release Coatings. The new guides give users a better understanding of the different features, benefits and performance profiles of the various system components and how to use them more effectively.
MOLYKOTE adds food grade paste to lubrication family
Additives & Chemicals : 21 April, 2007
Molykote has added an NSF H1-approved paste to its family of food and beverage lubricants. Molykote P-1900 is a mineral oil-based paste that can be used to lubricate sliding surfaces and friction contacts exposed to heavy loads, especially at low to medium speeds. It has a low coefficient of friction, good water resistance and high load carrying capacity. It has a service temperature range of
Next-generation rheology control from Dow Corning brings new formulating options for personal care
Additives & Chemicals : 20 April, 2007
Personal care chemists looking to create highly differentiated formulations to gain a competitive edge are increasingly turning to novel rheology effects as a critical component of innovation. Silica silylate aerogels are a new class of hydrophobic silica particles that act as rheology modifiers while offering additional formulation benefits to skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, fragrance and underarm products.
Dow Corning hot-melt silicone tests well on 78
Additives & Chemicals : 20 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation, a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, announces a new solution for customers wanting to improve productivity of their backbedding operations. Dow Corning InstantGlaze Window Assembly Sealant allows manufacturers to produce high quality windows and doors using the vertical sealant application technology of 78
Platform tailors surface properties to deliver advanced functionalities using eco-friendly processing
Additives & Chemicals : 19 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corp.'s Plasma Solutions Business today introduced its PlasmaStream platform, which can be used to coat virtually any surface to improve such characteristics as adhesion, waterproofing, low-friction slickness, or anti-microbial properties.
Dow Corning announces increase in silanes capacity
Additives & Chemicals : 19 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation has announced it has increased production of its broad range of silane coupling agents by more than 40 percent to better satisfy customer demand.
Dow Corning offers color cosmetic, anti-aging skin care formulations
Additives & Chemicals : 18 April, 2007
Dow Corning has compiled a range of novel color cosmetic and skin care formulations based on the new Dow Corning 9701 Cosmetic Powder, which can mask wrinkles and give skin a silky, powdery feel. As a silicone elastomer powder with silica treated coating, the unique composition of Dow Corning 9701 makes it easy to use in different media, and can be used in a variety of formulations without sophisticated processes or equipment.
Dow Corning introduces new silicone antifoams especially for waterborne inks and coatings
Additives & Chemicals : 18 April, 2007
Dow Corning has introduced two new polymeric silicone foam-control additives designed especially to address the process foaming problems that plague waterborne inks and coatings.
Dow Corning captures essence of chocolate in personal care products
Additives & Chemicals : 17 April, 2007
With chocolate becoming an increasingly popular ingredient for a wide variety of products in the personal pampering market, including shampoos and conditioners, body care products, bath scents and scented candles, Dow Corning personal care experts have developed formulations that allow consumers to derive similar pleasure from chocolate-based products when they are smelled as when they are eaten.
MOLYKOTE introduces new brand identity to reflect global customer needs
Additives & Chemicals : 17 April, 2007
To better serve its global customer base, Dow Corning is introducing a new identity for its Molykote brand of automotive and industrial lubricant products and services. The new identity serves to unify the brand name and packaging design.
Dow Corning to introduce new products
Additives & Chemicals : 16 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation introduces eight additions to its already extensive Syl-Off Advantage Series solventless silicone release coating
FDA vs. EPA: Which compliance do you really need?
Additives & Chemicals : 16 April, 2007
In 1996, Congress passed the Food Quality Protection Act. The FQPA amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, section 408, to eliminate the overlapping authority regarding pesticides in food that existed between the FDA and EPA. This gave regulatory authority for pesticides applied to raw agricultural commodities solely to the EPA. The FDA regulatory authority now starts where the EPA leaves off, with the processing of these same commodities. In summary:
Dow Corning, lipo chemicals form alliance to market micro-encapsulation technologies
Additives & Chemicals : 15 April, 2007
Dow Corning and Lipo Chemicals have formed a marketing and technical alliance to provide micro-encapsulation delivery system technologies to personal care and household care formulators. Micro-encapsulation offers techniques for combining incompatible materials into a single formulated product, stabilizing and protecting actives within formulations, masking odor, converting liquids to solids, improving flow characteristics and releasing components on demand.
Paints and inks solutions
Additives & Chemicals : 15 April, 2007
How can I produce high-temperature paints and protective coatings that have lower VOC levels without sacrificing final coating properties? A Dow Corning study has demonstrated the suitability of high-solids silicone resins in formulating low-VOC, high-performance coatings. Dow Corning
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