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Axxicon: Living up to the legend
Moulds : 14 April, 2007
Guangdong Yuedong Magnetoelectric Co. Limited is one of the first movers in China in the CD-R and DVD-R replication business
Dow Corning offers new high-performance silicone screen printing ink
Additives & Chemicals : 14 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation, a leading supplier of innovative silicone solutions for the textile industry, has launched a new silicone textile ink for manual screen printing. Dow Corning 9601 Textile Printing Ink allows apparel manufacturers to capture the full potential of the market for high-quality, screen-printed clothing with a durable, environmentally friendly ink that provides a semi-gloss finish, good elongation, excellent color fastness and a soft, non-tacky handle.
Molykote D 96 anti-friction coating quiets interior auto squeaks
Additives & Chemicals : 14 April, 2007
Molykote D 96 anti-friction coating reduces or eliminates squeaks in automotive interior components such as door panels, arm rests, instrument panel, glove boxes and clips.
Your valuable mould parts refurbished in 2 days?
Moulds : 13 April, 2007
It happens with the: Axxicon Parts Exchange Service! Refurbished mirrors and other mould parts available 'off the shelf'
Dow Corning to present new impact protection technology
Additives & Chemicals : 13 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation, a leading supplier of silicone solutions for the textile industry, will present its new, patented impact protection technology, the Dow Corning Active Protection System.
Dow Corning silicone sealants and coating stop leaks on luxury Condo
Additives & Chemicals : 13 April, 2007
The owners of a luxury high-rise condominium in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, were dismayed when their 22-story building began experiencing widespread leaking problems soon after construction was completed. Dow Corning brand sealant products were used to restore the building
Axxicon Introduces X-Technology for new optical disc formats and high speeds
Moulds : 12 April, 2007
Dow Corning to introduce new solutions for water-based coatings
Additives & Chemicals : 12 April, 2007
Dow Corning is introducing two new low-cost antifoams and a new water repellent for waterborne systems. New Dow Corning 76 and 77 Additives are effective, low-cost foam-control solutions for a variety of waterborne formulations, including flexographic inks, printing varnishes, and coatings for wood and parquet flooring, as well as plastic and protective coatings. They are designed to help users eliminate foam, maintain high film quality and achieve regulatory compliance.
SWRI validates three Dow Corning brand construction products
Additives & Chemicals : 12 April, 2007
The Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute, an independent professional organization of over 180 leading commercial contractors, manufacturers and consultants, recently validated the performance of the following Dow Corning products:
Axxicon Introduces X-Technology for new optical disc formats and high speeds
Moulds : 11 April, 2007
Dow Corning paper features silicones as color-lock aid
Additives & Chemicals : 11 April, 2007
Technology for permanent hair colorants has evolved significantly over the past decade, and consumers have high expectations for these products. Bright, intense color that lasts without degrading through shampoos and normal wear is a must. Other sensory characteristics such as shine, body, lustrous feel and manageability are also linked to color retention.
New surface-modified product minimizes staining and run-down issues for granite panels
Additives & Chemicals : 11 April, 2007
Because of its fast-track construction schedule, architects and consultants for 171 17th Street Building in mid-town Atlanta, Georgia, had to make sure their sealant and glazing products were reliable, easy to apply and met the highest performance standards.
STX & SFX: a perfect match for each format/machine combination
Moulds : 10 April, 2007
Based on the proven ST and SF technology, Axxicon introduces a new generation of moulds which are ready for the future. New disc and market developments require continuous innovations in moulding technology.
Dow Corning invites beauty and personal care market to experience the difference
Additives & Chemicals : 10 April, 2007
When market research concluded that buyers are influenced by a complex sensory experience that includes the look of the package, the appearance of the product, its texture, its feel and its fragrance, Dow Corning responded by asking the beauty and personal care market to Experience the Difference that only silicon-based products can deliver and that Dow Corning expertise can offer.
Molykote ultra-high performance specialty greases designed for harsh environments
Additives & Chemicals : 10 April, 2007
Molykote HP-300 and HP-500 ultra-high performance specialty greases are designed to lubricate bearings, gears, chains and sliding mechanisms in harsh conditions such as corrosives, solvents, liquefied nitrogen, liquefied natural gas, high loads and high temperatures. They are also NSF-H1 approved as nonfood compounds.
An Innovation in Textile Printing Materials at Latin American textile technology conference
Additives & Chemicals : 09 April, 2007
Dow Corning Corporation Chemist Engineer Fernando Martins will present,
New Molykote food grade spray oil added to total lubrication program
Additives & Chemicals : 09 April, 2007
New high-performance Molykote Food Grade Spray Oil is a highly refined oil with special additives formulated for the food, pharmaceutical and similar industries that meet FDA Regulations 21 CFR 178.3570 and USDA H1 classifications for incidental food contact.
Dow Corning introduces two new antifoams for water-borne coatings at ASIACOAT
Additives & Chemicals : 08 April, 2007
New Dow Corning 76 and 77 Additives are effective, low-cost foam-control solutions for a variety of water-borne formulations, including flexographic inks, printing varnishes, and coatings for wood and parquet flooring, as well as plastic and protective coatings. They are designed to help users eliminate foam, maintain high film quality and achieve regulatory compliance.
Dow Corning's newest Experience the Difference campaign invites you to transform skin you're in
Additives & Chemicals : 07 April, 2007
Dow Corning's newest campaign, Experience the Difference: Second Skin, introduces a collection of transformative skin care and color cosmetic formulation concepts. It
Lucrece De Ritter joins pressure sensitive industry
Additives & Chemicals : 06 April, 2007
Dow Corning Paper & Process Industries group recently named Lucr
New research shows Dow Corning brand Silicones can enhance hair strength
Additives & Chemicals : 05 April, 2007
Measurements of single fiber tensile properties on hair treated with three Dow Corning brand Silicones demonstrated hair strengthening benefits in both leave-on and rinse-off applications.
New Dow Corning information sheet describes hair strengthening properties of silicones
Additives & Chemicals : 04 April, 2007
Many consumers realize that hair damage does not just come from hair styling, coloring, heating or straightening treatments. Repeated washing, drying, brushing and combing can further damage the cuticles as well. As a result, consumers seek remedies to restore the overall condition and strength of their hair.
Dow Corning rheology modifiers provide multiple formulation benefits
Additives & Chemicals : 03 April, 2007
Dow Corning Rheology Modifiers help personal care formulators differentiate their products from the competition with a single, easy-to-use ingredient. Available in water or oil-phase forms to meet your needs Dow Corning Rheology Modifiers thicken, deliver perfume, absorb sebum absorption, and more to stimulate new ideas for your current products or new solutions.
Dow Corning Phospholipid-based vesicles deliver the difference in stability and performance
Additives & Chemicals : 02 April, 2007
Dow Corning phospholipid-based vesicle (next generation liposomes) delivery systems offer topical penetrating and non-penetrating options with proven stability of the carrier system, enhanced stability for hydrophilic and lipophilic cosmetic actives, and proven integrity of liposomes in final formulations.
High-quality materials from Bayer MaterialScience are responsible for t the EXTRACT tweezers
Engineering Plastics : 31 March, 2007
The light focused on the tips of the tweezers comes from LEDs integrated in the body of the tweezers together with a battery and other electronic components. The arms are made of the transparent polycarbonate Makrolon. They are coated with a special polyurethane coating, which creates the
New medical comparator card, aid for designers & moulders engaged in engineering/manufacture of medical components
Polymer Distributor : 04 March, 2007
Distrupol, a member company of Univar and a leading European polymer distributor, technical service and solutions provider, has introduced the Medical Comparator Card, a unique aid for designers and moulders engaged in the engineering and manufacture of medical components. Offering the possibility to simplify and speed up the materials selection process for those already engaged in the field, the Medical Comparator Card is seen as particularly valuable for those considering or approaching for the first time the use of plastics for medical applications.
Disposable rotary displacement pump for IV use, has single moving part and delivers high accuracy at very low cost
Polymer Distributor : 03 March, 2007
Known as QUANTEX, the new pump was conceived by PDD Innovations to overcome many of the perceived deficiencies of existing peristaltic syringe and diaphragm pumps, not the least of which are issues of cost and maintenance. A complex part based on both hard and soft materials selected from medical-product approved polymers and elastomers, QUANTEX represents an innovative breakthrough in rotary displacement pumps by delivering high accuracy at very low cost.
Art-to-part service is the word from Distrupol
Polymer Distributor : 02 March, 2007
Distrupol Nordic expands range with NOVA Innovene polystyrene
Polymer Distributor : 01 March, 2007
Distrupol Nordic is the new distributor for NOVA Innovene
Building on the success of their joint workshop and training programmes
Polymer Distributor : 28 February, 2007
Building on the success of their joint workshop and training programmes, to deliver technical training in plastic technology to industry participants, Distrupol and Engel have announced they will host a new series of training courses. The programme will be conducted under the banner of the ENGEL Moulders
Distrupol, ENGEL and STV make multi-component moulding easy
Polymer Distributor : 27 February, 2007
Distrupol, ENGEL and STV will unravel the complexities of multi-component injection moulding at the forthcoming ENGEL Moulders
Polymer Distributor : 26 February, 2007
With its latest contribution to new product development, Distrupol has once again demonstrated the support behind its
Blendable melt-processible Elastomers
Rubber Compounding : 25 February, 2007
Advanced Polymer Alloys
Advanced Polymer alloys debuts DuraGrip
Rubber Compounding : 24 February, 2007
DuraGrip TPE is a versatile material that enhances consumer and light industrial products through its elastomeric properties and features including, when needed, a soft-touch feel. The unique UV-stable DuraGrip TPE 6100 series bonds well to engineered thermoplastic materials, including difficult-to-overmold nylon substrates, and won
New Injection Molding Guide that provides injection molders and product engineers with technical tips
Rubber Compounding : 23 February, 2007
Advanced Polymer Alloys, a division of Ferro Corporation announced the release of a new Injection Molding Guide that provides injection molders and product engineers with technical tips for processing DuraGrip
New birdbath designed to maintain a temperature above freezing to allow
Rubber Compounding : 22 February, 2007
The NuWarmth KozyBird
Storm Products change its corporate strategy
Rubber Compounding : 21 February, 2007
When the telecommunications industry began to struggle in 2001, Storm Products recognized the implications and changed its corporate strategy. The company began to seek innovative ways to create additional revenue streams through new products and new product outlets. The welding cable industry filled part of that void.
Sure-grip international maintains its hold on skate industry innovation
Rubber Compounding : 20 February, 2007
Looking at the smooth, sleek, and colorful designs of today
Specialty thermoplastic elastomers for fluid-resistant applications
Rubber Compounding : 19 February, 2007
The chemistry and morphology of all plastic and rubber polymers, including Thermoplastic Elastomers, largely dictate their respective resistances to changes in dimensions and other physical properties on exposure to various fluids. Therefore, great care must be exercised in selecting an appropriate TPE for applications involving contact with fluids, to ensure that the required performance and durability will be achieved.
Free fuel immersion guide for melt-processible elastomers published by Advanced Polymer Alloys
Rubber Compounding : 07 February, 2007
Advanced Polymer Alloys has published a
Feels, looks, and performs more like rubber than other TPEs
Rubber Compounding : 06 February, 2007
Advanced Polymer Alloys introduced its new DuraGrip
Heated and cooled car seats now available in General Motors models
Rubber Compounding : 04 February, 2007
Advanced Polymer Alloys, the world
New spunbond line in Mooresville
Engineered Fabrics : 14 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced it has installed a new spunbond line at its Mooresville, North Carolina facility to produce the highest quality materials available to the market for diapers and other applications.
Group Inc. announces advances in high performance medical fabrics
Engineered Fabrics : 13 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. introduced its new MediSoft(TM) fabrics that combine softness and barrier properties to give healthcare workers greater comfort while maintaining a high level of protection.
Polymer Group introduces new technology to produce highest performing Fabrics for hygiene products
Engineered Fabrics : 12 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. introduced Comfortlace(TM) fabrics, its highest performing fabrics for feminine hygiene products that offer a customized appearance, greater absorbency and superior comfort.
ExxonMobil Chemical awards FEED contracts, continues to progress study for second steam-cracking complex at Singapore
Polyolefins : 12 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd announced today that it has awarded front-end engineering design contracts for the derivative units associated with a possible second world-scale steam-cracking complex that would be located at its existing Singapore refining and chemical site.
Polymer Group Inc. introduces new flame retardant fabrics
Engineered Fabrics : 11 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. has combined its proprietary spunlacing technology and advanced finishing science to give the bedding industry a soft landing in meeting new flammability standards.
ExxonMobil Chemical new film label innovation
Polyolefins : 11 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical's newest oriented polypropylene films and labelling technology for pressure sensitive adhesive, wrap-around, patch, cut and stack, shrink and in-mold labelling applications will be on display (Stand 5603). In particular, the company is developing new PSA and wet-glue patch films aimed at the fast growing milk, beer, wine and spirits sectors.
Polymer Group, Inc. announces new state-of-the-art spunbond line to be installed in Cali, Colombia
Engineered Fabrics : 10 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced it will more than double the spunbond fabrics capacity of its facility in Cali, Colombia to meet growing demand for its products in Latin America, where PGI holds the leading market share in the hygiene sector.
New design guide for ExxonMobil Chemical's Santoprene(TM) Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
Polyolefins : 10 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical has produced a new technical document to help customers design products with Santoprene(TM) thermoplastic vulcanizates.
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