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ABB demonstrates its latest development in fully coordinated, multiple-robot manufacturing systems
Asbestos : 25 March, 2007
Shorter cycle times, improved quality and more-efficient production concepts are just some of the benefits. At the heart of the system is ABB
Space-saving design optimised for high speed packing operations on moving conveyors
Asbestos : 24 March, 2007
Based on the IRB 2400, an already proven and reliable robot, the IRB 260 uses the same ABB motion control in combination with conveyor tracking and vision technology to provide the ideal packaging unit.
ABB low voltage products has introduced three new wallcharts
Asbestos : 23 March, 2007
Containing comprehensive information including selection tables and calculations, the charts explain how to correctly size and select circuit breakers for transformer, generator and power factor correction applications.
Critical food related issues governing implementation of robotic and automated manufacturing
Asbestos : 22 March, 2007
Food manufacturing continues to experience the seemingly opposing demands of meeting high consumer expectation at the lowest possible cost. To this end, the food industry is increasingly becoming aware of the need to use advanced food manufacturing technologies that will allow greater process flexibility and reduce both energy and waste costs.
ABB and Severn Trent Water awarded for Best Environmental Initiative of the Year
Asbestos : 21 March, 2007
ABB and Severn Trent Water have won the Electrical Industry Awards 2006 for
Robot cell adds polish to pump manufacturer
Asbestos : 20 March, 2007
ABB, has designed and developed a robot-based application solution for pump manufacturer Alfa Laval Ltd, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, which is both labour saving and cleaner than the previous, manually-intensive production methods that were employed.
ABB's HVL low voltage limiters provide both personnel & equipment protection for DC traction systems
Asbestos : 19 March, 2007
ABB's new generation hybrid voltage limiter low voltage limiters, that combine an metal oxide surge arrester without gaps and a thyristor-based low voltage limiter, have been developed to ensure effective protection of personnel and equipment in DC traction systems. They fulfil all the requirements for voltage limitation while reducing touch potentials to harmless levels.
ABB MagMaster reaches 500,000 and still not out
Asbestos : 18 March, 2007
After over 15 years and thousands of installations worldwide, ABB is celebrating the production of its 500,000th MagMaster flow meter transmitter unit. This milestone was marked with a special presentation to Anglian Water at ABB
Co-ordinated approach to preventive maintenance project proves its worth for Chevron
Asbestos : 17 March, 2007
ABB's new re-manufacturing service provides power transformers with a new lease of life
Asbestos : 16 March, 2007
ABB has launched a transformer re-manufacturing service that offers a new lease of life for ageing or faulty power transformers, enabling them to be completely rebuilt and returned to as-new condition, or even upgraded to a higher specification.
ABB Robotics 'Productivity Days' put manufacturers on the right track!
Asbestos : 15 March, 2007
'Take a day-off
ABB wins
Asbestos : 14 March, 2007
ABB has secured a turnkey contract valued at just over
ABB provides turnkey robotic solution in
Asbestos : 13 March, 2007
ABB has supplied five robotic cells to Birmingham-based Lander Automotive Ltd, a leading supplier of welded tubular structures to the automotive industry. The robots, which form the core of a project worth around
ABB MV equipment heads for the Niger Delta
Asbestos : 12 March, 2007
ABB has been awarded a contract by Lilleker Brothers Ltd, the Rotherham based electrical installation and power engineering company, to supply a complete package of MV switchgear and transformers for a distribution substation project in the oil-rich Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria.
ABB in Aberdeen supports Hanover Street primary Lacrosse Initiative
Asbestos : 11 March, 2007
ABB Limited generously agreed to donate
ABB's HV surge arrester retrofit service provides lightning protection for outdoor substations
Asbestos : 10 March, 2007
ABB has developed a specialist surge arrester retrofit service that enables the transformer circuits in outdoor high voltage substations, typically up to 400kV, to be upgraded to a high level of protection against the damaging over-voltages created by lightning strikes.
National Grid awards
Asbestos : 09 March, 2007
National Grid has awarded ABB a contract worth around
United Utilities adopt UMC22-FBP motor controllers to manage wastewater Treatment Works
Asbestos : 16 August, 2006
2006-08-16, Improved control delivered by ABB
ABB wins major MV switchgear order for Network Rail substation and feeder sites in the South East
Asbestos : 15 August, 2006
2006-08-15, ABB has secured an order worth around
Industry leader sells 5,000th UK robot
Asbestos : 30 July, 2006
The robot, part of a package of three IRB 340 FlexPickers, will form an element of an end-of-line picking solution for Allied Bakeries, designed and developed by RTS Flexible Systems.
Removing the safety barriers from robots
Asbestos : 27 July, 2006
The SafeMove concept comes about as a result of the continuing evolution of safety standards for robot and automation systems. Today, traditional safety systems require more guarding, more emergency stops and more equipment to separate the operator from the robot. These concepts are restrictive expensive and often inefficient.
Jaguar benefits from
Asbestos : 27 July, 2006
ABB has revolutionised traditional car body seam sealing, soundproofing and under body sealing operations at the Jaguar assembly plant in Castle Bromwich, by installing a fully automated six-axis robot-based facility.
Advanced robots spearhead new Freelander production
Asbestos : 23 July, 2006
ABB has won a contract from the Ford Motor Company's Premier Automotive Group for the supply of six-axis robots for a new manufacturing project at the Halewood plant.
Drive replacement pays for itself at Severn Trent
Asbestos : 23 July, 2006
Severn Trent Water is saving thousands of pounds in energy and maintenance costs since replacing two old drives from the 1980s with the latest ABB standard drives at its Ladywood sewage pumping station in Ironbridge, Shropshire.
Monitor + Diagnose your ABB robots remotely
Asbestos : 22 July, 2006
ABB AnyWhere is a software package designed to remotely connect your robot production cell with the local ABB Customer Support Desk, thereby streamlining the way that robot problems are diagnosed and solved.
New athletic robot bends over backwards to please
Asbestos : 22 July, 2006
Specially designed for fast and accurate handling operations across a diverse range of industrial tasks, the IRB 1600 is a backward-bending, steam-washable robot, with optional IP 67 classification. It is available in four versions, with a reach of 1.2m or 1.45m, and a maximum payload of 10 kgs. Its high payload makes the IRB 1600 the strongest robot on the market in its class.
ABB new robot-based technology fitting the mould for the plastics industry
Asbestos : 21 July, 2006
ABB, the global power and automation technologies group, brings a showcase of robots and support products dedicated to increasing manufacturing efficiency within the plastics industry.
ABB expands relay range with addition of motor protection device
Asbestos : 21 July, 2006
Designed primarily for motor applications ranging from 500kW to 2MW, the REM610 motor protection relay features a range of integrated functions for protection against motor damage.
ABB robot partners team up to supply World Clas' materials handling systems
Asbestos : 20 July, 2006
ABB has linked up with Castle Bromwich-based specialised automation company, RNA Automation Ltd, and Svensk Industriautomation AB, to supply six-axis robots for a new collaborative venture between the companies.
New Port Ham substation passes key milestone with energisation of interconnector circuit
Asbestos : 20 July, 2006
Central Networks'
AC drives breathe new life into Severn Trent sewage treatment
Asbestos : 19 July, 2006
Over 65% energy saving and a payback of only seven months has been achieved by Severn Trent following the replacement of three, 37kW AC drives on water process pumps.
ABB launches innovative PASS MO 145kV substation switchgear module for the UK
Asbestos : 19 July, 2006
Plug and switch system hybrid AIS and GIS concept provides a fully integrated and self-contained switchgear module which can cut the space required for a new substation by up to 70 percent.
ABB energises final outgoing circuit as NEDL's new 132kV GIS Norton project nears completion
Asbestos : 18 July, 2006
The new 132kV Norton substation is not only one of the first to be constructed by a customer Distribution Network Operator under new regulations, it is also probably the largest and most strategically important project ever undertaken by NEDL.
Robot- mounted camera makes new inspection system infinitely flexible
Asbestos : 18 July, 2006
A revolutionary new inspection system utilising a robot-mounted camera, is providing a unique approach to the examination, integrity and traceability of mass manufactured assemblies, according to system developers Goldlogic Control Systems Ltd, of Worsley, Manchester.
A new six-axis shelf robot ideal for tending mid-size injection moulding machines
Asbestos : 17 July, 2006
In contrast to conventional six-axis robots, shelf robots have their principal working envelope below the foot. Thus, from its elevated position on top or adjacent to the IMM, the IRB 4450S reaches more than 1m below its foot, providing quick and easy access to the workpiece or to the die in the machine.
ABB transformers and switchgear will connect Hadyard Hill windfarm development to the grid
Asbestos : 17 July, 2006
ABB power transformers and associated high voltage switchgear and control equipment will play a key role in connecting Scottish and Southern Energy's new
New drives are recycled in accordance with the Environment
Asbestos : 16 July, 2006
As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, ABB collects old drives that have been replaced by newer ABB models, or even those produced by other manufacturers, and dismantles them.
New Internal Dressing robot for spot welding and materials handling
Asbestos : 16 July, 2006
ABB introduces the IRB 6600ID (Internal Dressing) robot, a spot welding and materials handling robot with the facility to route process cables inside the upper arm, thus eliminating cable wear and protecting against weld spatters, heat and collisions.
New ABB IRB 1600 set to mould the future in flexibility and all round performance
Asbestos : 16 July, 2006
Suitable for plastic injection moulding machines from 100 to 250 tons ABB, the global power and automation technologies group, introduces the latest addition to its 'small robot' family, the IRB 1600. An 'athletic', cost competitive all-rounder, the IRB 1600 is ABB's most versatile and flexible performer to date.
New drives & motors
Asbestos : 15 July, 2006
The full colour publication provides technical details on ABB's range of low voltage AC drives from 0.18 to 2,800 kW as well as motors from 0.06 to 710 kW. It also presents ABB's range of DC and medium voltage AC drives. Ordering data, dimensions, options and electrical details are included. Prices for 2006 are listed for the majority of products.
New ABB switch range is up to 48% smaller
Asbestos : 15 July, 2006
ABB has extended its compact range of switches as part of its on-going replacement program for the OETL and OESA ranges. Up to 48% smaller in size, the OS and OT switches are ideal for applications where time, cost and space are at a premium.
ABB to supply new control system upgrade for Corus
Asbestos : 15 July, 2006
ABB has won an order to upgrade the Queen Victoria blast furnace control system at Corus' Scunthorpe steel works. The existing control system, ABB MasterPiece 200 with MasterView 850 operator stations, has provided a reliable service since it was commissioned in 1988 and is now being replaced with the latest ABB System 800xA, including two AC450 controllers.
ABB motor controls keep sewage recycling process running
Asbestos : 14 July, 2006
The company has supplied
ABB new drives give greener steel transport for Corus
Asbestos : 14 July, 2006
Two ABB drives, using fibre optic communications and Profibus DP, are helping Corus to accurately position two coil shuttle cars ahead of the hot dipping production lines, enabling the company to reduce the need for road haulage, providing a far more efficient steel coil delivery system.
New WebWare 4.6 helps track production resources
Asbestos : 14 July, 2006
WebWare helps customers keep track of their production resources by gathering data from ABB controllers, PLCs, and other plant-floor devices. It makes this data easily accessible through Microsoft Internet Explorer, allowing customers to safeguard and optimise their investment in robotics.
Freedom of the Seas - powered and propelled by ABB
Asbestos : 13 July, 2006
The world's largest cruise liner, Freedom of the Seas, sets off on her maiden transatlantic voyage, powered and propelled by ABB electrical and propulsion systems. The 158,000 ton luxury liner is the biggest cruise ship ever built in terms of both gross tonnage and passenger capacity. It carries 4,370 guests and 1,360 crew on 18 decks and at a cruising speed of 21.6 knots.
New ABB low voltage products wallchart makes circuit breaker selection simple
Asbestos : 13 July, 2006
ABB low voltage products has introduced three new wallcharts to help take the confusion out of circuit breaker selection. Containing comprehensive information including selection tables and calculations, the charts explain how to correctly size and select circuit breakers for transformer, generator and power factor correction applications.
Powerful new robot provides perfect palletising
Asbestos : 13 July, 2006
ABB introduces the IRB 660, a state-of-the-art, dedicated palletising robot combining an extremely rapid cycle time with a 3.15 m reach and 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletising bags, boxes, crates, bottles and more.
How to save energy at a wastewater works
Asbestos : 12 July, 2006
Severn Trent Water, the world's fourth largest privately owned water company, achieved a 65 percent energy saving with ABB drives at a U.K. wastewater treatment plant. So great were the benefits of the three ABB standard drives that the customer set up an Energy Saving Project Group to look at replacing and upgrading existing drives throughout its network of 1,000 wastewater treatment plants in the U.K.
ABB delivers the power for Domino's Pizza's growing business
Asbestos : 12 July, 2006
ABB has completed a
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