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Smart Molecule heat performance technology
Engineering Plastics : 06 November, 2016
Solvay has launched at K2016 the resin Technyl REDx, a new heat performance polyamide 6.6 (PA66) integrating a unique smart molecule self-reinforcement technology. This innovative material is aimed at demanding thermal management systems, especially in the automotive industry.
Expanded portfolio of foamable polymers
Microcellular Foamed Plastics : 06 November, 2016
SABIC regards polymer foam technologies as essential to meet growing needs for improvements in sustainability and efficiencies along global production and supply chains. They offer material and energy savings while retaining or even improving product performance; and they offer benefits in thermal and acoustic insulation, cushioning and protection. SABIC is helping to improve these benefits by enhancements in physical properties and foamability of the polymers themselves.
Open cell versus closed cell polyurethane foam: is there a difference?
Microcellular Foamed Plastics : 04 January, 2016
The application of closed cell polyurethane foams for building insulation has been around for over 30 years, but recently the availability of an open cell option has come onto the market. Architects, specifiers and building consultants may well be confused as to the merits of these different systems.
Composites for next generation combustion engines?
Engineering Plastics : 27 July, 2015
By the year 2020 the first cylinder housings manufactured from polymer composite materials will be introduced into passenger car and motorcycle engines, replacing the aluminium components currently in use, predicts SBHPP High Performance Plastics, a business unit of Sumitomo Bakelite.
First commercialisation of bi-oriented HDPE bottles made with injection stretch blow moulding
Engineering Plastics : 20 April, 2015
The first product packed with one litre bi-oriented bottles, manufactured by Incoplas Italia in HDPE produced by Total and filled/packed by ICE FOR, are now available on mass market shelves at Italian UNES stores. ICE FOR SpA Industria Chimica Ecologica is a leading producer in Italy of detergents, cleaners, emulsions, waxes and disinfectants, both for its own brand and for private labels.
3D printed, CNC machined, or moulded prototypes - which and when?
Engineering Plastics : 19 April, 2015
This article by Proto Labs looks at the respective roles in prototyping of 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding.
PEEK and PPA grades get NSF approval for food processing and household appliances
Engineering Plastics : 19 April, 2015
Newly certified grades expand Solvay's Polymer solutions for highly demanding food processing and consumer appliances.
PU tooling system cures extremely quickly
Elastomers : 11 March, 2015
Huntsman has announced a major tooling technology breakthrough - a new polyurethane resin system that cures extremely quickly and allows the production of high heat stable modelling, tooling and rapid prototyping boards. The availability for the first time of an effective, high temperature stable polyurethane will open up a world of new opportunities in a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, marine and shipbuilding.
Dutch polymer giant opens international research centre for innovative materials
Engineering Plastics : 28 November, 2014
Royal DSM has opened a new centre for research into and development of high-performance materials on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands. The completion of DSM's largest materials centre worldwide is part of the €100 million investment in knowledge and innovation in the Netherlands that DSM announced in May 2012. The centre employs over 400 knowledge workers and combines important technological skills and expertise unique in the Netherlands for use in applications the world over.
Second generation, high performance polyester compound for LED TV applications
Engineering Plastics : 28 November, 2014
Solvay Specialty Polymers has unveiled an enhanced version of its Lavanta high-performance polyester (HPP) for production of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for televisions and backlight unit applications. The second-generation product – Lavanta 5115 WH 224 – provides significantly improved processability while maintaining its high heat and light stability.
Advanced part testing helps innovative oil filter development
Engineering Plastics : 08 November, 2014
Solvay Engineering Plastics has been collaborating with Mahle in the development of oil filter modules using Technyl polyamide resins. The current glycol flow test benches at the company’s Technyl Innovation Centre in Lyon, France, are capable of testing as many as six parts at a time in temperatures of up to 135C and with oil under static pressure. Now, a new glycol bench will offer the possibility to perform, in parallel, high flow glycol and oil circulation tests at even higher pressures and temperatures.
Self-mating parts - searching for symmetry
Engineering Plastics : 12 September, 2014
If a part has the potential to be split into symmetrical halves that can self-mate, Proto Labs recommends exploring that option early in the design process. It could save time and money. Generally speaking, if a manual assembly process that involves screws or ultrasonic welding can be turned into a quick self-mating part that does not compromise the final application, it’s probably worth looking into.
PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) acquisition targets high performance markets
Engineering Plastics : 08 September, 2014
Solvay has signed an agreement to buy the Ryton PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) business from US-based petrochemical company Chevron Phillips for $220 million, expanding its offering of high-performance polymers and entering a solid growth market. Completion of the transaction is due in the fourth quarter of 2014 and subject to customary closing conditions.
High-flow polysulfone coupling for healthcare industry
Engineering Plastics : 16 June, 2014
LinkTech Couplings, a supplier of quick couplings and valves is to launch its 60PS series of high-flow couplings made of Udel polysulfone (PSU) resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers for healthcare and industrial applications.
Materials innovations forecast to play key role in armour protection for helicopters and boats
High-Performance Polymers : 16 June, 2014
DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fibre, branded as Dyneema, and a specialist in life protection materials and high-performance fibres, sees next-generation materials technologies as an important facet. This view is supported by industry experts who predict the use of UHMwPE materials in armour applications will show double-digit growth in the next five years.
Smoke and toxicity compliant canopy barriers add to passenger safety on the London Underground
Engineering Plastics : 21 May, 2014
London Underground has awarded Icon Polymer a six-figure contract to manufacture about 2000 canopy barriers, to be fitted to trains on the Central, Jubilee and Waterloo & City lines. The award follows the successful completion of a similar contract for the Bakerloo line.
High performance polyimides for high performance DDR4 memory connectors
Engineering Plastics : 22 April, 2014
Top electronics companies are choosing DSM's high performance polyamides for the latest generation of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) connectors. These so-called DDR4 connectors demand more from thermoplastics in terms of thermal and mechanical performance. DSM is showing DDR4 connectors in its Stanyl polyamide 46 and Stanyl ForTii polyamide 4T at Chinaplas, which takes place in Shanghai on 23-26 April.
Clear, lightweight polycarbonate sheet for aircraft interiors
Engineering Plastics : 15 April, 2014
Launched at the Aircraft Interiors International Expo (Hamburg, Germany, 8-10 April 2014), Lexan XHR2000 sheet and Lexan Light F6L300 sheet will meet airlines’ desire for differentiated cabin interior designs while also helping to take out significant weight.
Fuse box uses toughened nylon 66 has low temperature impact strength and uniform surface finish
Engineering Plastics : 27 March, 2014
Clariant is supplying a special nylon 66 compound for a moulded power distribution box manufactured by GEP Power Products, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The material exhibits low-temperature impact resistance and durability, good dimensional stability and uniform surface finish.
Bio-based polyamide selected for fuel vapour separators
Engineering Plastics : 27 March, 2014
Royal DSM's bio-based high performance EcoPaXX polyamide 410 has been selected by Dytech-Dynamic Fluid Technologies for the fuel vapour separators it produces for Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. The halogen-free flame retardant EcoPaXX Q-KGS6, will increase the fire safety of the cars by combining flame retardancy with a high level of chemical resistance, essential for this application. EcoPaXX polyamide 410 is 70% derived from renewable resources.
End-of-life tyre rubber converted to Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP)
Rubber Compounding : 27 March, 2014
Connell Brothers (CBC), distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients in the Asia-Pacific region, has partnered with Lehigh Technologies, to market Lehigh's PolyDyne micronized rubber powders (MRP) to the tyre and rubber industries in Japan and Korea. After initially operating in Japan, the two companies will focus on broadening the industry outreach in Japan, as well as introducing MRP to Korea and Southeast Asia.
Foamed polypropylene grade with reduced bead size moulds thinner structures with smoother surfaces
Microcellular Foamed Plastics : 23 March, 2014
ARPRO 5635 now enables applications to integrate very thin sections and smoother surfaces to create more complex components with improved aesthetics.
Bergen-op-Zoom companies collaborate to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 30,000 tonnes
Engineering Plastics : 27 January, 2014
Bergen op Zoom City Council has recognised SABIC and Cargill’s continuous efforts to enhance energy efficiency at its Dare To Be Sustainable day. Together they have developed a scheme that allows energy used by SABIC’s production of plastics - destined to become part of cars and domestic appliances - to be turned into steam used by neighbour Cargill.
Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics combine chemical resistance with strength and stiffness
Engineering Plastics : 10 January, 2014
RTP has developed customised thermoplastic compounds in over 60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring colour, conductive, elastomeric, flame retardant, high temperature, structural, and wear resistant properties. They are based on carbon fibre reinforced PEEK, PPA, PPS, and PEI resin systems to create the highest performing thermoplastic products available.
Thermoplastic elastomers helped to grow by soft-touch applications
Thermoplastic Elastomers : 02 December, 2013
The thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) market has been forecast to reach a value of approximately $14.96 billion during 2013, driven by ongoing product innovation, allowing them to continue to displace traditional elastomers and thermoplastics in a variety of applications. The market will also grow because of an increase in the amount of innovation in end uses.
Concept car to premiere at Geneva International Motor Show
Engineering Plastics : 02 December, 2013
The Biofore concept car, a joint production by UPM and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, is to premiere at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show, 6-16 March, 2014. The unique concept car is designed to be a futuristic, street-legal vehicle which demonstrates the use of renewable biomaterials in the automotive industry.
Mouldable 3D reusable packaging offers greater protection from ESD
Engineering Plastics : 24 November, 2013
Arpro ESDP is a mouldable complex three-dimensional, reusable packaging (dunnage) which is free from electrostatic and impact damage.
Elastomers self-repair at room temperature without catalyst or stimulus
Shape Memory Polymers : 17 November, 2013
IK4-CIDETEC has developed a polymer capable of self-repair at room temperature without the need for any sort of catalyst or external stimulus. After subjecting the material to a cut, it is able to regenerate in just two hours, fully recovering its mechanical properties.
Pickout cam allows for lengthy side-action pulls
Moulds : 10 November, 2013
Protomold has increased its capabilities to support longer side-action pulls, or pickout cams. Where at one time, the maximum length for side actions was limited to 74mm, extensions are now offered up to 200mm dependent on the geometry of the mould. The original cam is still used to facilitate the extraction of the cam, which would be physically difficult to pull out by hand without the mechanical assistance. The operator then places the cam back in the mould and the process starts again.
Rebrand for German cast nylon 6 (polyamide) range
Engineering Plastics : 17 October, 2013
Licharz is now offers its cast polyamide under the new name Linnotam. The innovative metal-replacement materials have especially long service lives and are easy to machine. Linnotam is available in various grades, described in this short article..
Partnership to develop bio-based long carbon fibre thermoplastic (LFT) composites
Engineering Plastics : 04 October, 2013
Royal DSM has signed a partnership agreement with PlastiComp (based in Winona, Minnesota, USA), to develop bio-based Long Fibre Thermoplastic (LFT) composites for the automotive and other markets.
X-ray tablet connection clamps switch from metal to PEEK
Engineering Plastics : 26 September, 2013
Victrex' PEEK (polyetheretherketone) thermoplastic polymer is wear resistant, and being a dielectric material, functions as an excellent insulator in electrical connectors and cable applications for medical components and instrumentation. High-precision, injection-moulded Ametek X-Ray tablet medical clamps not only reduce total costs, but are also lighter and more durable.
More sustainable, lightweight thermoplastic composites for automotive use
Engineering Plastics : 16 September, 2013
DSM is launching advanced thermoplastic composites for lighter and more sustainable automotive applications. The custom-made structural and semi-structural materials incorporate various types of continuous fibre reinforcements embedded in advanced polyamides.
High performance copolyester sparkles for disposable packaging
Engineering Plastics : 16 September, 2013
Akestra is a remarkable plastic with a sparkling glass-like appearance that is sure to enhance both disposable and reusable packaging. Perstorp has formed a strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to develop and distribute this exciting co-polyester throughout Europe. In the long term, both companies will jointly establish a production platform in Europe for the raw material used in these co-polyesters.
Unfilled thermoset with inherent fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance for aero composite interiors
Engineering Plastics : 08 September, 2013
Huntsman Advanced Materials has launched a high-performance and inherently flame resistant thermoset for RTM and infusion processing which offers greater strength in interior aerospace designs.
In-situ billet welding to slash downtime on FPSO platforms
Sealants : 03 September, 2013
Trelleborg has launched a revolutionary new SealWelding technology which allows seals to be welded in-situ on an FPSO (floating production, storage and offloading) platform. This new technology will massively reduce the downtime and associated costs that come from maintaining a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) swivel stack. Currently, swivel stack maintenance requires a vessel to travel back to shore so that components can be completely disassembled and seals replaced.
High performance polyamide beats LCP and PPA for DDR4 memory connector housings
Engineering Plastics : 29 August, 2013
The Taiwanese memory connector manufacturer Lotes has selected DSM's Stanyl ForTii H11 polyamide 4T for housings for a new range of DDR4 connectors. T/H type and also SMT, Single-latch, VLP, ULP and Press-fit types will meet OEM design needs in servers, desktops, complex base station and voice gateways. The housings are suitable for wave and infrared reflow soldering, and are available in various colours.
Styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers with higher heat performance
Engineering Plastics : 27 August, 2013
At K2013, Polyscope, producer of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers and compounds (Xiran), will display some of its most recent developments and new applications.
E-TPU polyurethane particle foam revolutionises running shoe
Microcellular Foamed Plastics : 16 August, 2013
Using BASF’s Infinergy foam, Adidas has developed the Energy Boost, a thoroughly new running shoe with unique spring and cushioning properties. Its outstanding feature is the midsole, the central element of every running shoe. It is made from a new particle foam which absorbs the shock impact on the foot during jogging, while simultaneously cushioning the foot. The high rebound effect of the material provides the runner with an energy return not offered by any other running shoe.
Molybdenum-filled nylon compounds lend lubricity and toughness to moulded products
Engineering Plastics : 16 August, 2013
Clariant has announced injection moulding grades of molybdenum-disulfide-filled nylon 66 compounds that are ideal for applications requiring toughness, high compressive strength and lubricity.
Design tip: building better bosses
Engineering Plastics : 12 August, 2013
A boss is a feature raised above a surface. In plastic parts, bosses are typically used to assist in assembly, as a receptacle for a screw or threaded insert or as the locator for a mating pin on another part.
Eco-designed urethane surfboards feature polycarbonate skin
Engineering Plastics : 03 August, 2013
An Araldite adhesive from Huntsman Advanced Materials has been used by French surfboard maker Newtis Innovation in the manufacture of the ′JAB’; the first hand-finished polyurethane surfboard to feature a polycarbonate skin. The JAB surfboard has received two first prizes in the Technological and Ecological categories of the EuroSIMA Industry and Innosport Awards, confirming its leading-edge status.
Cellulose fibre-reinforced polypropylene compounds for eco-friendly durables
Engineering Plastics : 30 July, 2013
RTP has unveiled the latest addition to its Eco Solutions product portfolio with a new line of custom cellulose fibre reinforced polypropylene (PP) compounds. These compounds, which utilise Weyerhaeuser's Thrive renewable cellulose fibre extracted from trees grown in sustainably managed forests, will facilitate the design and production of environmentally friendly products by providing favorable performance and economics to a wide range of durable applications.
Joint venture begins tri-ethyl aluminium production in Saudi Arabia
Compounding : 13 July, 2013
Saudi Organometallic Chemicals Company (SOCC) has started up its aluminium alkyls facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
Styrene-based terpolymers increase high heat performance
Engineering Plastics : 12 June, 2013
Polyscope, the producer of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymers, has added a third dimension to its portfolio by manufacturing terpolymers consisting of styrene, maleic anhydride and N-phenylmaleimide. These new products are commercialised and branded as Xiran IZ grades. Compared to similar materials on the market, the grades are claimed to deliver higher heat performance and by having very low volatile residual levels. This is especially relevant for styrenics like ABS. Furthermore, the processablity of the final product is very likely to improve and the price and performance is attractive.
Laser-markable compound preferred to in-mould decoration in cable tie tool
Engineering Plastics : 18 May, 2013
Custom injection moulder New Berlin Plastics was recently approached by HellermannTyton, a manufacturer of high-quality cable management products, for in help producing an innovative cable tie tool. The material needed to be strong enough for the small teeth on the tool’s plastic tension knob, and be able to be imprinted with a graduated number scale.
Survey: what are the inhibitors to innovation?
Engineered Fabrics : 18 May, 2013
Innovation is often credited with evolving industries, product differentiation, attracting key talent and critically, improving the bottom line. However, what happens when internal innovation stagnates? Trelleborg’s online survey will explore the issues facing business with regards to innovation and attitudes to outsourcing.
Anti-counterfeit masterbatch can be easily detected in a production environment
Compounding : 14 May, 2013
Gabriel-Chemie, one of the leading masterbatch producers in Europe, is launching its anti-counterfeiting masterbatch Maxithen ProTec4 at PDM13, the Plastics Design and Moulding event.
Armoured vehicles using ballistic tape for spall liners
Engineered Fabrics : 14 May, 2013
DSM Dyneema's BT10 ballistic tape is being used by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri, leading producer of armoured vehicles based in Turkey. FNSS has an extensive product line consisting of a universal family of tracked and wheeled armoured combat vehicles and combat utility vehicles. It already supplies the armed forces of Turkey and allied nations.
New concept car uses ethylene propylene copolymer lightweight material
Engineering Plastics : 06 May, 2013
An innovative eco concept car from Toyota and Studio Massaud is using the ethylene propylene copolymer Arpro, a specialist lightweight material from JSP.
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