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Additives & Chemicals
Honeywell increases the price of MEKO and MEKO-silanes
Additives & Chemicals : 10 December, 2004
Honeywell has increased the price of Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO) for orders shipped and invoiced on or after 1 January 2005. The price increase will be $0.24 per pound (US$0.53/kg.) on all package sizes of MEKO.
Philips uses speciality plastic Terlux in its new electric shaver
Additives & Chemicals : 09 December, 2004
Philips, the Dutch manufacturer of electric products, has just started to market its Philishave Coolskin, an electric shaver that owes its extraordinary appearance in part to the selection of Terlux, a transparent plastic developed by BASF.
Cabot Corp. forms new joint venture in China
Additives & Chemicals : 09 December, 2004
Cabot Corporation announced today the formation of a new joint venture with Shanghai Coking and Chemical Company, to be called Cabot Chemical (Tianjin) Company, Ltd. Cabot Tianjin will initially invest US$28 million to build a new world-class carbon black facility in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area.
Great Lakes increases the price of flame retardants
Additives & Chemicals : 06 December, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp is increasing the price worldwide by 20% for all of its bromine-based flame retardants, and by US$0.35/kg for all phosphorus-based flame retardants within its Polymer Additives Division.
Great Lakes raises prices for clear brine fluids
Additives & Chemicals : 06 December, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp is increasing the list prices in all regions for calcium bromide, zinc bromide/calcium bromide solution, and sodium bromide for shipments beginning 1 January 2005, or as contracts allow.
BASF launches new Kollicoat pharmaceutical film coatings
Additives & Chemicals : 06 December, 2004
During the CPhI fair, BASF launched two new film-coating products --Kollicoat IR White and Kollicoat Protect.
Cost of polymer stabilizers increases
Additives & Chemicals : 03 December, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp is increasing the prices worldwide for a range of its polymer stabilizers, effective for shipments after 1 January 2005, or where contracts allow.
Clariant sells Japanese emulsions manufacturer
Additives & Chemicals : 25 November, 2004
Clariant has sold its Japanese emulsions manufacturer Clariant Polymers KK to The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co Ltd for a total transaction value of Yen 2.4 billion (approximately CHF 27 million). The transaction marks a further step in Clariant
Honeywell celebrates opening of new Asia/Pacific headquarters
Additives & Chemicals : 18 November, 2004
Honeywell has officially opened its new Asia/Pacific headquarters and technology/R&D centre in the Zhang Jiang High-Tech Park in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China.
Great Lakes announces price increases for industrial water additives
Additives & Chemicals : 18 November, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp has announced that its BioLab Water Additives division will increase prices for its industrial water additives products on a global basis.
Great Lakes expands production of elemental bromine and key flame retardant derivatives
Additives & Chemicals : 16 November, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp has announced that it will add a new bromine supply well for the extraction of elemental bromine at the company's facility in South Arkansas, USA, and double the capacity of its polybrominated styrene (PBS) series of performance brominated flame retardants to meet strong industry demand.
Honeywell acquires Mitsubishi's stake in Gem Microelectronic Materials
Additives & Chemicals : 15 November, 2004
Honeywell has announced that it has acquired Mitsubishi Chemical America's 40% stake in GEM Microelectronics Materials, giving Honeywell sole ownership of the venture, which manufactures chemicals for the semiconductor industry. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Honeywell settles patent infringement
Additives & Chemicals : 12 November, 2004
Honeywell has settled out of court with a US-based company that imported and sold refrigerant products infringing its patents.
Great Lakes offers flame retardant for lead-free solder systems used in the electronics industry
Additives & Chemicals : 08 November, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp has announced that tests using its Firemaster CP-44HF di-bromostyrene flame retardant in electronics applications show superior results in lead-free solder systems to be introduced by the industry in 2006.
Great Lakes introduces innovative polymer stabilisers
Additives & Chemicals : 08 November, 2004
Great Lakes introduces three optimised and flexible additive systems that are customised to meet specific polymer stabilisation requirements that until now have remained unfulfilled in the industry.
Japan approves use of Neolone preservative in Cosmetics
Additives & Chemicals : 05 November, 2004
Rohm and Haas Co has announced that methylisothiazolinone, the key ingredient in its Neolone preservative has been approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)/Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau.
Honeywell sells Performance Fibers business to Sun Capital Partners
Additives & Chemicals : 04 November, 2004
Honeywell has announced that it has reached an agreement to sell its Performance Fibers business to Sun Capital Partners Inc.
Metabolix and ADM enter strategic alliance to commercialize PHA natural polymers
Additives & Chemicals : 04 November, 2004
Metabolix, Inc. and Archer Daniels Midland Company announced today that they have entered a strategic alliance with the purpose of commercializing a new generation of high-performance natural plastics that are eco-friendly and based on sustainable, renewable resources. Through the alliance, the two companies are planning to establish a state-of-the-art 50,000-ton production facility and a 50/50 joint venture to manufacture and market natural PHA polymers for a wide variety of applications, including coated paper, film, and molded goods.
Price of ion exchange resins increases
Additives & Chemicals : 01 November, 2004
Rohm and Haas Co has announced a worldwide price increase across its range of ion exchange resins, adsorbents and catalysts.
Great Lakes launches halogen-free flame retardant for polypropylene
Additives & Chemicals : 22 October, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Reogard 2000 intumescent flame retardant, a cost efficient, halogen-free product for polypropylene and other polymers.
Lowilite nickel-based UV stabilizer aids manufacture of agricultural films
Additives & Chemicals : 22 October, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corp has launched Lowilite Q21, a nickel-based UV stabilizer system, in a dust-free granular form, that lowers the melting point to normal processing temperatures and alleviates dispersion issues in the manufacture of agricultural films.
GLCC Laurel completes consolidation of antimony trioxide manufacturing into Mexico facility
Additives & Chemicals : 22 October, 2004
GLCC Laurel, LLC today announced completion of the manufacturing transition for FireShield and Thermoguard flame retardants and PetCat catalyst grades of antimony oxide from its facility in LaPorte, Texas, to its ISO 9001:2000 certified facility in Reynosa, Mexico.
Great Lakes further expands range of Anox Clearlite nucleating and clarifying agents
Additives & Chemicals : 22 October, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has expanded its Anox Clearlite nucleating and clarifying agent product range with the introduction of Anox Clearlite NU 011, designed for wide use in plastics.
Combined production of PHA bio-based polymers and biomass energy
Additives & Chemicals : 21 October, 2004
The practice of extracting energy and petrochemicals from fossil carbon is unsustainable, currently in light of the contributions to atmospheric carbon dioxide that necessarily accompany it, and over the longer term in light of the finite nature of these resources. It is now generally recognized that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are being notably increased by human activity, with significant climate changes expected, although not easily predicted in their details.
Clariant completes sale of Electronic Materials, Lancaster Synthesis and SF-Chem
Additives & Chemicals : 01 October, 2004
After approval of all relevant authorities, Clariant has completed the sale of its AZ Electronic Materials business unit to The Carlyle Group, the sale of its worldwide business of Lancaster Synthesis Ltd to Johnson Matthey Plc as well as the sale of its 25% minority stake in SF-Chem to Capvis as announced during the last months. The transactions are recorded in the 3rd quarter.
Great Lakes expands production capacity for Lowinox 1790 high performance phenolic antioxidant
Additives & Chemicals : 30 September, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has recently expanded production capacity at its Pyongtaek, Korea, plant due to growing demand for its Lowinox 1790 high performance phenolic antioxidant that is used in polyurethane fibers and polyolefins applications.
Clariant sells its stake in SF-Chem
Additives & Chemicals : 22 September, 2004
Clariant has sold its 25% stake in SF-Chem, based in Pratteln, Switzerland, to Capvis, a Swiss Private Equity company, and to the company management for CHF22 million.
Epoxy, acrylic, and urethane adhesives
Additives & Chemicals : 01 September, 2004
Structural adhesives offer high strength, creep resistance, and reduced weight as reasons for replacing mechanical or fusion fastening.
Silicone surfactants offer appliances improved energy efficiency
Additives & Chemicals : 04 August, 2004
GE Advanced Materials has a new family of silicone surfactants for hydrocarbon (HC) blown foam insulation used in the appliance industry.
Cabot Nanogel Translucent Aerogel-Filled Light Panels Used to Create Unique Energy Efficient Domes
Additives & Chemicals : 26 July, 2004
Hirschberg Designed Domes Offer Many Potential Uses As Temporary Room Extensions or Stand Alone Units
Silicone surfactants for moulded foam reduce voc emissions by 50%
Additives & Chemicals : 23 July, 2004
GE Advanced Materials has announced a new family of silicone surfactants for stabilising MDI and MDI-TDI flexible moulded foam used by the automotive seating industry.
Insulating material for windows, walls and skylights
Additives & Chemicals : 14 July, 2004
Cabot Corporation's Nanogel translucent aerogel material claims to provide superior energy savings and to be the best translucent insulating and lightest solid material in the world.
High modulus polyamide 6 grade challenges 66 alternatives
Additives & Chemicals : 24 June, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics is introducing a new high modulus, high finish Akulon Ultraflow K-FG0 polyamide 6 grade which is lighter, moulds more quickly and costs 25% less than PA66.
Revolutionary insulating material makes the best window, wall and skylight products better
Additives & Chemicals : 23 June, 2004
With energy prices rising around the world, maximizing thermal performance in today's building materials is top of mind for architects, builders, and building and home owners. The emotional and ergonomic benefits of natural daylight often compromise the desire for energy efficiency. Cabot Corporation today announced that its Nanogel translucent aerogel material, provides superior energy savings and is the best translucent insulating and lightest solid material in the world.
Great Lakes introduces new additives at K2004
Additives & Chemicals : 18 June, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation is to launch the latest additions to its range of flame retardants and polymer stabilisers at the international trade fair for plastics and rubber, K 2004, to be held 20-27 October 2004, in D
Cabot Corp. & Westcrowns announce new Pilkington Profilit translucent structural glazing system
Additives & Chemicals : 12 May, 2004
Westcrowns, Inc., an innovative leader in structural glass glazing systems and a member of the Westcrowns Group, has developed a new Pilkington Profilit translucent linear structural glazing system filled with Nanogel translucent aerogel, a lightweight highly insulative material made exclusively by Cabot Corporation.
Technology breakthrough reduces cost to produce
Additives & Chemicals : 10 May, 2004
A technology breakthrough at Dow Corning Corporation may provide a solution, heralding an era of greater availability of safer,
Great Lakes and Oxychem complete 50-50 antimony oxide joint venture
Additives & Chemicals : 27 April, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has completed a transaction that will merge its antimony business with OxyChem
Kalwall Revolutionizes Energy Saving Daylighting Systems
Additives & Chemicals : 16 April, 2004
Nanogel aerogel, the light solid insulating material, is now available with Kalwall translucent panels. The benefits of this extraordinary product are unique insulating and energy-saving properties combined with daylighting.
Distrupol in France and the Benelux certified to new ISO 9001:2000 standard
Additives & Chemicals : 26 March, 2004
Revolutionary Kalwall Plus Skylights combine outstanding light transmission and insulation
Additives & Chemicals : 09 March, 2004
Kalwall has launched new revolutionary new skylights with Cabot
Great Lakes adds Clearlite nucleating and clarifying agents to its polymer additives portfolio
Additives & Chemicals : 09 March, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has introduced Clearlite NU 004 nucleating agent and Clearlite NU 005 nucleating and clarifying agent to its extensive portfolio of polymer additives.
Cabot Corporation and Super Sky Products partner to produce Polycarbonate Skylight Panels
Additives & Chemicals : 24 February, 2004
Cabot Corporation, a leading global producer of specialty chemicals, announced today it has mutually agreed to work with Super Sky Products, Inc., a world-renown leader in daylighting, a division of Vitro America, a Vitro subsidiary, to jointly produce and market a Polycarbonate skylight panel system filled with Nanogel translucent aerogel.
Kalwall offers revolutionary daylighting fenestration system with Nanogel Translucent Aerogel
Additives & Chemicals : 13 February, 2004
Kalwall + Nanogel translucent aerogel, a revolutionary fenestration system that offers an NFRC certified system U value of .10 (R-10), four times greater than insulating glass systems, with museum-quality light is now commercially available. The new Kalwall + panels filled with translucent aerogel offer the most insulating, diffuse light-transmitting technology available today. Kalwall Corporation exclusively manufactures the product, working with Cabot Corporation.
Cabot announces joint venture with China Bluestar New Chemical Materials Company, Ltd.
Additives & Chemicals : 02 February, 2004
Cabot Corporation announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cabot (China) Ltd., has signed a joint venture agreement with Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd., a part of the China National Bluestar Group, to manufacture fumed silica in China.
Great Lakes launches Firemaster BP411 brominated polystyrene flame retardant
Additives & Chemicals : 27 January, 2004
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Firemaster BP411, a brominated polystyrene flame retardant additive for electrical component applications.
Cabot breaks ground on new fumed silica facility in Jiangxi, China
Additives & Chemicals : 20 January, 2004
Cabot Corporation today broke ground on its new world-class fumed silica manufacturing facility located in Jiangxi province, China. The facility is a project of Cabot Bluestar Chemical (Jiangxi) Company Ltd., a joint venture between its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cabot (China) Limited, and Bluestar New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd., a part of the China National Chemical Group. Cabot is investing approximately US $30 million to construct the plant scheduled for completion in the first half of 2006.
Borealis prepares for new Borstar polyethylene plant and new products
Additives & Chemicals : 16 January, 2004
Today Borealis broke ground for its new 350,000 tonnes per year polyethylene plant at its petrochemical site at Schwechat, Austria. Scheduled to come onstream towards the end of 2005, the new plant, to be built by Tecnimont, will utilise Borealis
Distrupol to distribute masterbatches and colour compounds from Matrix Plastics in the Benelux
Additives & Chemicals : 11 December, 2003
Distrupol, a member company of Univar and a leading European polymer distributor, technical service provider and application development partner, is to undertake the distribution in the Benelux of the masterbatches and colour compounds produced by Matrix Plastics Ltd.
Eastman sells Accurate Dispersions to Sherwin-Williams
Additives & Chemicals : 04 December, 2003
Eastman Chemical Company has sold its Accurate Dispersions
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