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Additives & Chemicals
Cabot Corporation and GE Plastics plan to develop Lexan Thermoclear sheet with Nanogel translucent aerogel
Additives & Chemicals : 02 December, 2003
Cabot Corporation intends to work with GE Structured Products to jointly market a LEXAN THERMOCLEAR multi-wall sheet filled with NANOGEL Translucent aerogel.
Chlorine and bromine-free flame retardants for PC/ABS formulations
Additives & Chemicals : 28 November, 2003
Building on the success of its Xantar C product range, DSM Engineering Plastics has now introduced a range of new chlorine and bromine free FR Xantar C polycarbonate (PC)/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) flame-retardant formulations.
Great Lakes to cease production of Penta-PDBE flame retardant by end 2004
Additives & Chemicals : 20 November, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporationc will voluntarily cease production of two widely-used flame retardant chemicals, penta- and octa- polybrominated diphenyl ether, by the end of 2004 and replace Penta-PBDE with a new product called Firemaster 550.
Great Lakes strengthens Middle East sales activities
Additives & Chemicals : 14 November, 2003
Global specialty chemicals producer Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has announced the establishment of an EVP of sales and marketing position at Gulf Stabilizers Industries, the company
Simplified, precise colouring for automotive interiors
Additives & Chemicals : 12 November, 2003
A revolutionary colorant system developed by CPS COLOR, a pioneer in the field of material colouring systems, has set a new level of production efficiency and economy in the colouring of plastics, imitation leather and leather for car interiors.
Colour system for coated fabrics for fashion and interior design
Additives & Chemicals : 11 November, 2003
CPS COLOR, a leading innovator in the field of material colouring systems, has launched
CPS COLOR appoints Jolyon Stickels as Senior Vice President Industrial Applications
Additives & Chemicals : 07 November, 2003
Jolyon Stickels has been appointed as Senior Vice President of CPS COLOR
Cabot Corporation Launches Nanogel Translucent Aerogel Insulation for Architectural Daylighting
Additives & Chemicals : 03 November, 2003
Cabot Corporation launched Nanogel Translucent Aerogel, a revolutionary insulation and daylighting product, at the Batimat 2003 International Building Exhibition, on 3-8 November 2003, in Paris (F).
First Installation of Nanogel Translucent Aerogel Daylighting Panels Completed In Europe
Additives & Chemicals : 03 November, 2003
Swiss building materials manufacturer Scobalit, has completed the first European installation of Scobatherm Nanogel daylighting panels filled with Nanogel Translucent Aerogel from Cabot Corporation. The panels were produced and installed by Scobalit in a school building project in Zurich.
Unique Kalwall insulating and Diffuse Light Transmitting Panel Now Available to the Construction Industry in Europe
Additives & Chemicals : 03 November, 2003
Kalwall Corporation, USA, has announced that its unique Kalwall
Eastman and Johnson Matthey partner on Chiral ligand marketing
Additives & Chemicals : 03 November, 2003
Eastman Chemical Company has entered into an agreement with Johnson Matthey Catalysts to collaborate on the marketing of Eastman
Polymer stabilisers for the polyurethane market
Additives & Chemicals : 01 October, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has announced further advancements to its range of polymer stabilisers for polyurethane.
DSM Engineering Plastics releases highest stiffness/high temperature PA 46 formulation available
Additives & Chemicals : 19 September, 2003
DSM launches Stanyl TW241F12, broadening the scope for metal replacement in high temperature environments.
Great Lakes to produce a new grade Anox 20 antioxidant
Additives & Chemicals : 26 June, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation will begin producing a new grade of Anox 20 hindered phenolic antioxidant with a non-organotin catalyst. The new grade will be first available in the 4th quarter of 2003.
New concept in stabilisers for polypropylene fibre production
Additives & Chemicals : 26 June, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Anox FiberPlus polymer stabiliser blends, for the process stabilization of polypropylene fibres.
Polybrominated styrene flame retardant offers compatibility in polyesters and polyamides
Additives & Chemicals : 26 June, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Firemaster CP-44HF flame retardant, a high flow, polybrominated styrene co-polymer that offers unique compatibility in thermoplastic polyesters and high temperature polyamides.
Flame retardants meet changing demands of polyurethane market
Additives & Chemicals : 26 June, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has introduced three flame retardants that meet changing demands of the polyurethane foam market sparked by regulatory actions in North America and Europe.
Smoke suppressant additive for low-smoke PVC applications
Additives & Chemicals : 26 June, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Smokebloc AOM-100 smoke suppressant and flame retardant additive for rigid and flexible PVC applications with low-smoke requirements.
Cabot Superior MicroPowders facilitates fabrication of world's first inkjet printed plastic electronics
Additives & Chemicals : 23 June, 2003
Cabot Corporation announced today that the digital electronic materials developed by its recently acquired Cabot Superior MicroPowders division, were successfully used in facilitating the fabrication of the first fully functional, inkjet printed, plastic electronics, active-matrix display. The display was recently presented at the Society for Information Display Conference in Baltimore, MD.
Statoil to use Cabot Cesium formate fluids on two major high pressure gas fields
Additives & Chemicals : 13 June, 2003
Cabot Corporation announced today that its Cabot Specialty Fluids business has signed a letter of intent with a major energy service company to provide a supply of cesium formate fluids for both reservoir drilling and completion activities on two large gas and condensate field projects in the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The fields, Kristin and Kvitebjorn, are being developed and will be operated by Statoil. If the cesium formate fluids perform as anticipated, they could be used in more than 20 drilling and completion projects in these fields over the next several years
Additives & Chemicals : 03 June, 2003
Investment at the Great Lakes Trafford Park site now totals
Great Lakes expands antimony oxide capacity in Mexico
Additives & Chemicals : 21 May, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has added a fifth antimony oxide production line at its Reynosa, Mexico, facility. Commercial production started in February 2003 and immediately boosted capacity by 20%.
Distrupol consolidates Nordic market with strong showing at Scanplast 2003
Additives & Chemicals : 06 May, 2003
Attending its first Scanplast exhibition since integrating the business of MBS Plastics in 2001, Distrupol confirmed its position as a leading European polymer distributor, technical service and solutions provider.
Honeywell delivers milestone 500th DL-950 data loader
Additives & Chemicals : 02 May, 2003
Honeywell announced today that it has delivered its 500th DL-950 data loader since the product
Three new anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives
Additives & Chemicals : 28 April, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Durad 40, Durad48 and Durad 60 trialkyl phosphate anti-wear and extreme-pressure lubricant additives as effective alternatives to aryl phosphate additives for environmentally sensitive applications where the release of phenolic materials is a concern.
Ashless, multifunctional additive for industrial oils
Additives & Chemicals : 28 April, 2003
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has introduced a new ashless, multifunctional additive, Durad MA3000, developed as an alternative to metal-containing additives for industrial oils.
Ashland Distribution broadens European partnership with Multibase
Additives & Chemicals : 08 April, 2003
Ashland Distribution Company (ADC) has reached an agreement to expand its relationship with Dow Corming Company Multibase to distribute its Multi-Flex, Multibatch and Multi-Pro product lines in Sweden and Norway.
CPS Color and Corob join forces as planned
Additives & Chemicals : 18 December, 2002
The merger agreement signed on 5 November 2002 between CPS Color and Corob Group has been approved by the authorities and came into effect on 17 December 2002.
Great Lakes meets increased UD demand for polymer stabiliser blends
Additives & Chemicals : 18 December, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has boosted production capacity by 100% for its patented no dust blends (NDB) line of polymer stabilisers with the opening of a production and service centre in Arlington, Texas.
Great Lakes acquires non-staining antioxidants business from Flexsys America
Additives & Chemicals : 05 December, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has acquired Flexsys America
Dow Corning silicone moulding compounds for high-voltage applications
Additives & Chemicals : 29 November, 2002
A new generation of silicone rubber compounds has been developed for moulding high-voltage insulators, surge arresters, weather sheds and other HV components.
Distrupol announced as sole distributor for Polimeri Europa synthetic rubbers in UK
Additives & Chemicals : 14 November, 2002
Distrupol has announced an agreement with Polimeri Europa UK to be the sole distributor of the company
Fire-resistant lubricant for gas turbines survives 100,000 hours of operation
Additives & Chemicals : 07 November, 2002
Reolube Turbofluid 46XC, a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid and lubricant for steam and gas turbines, has been used successfully in an industrial gas turbine for over 100,000 hours since commissioning without any significant change in condition.
Higher reactivity flame retardant for polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam
Additives & Chemicals : 29 October, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has introduced Firemaster 520, a higher reactivity flame retardant for rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam applications.
Random Polypropylene (PP) grade for high performance bottle applications
Additives & Chemicals : 28 October, 2002
RB206MO is a new random Polypropylene (PP) grade strengthening Borealis
Anstead International moves into purpose-built state-of-the-art facilities in Basildon, UK
Additives & Chemicals : 25 October, 2002
Anstead International has moved from its long-established centre at Billericay to new, purpose-built 25,000 ft2 (2,325 m2) state-of-the-art headquarters and temperature-controlled warehousing with computerised product location handling at Basildon, Essex, UK.
Pigment dispersions and inks
Additives & Chemicals : 07 August, 2002
New products presented at Fakuma 2002 by Colorant Chromatics AG, producer of Fluoropolymer color concentrates and compounds.
Akzo Nobel honors car refinish clearcoat specialists with innovation award
Additives & Chemicals : 01 August, 2002
Akzo Nobel has awarded its Car Refinishes Business Unit with an innovation award for its work on the development of the new car refinish clearcoat, Sikkens Autoclear III. The award reflects the success of Autoclear III during 2001.
Additives & Chemicals : 05 July, 2002
CPS COLOR has been awarded EUREKA status for its Thermocolor research project being undertaken in conjunction with Corob Oy, Finland, a key manufacturer of dosing equipment.
German Environment Agency approval for phosphorus-based fluid and lubricant additive
Additives & Chemicals : 24 June, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has announced that its Durad 310M phosphorus-based specialty additive has been approved by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt-UBA) for use in rapidly biodegradable hydraulic fluids and lubricants.
Great Lakes completes Anox NDB expansion
Additives & Chemicals : 03 June, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has announced that an expansion at its manufacturing facility in Pedrengo, Italy, has increased production capacity by 50% for its line of Anox NDB polymer stabiliser blends.
Great Lakes announces start-up of Saudi-based antioxidant production unit
Additives & Chemicals : 13 May, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has announced the start-up of a production unit for hindered phenolic antioxidants at Gulf Stabilizers Industries (GSI), the company
Website feature for rubber slashes delivery times
Additives & Chemicals : 29 April, 2002
Dow Corning announces the addition of a new feature to its rubber website that can reduce the match-to-delivery time for custom-compounded silicone rubbers by as much as 1-2 days or 25 % compared with conventional specification-matching processes.
Great Lakes expands line of hindered amine light stabilisers
Additives & Chemicals : 12 April, 2002
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched Lowilite 92, a new hindered amine light stabiliser (HALS) that offers UV protection for polymers.
The protection of flexible plastics from fungal attack
Additives & Chemicals : 25 February, 2002
This report - A Collaborative Study of the Plastics Protection Working Group (PPG) of the International Biodeterioration Research Group (IBRG)* - represents an abstract of work aimed towards the development of a method for assessing the activity of fungicides incorporated into plasticised plastics.
Synetix exclusive global distributor for Great Lakes antimony trioxide
Additives & Chemicals : 04 December, 2001
Synetix has been appointed as exclusive global distributor for Great Lakes' catalyst grade antimony trioxide for use in polyester manufacture.
Borealis A/S, Ashland Plastics-Europe extend distribution agreement
Additives & Chemicals : 07 November, 2001
Borealis A/S and the Ashland Plastics-Europe Division (Brussels, Belgium) of Ashland Distribution Company (Dublin, Ohio, USA.) have agreed to continue their distribution alliance.
General purpose, non-DPO based brominated flame retardant commercialised
Additives & Chemicals : 30 October, 2001
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has expanded its portfolio of flame retardants with the launch of Firemaster a new general purpose, non-diphenyl oxide (non-DPO) based brominated flame retardant.
CPSCOLOR launches automated colour tinting system at K 2001
Additives & Chemicals : 26 October, 2001
CPSCOLOR, a manufacturer of liquid colorants, based in The Netherlands, is introducing the concept of an integrated colour management system for thermoplastics that gives users total freedom in their choice of colours.
Great Lakes introduces new antioxidant blends
Additives & Chemicals : 26 October, 2001
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation has launched two Alkanox P24-based antioxidant blends. The new, optimised blends offer improved hydrolytic stability compared to performance of the Alkanox P24 molecule as a component additive on its own.
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