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ExxonMobil Chemical announces new cost-effective PE resin for wire and cable applications
Polyolefins : 08 March, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical announces a new linear low density polyethylene resin, LL 4004EL, for low-voltage power cable insulations. Globally available, this resin provides the cable manufacturer with a balance of crosslinking speed and ease of processing for cost-competitive cable constructions.
Borealis expands distribution agreement with Ashland for Iberia
Polyolefins : 26 February, 2004
Borealis has extended its current distribution agreement with Ashland Distribution Company to include polypropylene for small and medium sized automotive and household appliance customers in Spain and Portugal.
Fruit bar marketer pears up with ExxonMobil Chemical to package unique new product
Polyolefins : 20 January, 2004
You might find this product in any number of exotic locations, from the camouflage rucksack of a young American marine, to a storage bin aboard the Space Shuttle or even the coat pocket of a mountain climber high atop the Himalayas. It's not a high-tech compass or a new, multi-purpose cell-phone; it's what Gorge Delights advertises as an all-natural fruit bar that uses ExxonMobil Chemical's BICOR
ExxonMobil Chemical introducing new wave of achieve Metallocene Polypropylenes
Polyolefins : 19 January, 2004
ExxonMobil Chemical Company is introducing a new wave of Achieve
Solution outperforms existing stretch hood, shrink hood and cardboard
Polyolefins : 16 December, 2003
ExxonMobil Chemical has developed an advanced, custom-designed, co-extrusion packaging solution, Nexxstar
Borouge developing into world scale petrochemical complex
Polyolefins : 15 December, 2003
Borouge, Borealis
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces improved Xylene Isomerization technology
Polyolefins : 04 November, 2003
ExxonMobil Chemical Company announced today that an improved version of its latest technology for xylene isomerization, called XyMax(SM)-2, is now available for licensing. This latest generation of technology significantly expands operating flexibility by offering a broader temperature and pressure window and improved turndown capability. XyMax-2 utilizes a highly shape-selective, proprietary zeolite catalyst, which provides exceptional yield performance over a wide range of operating conditions.
New brandshHighlight synthetics products for lubricant formulators
Polyolefins : 22 September, 2003
SpectraSyn(TM) is the new name for both low- and high-viscosity ExxonMobil Chemical PAO products. These synthetic basestocks offer performance advantages over mineral oils, including better low-temperature properties, low volatility, and improved thermal and oxidative stability. SpectraSyn low-viscosity products feature lower Total Acid Numbers and lower Bromine Numbers than previous products marketed under the ExxonMobil SHF name.
First polypropylene product made from natural gas
Polyolefins : 17 September, 2003
As a result of co-operation between Lurgi, Statoil and Borealis, the world
More clarity for conventional blown film with air cooling
Polyolefins : 20 August, 2003
Unveiled in co-operation with Kiefel Extrusion GmbH at June's prestigious NPE show in Chicago, Borealis' new Borclear polypropylene grade overcomes conventional PP limitations in blown film. Borclear RB707CF delivers superior optical properties in combination with good processability and excellent stiffness/tenacity balance, and is intended for co-extrusion as sealing layer.
Borealis invests EUR 200 million in new Borstar polyolefin capacity
Polyolefins : 01 July, 2003
Borealis has announced an EUR 200 million investment in the construction of a new 350,000 tonnes per year polyethylene plant, based on its proprietary Borstar technology, and a 90,000 tonnes per year expansion of the existing Borstar polypropylene plant at its petrochemical site at Schwechat, Austria. The new capacity will come onstream in 2005.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces Vistamaxx specialty elastomers for next-generation solutions
Polyolefins : 24 June, 2003
ExxonMobil Chemical today launched the new Vistamaxx family of specialty elastomers, a revolutionary new product platform that combines the company's strengths in catalyst technology, product design and process development to deliver new levels of performance across a broad range of customer applications.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new polypropylene hrade for thermoforming
Polyolefins : 28 May, 2003
ExxonMobil Chemical Company today announced the availability of an advanced polypropylene resin grade, ExxonMobil PP5082KN, designed to provide the clarity and stiffness required for demanding thermoforming applications. ExxonMobil PP5082KN is a nucleated polypropylene produced using proprietary ExxonMobil Chemical formulation processes. In addition to its excellent clarity and high stiffness, the unique design of ExxonMobil PP5082KN offers excellent heat resistance, fast cycle times and good melt strength for easy processing.
Streamlined technology organisation goes live at Borealis
Polyolefins : 23 May, 2003
Borealis' redesigned and market aligned technology organisation, consolidated around four Innovation Centres, will be effective 1 June 2003. The main objective of the reorganisation is to accelerate the pace of innovation.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces synesstic AN blendstocks
Polyolefins : 28 April, 2003
Synesstic AN Blendstocks are a unique class of API Group V category fluids manufactured to deliver improved hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability compared with other Group V fluids. When used as a blendstock with other synthetic fluids such as polyalphaolefins, Synesstic AN products can enhance the stability and performance of many industrial and automotive lubricants in extreme as well as routine conditions.
High performance short glass fibre reinforced PP aids automotive component productivity
Polyolefins : 19 March, 2003
Borealis, a leading supplier of polyolefins, has developed a high performance short glass fibre reinforced (HPGF) polypropylene compound family that has the technological and economical potential to replace long glass fibre (LGF) grades in highly stressed parts for technical automotive applications. Borealis has commercialised this new product group under the Xmod brand.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new resins to meet Indian consumers' demand
Polyolefins : 15 February, 2003
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new metallocene-based polyethylene resins in India that will help packaging fabricators manufacture small packets or sachets for many consumer applications. Exceed(TM) 1018 EA is being launched at PlastIndia 2003 in New Delhi from February 15 to 20 and Exceed(TM) 1018 EA mLLDPE will be demonstrated at the DGP Windsor and Kolsite machine runs at the same tradeshow. DGP Windsor and Kolsite are leading Indian blown film machine manufacturers.
Borealis expands distribution agreement with Ashland
Polyolefins : 31 January, 2003
Borealis is to extend the current distribution agreement with Ashland to also include polypropylene for small and medium size automotive and household appliance customers in the Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK in addition to the Nordic countries.
ExxonMobil Chemical expands global exceed mLLDPE product line, adds new higher density grades
Polyolefins : 16 December, 2002
As the preeminent resin supplier to polyethylene film markets, ExxonMobil Chemical today announced the commercialization of two new Exceed metallocene-based linear low density polyethylene grades. These new grades have densities of 0.927 and melt indices from 1.3 to 3.5. Grade names for these products are Exceed 1327CA and Exceed 3527CB. Potential applications for these new grades include heavy duty shipping sacks, stretch film, hygiene film, liners and merchandise bags. These new grades offer an outstanding balance toughness for high performance films and stiffness for potential downgauging.
Borealis delivers key technical support in new polypropylene-centred dishwasher development
Polyolefins : 06 December, 2002
Borealis, a leading supplier of polyolefins, working closely with major white goods manufacturer Bosch Siemens, has developed a polypropylene compound suitable for the replacement of stainless steel in the interior of a dishwasher.
Official inauguration and ISO certification of the Borealis Borouge petrochemical complex
Polyolefins : 07 November, 2002
On October 30, 2002, the USD 1.2 billion Borouge petrochemical complex in Ruwais in the United Arab Emirates was officially inaugurated. The day before Det Norske Veritas presented the ISO 9001:2000 certification to Borouge, who achieved the certificate in only nine months as one of the fastest companies.
ExxonMobil introduces new viscosity of synthetic mobil 1 with supersyn
Polyolefins : 05 November, 2002
ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties today announced the introduction of a new 0W-20 viscosity grade of Mobil 1(R), the world's leading synthetic motor oil. The new Mobil 1 0W-20 with SuperSyn(TM) anti-wear technology will provide excellent fuel economy while delivering exceptional cleanliness and wear protection in high-temperature, hot-running engines. It is designed specifically to benefit cars that have used 5W-20 viscosity applications, such as newer Honda, Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, trucks and SUVs (sport utility vehicles), and whose owners wish to use fully synthetic products.
Resins for rotomoulding
Polyolefins : 01 October, 2002
Borealis launches two new product ranges based on its unique Borecene technology - Borecene Compact and Paintable Borecene PE resins for rotomoulding
Borealis and Trespaphan have signed License Agreement for PP film
Polyolefins : 19 September, 2002
Borealis A/S, Denmark, and Trespaphan GmbH, Germany, have signed a License Agreement in the field of biaxially oriented PP films made from high isotactic PP. Borealis has agreed to a license fee of an undisclosed amount and has been granted the right to operate under Trespaphan
Borealis customer event stimulates dialogue about creating value in the plastic pipe business
Polyolefins : 11 September, 2002
Borealis, Europe
ExxonMobil Chemical launches film label replacement for paper
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2002
ExxonMobil Chemical today introduced Label-Lyte
Borealis increases XLPE capacity to meet market demand
Polyolefins : 29 April, 2002
Borealis, a leading global supplier of polyethylene materials to the wire and cable industry, has advanced its strategic investment plans for new XLPE manufacturing capacity to meet market demand for the compound, which is viewed as providing a cost-effective insulating solution with low environmental impact.
Borealis increases XLPE capacity to meet market demand
Polyolefins : 26 April, 2002
Borealis, a leading global supplier of polyethylene materials to the wire and cable industry, has advanced its strategic investment plans for new XLPE manufacturing capacity to meet market demand for the compound, which is viewed as providing a cost-effective insulating solution with low environmental impact
Borealis delivers low cost high quality solution for 1kV cable insulation
Polyolefins : 14 April, 2002
Borealis, the leading global supplier of polyethylene materials to the wire and cable industry, has seen growing success of its unique Visico/Ambicat copolymer and catalyst system for low voltage insulation. Visico, a scorch-retardant, moisture curable, ethylene-vinyl silane copolymer, has experienced a significant market acceptance since its introduction over 10 years ago.
Increasing global adoption of Borealis materials for XLPE cables in high voltage underground application
Polyolefins : 08 April, 2002
Borealis, the leading global supplier of polyethylene materials to the wire and cable industry, sees cross-linked polyethylene cables (XLPE) as cost-effective and reliable solutions with low environmental impact.
Jacketing compound for ADSS cable applications
Polyolefins : 08 April, 2002
Borealis, the leading global supplier of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, has launched Borstar HE 6081, a new grade of its high-density polyethylene-based family of jacketing compounds. Borstar HE 6081, which has been specially designed for ADSS cable applications, delivers excellent track resistance outperforming the tracking properties of traditional compounds.
Copolymer and catalyst system for low voltage (1kV) cable insulation
Polyolefins : 08 April, 2002
Borealis, the leading global supplier of polyethylene materials to the wire and cable industry, has seen growing success of its Visico/Ambicat copolymer and catalyst system for low voltage insulation.
Borealis highlights wire and cable value solutions at Wire 2002 in D
Polyolefins : 08 April, 2002
Borealis will focus on how its W&C business is delivering value to the customers by developing products that offer greater productivity, downsizing possibilities and improved material life-cycle performance. A special feature of the Borealis stand will give emphasis to cabling in buildings.
Increasing global adoption of Borealis materials for XLPE cables in high voltage underground application
Polyolefins : 04 April, 2002
Traditionally the transmission of power has been by overhead cable and where supply needed to be fed underground, at city-interfaces for example, oil-filled cables have been used. This technology, used worldwide, which utilises paper-wrapped cable within an oil-filled metal casing was developed in the 1930's and 1940's, exhibits a number of drawbacks.
ExxonMobil Chemical expands global plastic film coating capacity
Polyolefins : 28 February, 2002
The new line will be used primarily to reinforce ExxonMobil's label business for coating plastic film in the fast-growing market of cans and bottles. Coated films are durable enough to handle the many constraints these types of applications generate by providing resistance to solvents and acids, facilitating the application of adhesive, and allowing for various printing techniques (rotogravure, flexography, offset etc.).
Borealis helps launch new flame retardant association, FROCC
Polyolefins : 12 October, 2001
FROCC is a trade association among Borealis, AEI Compounds, Condor Compounds, Crosspolimeri, Polyplast M
New metallocene-based VLDPE now available for food and industrial packaging
Polyolefins : 13 September, 2001
ExxonMobil Chemical Company announced today it has commercialized Exceed 1012CA, a new metallocene-based, very low density polyethylene. Exceed 1012CA was developed to provide better properties than currently available with conventional Ziegler-Natta VLDPE and ultra low density polyethylene resins.
New all-polypropylene vacuum cleaner is a milestone for Borealis
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
For the first time ever, a vacuum cleaner has been made solely out of polypropylene. For a long time PP has been used for interior components and structured external components of household products, but the spectrum of characteristics for aesthetically demanding products has made it inadequate for external components. Instead, Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene has been used.
A new generation of Propylene Alpha Olefin copolymers for PP Cast Film
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Best optical properties are one of the most decisive factors for the success of PP castfilms as a packaging material. Continuous efforts to improve the optical window regarding transparency and surface gloss has led to the introduction of a new generation of C3/-olefin copolymers.
RM7403/RM7405 for thick wall and underground tanks
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Borealis, the European leader in the supply of rotational moulding polymers, has developed a new grade in the Borecene range for thick walled and underground tanks.
Fiat produce scratch-resistant dashboard made from new Borealis polypropylene
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
The newly developed, highly innovative grade, Daplen EE137AI, is 10% mineral-filled and also contains EPDM to ensure splinter-free behaviour. The grade shows excellent scratch performance and gives no visible white defects when scratched. It fulfils Fiat's 50.130 SR norm and has been accepted for use for the dashboard of the Fiat Punto.
New Business Unit Pipe offers quality in quantity to the whole value chain
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Following the start ups of Borealis' first Borstar PP plant in Schwechat, Austria in May 2000 and the company's second plant to produce Borstar PE products at Stenungsund, Sweden in October 2000, Borealis Business Unit Pipe is well positioned to offer its customers a unique and complete product range in polyethylene and polypropylene grades for pipe applications. Borealis has further reinforced its marketing organisation to serve the entire value chain of the piping industry both in terms of PE and PP.
Borstar products for water and gas distribution pipelines
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
In many countries PE is already the standard choice for drinking water mains and natural gas distribution pipelines. PE100 pipes are quickly gaining market share from ductile iron, PVC, GRP, concrete and steel pipes for larger diameter pipes. Medium density PE80 pipes continue to be commonly used for smaller diameter service pipes due to their excellent flexibility and coilability.
Borsoft, Very soft and transparent polypropylene
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Random-Heterophasic-Copolymers combine the advantages of PP random copolymers with those of PP heterophasic copolymers in an unique way. For the cast film technology with chillroll process, Borsoft SD233CF was specially designed to combine following properties:
Daploy, Borealis new high melt strength polypropylenes
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Since its first development in the 1950s, polypropylene has rapidly become established as a preferred material in many conversion technologies (e.g. injection moulding, film and fibre) because of its excellent physical property profile. In other conversion technologies, however, this rapid utilisation was not seen. Two factors contributed to this, PP is a partially crystalline polymer and PP has low melt strength and extensibility in the melt phase. In the early days, conversion technologies such as thermoforming, blow moulding and extrusion coating were not readily able to utilise PP because of one or both of these factors.
Borealis new high stiffness, high crystalline Bormod PP Homopolymers for modern flexible packaging solutions
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
In May 2000 the world's first Borstar PP plant was started up by Borealis. This new generation of process technology enables a further expansion of product property window and application possibilities. A special feature of Borstar PP technology is its improved high crystallinity PP grades, especially tailored for castfilm applications. Based on a high and balanced impact/stiffness level it is possible to serve brand new application areas, not previously covered by PP. Additionally, product economics and performance are improved for existing applications.
Stiff PP for sewerage rollout in Europe
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Almost 20 different systems in non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage systems are offered today. All these systems are based on enhanced PP raw materials. Borealis PP products for underground drainage and sewerage are specifically developed to exceed by a wide margin material requirements according to European standardisation. Both materials BA212E and BC50 are first class products and have proven their performance accordingly.
New high performance PP materials for offline painted car body panels
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
The automotive industry is confronted with permanent changes in terms of security legislation, reduction of fuel consumption, weight saving, cost reduction and design. To tackle all these challenges, the need for new materials and methods of manufacturing is a high priority in the development departments at the OEM, the system suppliers and the raw material suppliers.
Combining high flow, stiffness and impact resistance - BJ356MO, MFR100 Heterophasic PP
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
Compared to a high flow impact resistant PP such as BJ380MO, BJ356MO shows a step change in both flow and stiffness, while displaying an impact resistance superior to any homopolymeric PP, such as the easy flowing HJ320MO. The super light flow enables easy filling of products with flow length-wall thickness ratios up to 400, while the tailored properties provide the required stiffness and impact resistance to design for thinner walling.
Major improvements in FFS film for deep freeze bags through implementation of Borstar LLDPE grades
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
The superior low temperature properties of the Borstar LLDPE grades, FB2230 and FB2310, ensure pack integrity and thereby product preservation. In this field of application these products outperform all other PE grades on the market. By incorporating these materials in films for frozen products, several other advantages can be realised. The broad MWD provides efficient extrusion of high quality film, often at improved production regularity. Mechanical properties, like high toughness in combination with increased stiffness, provide a secure and efficient filling and packaging operation. The nature of these products gives matt surface films which facilitate packaging, opening up new design possibilities and making it possible to use films free of additive like slip and antiblock, thereby reducing migration levels.
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