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New engineered materials help automotive manufacturers increase efficiencies
Engineered Fabrics : 09 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced the commercial availability of new engineered materials offering benefits for injection molders in a wide range of automotive, and other recreational and residential applications.
ExxonMobil Chemical announces compounding investment in Baton Rouge
Polyolefins : 09 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical today announced that the company will build a new facility at its Baton Rouge, Louisiana, complex to produce specialty compounded products. The investment is part of the company's global compounding strategy and commitment to provide engineered thermoplastic materials to the automotive and consumer products industries.
Polymer Group, Inc.'s finished goods division introduces DuraWipe(R) Xtra and packaging
Engineered Fabrics : 08 January, 2007
Chicopee, Inc., a division of Polymer Group, Inc. announced the expansion of its product offerings for the industrial and institutional cleaning market with the introduction of new wiping products and packaging.
ExxonMobil Chemical & Yokohama Rubber Co achieve test qualification for jointly developed advanced tire inner liner
Polyolefins : 08 January, 2007
A milestone in the development of improved tire inner liners was announced today by ExxonMobil Chemical Company and The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. following tests to qualify their jointly developed technology for use in passenger vehicle tires in harsh winter conditions.
Group, Inc. and Midwest Filtration Partner to introduce Aquapex(TM) Pool and Spa Filtration Media
Engineered Fabrics : 07 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. and Midwest Filtration Co. today announced a partnership to jointly market a new pool and spa filtration product in North America, bringing a high performance alternative media to the growing cartridge market segment.
ExxonMobil introduces innovative aromatics treatment technology
Polyolefins : 07 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC today announced the commercialization of its new Olgone technology for more effective and environmentally sound removal of olefins from aromatics streams. Olgone is a catalyst-driven technology that provides aromatics plant operators with an alternative to the clay treaters currently used to reduce olefin content. Olgone is more effective than clay treaters in removing olefinic materials that can interfere with downstream equipment, adsorbents, sieves and catalysts.
Strengthens foodservice towel line up with improved fabrics
Engineered Fabrics : 06 January, 2007
Chicopee, Inc., a division of Polymer Group, Inc., reinforced its leading position in foodservice towels with the introduction of several improved fabrics and new products.
ExxonMobil Chemical affiliate in Japan presents capabilities at specialty battery exposition
Polyolefins : 06 January, 2007
TCC is committed to LIB separator technology development and production process improvements. It has more than 20 years of research and development in LIB separators and has supplied its proprietary separators for the world's first commercial rechargeable LIB. TCC has collaborated with ExxonMobil Chemical, one of the global polyolefins technology leaders, to develop a new generation of advanced performance LIB separators for HEV.
Donaldson Company uses PGI's technology in its newest Dura-Life(TM) baghouse filters
Engineered Fabrics : 05 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced that its Durapex(TM) filtration medium is being used in new industrial baghouse filters for dust removal in humid conditions and high temperatures.
ExxonMobil Chemical announces Halobutyl expansion at Baytown, Texas
Polyolefins : 05 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical announced a major expansion of halobutyl manufacturing at its plant in Baytown, Texas. The U.S. facility will increase capacity to produce Exxon Bromobutyl rubber by 60 percent by modifying existing equipment and adding new equipment. The expansion is part of the company's commitment to satisfy strong demand and high growth in the global halobutyl rubber market and tire industry. Construction completion is anticipated during the second quarter of 2008.
Group, Inc. emphasizes strategic focus on filtration market
Engineered Fabrics : 04 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. is offering the filtration industry a full range of high-performance media for air and liquid filtration to meet increasing regulations and tougher performance demands at INDA's Filtration.
Fabrene Group adds two new lines to better serve industrial markets
Engineered Fabrics : 03 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. Canada has expanded its coating and printing capacity to meet growing demand for its engineered fabrics for building and construction, and other industrial uses.
Polymer Group, Inc. installs new state-of-the-art spunbond line in Mooresville, North Carolina
Engineered Fabrics : 02 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced it has installed a new spunbond line at its Mooresville, North Carolina facility to produce the highest quality materials available to the market for diapers and other applications.
Latest expansion makes PGI the largest spunmelt producer in China
Engineered Fabrics : 01 January, 2007
Polymer Group, Inc. announced the opening of its newest manufacturing facility located in Suzhou, making the company China's largest producer of spunmelt fabrics and the country's only vertically integrated producer of medical fabrics.
Borealis to present new innovative solutions at Plastics Pipes XIII conference
Polyolefins : 28 December, 2006
Borealis, the leading provider of innovative value creating plastics solutions, will be present at the Plastics Pipes XIII conference taking place in Washington D.C. Borealis will present six technical papers covering a wide range of pipe solutions.
One-material automotive solution from Borealis awarded prize by Society of Plastics Engineers
Polyolefins : 27 December, 2006
Borealis, the leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, and the BMW Group, manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, have developed a new material and testing solution for BMW instrument panel carriers.
Polyolefins : 26 December, 2006
Kaller Kunststoff Technik GmbH, a specialist in the production of plastic bottles for the food, beverage, cosmetic and paint industry, has selected a biaxially-oriented polypropylene grade from Borealis to manufacture injection stretch blow moulded bottles for water-based paint.
Borealis BorECO ensures smooth flow for REHAU sewer project
Polyolefins : 25 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, has recently supplied REHAU with BorECO BA 212E, a highly developed polypropylene for pipe systems. One of the most diversified plastics processors in the world, REHAU was faced with the challenge of installing the new smooth-flowing sewerage system in the residential area of Traiskirchen, Austria, during the winter season and therefore benefited from the performance and easy handling of BorECO.
BorForm wraps up frozen food industry
Polyolefins : 24 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, has launched BorForm, a new and unique polyolefin for film-based vacuum forming packaging. Developed in co-operation with packaging converter Tommen Gram, this complete solution addresses the performance, aesthetic and environmental requirements of packers, processors and consumers throughout the value chain. It ensures efficient production and handling, and minimises packaging materials and waste, while drastically reducing costs and improving food quality.
Borealis fast-tracks innovation with University of Leoben
Polyolefins : 23 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, is strengthening its commitment to innovation with the development of new material testing methods and software systems in co-operation with the University of Leoben and the Polymer Competence Centre Leoben in Austria.
Borouge and Borealis announce world-class Innovation Centre in the UAE
Polyolefins : 22 December, 2006
Borouge and Borealis, leading providers of value creating, innovative plastics solutions, today announced the establishment of a major innovation centre in the UAE. The centre represents a significant investment in Borouge
OMV and Borealis celebrate joint investment in Austria
Polyolefins : 21 December, 2006
Borealis upgrades its European assets: inauguration of a 350,000 tonnes per year Borstar polyethylene plant and expansion of an existing Borstar polypropylene plant from 210,000 to 300,000 tonnes per year in Schwechat (Austria)
A new, environmentally-friendly water softening device
Engineering Plastics : 18 December, 2006
A new, environmentally-friendly water softening device, which solely relies on water volume for its operation rather than a power supply, is made almost entirely of DuPont Delrin acetal resin. Launched by the Belgian company Delta Water Engineering, the compact yet robust device is available for domestic or commercial use, and requires comparatively little space for installation.
Significant technology development with their Robond L 2nd generation product
Sealants : 17 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas has announced a significant technology development with their Robond L 2nd generation product family of water-based, dry bond laminating adhesives. Specifically developed to meet general and medium performance applications for a broad range of packaging laminations, this patented technology promises converters bond strength and chemical resistance typical of solvent adhesives, with excellent laminating performance even on CPP films and laminate constructions with aluminum foil.
An innovative propeller hub isolator developed by Mercury Marine delivers quieter, smoother gear shifting
Engineering Plastics : 17 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company has introduced a new 100% acrylic binder, Rhoplex HG-706 emulsion
Sealants : 16 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company has introduced a new 100% acrylic binder, Rhoplex HG-706 emulsion, into the architectural coatings market. The state-of-the-art binder features crosslinking technology for the formulation of interior and exterior VOC-compliant aqueous gloss and semigloss enamels.
Polymeric additive that helps improve the performance and processibility of tapes
Engineering Plastics : 16 December, 2006
DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers today announced that it is introducing DuPont Entira Strong, a polymeric additive that helps improve the performance and processibility of tapes, filaments and films made out of oriented polypropylene and polyester. The addition of Entira Strong, even at loading levels as low as 2 to 3 percent by weight, delivers a multitude of performance-enhancing features ranging from increased hot drawability and tenacity to reduced dusting and splitting.
Rohm and Haas plans to form a joint venture company to provide wood treatment technologies
Sealants : 15 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company and Chemical Specialties, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwood Holdings, Inc., today announced their plans to form a joint venture company to provide an extensive range of advanced wood treatment technologies and services to the global wood treatment industry.
Six new grades of DuPont Delrin acetal meet needs for lower volatile emissions
Engineering Plastics : 15 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company plans to build a manufacturing facility in Quer
Sealants : 14 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company plans to invest approximately $19MM (US) to build a manufacturing facility in Quer
DuPont Engineering Polymers is expanding its portfolio of strong, stiff superstructural materials
Engineering Plastics : 14 December, 2006
DuPont Engineering Polymers is expanding its portfolio of strong, stiff superstructural materials with new high-flow grade of DuPont Zytel HTN high-performance polyamide. The new grade, Zytel HTN53G50LRHF, is making its debut at the NPE 2006 exhibition this week.
New Design-Materials-Processing solution developed by DuPont Automotive
Engineering Plastics : 13 December, 2006
Automotive headlamps, a significant opportunity to add personality to vehicle styling, can now be manufactured more cost effectively through a new
Rohm and Haas AMBERLITE (TM) FPX technology improves the purity and yield of plant extracts
Sealants : 12 December, 2006
Within the current technology, plant extracts have a very limited purity. AMBERLITE (TM) FPX technology is particularly suited for the recovery of valuable substances such as polyphenols from plant primary and secondary process streams.
New engineering polymers and a major milestone for DuPont Delrin
Engineering Plastics : 12 December, 2006
Advancements in engineering polymers for innovative applications from the worlds of automotive manufacture, electrics and electronics, sport and leisure, amongst many others. The company will also celebrate the 50th birthday of DuPont Delrin polyacetal, the
Rohm and Haas to show for the first their wide range of AMBERLITE (TM) FP ion exchange resins
Sealants : 11 December, 2006
This proven technology results from 70 years experience in the development and manufacturing of functional polymers . The technology exhibits excellent yields, high operating capacity and improves the purity of the product treated while enhancing the efficiency of the process used.
DuPont Packaging improves bio-based and biodegradable packaging
Engineering Plastics : 11 December, 2006
Bio-based and biodegradable packaging just got better. DuPont Packaging today launched commercial availability of DuPont Biomax Strong, an additive that improves the performance of bio-based, biodegradable polylactic acid packaging.
Joint Development Agreement to create novel spin-on silicon hardmask anti-reflective coating products
Sealants : 10 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Microelectronic Technologies , a leading supplier of advanced lithography materials for the semiconductor industry, and Dow Corning Corporation, a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, today announced the renewal of their Joint Development Agreement to create novel spin-on silicon hardmask anti-reflective coating products targeted at sub-65nm node flash, DRAM and logic integrated circuit devices.
DuPont Zenite grades for improved processing and performance
Engineering Plastics : 10 December, 2006
Two new grades of Zenite LCP deliver even better flow properties than typical LCPs along with other desirable property combinations required for connectors and other board-mounted electronic components. One grade, Zenite 7244, combines low warp with very high flow. The other, Zenite7140X, is well-suited for board assembly processes using lead-free solder. Its heat deflection temperature is 300
Rohm and Haas has announced several changes to its North American and European business
Sealants : 09 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, Circuit Board Technologies, a leading innovator and supplier of metallization and imaging materials for the printed circuit board industry, has announced several changes to its North American and European business. These changes will further strengthen the company
New engineering polymers from DuPont for the electrical and electronic industry
Engineering Plastics : 09 December, 2006
Responding to changing needs in the electrical and electronics industry, DuPont Engineering Polymers has developed new grades of DuPont Zytel HTN high performance polyamide and DuPont Zenite LCP liquid crystal polymer.
Rohm and Haas new seasonal paints
Sealants : 08 December, 2006
High-flow grade of DuPont Zytel HTN joins Superstructural portfolio
Engineering Plastics : 08 December, 2006
DuPont Engineering Polymers is expanding its portfolio of strong, stiff superstructural materials with new high-flow grade of DuPont Zytel HTN high-performance polyamide.
ROHM and HAAS Biocides approved for use in blue angel labelled paints
Sealants : 07 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Company is pleased to announce that the combination of MIT,BIT and CIT-MIT has been Blue Angel listed for interior coatings (RAL-UZ-102) by the German Federal Environmental Agency. Rohm and Haas has been working for several months to get this approval in support of its European Patent N
DuPont Delrin and DuPont Zytel provide stability and safety for high-tech ski-binding
Engineering Plastics : 07 December, 2006
All polymer-based components of the new DIAMIR touring and freeride ski bindings, from the company Fritschi AG Swiss Bindings, are made of engineering polymers from DuPont. High requirements in terms of reliability and safety meant the Swiss manufacturer turned to a highly impact-resistant grade of DuPont Delrin acetal resin two specially modified impact-resistant and glass-reinforced grades of DuPont Zytel nylon.
Rohm and Haas new pad products for advanced CMP applications
Sealants : 06 December, 2006
Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, CMP Technologies, a leader and innovator in chemical mechanical planarization technology for the global semiconductor industry, today introduced a number of new products in two different product lines. The company unveiled several new additions to its VisionPad line of polishing pads as well as a new series of IC1000 pads known as IC1000 AT series pads.
Five parts of DuPont Delrin in new bone-cement mixer
Engineering Plastics : 06 December, 2006
Five injection-moulded parts of unreinforced DuPont Delrin acetal contribute to the smooth, efficient operation of the Bocemix, a patented new bone-cement mixer which makes injecting acrylic bone-cement faster, easier and more consistent for orthopaedic surgeons.
Slide element made of DuPont Delrin enables optimal side support in car sports seats
Engineering Plastics : 05 December, 2006
Whether a comfortable width during a relaxed cruise or a precise level of side support on fast curves, active backrest width adjustment (referred to as the ALBV system) from L&P Automotive Europe (formerly Schukra), Nuremberg, enables optimal side support whatever the situation. Integrated in the front seats of the more sporting models from BMW, the electronically-controlled system uses signals from the ESP sensors to adjust the angle between the backrest and its side cushions according to the style of motoring.
Logo transformation paint quality institute helps expert paint resource spread color information globally
Sealants : 04 December, 2006
The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute ( ) transformed the look and feel of its logo to reflect its expanded color and design competence, as well as its multi-national presence.
DuPont Zytel Nylon 66 selected for Chrysler Group rocker cover on 4-cylinder world engine
Engineering Plastics : 04 December, 2006
The trend toward use of thermoplastic in engine rocker covers takes a giant step forward with Chrysler Group
Rohm and Haas new AMBERPACK boron removal system packed with AMBERLITE IRA743 resin
Sealants : 03 December, 2006
Today no universally boron applied limit exists, but recent recommended values for boron range from 0.2 to 1 mg/l. Rohm and Haas AMBERPACK boron removal system packed with AMBERLITE IRA743 resin offers a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solution. This unique resin, which complies with EU drinking water regulations, achieves boron concentrations less than 100
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