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Chemical Island starts on schedule
Adhesives : 24 August, 2005
Production has started on schedule at Eka Bahia in Brazil, the plant operated by Akzo Nobel's Pulp and Paper Chemicals business, Eka Chemicals, which is producing chemicals for the Veracel pulp mill.
Eka Chemicals divests Kemi-Intressen
Adhesives : 03 August, 2005
Eka Chemicals and Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH, Hamburg, have announced that NRC has taken over all of the shares in the company Kemi-Intressen AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eka, effective as of August 1, 2005.
U.S. Chemicals business wins award
Adhesives : 16 June, 2005
Akzo Nobel Chemicals in the United States has won a major supplier award for the fifth year in a row.
Safety award for chemicals business
Adhesives : 10 June, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Chemicals business in the United States has won an award for its safe handling of hazardous chemicals.
Salt plant becomes world's biggest
Adhesives : 30 May, 2005
Akzo Nobel's salt plant in Hengelo, the Netherlands, has become the biggest vacuum salt factory in the world following the official opening of a new extension.
Marketing agreement signed
Adhesives : 30 May, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Chelates and Micronutrients business has signed a global marketing agreement with Norwegian fertilizer producer Yara International ASA.
Eka Chemicals wins U.S. award
Adhesives : 12 April, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Eka Chemicals business in the United States has won a safe transportation award for the ninth year in a row.
Ningbo site wins award
Adhesives : 30 March, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Cross-linking Peroxides plant in Ningbo, China, has been presented with an environmental award.
Eka Chemicals' site in Norway has been presented with an award in recognition of successful safety work
Adhesives : 03 March, 2005
Employees at Eka Chemicals' Mo i Rana site in Norway have been presented with an award in recognition of their successful safety work.
Successful launch for pilot plant
Adhesives : 21 January, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Base Chemicals business has successfully launched the first phase of a pilot hydrogen power plant with project partner NedStack.
Salt plant breaks production record
Adhesives : 14 January, 2005
Akzo Nobel's Salt plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, set a new production record during 2004.
Plants reach safety milestones
Adhesives : 15 December, 2004
Two joint venture operations involving Akzo Nobel's Energy business recently passed important safety milestones.
Dutch sites open their doors
Adhesives : 25 October, 2004
Four of Akzo Nobel's sites in the Netherlands opened their doors over the weekend as part of a national Chemical Open Day event.
Plant construction begins in Delfzijl
Adhesives : 20 October, 2004
The construction of Akzo Nobel's new chlorine and monochloroacetic acid plants has started in Delfzijl, the Netherlands.
Salt spices up theater show
Adhesives : 13 October, 2004
Sceneography student Pepijn Rozing had a dilemma. He was designing a theater production based on Richard Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman and wanted to symbolize the sea in an unconventional but eye-catching way.
Eka to take over chlorine dioxide production at Aspa Bruk
Adhesives : 29 September, 2004
Eka Chemicals has reached an agreement with Smurfit Munksj
Methanor has reached a 20 million ton production milestone
Adhesives : 03 September, 2004
A methanol manufacturing business, which is operated as a three-way joint venture including Akzo Nobel, has reached a 20 million ton production milestone.
Eka Chemicals enters partnership with Ecochlor
Adhesives : 02 September, 2004
Eka Chemicals has signed exclusive agreements with Ecochlor Inc to develop and market systems to treat ballast water, based on proven chlorine dioxide technology.
3M adhesives provide unique solutions for design and construction of high-quality buildings
Adhesives : 13 July, 2004
Adhesive materials help commercial signage
Adhesives : 13 July, 2004
Both VHB tape and Scotch-Weld EPX adhesive from 3M offer designers cost-effective and resilient alternatives for multiple sign formats.
Three new acrylic double-coated tapes
Adhesives : 15 April, 2004
Opening the way to greater performance choice in the marketplace, 3M has given Europe-wide introduction to three newly developed Acrylic Double Coated Tapes.
Permanent bonding for commercial signage
Adhesives : 02 February, 2004
Permanent bonding solutions offering cost and performance benefits for commercial signage.
Faster, lower cost glass panel bonding solution for demountable partitions
Adhesives : 19 December, 2003
Able to be used for both small and large size modules, 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape provides a high strength attachment method that allows flush glazed panels to be securely bonded to metal partition frames.
Core module bonding solutions that meet all Smart Card application needs
Adhesives : 16 December, 2003
The development of smarter and greater data-rich modules has presented the smart card industry with a range of new challenges. Chief among them is the attachment of the micro modules to the broader span of plastic substrates now being exploited by the industry.
Unique UV curable screen printable adhesive
Adhesives : 21 November, 2003
Eliminating or minimizing the impact of these issues and enhancing cost efficiency were the drivers behind the development of 3M SP-7514 UV Screen Printable Adhesive.
Protective mouldings for feet, spacers and stops
Adhesives : 21 November, 2003
3M has introduced a new range of protective mouldings for feet, spacers and stops. The Bumpon Mini-Pack gives users a selection of sizes and colours in more convenient packaged quantities.
Protecting surfaces during production and outfitting of sailing craft
Adhesives : 30 September, 2003
surface protection films provide an effective shield for high value, quality craft. Surface protection films give major cost and time savings to yacht and motorboat builders and outfitters that ensures an A1 appearance on completion or redelivery to its owner.
Maintaining the pre-delivery surface quality of wooden furniture
Adhesives : 30 September, 2003
Surface protection films provide a simple, economic solution to eliminate the risk of spoiled products. Easily applied, and removed, from wooden work tops, tables and chairs, these films shield, protect and preserve surfaces efficiently in the complete spectrum of pre-delivery environments.
Critical protection for aircraft
Adhesives : 30 September, 2003
3M Polyurethane Protective Tapes have been constructed to satisfy the broad range of aircraft surfaces requirement shielding.
Ensuring the surface quality of electrical and electronic equipment
Adhesives : 30 September, 2003
Sensitive surfaces feature in virtually all electronic and electrical products that incorporate screens, lenses or viewing windows. The solution to minimising this risk and the consequent costs incurred by product damage is surface protection film.
Keeping up appearances with a perfect facade
Adhesives : 25 September, 2003
3M VHB adhesive tape as a fixing method meet all of the criteria for bonding strength and ability to handle the weight loading in construction applications, as well as weathering and ageing performance. It has been used in building and construction applications for about 10 years and has a good track record.
Two-component adhesive revolutionises structural bonding of plastics
Adhesives : 01 September, 2003
The difficulties associated with materials exhibiting low surface energy such as polyethylene and polypropylene, are now to become a thing of the past with the launch of a new two-part adhesive from 3M that delivers a high strength structural bond on such plastics.
Novel quadro nozzle for two-part adhesive applicator
Adhesives : 01 September, 2003
3M is introducing a new quadro mixing nozzle for its EPX adhesive dispenser system to make the application process easier and to improve material usage.
On board the salt ship
Adhesives : 21 May, 2003
Every week, Akzo Nobel ships thousands of tons of salt from its plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, to Rotterdam. Luc Smeets climbed on board the Quo Vadis to experience life on deck during one of the regular sailings.
Durable, permanent bonding of powder coated surfaces
Adhesives : 09 May, 2003
3M has extended its range of high strength double-sided VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes with new products that perform under high oven temperatures, offer greater flexibility, with the opportunity to reduce costs on powder coating production lines. For the first time in a tape, they provide the durability and strength of mechanical fasteners such as rivets and screws, without damaging painted finishes.
Planting the seeds of innovation- how the history of 3M helped define its future
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
After overcoming many serious setbacks in its formative years, it took 14 years for 3M to become profitable. But once it did, the company continued to grow beyond anything its founders dreamed.
Ingenuity with purpose
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
What do scrubbing pads and thermal insulation have in common? How about overhead projectors and airplanes? It
3M makes a difference
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
3M is probably best known for inventing two of the most ubiquitous office products of the 20th century: Scotch transparent tapes and Post-it Notes. But there are many lesser known 3M products and technologies in dozens of other markets
Making things stick
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
No one thinks much about advanced technology when popping up a piece of tape from a dispenser to wrap a gift. The tape, after all, is simply a clear plastic strip that
The building blocks of specialised technologies
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
Advanced materials, primarily comprising ceramics and polymers, are best described as substances with special properties. They are building blocks for an enormous range of applications.
Fuel cells spurring a potent approach to power generation
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
Thanks to its strengths in materials R&D, its broad manufacturing technology platforms and its ability to consistently coat large surfaces with ultrathin films, the company can bring specialized technical strength to fuel cell manufacturers.
Harnessing light efficiently
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
By tailoring hundreds of layers of transparent polymer materials to have specific properties at the interfaces of the layers, films can be produced with reflectivity characteristics never before achieved
3M’s microreplication technology
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
Invisible to the naked eye, tiny microreplicated surfaces work behind the scenes, enhancing our everyday lives without receiving credit for their good deeds.
Web technology of another kind
Adhesives : 23 April, 2003
Of all the technologies that have contributed to 3M
Viscoelastic biadhesive helps reduce railway noise pollution
Adhesives : 26 March, 2003
Increasingly stringent rules governing noise emissions led Lucchini Sidermeccanica, a leading Italian manufacturer of railway products, to investigate how the noise generated by rolling stock could be reduced. The company
Adhesives enhance new railcar design
Adhesives : 17 December, 2002
Durable, permanent bonding of powder coated surfaces
Adhesives : 11 December, 2002
3M has expanded its range of patented High Bond adhesive tapes with the launch of a new high performance VHB tape specially developed for use with powder coated surfaces.
Engineering adhesive tape aids competitiveness in the professional kitchen sector
Adhesives : 22 November, 2002
In the kitchen supplies industry Artinox patented Inox stainless steel shelving is set to replace varnished iron shelving, which for certain uses is not capable of meeting the maximum hygiene-sanitary standards. The shelving is noted for its innovative simplicity, eliminating bolts or other metal fixing through the use of 3M adhesive tape.
Reliability makes engineered adhesives the complementary choice over mechanical fasteners
Adhesives : 22 November, 2002
Traditionally screwing, riveting and welding have been the established techniques used for assemblies demanding high bonding strength and durability. However, designers and engineers across a broad industry spectrum are discovering the amazing capabilities of double sided acrylic foam tapes.
Bright new future in decorative glass
Adhesives : 22 November, 2002
Decoration of glass has been made easy with 3M Accentrim adhesive tapes. Specially developed for glass manufacturers and companies specializing in glass decoration, these unique tapes give the appearance of traditional beveling and brilliant cutting with none of its limitations.
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