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Optical inspection system for advanced fibre reinforced plastics
Inspection and Test Equipment : 19 April, 2015
At Hannover Messe 2015 Vitronic presented a new system for automated optical 2D/3D position detection and quality inspection for CFRP and GFRP cuts and components used in production processes. Examples of components from the automotive industry will be shown where the systems are already being successfully used.
Measurement system for carbon fibre aircraft wing box sections
Inspection and Test Equipment : 28 December, 2014
Oil & gas pipe measurement specialist Optical Metrology Services (OMS) has developed a non-contact, laser-based dimensional measurement system for aircraft wing boxes (horizontal stabilisers) and other similar shaped systems.
Engineering design platform enables PSA Peugeot CitroŽn to reinforce zero-defect strategy
CAD Design Software : 28 November, 2014
PSA Peugeot CitroŽn is intensifying the use of Dassault Systèmes' Delmia digital manufacturing platform to help simplify the design process of its body-in-white division, specifically focusing on right-first-time robotics planning.
Imaging technique can detect acoustically invisible cracks
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 08 October, 2014
The next generation of aircraft could be thinner and lighter, thanks to the development of a new imaging technique that could detect damage previously invisible to acoustic imaging systems.
Researchers watch molecules from smart materials wiggle in real-time
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 08 October, 2014
A new crystallographic technique called time-resolved crystallography is being used at the University of Leeds to transform scientists’ ability to observe how molecules work. The method allows reaearchers to observe changes within the structure of molecules. Although fast time-resolved crystallography (Laue crystallography) has previously been possible, it has required advanced instrumentation that is only available at three sites worldwide. Only a handful of proteins have been studied using the traditional technique.
Analytical, optimisation software reduces weight of NASA’s Orion crew vehicle
Design Software : 07 October, 2014
At the 2014 Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) (previously SAMPE), Collier Research Corporation is demonstrating a key software program used to reduce weight on the heat shield of NASA’s Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle. The show runs from 13 to 16 October at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florlda.
Magnetostrictive materials optimised by multi-physics simulation
Finite Element Analysis : 14 May, 2014
Materials that demonstrate different responses to varying external stimuli are known as "smart materials,’ and their discovery has led to the creation of products that perform on a whole new level. These engineered materials are developed to perform smarter and more efficiently than their predecessors, allowing materials to be designed based on the products and environments in which they will be used. Using Comsol, Etrema researchers were able to find a design that was optimised for the competing requirements of both the AC and DC magnetics.
Casting process fluid flow solver is faster and more accurate
Design Software : 17 November, 2013
ESI Group has released ProCast 2013.5, along with its dedicated user environment Visual-Cast 9.0, both designed to enable foundries to improve casting yield and quality thanks to more efficient processes and solvers.
JEC Composites Exhibition: Innovative thermal treatment of carbon fibre composite materials
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 26 March, 2013
Precise process parameters and reliability are of great importance for the production of high-quality CFRP aviation structures, as for example helicopter cockpits made from carbon fibre-reinforded plastic material. For this challeging application, Vötsch Industrietechnik offers customised ovens, as well as seven model sizes of the standard series VTU. These can be supplied with a working chamber of between 200 and 8000 litres and nominal temperatures of 250, 300 and 350C.
Acquisitions and diversification strategy helps Delcam win third Queen
CAM Software : 25 April, 2011
Delcam, the developer of CADCAM software has been presented with the company
Portable device for quality assurance testing of thermoplastics
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 07 April, 2011
Lacerta Technology Limited is the new company behind the identiPol QA, the portable device for the simple and cost-effective quality assurance testing of thermoplastics.
Application Note: FT-IR instrumentation takes on responsibility for its own performance verification
Inspection and Test Equipment : 07 April, 2011
Increased confidence for scientists from FT-IR instrumentation in their results during Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) testing means they are able to focus on handling the ever growing number of samples produced and letting the responsibility for performance verification go to the instrument itself.
Software for cutting and punching operations increases power and speed of Lantek CAD/CAM system
CAM Software : 06 April, 2011
Lantek has released the latest version of its sheet metal and profile cutting and punching software, Lantek Expert 2011.
Delcam achieves record sales and increased profits for 2011, but doveish about 2011
CAD Design Software : 25 March, 2011
Delcam is pleased to announce that the company achieved record sales in the year to 31 December, 2010. Sales for the period grew to
Cost-effective reverse engineering with PowerSHAPE Pro
CAD Design Software : 23 March, 2011
Delcam has taken reverse engineering software to a new level of affordability by combining the functionality from its CopyCAD reverse engineering package into the 2011 release of its PowerSHAPE Pro CAD system.
Cam system improves productivity by 30% at precision parts manufacturer
CAM Software : 22 March, 2011
The GibbsCAM system at Double M Engineering in High Wycombe has enabled the company to produce CNC programs in 10 minutes instead of an hour or more,
Lantek ends 2010 with a 34% increase in turnover
CAD Design Software : 22 March, 2011
Lantek, specialising in the development and marketing of integrated CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the sheet metal sector, recently held its annual conference in which the 2010 results were presented, as well as the corporate strategy for 2011. In 2010, Lantek saw a 34% increase in turnover, (10.58 million euros). This figure exceeded the forecasts for the year and illustrates the recovery of any ground lost the previous year due to the worldwide financial crisis and the particular difficulties faced by the sheet metal sector. This
Nickel traders, not market fundamentals, driving stainless steel prices, says MEPS
CAD Design Software : 02 March, 2011
Stainless steel basis prices are increasing, on top of a rapid climb in alloy surcharges over recent months, although there has been no significant upturn in real demand reported from any part of the world.
Testing applications laboratory produces detailoed engineering rfeports
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 09 February, 2011
InterTech Development Company ( is a world leader in automated testing with 7 patented mass flow and hydraulic technologies, as well as, helium mass spectrometry (accredited to meet ISO-Materials engineers developing products with stringent requirements for functional performance tests of all products prior to market release who are seeking more realistic return-on-investment projections for expansion of global manufacturing facilities, can now get no-cost detailed engineering reports projecting ways to reduce costs while maintaining highest quality standards from InterTech Development Company
North-American market eases as production costs escalate
CAD Design Software : 25 October, 2010
Although raw steel output was climbing steadily as blast furnaces were relit, the economy remained depressed, leading to a persistently low level of steel consumption.
Validate your laboratory test methods!
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 25 October, 2010
The Zwick Roell Group is inviting international companies to register for participation in a round robin test entitled,
Measuring light in lumens tells how bright a bulb will be
Physical Property Measurement : 05 September, 2010
On 1 September 2010, EU legislation comes into force requiring lighting to be labelled in terms of lumens, instead of electrical watts.
NPL unveils improved means of measuring ultrasonic cleaning systems
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 12 August, 2010
NPL has developed the CaviMeter - a new improved instrument for measuring the performance of ultrasonic cleaning systems.
Compression testing machine helps optimise diamond mining processes
Inspection and Test Equipment : 16 January, 2009
Even though diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material, it is still very brittle. This is a problem during mining, as the comminution, separation and transport processes can all cause damage to the valuable product. Now, international diamond producer De Beers is using a Zwick compression testing machine to analyse how diamonds break during mining.
To design a progressive die to produce an automotive component with a narrow stock width
Design Software : 01 August, 2007
ESI integrates RTM simulation in CATIA V5 working environment for AirbusPAM-RTM for CATIA V5
Design Software : 31 July, 2007
ESI Group integrates RTM simulation in the CATIA V5 working environment for AirbusPAM-RTM for CATIA V5, a software program used for simulation of manufacturing composite components formed by injection molding.
ESI Group announces the release of ProCASTProCAST
Design Software : 30 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce the new release of ProCAST 2006, the leading finite element software package for foundry simulation. This new version brings additional new features in meshing, processing capabilities and numerous improvements in product performance.
ESI Group announces Visual Environment, a major breakthrough in multi-disciplinary simulation
Design Software : 29 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310), pioneer and world leading provider of digital simulation software, based on the physics of materials, releases Visual Environment a proven virtual product design solution articulated around openess and extended interoperability with tier simulation solutions.
Design Software : 28 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) the technology leader in the field of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics, announces the release of V2007 of CFD products. ESI's Advanced CFD solutions include CFD-ACE+ for multidisciplinary and multi-physics simulation, CFD-FASTRAN for aerodynamic and aerothermodynamic simulation, and CFD-CAD alyze r for CAD integrated CFD simulation.
ESI Group announces PAM-QUIKFORM for CATIA V5
Design Software : 27 July, 2007
ESI Group (ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce that PAM-QUIKFORM for CATIA V5, developed under the CAA V5 Gold Software Partnership Agreement signed with Dassault Syst
One triggers interest of European leading companies in sector of Marine, Aero, Rail & Industrial vehicles
Design Software : 26 July, 2007
ESI Group announces the launch of the European Marine, Aero, Rail and Industrial structures Consortium. Participants of the MARI Consortium include renowned industry leaders such as Alstom, BAE Systems, Bombardier Transportation, QinetiQ, Volvo Group and VTT.
PAM-STAMP 2G 2007 boosts reliability in tool and die design & forming simulation
Design Software : 25 July, 2007
ESI Group(ESIN FR0004110310) is pleased to announce the release of the 2007 version of PAM-STAMP 2G, the virtual manufacturing software
ESI Group announces the latest version of PAM-CRASH 2GPAM-CRASH 2G
Design Software : 24 July, 2007
ESI Group announces the latest version of PAM-CRASH 2GPAM-CRASH 2G brings major innovations to improve accuracy and reduce the product design cycle by offering a new and unique methodology to process more realistic compute models.
VISTAGY announces plans for releasing version 5.0 of its FiberSIM software
CAD Design Software : 08 July, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., creators of specialized engineering software for product design and manufacture, announced its plans for releasing version 5.0 of its FiberSIM software. General availability is scheduled for the middle of the fourth quarter of this year.
Range of precision engineered sample grips and fixtures offered by Lloyd Instruments
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 07 July, 2007
Lloyd Instruments, materials testing specialist, can offer a range of precision engineered sample grips and fixtures to test wires, chains, cables, fibre optic cables and metals at low or high force using the company's universal materials testing instruments.
VISTAGY announces availability of its FiberSIM 4.0 software for use on the CATIA V5 platform
CAD Design Software : 07 July, 2007
The availability of its FiberSIM 4.0 software for use on the CATIA V5 platform has been announced by VISTAGY, Inc., a leader in creating specialized engineering environments for computer-aided design systems.
100 kN LR100K materials testing machine
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 06 July, 2007
Lloyd Instruments has interfaced up to two furnaces to its 100 kN LR100K materials testing machine which allows the tensile strength of materials to be tested not only at high temperature but also at the end of a temperature conditioning cycle.
EnCapta software released by VISTAGY
CAD Design Software : 06 July, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., announced the release of EnCapta software, which extends the power of sophisticated computer-aided-design systems that engineers use to create 3D product geometry.
Special multi-purpose grip developed by Lloyd Instruments
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 05 July, 2007
Lloyd Instruments has developed a special multi-purpose grip for assess the performance of both cut pile and loop pile yarn floor coverings. Used in conjunction with one of the company
FiberSIM/CATIA 3.3 introduced by CDT
CAD Design Software : 05 July, 2007
Composite Design Technologies, Inc., the market leader in creating CAD integrated software solutions for composite design and manufacturing, announced that it has introduced FiberSIM/CATIA 3.3, a new version of its software suite that provides major enhancements in productivity and part performance while significantly increasing its support of leading-edge technologies such as fiber placement and liquid flow modeling.
Jig for easy determination of peel strength of aluminium foil deleoped by Lloyd Instruments
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 04 July, 2007
Lloyd Instruments has developed a special jig for easy determination of peel strength of the aluminium foil on contact lens blister packs. Designed for use primarily with the low force LFPlus single column materials testing machine, the jig features a self-adjusting sliding bed for true 90
Version 3.3 of FiberSIM/UG software announced by CDT
CAD Design Software : 04 July, 2007
Composite Design Technologies, Inc. announced the release of Version 3.3 of FiberSIM/UG software for composite design and manufacturing on the Unigraphics CAD system from Unigraphics Solutions.
Lloyd Instuments' FTPlus friction Ttster
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 03 July, 2007
AMETEK S.A.S. is showing the Lloyd Instruments FTPlus friction tester, for the first time in France.
Providing a seamless link from design to manufacturing
CAD Design Software : 03 July, 2007
The improved Composite Engineering Environment module just introduced by Composite Design Technologies provides its FiberSIM suite of software with the tools necessary to provide a seamless link from design to manufacturing.
Lloyd Instruments
Materials Characterisation and Testing : 02 July, 2007
NEXYGENPlus, Lloyd Instruments
VISTAGY invited to present its Seat Design Environment software
CAD Design Software : 02 July, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc. a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, has been invited to present its Seat Design Environment software to many of the most influential thought-leaders in the transportation interiors industry at the annual International Quality & Productivity Center Innovative Seating in Frankfurt, Germany.
FiberSIM Software selected by Terma for F-35 joint strike fighter composite part design
CAD Design Software : 01 July, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, announced that Denmark-based Terma A/S, Grenaa has selected FiberSIM software for the design and manufacture of complex, highly-engineered composite parts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.
VISTAGY boosts sales force to capitalize on new growth opportunities
CAD Design Software : 30 June, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, announced it has expanded its worldwide sales force to more effectively capitalize on new growth opportunities in the aerospace and automotive design and manufacturing industries.
TAC help VISTAGY continue penetration of Asia Pacific design
CAD Design Software : 29 June, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, announced a partnership with Japanese service provider TAC to offer rapid software support and service for design and manufacturing organizations located in Japan. TAC will service current and potential VISTAGY customers.
64-bit support offered for specialized design software
CAD Design Software : 28 June, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., a leading global provider of specialized engineering software, announced that all its software, including the EnCapta product family and the FiberSIM suite of software, is available for 64-bit Windows x64 editions, optimized for the AMD Opteron processor.
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