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Leading global aluminium organisations sign MoU
Aluminium : 06 November, 2016
The International Aluminium Institute (IAI), the global association of aluminium producers, and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a multi-stakeholder organisation with the mission to foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium, today signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in their respective efforts to support continuous improvement in the performance of the global aluminium industry and the sustainable use and recycling of its products.
Rusal comments on European Commission decision to impose anti-dumping duty on aluminium household foil from Russia
Aluminium : 04 January, 2016
RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, considers it necessary to make the following statement in relation to the decision of the European Commission dated December 17, 2015 to impose a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of certain aluminium foils originating from the Russian Federation.
Clean Soderberg project reduces aluminium smelting emissions
Aluminium : 17 April, 2015
UC RUSAL has launch the Clean Soderberg project at its Irkutsk aluminium smelter (IrkAZ). The total cost of this modernisation project (from 2010 to 2020) is estimated at $122 million. The technology is designed to drastically reduce emissions of pot gases into the atmosphere, increase the energy efficiency of smelting and reduce manual labour content.
Range of specialised bronzes expanded
Copper : 28 December, 2014
Special bronze alloy dealer FRW CAROBRONZE has expanded its line of highly specialised copper alloys with forged or extruded CuNi14Al2 (UN14A2) and forged or extruded high-strength bronzes CuZn19Al6 (UZ19A6) and CuZn23Al4 (UZ23A4). These alloys are in stock in the form of round bars.
Vanguards of UK industry showcase antimicrobial copper
Copper : 08 November, 2014
Five UK companies are contributing antimicrobial copper products to outfit the Copper Hospital at this year's MEDICA Trade Fair. Stand B03 in Hall 14 is showcasing a broad range of antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in the context of an ICU room, bathroom and nurses' station, demonstrating the quality and variety of products available to healthcare facilities wishing to add antimicrobial copper to their suite of infection control measures.
INEMI project looks at automotive electronics reliability
Tin and alloys : 12 September, 2014
The drive for miniaturization coupled with automotive reliability expectations requires better understanding of material properties beyond standard bulk analysis. A new INEMI project will measure functional performance of small geometries through understanding a combination of material properties and interface properties. Gaps and recommendations will be identified and closed, where possible in the project timeframe.
2013 vanadium production and consumption statistics
Vanadium : 16 June, 2014
Vanitec, the technical and scientific committee comprised of representatives of companies and organisations involved in the mining, processing, manufacture, research and use of vanadium and vanadium-containing products, has for the first time released the Vanadium Production and Consumption Statistics for 2013.
Automotive conference to address growing sector demand for aluminium
Aluminium : 16 June, 2014
Leading figures from the British automotive industry will discuss the growing demand for aluminium amongst carmakers at a special conference in Birmingham this autumn. The conference is being organised by ALFED, the Aluminium Federation, supported by Jaguar Land Rover and the SMMT. Sessions will cover: commercial, economic and material supply and demand; emerging technologies; vehicle strategies and sustainability and innovation.
US Seminars to help prepare for Conflict Minerals Reporting
Tin and alloys : 31 January, 2014
The deadline (31 May 2014) set by the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) for filing conflict minerals reports required by Section 1502 of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act is rapidly approaching. Provisions in Section 1502 of Dodd-Frank requires regulated companies to report on the origin of tin, tantalum, gold, and tungsten – conflict minerals – in their products.
Lead company increases battery collection activities in Germany
Lead : 27 January, 2014
Ecobat Technologies, the European company active in lead based battery collection and component recycling, has bought the battery collection division from the Lower Saxon company; Must GmbH in Germany. Through this acquisition, Ecobat Technologies will increase its presence in Northern, Eastern and Central Germany. Must GmbH, located in Vienenburg, is a leading waste management company, specialising in process scrap and ferrous/non-ferrous metals.
UK Government urged to champion aluminium sector
Aluminium : 17 December, 2013
Thousands of new jobs would be created if the British Government stepped forward to champion aluminium as the modern automotive metal. That was the message delivered to MPs at a special Parliamentary breakfast briefing by motoring expert and fuel campaigner Quentin Willson.
Low cost titanium powder opens door for 3D printing automotive parts
Titanium : 08 December, 2013
For the first time, low-cost titanium powders, developed by Metalysis, have been used to 3D print automotive parts. To date, the 3D printing revolution has focused on the use of plastics - cheap feedstock and high throughput. So far, 3D printing with metal has been prohibitively expensive because titanium powders currently sell for $200 to $400/kg. Now, Metalysis has developed a new way of producing low-cost titanium powder, which heralds a new era in additive layer manufacture and will see greater use of titanium in components across the automotive, aerospace and defence industries.
Russian titanium machining joint venture to double capacity
Titanium : 24 November, 2013
Boeing and Rostech, the state holding company that is the majority shareholder in VSMPO-Avisma, have agreed to expand their titanium machining joint venture by establishing a second Ural Boeing Manufacturing plant at the same location.
European Commission awards EUR 3.3 million for ultraconductive copper development
Copper : 24 November, 2013
The University of Cambridge is among a consortium of 14 companies and universities that has signed a EUR 3.3 million funding contract through the European Commission’s FP7 programme. Termed Ultrawire, the project aims to bring ultraconductive copper – that will conduct electricity better than any known material – to a level where pilot manufacturing can be planned within three years. Consortium members are adding an additional EUR 1.7 million of their own funding to the project.
Vanadium chemical supplier joins industry association
Vanadium : 17 November, 2013
Riverside Specialty Chemicals has become an Associate Member of Vanitec, the global resource for vanadium technology research and education. Vanitec members include representatives of companies and organisations involved in the mining, processing, manufacture, research and use of vanadium and vanadium-containing products.
Classifier mill ups capacity and scope of Russian powder metallurgy plant
Aluminium : 17 November, 2013
UC RUSAL is to modernise the SUAL-Powder Metallurgy (Shelekhov, Russia) plant. The total project investment is estimated to be EUR 4 mln. The plant is acquiring a German Hosokawa Alpine classifier mill. The installation of the new equipment will result in an increase in production capacity by 30%, and aid the launch of a new range of ultra-high quality aluminium powders. This material is used in construction, in particular in the production of autoclave aerocrete.
Supportive products for aluminium sheets, profiles and extrusions
Aluminium : 17 October, 2013
Gooding Aluminium, the supplier of a wide range of high quality aluminium sheets, aluminium profiles and aluminium extrusions has added a range of products and accessories to support existing product portfolio, including a range of supportive products and accessories for fixing and maintaining their range of aluminium products.
Tungsten-fibre-reinforced tungsten - a brittle material toughened
Radiation-Resistant and Refractory Metals : 16 September, 2013
Tungsten is particularly suitable as material for highly stressed parts of a fusion vessel enclosing a hot fusion plasma, it being the metal with the highest melting point. A disadvantage, however, is its brittleness, which under stress makes it fragile and prone to damage. A novel, more resilient compound material has now been developed by Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) at Garching. It consists of homogeneous tungsten with coated tungsten wires embedded. A feasibility study has just shown the basic suitability of the new compound, which might also be of interest beyond the field of fusion research.
Adding arsenic brings stainless magnesium closer
Magnesium : 27 August, 2013
In a discovery that could have major implications for the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries, scientists have found a way to dramatically reduce the corrosion rate of lightweight metal magnesium - adding arsenic.
New door hardware for healthcare facilities made with antimicrobial copper
Copper : 16 August, 2013
Ingersoll Rand unveiled its new ActivClean portfolio of door hardware, made from Antimicrobial Copper, at the 2013 ASHE Conference and Exhibition. The global industrial giant joins a rapidly-growing list of companies marketing products featuring the powerful antimicrobial properties of copper.
Steel-cored copper a defence mechanism against copper theft?
Copper : 15 August, 2013
Some utility companies are making power stations more physically secure, while others are choosing to use Copperweld wiring instead. This bimetallic electrical conductor has a steel core and copper on the outside. Copperweld costs more, but doesn't have the same scrap value as regular copper wire, so companies hope its use will cut back on thefts.
Vanitec Sponsors Vanadium Award 2012
Vanadium : 31 July, 2013
B A Szost, R H Vegter and P E J Rivera-Dîaz-del-Castillo have accepted the 2012 Vanadium Award for their paper - Developing Bearing Steels Combining Hydrogen Resistance and Improved Hardness.
Joint venture to produce automotive diecast components
Castings : 24 June, 2013
Global aluminium producer UC RUSAL has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israeli company Omen High Pressure Die Casting, which specialises in the production of automotive components from non-ferrous metals. Together, the companies intend to create a joint venture in Russia to produce automotive components made of aluminium, to be supplied to carmakers in Russia and the CIS.
Antimicrobial copper: guidance on alloy selection
Copper : 03 June, 2013
A new publication offers designers, manufacturers and specifiers guidance on identifying the most appropriate copper alloy for a product where the intrinsic antimicrobial characteristics of copper may be beneficial. Its focus is design for the healthcare sector, but the information applies equally to other environments where hygiene and the spread of infection are concerns.
Global online resource for vanadium technology
Vanadium : 14 May, 2013
Vanitec, a technical and scientific committee comprised of representatives of companies and organisations involved in the mining, processing, manufacture, research and use of vanadium and vanadium-containing products, has launched a new website designed to position the association as the global resource for vanadium technology.
A general guide to machining nickel-iron alloys
Nickel Alloys : 19 April, 2013
Nickel-iron alloys are not hardenable by heat treatment. The alloys can be made harder though cold working only. The annealed hardness for these alloys is generally in the range of RB 70/80. Material in the annealed condition will be more difficult to machine because it is soft and gummy. The tools tend to plow the metal instead of cutting into it and do not easily form chips. Surface scale oxide is tightly adherent and penetrates the surface to a greater extent than stainless steels. According to Ed Fagan, machining is considerably improved by descaling the material.
Aluminium producer and oil company sign agreement on petroleum coke supplies
Aluminium : 09 April, 2013
Aluminium producer UC RUSAL and the oil company Rosneft have signed an agreement of intent to cooperate in the supply of petroleum coke and other products to RUSAL’s production facilities, as well as to develop Rosneft’s capacities for the production of petroleum coke with the participation of RUSAL.
Aluminium sheet capacity in China surpassed 10 million tonnes in 2012
Aluminium : 22 March, 2013
Strong growth in the output of China's aluminium rolling market in 2011 has resulted in the output of aluminium sheets in China surpassing 10 million tonnes in 2012 for the first time. Investment in the manufacture of high precision aluminium sheets and strips, tank aluminium sheet, electronic foils and packaging foils has placed the industry in a strong position to exploit further demand in the high value-added products.
UC Rusal suspends aluminium production at Nigerian smelter
Aluminium : 15 March, 2013
UC Rusal is to temporarily suspend the smelting operations at the Alscon plant n Nigeria. Before this decision was taken, Rusal had been covering the plant’s losses in the expectation that a sustainable gas supply would be made available enabling it to operate at its full capacity. Rusal insists that the suspension of operations is a temporary measure, one necessary to avoid completely shutting down of the plant. Smelting operations will resume as soon as the legal uncertainty has been resolved and the continuous power supply has been secured.
Regional Growth Fund will boost development of proprietary aluminium casting alloy
Castings : 20 February, 2013
Business Minister Michael Fallon has visited the Rochester aerospace firm Aeromet that has secured just over £1 million from the government’s Regional Growth Fund.
Titanium fabrication advances and new markets major topics at Titanium Europe 2013
Titanium : 08 February, 2013
Technological developments in fabrication of titanium can help increase use of the metal, as well as offer quality improvements. In a similar vein, materials specialists working to exploit and enhance titanium's unique metallurgical characteristics can expand its use in emerging markets. Two panels of titanium experts will discuss these industry-critical subjects at Titanium Europe 2013, hosted by the International Titanium Association (ITA). The conference takes place 5 to 7 March 2013 in Hamburg, Germany.
Titanium experts: increasing costs may mean shift to lower quality feedstocks or greater use of scrap
Titanium : 18 January, 2013
A dozen top international titanium industry leaders have been selected by the International Titanium Association (ITA) to offer insights on consumption trends for the metal in what is anticipated to be one of the most popular panel discussions at Titanium Europe 2013, 5-7 March 2013, Hamburg, Germany.
Zimmermann to head Aleris Rolled Products Europe
Aluminium : 18 January, 2013
Aleris has appointed Ralf Zimmermann as senior vice president and general manager of Rolled Products Europe. Zimmermann, who formerly served as senior vice president of operations for the Global Rolled and Extruded Products business unit, replaces Olli Matti-Saksi who left Aleris this month. Zimmermann will now lead all facets of the Rolled Products Europe business, including the commercial and manufacturing activity.
Global platinum mining market controlled by South Africa
Precious Metals : 13 January, 2013
Unlike the majority of other metals, platinum mine production is dominated by a relatively small number of producers. South Africa, Russia, Canada, and Zimbabwe will continue to be the principal sources of PGM for at least the next decade. The ten largest platinum producing companies account for approximately 90% of world mine output.
The longest jointless hollow conductor in the world?
Copper : 11 January, 2013
Hollow conductors are used in a number of applications including particle accelerators, MRI scanners, plasma research devices and induction furnaces. Now, Luvata has introduced Mileon, believed to be the longest seamless hollow conductor currently available on the market.
Sino-Soviet joint ventures in aluminium focus on smelting, alumina and bauxite
Aluminium : 15 December, 2012
UC RUSAL announces signing a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU’) with Shandong Xinfa Group, one of China's largest private aluminium companies, detailing the study of future possible cooperation areas, including joint ventures in the aluminium industry.
US silver mining market to benefit from the commencement of new silver projects
Precious Metals : 16 November, 2012
The US silver mining market is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3% over the next eight years, increasing from a production value of 36,008 thousand ounces in 2011, to reach 63,118.8 thousand ounces in 2020.
US stockpile sales to resume
Tin and alloys : 22 October, 2012
Sales of tin and other materials (mainly ferro-alloys) from the US strategic stockpile are due to re-commence in the new fiscal year, according to a newly released annual materials plan quoted by American Metal Market.
Sino-Soviet aluminium agreements will lead to Siberian smelter
Aluminium : 16 October, 2012
UC Rusal has signed a co-operation agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation on realisation of Rusal’s joint projects with Chinese partners.
Wire-shaped smelting of titanium may revolutionise cost, quality and lead times
Aluminium : 10 October, 2012
With funding from the User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA) programme at the Research Council of Norway, Norsk Titanium Components (NTiC) has developed an entirely new method of producing titanium components, making it cheaper and easier to capitalise on this material.
Hygiene grants for newbuilds and renovations using antimicrobial copper
Copper : 22 September, 2012
Antimicrobial Copper touch surfaces - such as door handles, push plates, handrails, taps and light switches - are already being used in healthcare facilities around the world to help reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections such as MRSA.
AA205 cast aluminium alloy gains AMS specifications
Aluminium : 20 September, 2012
Aeromet International has developed a new high strength aluminium cast alloy registered with the Aluminium Association as AA205.
UC Rusal to upgrade aluminium powder production for solar cell arrays and cellular concrete
Aluminium : 20 September, 2012
UC RUSAL announces an increase in aluminium powder production due to the launch of unique equipment and the introduction of new products.
Antimicrobial copper abrasive water jet cutting
Copper : 20 August, 2012
UK company PP Plasma Ltd is now offering an Antimicrobial Copper cutting service, able to cut or process antimicrobial copper sheet and plate. The company's abrasive water jet cutting service offers advantages over other cutting processes, giving a clean and accurate finish with minimum taper, leaving no heat affected zone.
Innovative wire rod production for cable industry
Aluminium : 20 August, 2012
UC Rusal has stepped up production of the rare-earth and transition metals used in aluminium alloys to create wire rod for the cable industry, having completed the R&D stage and entered production.
UC Rusal makes debt repayments totalling US$529 million
Aluminium : 26 April, 2011
Aluminium producer UC Rusal is making further debt repayments in the total amount of approximately US$529 million to its international and Russian lenders under the International Override Agreement (IOA).
UC Rusal CEO visits Guinea with Russian Government delegation
Aluminium : 07 April, 2011
Top management from UC Rusal have visited Guinea as part of the official visit of the Russian government delegation in the country. During the visit, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev met with the President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, and other Government officials.
Export of UC Rusal technology to China will follow signing of memorandum of understanding with aluminium industry demonstration park in Xinshan, China
Aluminium : 28 March, 2011
UC Rusal announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (
UC Rusal makes debt repayments totaling $835 million
Aluminium : 11 March, 2011
UC Rusal has made debt repayments in the total amount of approximately USD835 million to its international lenders, Russian lenders and Onexim Holdings Limited under the International Override Agreement (IOA). The debt repayments were made on four separate dates, 16 February, 25 February, 4 March and 10 March 2011.
US Federal Court orders the Bank of New York Mellon to provide Norilsk evidence to Rusal
Aluminium : 10 March, 2011
The US Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York has granted Rusal
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