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The new reference for stiff polypropylene grades
Polyolefins : 03 September, 2001
With the Bormod brand, covering applications ranging from cast film to thermoforming and injection moulding, Borealis has launched a family of new reference grades regarding stiff polypropylene. Bormod HF955MO is made by the proprietary Borstar technology, combining the benefits of advanced catalysts, proprietary process technology and the unique Borstar Nucleation Technology which provides a uniform crystalline structure and very fast solidification of the polymer in processing. The result is early demoulding and high output in the injection moulding process.
New resin provides excellent sealing properties for extrusion coating
Polyolefins : 07 January, 2001
ExxonMobil Chemical Company today announced it has commercialized Exxco 012 enhanced performance extrusion coating resin made from proprietary Exxpol catalyst technology. This new linear polymer is a cost-effective resin with plastomer-like performance, which brings significant value to the end-user.
Ambicat, a new ambient curing catalyst system from Borealis for Visico moisture crosslinkable cables
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Ambicat, a new ambient curing catalyst system from Borealis for Visico moisture crosslinkable cables. Borealis has developed a new type of catalyst system for silane moisture curable low voltage power cables, based on a Tin-free compound. The system crosslinks silane copolymer much faster than previous technologies and is suitable for crosslinking also at ambient conditions without need for hot water/sauna. The system has a superior extrudability in terms of scorch retardancy and die drool build-up which permits longer extrusion runs still with excellent smooth insulation surface.
Borealis new high speed XLPE increases productivity by 25%
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Borealis, one of the leading suppliers of crosslinkable polyethylene for power cables and well know in the field of extra high voltage applications, has developed a modified type of XLPE insulation with considerably improved crosslinking speed. Production speed improvements in excess of 25% have been recorded. The new compound offers higher reactivity and response to peroxide crosslinking at temperatures experienced in the vulcanisation tube without increasing the sensitivity to scorch in the extruder. The invention is built on a proprietary high pressure polyethylene resin.
Borstar, the new process from innovative Borealis
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Borealis, one of the leading suppliers of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, has developed a special HDPE-compound for jacketing fibre optical cables. Produced by the proprietary Borstar process, the black jacketing compound HE6067 has extremely low shrink-back properties compared to traditional compounds. Utilising the flexible Borstar process, the compound is designed with a bimodular molecular weight distribution that improves relaxation/shrinkage behaviour while still maintaining excellent environmental stress crack resistance. Low shrinkage and good dimensional stability are essential requirements for optical cables as even the slightest mechanical deformation of the fibre can adversely affect the attenuation and transmission properties.
X-rays, a new way to ensure the cleanliness of semiconductive compounds
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Borealis, the world's leading supplier of XLPE compounds for high voltage and extra high voltage cables, has developed a new technique for quality control of semiconductive compounds for demanding applications based on soft X-ray technique. It is well known that presence of foreign particles in the semiconductive layers can be a starting point for 'tree-formation' that can eventually grow to a size where the defect leads to a failure and breakdown of the cable. Inorganic grit particles in the size of 50-100Xm originating from the carbon black production process have been found to contain traces of Al, Si, Mg and Ca. These elements have also been found in the ion tracks of trees and have, therefore, been judged as critical for the long time performance of the cables.
Copolymer modified XLPE from Borealis improves life expectancy of MV Cables
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Degradation of polymeric insulation when subjected to wet conditions, known as water treeing, has been known since the early 1970's. The situation improved drastically by the introduction of extruded outer semiconductive layer, but still the concern for wet-ageing properties demanded for further development of the XLPE insulation material. In the early 1980s copolymer modified XLPE compounds were introduced by Borealis. The are blends of polyethylene homopolymer and specially selected acrylates.
XLPE insulation for DC-application, a new and revolutionary application
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
Polymeric cables have to a great extent replaced fluid-filled cables in AC distribution and partly in AC transmission systems. The situation is, however, different for high voltage DC-systems as the build-up of space charges has been seen as a limiting factor. With the introduction of new solid state AC/DC and DC/AC converters the need for suitable DC-insulation has increased and Borealis has, together with ABB, after several years of co-operation designed a suitable polymeric insulation system.
New non-halogen flame retardant cable insulation
Polyolefins : 21 June, 2000
The general trend toward non-halogen flame retardant cable insulation is now materialising. A number of major cable suppliers are launching new products to challenge those traditionally used for installation, data, power and control cables as well as flexible cords for white goods, vacuum cleaners, lamps etc. Borealis is participating actively in this development by offering a range of easily extrudable products for this application. The products are based mainly on the patented Casico concept - calcium carbonate + silicone gum + oxygen containing copolymer (EBA or EEA).
Borealis makes bigger pipes possible
Polyolefins : 02 May, 2000
Borealis has opened up markets for polyethylene pipelines with the successful production of a 100 mm wall-thickness pipe, across 1600 mm diameter, extruded in Borstar polyethylene, HE3490-LS. Borealis, together with the Norwegian pipe manufacturer Mabo, believes that this is the thickest wall of a PE pressure pipe so far extruded worldwide. The new 1600 mm diameter pipe provides a 10 bar pressure rating and for smaller diameters 20-25 bars may be possible, says Borealis, making it commercially competitive in the water pipe and other infrastructural markets.
Borealis launches market leading polymer development for non-woven fibres
Polyolefins : 27 April, 2000
Borealis launches a new resin at Index
Borealis completes mechanical construction of its first Borstar PP plant
Polyolefins : 24 March, 2000
The EUR 140 million project was executed on budget and with a good safety performance record. As the plant is the first of its kind, Borealis' R&D organisation has been heavily involved during the engineering and construction phase of the project, developing the process details and the initial product slate. Thanks to the concurrent development work, engineering and construction work was completed within 21 months after signing the Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract.
Borealis' Borstar Jacketing selected by Transvoc for Railroad ADSS network
Polyolefins : 22 March, 2000
Borealis, the leading supplier of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, has been selected by Transvoc to supply its Borstar Jacketing for the Railroad ADSS network. Established only 3 years ago, Transvoc has become one of the leading Russian manufacturers of fibre optic cables and accessories. Transvoc supplies long-haul and regional fibre optic communication lines to for example the Ministry of Railways and telecommunication providers. Most of Transvoc's fibre optic cable production is ADSS type designed for aerial installation along railway contact routes on high voltage lines up to 110 kV. Since late 1998 Transvoc has been using Borealis' Borstar Jacketing grade, HE6062 for these cable types. 'Processability, quality consistency and cleanliness are the selection criteria why Borealis' HE6062 is chosen by Transvoc,' says Denis V. Starikov, Head of Transvoc's Marketing Department.
New non-halogen flame retardant cable insulation
Polyolefins : 16 March, 2000
The competition, which requires a prediction to the behaviour of fire on a cable ladder with attached cables, is split into two parts. The first is a game of chance which will run during the exhibtiion for visitors to the stand. The second requires taking a more considered approach and is aimed at organisations, such as research institutes, consultancies, universities and cable producers and requires, in addition to predicting the results, development of a procedure for calculation which in theory could be subjected to a form of accreditation. The test itself will take place at the Borealis Fire Testing Facility in Zwijndrecht, near Antwerp, Belgium on May 2, 2000.
Supercure the High Productivity XLPE concept from Borealis
Polyolefins : 16 March, 2000
Borealis, the leading supplier of crosslinkable polyethylene for power cables and well known in the field of extra high voltage applications, has developed the next generation of XLPE insulation which delivers considerably improved crosslinking speed. The insulation compound is marketed under the name Supercure LE8201 and the inner semiconductive compound to accompany is designated Supercure LE8280. Production speed improvements in excess of 25% have been recorded. The new compounds offer higher reactivity and response to peroxide crosslinking at temperatures experienced in the vulcanisation tube without increasing the sensitivity to scorch in the extruder.
Borealis introducing Water Tree Retardant XLPE
Polyolefins : 16 March, 2000
Borealis, the leading supplier of polyethylene to the wire and cable industry, is launching a new WTR-XLPE grade under the tradename SuperTR. The product is the latest in the family of products for medium- and high-voltage cables established under the trade names Superclean, Supersmooth, and Supercure. The product is based on the proven '4201'-concept but is specially formulated and demonstrates its superior performance as a water tree retarder in full scale cable tests.
Borealis Tightening Superclean and Supersmooth Specifications
Polyolefins : 16 March, 2000
Last year Borealis gained supplier status to the second parts of the two most prestigious extra high voltage projects in Europe, the 'BEWAG'-project in Berlin and the 'Copenhagen Metropolitan Project'. The company also supplied compounds for the initial parts of the contract. In order to meet the extremely strict requirements on cleanliness, gradual improvements to the process/procedures have been implemented in production and quality control. As a consequence, Borealis has introduced materials in the Superclean and Supersmooth product lines at enhanced cleanliness and smoothness levels for high stress and extra high stress cables.
Borstar new PE technology selected for Shanghai expansion
Polyolefins : 22 February, 2000
China Petrochemical Company today announced it has awarded Borealis and Tecnimont a contract for the supply of licence and know-how, engineering, procurement services, and technical assistance for a new Borstar polyethylene plant. According to the agreement signed yesterday, the Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited will build a 250,000 tonne Borstar polyethylene plant at Jinshanwei, Shanghai, People's Republic of China. The new facility, scheduled for start-up in early 2002, will be the largest polyolefin production unit in China.
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