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Global steel usage increase forecast to slow
Steel (General) : 16 October, 2012
The World Steel Association has released its October 2012 Short Range Outlook (SRO) for 2012 and 2013, the half year revision from its April 2012 statement. worldsteel forecasts that global apparent steel use will increase by 2.1% in 2012, which is considerably lower than the 6.2% growth achieved in 2011. In 2013 world steel demand will grow by 3.2% and reach a record high of 1455 million tonnes.
Nano staples proposed as means of mechanically joining low surface energy materials
Nanotechnology : 10 October, 2012
Researchers at Kiel University (Germany) have developed a technology which can joining two "unjoinable’ materials. The technology uses passive nano-scaled crystal linkers - "Tetrapods" - as internal staples.
Delivering solar geoengineering materials may be feasible and affordable
Professional Society : 10 October, 2012
A cost analysis of the technologies needed to transport materials into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting Earth and therefore reduce the effects of global climate change has shown that they are both feasible and affordable.
Wire-shaped smelting of titanium may revolutionise cost, quality and lead times
Aluminium : 10 October, 2012
With funding from the User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA) programme at the Research Council of Norway, Norsk Titanium Components (NTiC) has developed an entirely new method of producing titanium components, making it cheaper and easier to capitalise on this material.
Difficult steel market conditions in China reverberate worldwide
Steel (General) : 06 October, 2012
The importance of China to the global steel sector and its suppliers has been reinforced in the past few months. Never has there been a time when the old adages "Ignore China at your peril’ and "When China sneezes the whole world catches a cold’ seemed as pertinent as in the last few weeks....
Growth in Asia will help synthetic rubber bounce back
Market Research and Forecasting : 04 October, 2012
Asia’s weakened demand for synthetic rubbers, commonly used in tire production, is expected to recover following this year’s drop in car production, says a new report from petrochemical experts GBI Research. This in-depth report from GBI Research is focused on the Asia-Pacific butadiene industry. It was built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis conducted by GBI Research’s team of industry experts.
Black hole study will add to nanotechnology knowledge base
Space Technology : 04 October, 2012
Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh) scientists have been awarded EUR3 million (£2.35 million) to investigate new areas of quantum physics, looking at how energy and matter interact in a bid to revolutionise information and communication.
Gallium bombs on graphene may replace silicon semiconductors
Carbon Materials: Diamond, Graphite and Graphene : 01 October, 2012
Norwegian researchers have developed a method for producing semiconductors from graphene.
Three new ways to protect aircraft against wing icing
Nanotechnology : 01 October, 2012
When ice builds-up on the wings of aircrafts, it drives up costs and impedes safety – and in the worst case scenario, could even cause an aircraft to crash. At the ILA Berlin Air Show, researchers demonstrated new ways to keep ice off of the aircraft′s wings.
Conflicting trends for China's steel output
Steel (General) : 28 September, 2012
China’s crude steel production for August 2012 was 58.7 million tonnes, down by -1.7% compared to August 2011, according to the World Steel Association. However, over the first half of 2012, China increased the stainless steel production in the period of review by 1.1% (after corrections made by ISSF) to 7.1 million tonnes.
Titanium compounds predicted for big future in new electronics era
Electronic Materials (General) : 22 September, 2012
This article by Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, shares some of the research carried out for a new IDTechEx report requested by several of the world’s largest chemical companies. They wish to de-risk their materials development programs concerned with electrically functional elements and compounds.
Electrochromic glazing for glass windows could save 23% on daily lighting usage
University : 20 September, 2012
An advanced electronic glazing system that darkens windows at the touch of a button and has the potential to revolutionise building façade design is being tested in offices at De Montfort University (DMU).
Polycarbonate resins meet fire safety regulations for railway interiors
Transparent Plastic Sheets : 20 September, 2012
Anticipating the implementation of the pan-European norm for fire safety in rail interiors, Sabic has expanded its portfolio of high-performance materials by adding two new polycarbonate sheet products.
UK consortium investigates nanotechnology potential in energy applications
Nanotechnology : 12 September, 2012
The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network announces that one of its members, Alstom Grid, is leading a UK consortium to develop a collaborative research project worth £800,000 funded 47% by the Technology Strategy Board’s Materials for Energy call.
New Volkswagen Golf lightens up with high- and ultra high-strength steel
Steel (General) : 07 September, 2012
Advanced steel grades help Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle drop up to 220 pounds while offering improved safety and performance.
Lower raw material prices expected to delay steel price upturn
Steel (General) : 04 September, 2012
No significant increases in steel selling values for flat products are likely during the remainder of 2012, according to MEPS. Iron ore spot prices have started to decline as demand for the principal steel making raw material falters.
Bendable thin-film lithium ion battery (LIB) for wearable electronics
Batteries and Fuel Cells : 20 August, 2012
High-performance flexible power sources have gained attention, especially for bendable, implantable, and wearable electronic systems. Although the rechargeable lithium-ion battery (LIB) has been regarded as a strong candidate for a high-performance flexible energy source, compliant electrodes for bendable LIBs are restricted to only a few materials, and their performance has not been sufficient for them to be applied to flexible consumer electronics including rollable displays.
Antimicrobial copper abrasive water jet cutting
Copper : 20 August, 2012
UK company PP Plasma Ltd is now offering an Antimicrobial Copper cutting service, able to cut or process antimicrobial copper sheet and plate. The company's abrasive water jet cutting service offers advantages over other cutting processes, giving a clean and accurate finish with minimum taper, leaving no heat affected zone.
US flat steel price increases leads to short delivery times
Steel (General) : 13 August, 2012
In the US, hot-rolled coil delivery lead times are short. There has been something of a stand-off since the domestic mills announced a $US40 per short ton increase, with buyers waiting and watching to see how disciplined the producers will be. However, the initiative by the steelmakers does, at least, appear to have halted the recent negative movements.
Steel (General) : 02 May, 2011
US strip mill product transaction values are relatively stable with just some minor upward movement. This follows several months of escalation, much of which was driven by the mills
Thermal machining system that cuts engineering alloys faster and with less energy than conventional milling
Machining and Metal Cutting : 02 May, 2011
Andy Trimmer, a chemical engineer at the GE Global Research Process Systems Lab operates the Blue Arc thermal machining system that cuts engineering alloys faster and with less energy than conventional milling. An engine blisk for a GE CF34-8 regional-jet engine illustrates the precision machining required for such engineered products. Now, GE is exploring licensing opportunities for BlueArc, with machine builders and OEMs who would deploy as a roughing process for other operations, It predicts similar benefits from reductions in machining cycle time; lower tooling costs, and the opportunity to implement lean manufacturing concepts.
EU price hikes have run out of steam
Steel (General) : 20 April, 2011
Steel price rises have stalled in the European market. Increased selling values sought by the domestic producers have not been implemented and figures have, in fact, slipped.
European Commission project looks at fibre reinforced composites for transport infrastructure
Advanced Composites (General) : 20 April, 2011
Huntsman Advanced Materials is a partner in the Trans-IND project, a European Commission funded 4 year programme dedicated to enabling the industrialisation of components for transport infrastructure using fibre reinforced (FRP) based materials.
High performance composites: pocket-sized reference guides to reinforcement and chemical resistance published by Owens Corning
Glass Fibres : 19 April, 2011
Owens Corning has published two comprehensive guides to help end-users select the best glass fibre for use in their applications. The Composite Solutions Reinforcement Guide provides information about processes, products and applications, while the Glass Fiber Reinforcement Chemical Resistance Guide includes data about the effect of corrosive chemicals on different glass fibres.
Steel use in 2012 in the developed world forecast to be 14% below 2007 levels
Steel (General) : 18 April, 2011
The World Steel Association (worldsteel) today released its April 2011 short range outlook (SRO) for 2011 and 2012. worldsteel forecasts that apparent steel use will increase by 5.9% to 1,359 mmt in 2011, following 13.2% growth in 2010. In 2012, it is forecast that world steel demand will grow further by 6.0% to reach a new record of 1,441 mmt.
Fast chemical dissolution studied by X-raying
Surface Engineering : 14 April, 2011
A breakthrough in the study of chemical reactions during etching and coating of materials was achieved by a research group headed by Kiel physicist, Professor Olaf Magnussen.
Ultra-stiff polycarbonate sheet launched at Dutch design and technology expo
Engineering Plastics : 13 April, 2011
At the Stadia Design & Technology Expo Sabic Innovative Plastics has announced of its latest polycarbonate (PC) sheet technology for stadium roofing.
European industry meets 10-year sustainable development targets for 'unrecyclable' PVC
Polymer Recycling : 12 April, 2011
The European PVC industry has announced the final progress report of its 10 year sustainable development voluntary commitment.
Application Note: FT-IR instrumentation takes on responsibility for its own performance verification
Inspection and Test Equipment : 07 April, 2011
Increased confidence for scientists from FT-IR instrumentation in their results during Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) testing means they are able to focus on handling the ever growing number of samples produced and letting the responsibility for performance verification go to the instrument itself.
Global flat steel products see 3.3% price rise, but China and Turkey buck the trend
Steel (General) : 06 April, 2011
Flat product steel prices around the world rose this month. The increases were attributed to the high cost of raw materials. However, real demand has not improved and many customers have been unwilling to accept the large mill list price hikes. Out of the 28 countries MEPS (International) Ltd. conducts price investigations for, only China and Turkey recorded negative selling figures in March.
March's nickel price collapse unsettles stainless steel market
Steel (General) : 06 April, 2011
The LME nickel price plummeted from nearly US$29,000 per tonne on 5 March to just above US$25,000 per tonne on March 15. This will create negative pressure on stainless steel transaction values in the near term. In Europe, the alloy surcharge for type 304 flat products in April is down by between
Power cables light the future path of superconductivity
Professional Society : 04 April, 2011
One hundred years ago in April 2011, superconductivity was discovered in the lab of Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. Since then many more materials have shown to be superconducting, providing new applications and creating a new realm of physics.
Aluminium as a conductor - the benefits increase as copper prices soar
Conductors and Busbars : 02 April, 2011
With the price of copper widely predicted to break through the $10,000(US) per tonne mark, Legrand has underlined the benefits of its aluminium Zucchini busbars and cast resin transformers.
Future Chinese demand for iron ore could have been under-estimated by over 100 mt
Steel (General) : 23 March, 2011
Under-reporting in the Chinese steel industry means that market analysts could have under-estimated China
Electrolyte suitable for thin-film printing set to revolutionise battery construction
Batteries and Fuel Cells : 19 March, 2011
A company in Orlando, Florida, USA, called Planar Energy, is about to complete a pilot production line that could eventually lead to smaller, cheaper, more powerful batteries for consumer electronics. Planar has discovered a solid electrolyte it believes is suitable for thin-film printing.
Global stainless steel melting activities increases to new record high
Stainless Steel : 07 March, 2011
The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) today released the preliminary stainless steel crude steel production figures for the full year 2010.
Indian steel prices rose sharply in February 2011
Steel (General) : 06 March, 2011
India, steel product quotations increased dramatically in February. The price rises have been attributed to successive hikes in raw material costs.
MEPS global steel price index jumps ten percent in February 2011
Steel (General) : 06 March, 2011
Good overall demand helped mills in all regions to implement price hikes in February as they attempted to recover their escalating input costs. Weakening of the US dollar against many Asian and EU currencies added to the upward trend in the calculated MEPS average transaction values.
CBI believes robust intellectual property system critical for growth
Government Departments : 06 March, 2011
The UK has a world-class Intellectual Property (IP) framework, which must be maintained to support continuing investment and growth, the CBI says. In its submission to the Independent Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, the UK
Skills shortage particularly concerns German companies, as nanotechnology companies to raise staff numbers again
Nanotechnology : 28 February, 2011
The latest economic data survey of the IVAM Microtechnology Network confirms how well the microtechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials industry in Europe has recovered from the economic and financial crisis.
New monthly scrap & semi-finished steel report from MEPS
Steel (General) : 28 February, 2011
Ferrous scrap transaction values fell in the European Union and India in February. Effective selling figures in the US domestic market also declined. The downward movement was the result of smaller buying volumes by local mills. Most purchased a substantial quantity of material in January.
Steel prices continue to shadow raw materials costs in the BRIC countries
Steel (General) : 28 February, 2011
The average increase of BRIC nation steel prices, published by MEPS (International), was 4.2 percent in February. The main driver for this was the large hikes witnessed in Russia.
Printed Electronics in Asia - the hot sectors
Printed Electronics : 25 October, 2010
The display business is huge and there is significant progress and development by East Asian companies in a number of different printed display technologies.
Developments in polymer-based materials for energy storage
Batteries and Fuel Cells : 23 October, 2008
Developments at Penn State, MIT and Delft are leading the way in fundamental research into new ways of managing electrical energy. Traditional ceramic materials have high weight and are very fragile, whereas mobile electronics need light weight electrical energy storage
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