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Certification demonstrates ongoing commitment of the santoprene specialty products group
Polyolefins : 20 February, 2006
Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P., an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical, has achieved certification to the globally accepted automotive industry quality standard ISO/TS 16949:2002. The manufacturer of Santoprene
Borealis launches Borstar PE 2G technology
Polyolefins : 27 October, 2005
Building on the established advantages of its Borstar bimodal process technology, Borealis has introduced a new generation of proprietary technology, Borstar PE 2G, a multi-modal process that enables the molecular tailoring of polyethylene to provide solutions that meet the exact needs of the customer.
New Borecene Compact powder grades offer unique opportunities for intricately shaped rotomoulded applications
Polyolefins : 11 July, 2005
Borealis has launched two new Borecene Compact PE grades to meet rotomoulders' needs for polyethylene resins that provide enhanced flow properties, as well as improved economics and handling.
Borealis to showcase new power cable solutions
Polyolefins : 15 June, 2005
Borealis, the world's leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the Wire & Cable industry, is participating at the Wire Russia 2005 International Trade Fair, June 21-24 in Moscow (Borealis stand, 4B08/4C07, Pavilion 7 in the Krasnaya Presnya Exhibition Centre).
Borealis introduces new Daploy 'soft foam' solution
Polyolefins : 24 May, 2005
To meet the growing consumer demand for higher performance in soft foam applications, Borealis has introduced Daploy WB260HMS, high melt strength polypropylene.
Upgraded Borflow provides a new improved liquid barrier solution for hygiene and medical applications
Polyolefins : 25 April, 2005
With the introduction of an upgraded range of its Borflow low viscosity polypropylene homopolymers, Borealis has set a new standard in barrier performance for meltblown, nonwoven applications such as diapers and medical gowns.
New Nexxstar resin formulated collation shrink packaging films offers clear advantages
Polyolefins : 21 April, 2005
Dazzling packaging performance, economic benefit and enhanced retail marketing opportunities can all be achieved using new NexxstarTM resin formulations designed expressly for collation shrink (sometimes referred to as bundling or multipack) packaging films. These coextruded resin formulations (or film structures) are the second in a series of advanced, custom designed NexxstarTM resin formulation packaging film solutions from ExxonMobil Chemical and can offer considerable benefits for both converters and brand owners.
ExxonMobil Chemical unveils very low temperature sealing coating
Polyolefins : 20 April, 2005
ExxonMobil Chemical is demonstrating its new very low temperature sealing coating technology at Interpack 2005 in Dusseldorf, Germany, April 21-25. Designed for optimum packaging-machine performance and high speeds, this new coating technology allows packaging on horizontal form fill and seal equipment at improved speeds and reduced costs.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new self-adhesive label film for improved printability
Polyolefins : 20 April, 2005
ExxonMobil today introduced Label-Lyte (TM)60LH537 coated white film facestock for self-adhesive labelling applications. The new film uses Rhiza proprietary coating technology to achieve performance improvement over other top-coated film face stocks, including Label-Lyte 60LH536.
New coater at Virton extends packaging possibilities
Polyolefins : 21 January, 2005
ExxonMobil Chemical announces the start-up of a new flexible film coating line in its Virton, Belgium, facility. The company's new coating facility will provide consistent coating quality, short-run capability for niche products and multi-substrate material functionality.
Two new metallization lines at Brindisi will ensure product quality and consistent supply
Polyolefins : 10 January, 2005
ExxonMobil Chemical announces today that it is installing two new metallization lines at its oriented polypropylene films plant in Brindisi, Italy. The investment in metallization by ExxonMobil reinforces the company's commitment to the OPP films business through the provision of an improved and steady supply of quality metallized films to the flexible packaging industry. The first line is set to start producing commercially in the first quarter of 2005, with the second line due to start up a few months later.
Long-term outlook positive for plasticizer and flexible vinyl business
Polyolefins : 17 December, 2004
The American plasticizer and flexible vinyl (or PVC-polyvinyl chloride) business segment continues to face ongoing economic and market challenges. However, the outlook for these products is sustainable in the long term. That is the key message participants heard at the inaugural ExxonMobil Chemical Plasticizer Symposium in November 2004.
Borealis PP chosen for pipe installation in opera house refit
Polyolefins : 06 December, 2004
Spectators at Italy's world-famous La Scala opera house will be kept in more comfort than ever before, thanks in part to the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system that uses plastic pipes and fittings made from Borealis polypropylene (PP). The existing metal pipe installation has been entirely replaced.
Borealis completes sale of Portuguese operations to Repsol YPF
Polyolefins : 30 November, 2004
The European Commission has cleared the Borealis sale of all assets of the petrochemical complex at Borealis Pol
Europower hydraulic hoses feature Arnitel TEE-E core
Polyolefins : 23 November, 2004
Europower, a major UK-based manufacturer of hydraulic hoses and fittings, is using Arnitel thermoplastic ether ester block copolymer elastomer (TEE-E) from DSM Engineering Plastics for the core of a select line of its hydraulic hoses.
New Santoprene Thermoplastic Elastomer grade suited for softer grip applications
Polyolefins : 20 November, 2004
Advanced Elastomer Systems, an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Company, has developed Santoprene
ExxonMobil introduces labelling and flexible packaging OPP film products
Polyolefins : 08 November, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical Co introduced new labelling and flexible packaging film products and technologies at Pack Expo 2004.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new labeling and flexible packaging OPP film products
Polyolefins : 08 November, 2004
The world's premier provider of specialty films for flexible packaging and labeling will highlight two new OPP films with ultrahigh barrier and enhanced sealant technology at booth (N 3351). In addition, ExxonMobil will showcase recent film developments for labeling technologies with critical growth in the use of synthetics including cold-glue and in-mold technologies.
Frost & Sullivan product innovation award for Stanyl
Polyolefins : 22 October, 2004
Stanyl from DSM Engineering Plastics has received the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award in the High Performance Polyamide sector.
Heat-stabilised polyamide 46 for locking automotive quick-connect
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Oystertec Plc (York, UK) is using DSM Engineering Plastics
Class A surface combined with top aesthetics and durability
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
In close collaboration with Automotive Lighting GmbH and Coko Werke, DSM Engineering Plastics developed two materials for use in and around the headlamp of the 2003 model Audi A3.
DSM announces major capacity expansion for Stanyl
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
DSM Engineering Plastics has announced two further capacity increases for its successful range of Stanyl high performance polyamide products.
Borcoat PE coating protects major crude oil pipeline in Turkey
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Borcoat polyethylene (PE) pipe coating material from Borealis has been selected to provide corrosion protection for the Turkish section of the 1760-km Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, running from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey, from where crude oil is shipped to markets worldwide.
Borealis develops Beta-PPR RA7050 hot and cold water pressure pipe systems
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Borealis has brought a major raw material innovation to the hot and cold water pressure pipe sector with the development of Beta-PPR RA7050.
ExxonMobil displays is wares at K 2004
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
At K 2004, which is being held in Duesseldorf, Germany, ExxonMobil Chemical will present a range of products and technologies under what it refers to as its ‘solutions-based approach’.
Advanced Elastomer Systems continues to invest in weather-seal systems technology
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Having contributed substantially to the development of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) over the past 20 years, Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Co, is continuing to invest resources to meet a growing need for Santoprene TPVs in automotive weather-seals applications.
AES announces new TPVs for outdoor electrical applications
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Co, has introduced new Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) for outdoor electrical applications.
Santoprene grade suited to softer grip applications
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Co, has developed Santoprene thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grade X8211-25, suitable for many consumer product and packaging applications that require a softer grip, as well as resistance to repeated exposures to heat, oils, chemicals and other fluids.
HDPE grade possesses excellent stiffness and barrier properties
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
A new grade of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has been introduced by ExxonMobil Chemical. Called HTA108 it is has excellent stiffness and barrier properties in coextrusion or polyethylene film blends.
Santoprene thermoplastic rubber achieve faster cycling times
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
Injection moulders can soon achieve significantly faster cycle times when processing Santoprene thermoplastic rubber that uses a new technology. The new technology can translate into considerable per-part cost savings and increased processing capacity for injection moulders.
Vistamaxx grades meet needs of processors of melt-blown nonwovens
Polyolefins : 20 October, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical has introduced high melt-flow-rate (MFR) grades of Vistamaxx speciality elastomers that are designed to meet the needs of nonwovens converters using melt-blown technology.
Exxtral compounded polypropylene grades selected for car interiors
Polyolefins : 05 October, 2004
PSA Peugeot Citro
ExxonMobil Chemical acquires Basell's shares in CIPEN plant
Polyolefins : 01 October, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical has announced the acquisition of Basell's 50% share in the Compagnie Industrielle des Poly
Catalyst system offers benefits for silane PEX heating pipes
Polyolefins : 13 August, 2004
The Ambicat MB60 catalyst and the BorPEX ME2510 material offer benefits for silane PEX heating pipes.
Borealis announces 2nd quarter operating profit of EUR 49 million
Polyolefins : 11 August, 2004
Borealis today announced its second quarter results, reporting an operating profit of EUR 49 million. This is a significant improvement compared to the same period last year but EUR 7 million lower than the first quarter of 2004, as a result of higher feedstock prices. The second quarter operating results benefited from strong demand for polyolefins with higher sales volume compared to both the preceding quarter and the same period last year.
Automakers adopt new scratch-resistant TPOs from Borealis for car interiors
Polyolefins : 10 August, 2004
With the introduction of Borealis thermoplastic olefin grades, (TPOs) EE137AE and EE137HP, Borealis has created an innovative, scratch-resistant injection-moulding compound specifically designed for automotive interiors and similar demanding applications.
Biaxially oriented polypropylene reduces weight and improves transparency of plastic bottles
Polyolefins : 10 August, 2004
The new Borealis RF926MO polypropylene (PP) injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) grade provides enhanced performance owing to its biaxial orientation. The new grade can reduce weight by more than 30% compared with extrusion blow-moulded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grades.
Polypropylene film grades with low migration for medical applications
Polyolefins : 10 August, 2004
Borealis has developed a range of new innovative polypropylene grades for extruded film applications such as medical pouches and monoblister packaging as an alternative to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), glass, and other polymers. They offer low migration into medical products and liquids and provide high security and integrity during transportation and handling.
Polypropylene blown film materials designed for production on polyethylene machinery
Polyolefins : 10 August, 2004
Borealis has developed a range of polypropylene (PP) blown film materials designed for production on conventional blown-film machinery traditionally used for polyethylene.
Zero-gap thermoplastics for BMW Series 1 bumpers and rocker panels
Polyolefins : 10 August, 2004
BMW Group, seeking a zero-gap thermoplastic for its BMW Series 1 bumpers and rocker panels, turned to Borealis to create a material for its needs. Borealis created new zero-gap Daplen grades.
Polyethylene (PE) materials bring added value to the utility and industrial pipe sectors
Polyolefins : 06 August, 2004
Since its introduction, polyethylene (PE) from Borealis
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) for beverage caps and closures
Polyolefins : 06 August, 2004
New HDPE for caps and closures made using the unique bimodal Borstar
Single-site catalyst polyethylene for packaging film
Polyolefins : 27 July, 2004
Two new families of single-site catalysts (SSC) polyethylene (PE) from Borealis, based on unimodal and Borealis
Borealis increases European polyolefins prices by EUR 100 per tonne
Polyolefins : 22 June, 2004
Borealis has increased the price of its polyethylene and polypropylene plastics in Europe by EUR 100 per tonne as of 1 July 2004.
Borealis expands polypropylene plant and Noretyl JV cracker in Norway
Polyolefins : 22 June, 2004
Borealis will expand its Noretyl ethylene cracker, a 50:50 joint venture with Hydro Polymers at Rafnes with 100,000 tonnes, and debottleneck its own polypropylene plant at R
Gel specification for packaging films that process better, have improved optical, sealing & tear properties
Polyolefins : 11 May, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical has commercialized, two low-gel grades of Exceed
Tougher, flame retardant wire and cable jacketing
Polyolefins : 26 April, 2004
Borealis has extended its Casico product range foro the global wire and cable industry with FR4805. This new stronger, flame retardant jacketing compound is designed to make cable installations more resistant to penetration and cut-through.
XLPE compound delivers significant increases in cable production speed
Polyolefins : 30 March, 2004
To help satisfy the growing demand for MV, HV and EHV underground cable systems for electric energy transmission, Borealis, the leading supplier of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, has developed Supercure LS4201. The new XLPE compound can deliver significant increases in cable production speed without compromising either quality or performance.
Insulating compounds for enhanced transmission in communication cables
Polyolefins : 30 March, 2004
To meet the growing need for enhanced electrical properties in telephone, TV and data cables Borealis, the leading supplier of polyethylene to the global wire and cable industry, has further developed its cellular insulation compounds. Borcell is an extensive range of chemically and physically blown polyethylene (PE) compounds offering improved transmission properties and processability.
Fast crosslinking XLPE for power cables
Polyolefins : 30 March, 2004
Supercure LE8201 has an advanced crosslinking mechanism that enables crosslinking in medium voltage cablemaking to be carried out more efficiently.
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