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Materials Information and Selection Technology
Materials information management software embeds enterprise materials information experience
Materials Data : 04 January, 2016
Granta Design has announced GRANTA MI Version 9, the latest version of its leading materials information management software, delivering a series of new tools based on extensive experience and feedback from enterprise implementations worldwide. This major annual release rolls-up all the upgrades and updates from the past year, adds further enhancements. Version 9 delivers faster material datasheet load-times and major speed-ups in the import of large data sets relative to in Version 8, while new features enable important engineering workflows.
Materials information can be accessed twice as fast
Materials Data : 23 July, 2015
Granta Design has announced further major performance, deployment, and functional enhancements to its Granta MI Version 8.1 system for enterprise materials information management, including enabling users to access data twice as fast.
Fresh impetus for compliance with anti-pollution measures in China
Market Research : 17 April, 2015
According to MEPS, the Chinese authorities are, at last, exerting pressure on the steel and other polluting sectors to comply with regulations to improve air and water quality. For too long, they say, they have turned a blind eye to malpractices.
Gateway provides faster, easier access to materials data
Materials Information and Selection Software : 04 February, 2015
Granta Design has released Granta MI:Materials Gateway 3.0, its third generation means of accessing managed materials data within Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.
Chinese steel losing some of its competitive edge?
Market Research : 11 November, 2014
UK steel industry analyst MEPS is reporting that, in October 2014, a profound change developed in the relationship between Chinese export steel prices and domestic selling values in the rest of the world.
Application integrates materials knowledge with PLM
Materials Information and Selection Software : 03 July, 2014
At the PTC Live Global event, Granta Design demonstrated a new materials data integration application for the PTC Windchill PLM system. This is the latest in the growing list of leading CAD, CAE, and PLM software supported by dedicated Granta MI:Materials Gateway applications.
Autumn recovery for EU steel prices predicted
Materials Data : 16 June, 2014
The MEPS – All Products Composite EU Carbon Steel Price has fallen to a 51 month low in June 2014. Further small reductions are possible in the coming months. However, an upturn in steel selling values is highlighted in the June issue of the company’s monthly report, European Steel Review and the On-Line Steel Price Forecasting Service.
Symposium: Sensor Technologies for Fatigue, Fracture and Mechanical Testing
Standards : 04 March, 2014
The 4th Symposium on the Evaluation of Existing and New Sensor Technologies for Fatigue, Fracture and Mechanical Testing will be held on 7 and 8 May 2014, at the Sheraton Toronto in Toronto, Canada. The symposium is sponsored by the ASTM International Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture.
New volume of compilation - Fatigue and Fracture of Metallic Medical Materials and Devices
Standards : 11 February, 2014
ASTM International has released the 3rd volume of Fatigue and Fracture of Metallic Materials and Devices.
UK Government-backed nanotechnology products specification published
Standards : 17 January, 2014
Organisations designing, manufacturing, processing, importing and trading nanomaterials and nanotechnology-based products in the UK can now benefit from using PAS 137 Nanomaterials and nanotechnology based products – Guide to regulation and standards. The specification was developed by BSI and was sponsored by BIS (The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills)
World steel prices predicted to rise over the next three years
Market Research : 10 January, 2014
2013 is expected to be the low point in the latest steel price cycle, according to MEPS. A steady economic recovery is anticipated over the next five years. Steel demand growth is predicted as economic activity expands.
Materials software upgrade enhances core tools for managing materials data lifecycle
Materials Information and Selection Software : 08 December, 2013
Granta Design has announced the latest release of Granta MI, the industry standard for materials information management. Version 7 focuses on helping user organizations to deal with engineering realities and enhances core tools for managing the materials data lifecycle.
Modest nickel price increases anticipated for the near term
Market Research : 08 December, 2013
Nickel prices are forecast to rise in the short term despite LME stocks being at record levels, having recently broken through the 250,000 tonne mark for the first time.
Surge of Chinese steel exports to USA predicted in Q4
Materials Data : 17 November, 2013
Steel producers in the United States need to brace themselves for a significant increase in the supply of steel from China in the final quarter of this year. The price differential between domestic prices in the United States and the estimated landed price for exports from China (usually a strong correlation to the volume of imports) has grown steadily during the second half of 2013.
Fatigue standard will facilitate fracture toughness testing
Standards : 10 November, 2013
A new ASTM International Standard will enable fracture toughness testing on defects that are directly analogous to those commonly found in structural applications. ASTM E2899, Test Method for Measurement of Initiation Toughness in Surface Cracks under Tension and Bending, was developed by Subcommittee E08.07 on Fracture Mechanics, part of ASTM International Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture.
Steel prices set to rise annually to 2016
Market Research : 17 October, 2013
MEPS forecasts a recovery in its global steel price over the next three years. In the company's latest long term forecast, it predicts that 2013 will be the low point in this cycle. Consumption should begin to pick up in 2014 as the economic climate improves. Nevertheless, there are a number of difficulties to overcome.
Latest software release speeds up materials selection in early-stage design
Materials Information and Selection Software : 14 October, 2013
Granta Design's release of CES Selector 2014, a new version of the PC software that enables materials experts and product development teams to find and apply materials property data, features an upgraded user interface which helps users find the materials data that they need faster, so that they can plot and compare properties and select the right materials.
Phase II of composite data management project extends support for innovation
Materials Information and Selection Software : 04 October, 2013
Granta Design has announced Phase II of a Project to enable effective management of composite materials information, providing essential support for organisations that are innovating in their use of composites. The Composite Data Management project is driven by the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), a collaboration that develops and applies software to manage mission-critical materials data in the aerospace, defense, and energy sectors. Granta will also speak on this topic at the SAMPE Tech Conference in Wichita, KS (21 to 24 October 2013).
Currency fluctuations dampen ferrous scrap buying sentiment in emerging markets
Materials Data : 04 October, 2013
India, Japan, Russia/CIS, the US and South Africa form the cornerstone of this summary MEPS review of scrap buying markets.
ASTM International Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Standards : 27 August, 2013
The Thirteenth International ASTM/ESIS Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics (39th National Symposium on Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics) will be held 13 to 15 November 2013 at the Hyatt Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida. Sponsored by the ASTM International Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture and the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS), the symposium will be held in conjunction with the November standards development meetings of the committee.
Bumpy ride ahead for European steel sector?
Market Research : 15 August, 2013
The European steel sector has endured a very tough time over the past year, mirroring the situation in the wider economy. Steel prices were approximately 10% lower in the first seven months of 2013, compared with the corresponding period in 2012. Mill margins have been continuously squeezed. MEPS’ assessment for the price of iron ore fines (Fe 64%, FOB - Brazil) has declined by only 2% in the same period.
Weak demand growth unsettles price sentiment in emerging steel markets
Market Research : 30 July, 2013
Challenging business conditions persist in the Russian Federation. Domestic steelmakers have begun to lobby the government for stricter anti-dumping measures to combat the threat from rising import tonnage. Stockists remain cautious over the strength of underlying consumption in August, citing the subdued construction season. The recovery in shipments to tube fabricators, OEMs and mechanical engineering companies has also been weaker than expected.
Steadily rising annual steel prices likely in EU over next three years
Market Research : 22 July, 2013
In a new report from MEPS entitled EU Steel Price Forecasts to 2017 the authors contend that annual average steel prices in the region will improve next year and for the following two years.
Study highlights new materials opportunities in microfluidic devices
Market Research : 24 June, 2013
The penetration rate and potential for materials used in microfluidic devices are presented in a report by Lyon, France-based Yole Développement. This new Yole Développement report provides a complete analysis of microfluidic device markets and technologies. Based on an accurate investigation of the last three years’ events, this report consolidates market data from 2010 to 2012 and provides forecasts for 2013 to 2018.
Stainless mills consider changes to alloy surcharge format
Market Research : 03 June, 2013
LME nickel stocks, in late May, stood at an all-time high of almost 180,000 tonnes. This is 26% above the total of 142,000 tonnes at the beginning of this year. Furthermore, it is double the figure recorded at the beginning of 2012.
North European steel prices under downward pressure again
Market Research : 28 May, 2013
European flat products prices have come under downward pressure during the past month. Selling values in central and southern parts of the region have recorded significant reductions. However, as is often the case, there is a time lag between movement in transaction figures in the Nordic region and those in the rest of Europe. Some supply chain participants in Sweden and Norway have reported no change, as yet. However, the weakening of their currencies means that, in effect, selling values have slipped in Euro terms
China should link new steelmaking capacity additions with plant closures
Market Research : 14 May, 2013
The Chinese steel sector has entered a period of slower growth. Annual double digit percentage increases in steelmaking will not be repeated in the future. Last year’s rate of expansion was 3.2 percent. MEPS reports that an average figure of 5 percent is likely, at best, during the rest of this decade.
Data-driven assessment of materials supply and environmental risks designs out problems, meets legislative requirements
Materials Information and Selection Software : 06 May, 2013
Granta Design has a new Critical Materials Data Module within the Granta MI materials information software. Development of this resource has been driven by the Samulet project, a Rolls-Royce-led collaborative programme, which held its concluding meeting in April 2013.
Materials information for PLM systems makes data more widely accessible
Materials Data : 20 February, 2013
At the PI Congress (19-20 February 2013, Berlin), Granta Design presented a new materials application for Teamcenter, further expanding the support for leading design and product development systems.
Materials information management linked with PLM software
Materials Information and Selection Software : 15 November, 2012
New software provides designers and engineers needed direct access within existing CAD and CAE systems to critical material and process information.
Software integration enables simulation engineers to access and apply approved CAE materials models
Materials Information and Selection Software : 29 October, 2012
Granta Design announces a software product to provide materials data for simulation engineers, developed through Granta's partnership with ANSYS. The new GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench enables validated materials property models to be quickly and consistently accessed and applied from within ANSYS software, providing full traceability of the materials inputs to simulations.
Updated ferrous metals data launched in US steel city of Pittsburgh
Materials Data : 12 October, 2012
Granta Design has released four updated metals data modules, helping engineers to find and use valuable information on metal performance, specifications, designations, and global metal equivalencies. The latest authoritative data for steels (StahlDat SX), alloy standards (MI-21), metals for high-pressure environments (the ASME BVP Code), and aerospace alloys (MMPDS-06) are now fully accessible to engineers using Granta’s materials information technology products.
ASTM International Board of Directors to hold October meeting in London
Standards : 04 October, 2012
London will be the site of the 2012 fall meeting of the ASTM International board of directors. The ASTM board meetings, as well as other events, will take place from 14 to 17 October 2012.
Data release extends coverage of coatings information
Materials Data : 16 September, 2012
Granta Design has announced a new release of its Coatings Data Module. This growing information resource supports strategic decision-making about coatings, taking full account of complex performance, cost, compliance, regulatory, and risk factors.
Granta Design signs master software license agreement with United Technologies for materials information technology
Materials Information and Selection Software : 12 September, 2012
Granta Design has announced that a master software license agreement has been signed with United Technologies Corp. (UTC), providers of high-technology products and services to the global aerospace and building systems industries. This framework will enable UTC businesses to purchase and implement Granta’s software, reference data, and services for managing and deploying materials information.
ASTM International forms new subcommittee on sustainable manufacturing
Standards : 12 September, 2012
To facilitate the development and use of sustainable manufacturing processes, ASTM International's Committee E60 on Sustainability has created a new subcommittee, E60.13 on Sustainable Manufacturing. The new group will hold its first meeting during Committee E60's October 2012 meeting in Atlanta, Ga.
Software to support composite design, development and testing
Materials Information and Selection Software : 31 March, 2011
Granta Design has announced new software and data for composite materials at this week
Eco Materials Adviser features in sustainable design module in Autodesk Inventor CAD software
Market Research : 28 March, 2011
Autodesk has introduced a new tool for sustainable design within its Autodesk Inventor 2012 software. The result of a strategic partnership between Granta and Autodesk, Eco Materials Adviser will help designers to estimate a product
New software helps coatings and restricted substance decisions
Market Research : 07 March, 2011
Granta Design has announced extensions to its GRANTA MI software that help Product Designers, Materials & Process experts, and Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) professionals to make vital decisions on coatings and surface treatment. The new capabilities, developed in collaboration with Rowan Technology Group, focus on the complex compliance, regulatory, and risk factors relating to restricted substances.
Agenda finalised for international materials education symposia
Materials Information and Selection Software : 21 January, 2011
Two prestigious symposia will again draw together the materials education community across engineering, science, processing, and design
Global Engineered Plastics Market 'to Exceed 20 Million Metric Tons by 2015'
Market Research : 10 January, 2011
Global Engineered Plastics Market to Exceed 20 Million Metric Tons by 2015, , according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts.
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