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Industrial materials on display at Industrial Supply 2015
Exhibitions & Conferences : 28 December, 2014
The on-going development of industrial materials for use in engineering components continues to drive growth in the global subcontracting sector. And that growth is coming not just from relatively new materials such as carbon reinforced or glass fibre reinforced plastics; surprising new applications are also being developed for traditional materials such as aluminium, rubber and engineering ceramics. All this can be seen at the upcoming Industrial Supply, the Trade Fair for Industrial Subcontracting and Lightweight Construction, which forms part of the line-up for next year’s HANNOVER MESSE from 13 to 17 April 2015.
Aluminium Middle East show highlights industry’s main trends
Exhibitions & Conferences : 04 October, 2014
Globalisation, market dynamics, environment and energy prices are redrawing the world aluminium industry map, with the Middle East in general and the Arabian Gulf countries in particular emerging as the potential winners of the new business paradigm. These so-called mega trends, along with the opportunities for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to benefit from them, will be highlighted at the 2015 edition of ALUMINIUM MIDDLE EAST, the biggest specialised aluminium industry exhibition of its kind in the region that brings together manufacturers, producers, investors and services providers under one roof.
Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Summit 2014
Exhibitions & Conferences : 14 May, 2014
The Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Summit 2014 will be held on 12 and 13 June 2014 at the University Of Manchester, UK. Collaborating with the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester, this year's summit aims to take graphene one step closer to commercialisation.
Law firm comments on new California green chemistry product regulations
Law/Legal/Litigation : 16 March, 2014
Rollout of major green chemistry regulations have begun in California with the announcement of the first three priority products to be regulated under the state’s Green Chemistry program. Children’s foam padding sleeping products containing the flame retardant TDCPP; spray polyurethane foam systems containing unreacted diisocyanates; and paint strippers, varnish removers, and industrial-strength surface cleaners containing methylene chloride will now fall under the California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) Safer Chemical Product regulations, affecting retailers and manufacturers across the state.
North American urethane confex to showcase sustainability
Exhibitions & Conferences : 16 March, 2014
The sustainable use of polyurethanes and the latest developments in sustainable raw materials for the global polyurethane industry will take centre stage at the UTECH North America conference and exhibition taking place 4-5 June 2014 at Charlotte Convention Center, North Carolina, USA.
Packed conference programme for polyurethanes industry
Exhibitions & Conferences : 27 January, 2014
The UTECH North America event has announced details of its packed two-day conference programme, taking place 4-5 June 2014 at Charlotte Convention Center, North Carolina, USA. Featuring 46 detailed technical papers delivered in a total of eight sessions, the conference will cover the latest developments in the world of polyurethanes and provide insights into the recovering North American polyurethanes market.
Plastics recycling - clear progress with room for further improvement?
Exhibitions & Conferences : 24 June, 2013
Ahead of the K show in October in Dusseldorf, Messe Duseeldorf has released a special report on the current state of recycling in the European plastics packaging market. Although many processes have already become established, recycling still has plenty of potential for improvement. A first step could be the recyclable design of plastics items that should be examined closely with a view to later recovery. Suitable recycling processes and machinery solutions for the processing of problematical wastes offer numerous possibilities for further development.
Plastics moulding machinery manufacturers looking again at plastics design and moulding show
Exhibitions & Conferences : 19 April, 2013
Machinery manufacturers are returning in force to this year’s Plastics Design & Moulding Conference and Exhibition (PDM 13), say organisers Crain Communications, to be held at the Telford International Centre on 18 and 19 June 2013.
Graphene aerogel looks set to become the world's lightest material
: 26 March, 2013
Graphene has scooped fourth place in the Great British Innovations Vote as scientists in China create a Graphene aerogel that looks set to claim the title of the world's lightest material. Coutts has been informing clients of the potential of super-material Graphene for some time, as part of its Futurescope initiative – an initiative that examines how the world may look in the years to come.
Lease implications of the withdrawal of the air-conditioning refrigerant gas R22
Law/Legal/Litigation : 22 March, 2013
With the use of refrigeration gas, R22, being banned from January 2015 with no exceptions, Brethertons LLP offers guidance on the lease implications of the withdrawal of the refrigerant.
2008 Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics won by research into nanoscale carbon materials research
Publications : 01 October, 2008
Dr Phaedon Avouris of IBM and Professor Tony Heinz of Columbia University were presented with the 2008 Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics on 27 September 2008 during a day-long forum at Harvard University, attended by luminaries of the field. The Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics recognises researchers who have made an outstanding and innovative contribution to the field of applied physics. The forum was sponsored by the scientific publisher Springer.
A1 Nanoscience Goes Large
Analytical Services : 21 November, 2006
When science goes to the nanoscale it demands the involvement of many scientific disciplines to understand what is going on. Morten Foss from the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO) at the University of Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark explains what he and his colleagues are doing to progress this new technological field and how QCM-D is involved. Read more
Eva-Carin Tengberg new CEO for Q-Sense AB
Analytical Services : 20 November, 2006
Eva-Carin Tengberg has lately been working with business development in companies affiliated to Gothenburg University and also Connect
Harvard and Stanford becomes new reference centers for Q-Sense in the US
Analytical Services : 19 November, 2006
Q-Sense continues to expand its activities in the US and has reached agreements with the universities of Harvard and Stanford as new reference centers in the US. This enables two of the world leading academic institutions and a number of opinion leading scientists to use and participate in the further development of the QCM-D technique.
Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research co-operates with Q-Sense
Analytical Services : 18 November, 2006
Professor Wolfgang Knoll decided to co-operate with Q-Sense to further explore QCM-D within his research interests and to become a Q-Sense reference center. The research will be carried out at National University of Singapore where Professor Knoll is distinguished professor. The research also involves people from the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology in Higashi, Japan. Q-Sense has now formed a very strong network of prominent researchers to secure a long term successful development of QCM-D research instruments.
Q-Sense sells research instrument to university in China
Analytical Services : 17 November, 2006
Q-Sense continues to expand world-wide and has now also received its first order from Hefei University of Science and Technology in main land China. The customer to use the patented QCM-D technology is located in Hefei near Shanghai and consists of a research group at the department of Polymer Science and Technology.
Q-Sense signs contract with Japanese distributor
Analytical Services : 16 November, 2006
Q-Sense AB, developing and selling a sensor technology for non-rigid surfaces, has signed a distributor agreement with Meiwa Shoji Ltd, Osaka, Japan. The agreement means that Meiwa handles sales & marketing of Q-Sense' products in Japan.
Q-Sense Inc. has sold & installed research instrument for surface analysis to Department of Bioengineering
Analytical Services : 15 November, 2006
Q-Sense Inc. of Newport Beach in California, USA has sold and installed a research instrument for surface analysis to the Department of Bioengineering, Materials Science, Berkeley University in California, USA. Q-Sense Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Q-Sense AB, G
Research Instrument to Study Molecular Events
Analytical Services : 14 November, 2006
A new generation of research instruments for characterising molecular events at surfaces has been launched by Q-Sense AB. The E4 has been designed for real-time measurements of surface reactions and interactions and is based on the company's proprietary technology, Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring.
A1 Nanoscience Goes Large
Analytical Services : 13 November, 2006
When science goes to the nanoscale it demands the involvement of many scientific disciplines to understand what is going on. Morten Foss from the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO) at the University of Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark explains what he and his colleagues are doing to progress this new technological field and how QCM-D is involved.
P2 Multi-faceted cell coats
Analytical Services : 13 November, 2006
The pericellular coat that certain cell types have as part of their structure is the interest of Ralf Richter at the Department of Biophysical Chemistry at Heidelberg University.
P2 Multi-faceted cell coats
Analytical Services : 13 November, 2006
The pericellular coat that certain cell types have as part of their structure is the interest of Ralf Richter at the Department of Biophysical Chemistry at Heidelberg University.
First DNA test to predict individual patient response to clozapine
Analytical Services : 28 May, 2006
LGC, Europe
Seven new reference materials for antibiotics testing in animal products now available from LGC Promochem
Analytical Services : 27 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials, is pleased to announce the launch of seven new reference materials from the Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements intended for validating methods of analysis for veterinary residue testing in pig and salmon tissues and related products.
ATCC apoptosis detection products now available from LGC Promochem
Analytical Services : 27 May, 2006
LGC Promochem is pleased to announce that the new range of ATCC kits for apoptosis detection is now available throughout Europe. Designed for the straightforward detection of this complex process, researchers are now able to detect all stages of the process quickly and reliably in cultured cells or tissue samples.
LGC-funded new MSc programme in analytical chemistry
Analytical Services : 26 May, 2006
Dr Peter Lyne, Head of LGC
LGC Promochem announces a new range of botanical reference standards
Analytical Services : 26 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials, has announced its new range of botanical reference materials for specific plants, from artichoke to yarrow. The reference materials are primarily characterised by thin layer chromatography showing a 'fingerprint' of the botanical along with the certified identity and source. Many are also provided with macro and microscopic information for specific genus and species of the plant.
The new Pharmaceutical Reference Substances and Impurities catalogue from LGC Promochem
Analytical Services : 25 May, 2006
The release of the 2006 Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities catalogue from LGC Promochem is set to make compulsory reading for the pharmaceutical industry and reinforce LGC Promochem's position as Europe's leading supplier of certified reference materials.
New Promochem for LGC
Analytical Services : 24 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's most comprehensive source of certified reference materials and analytical standards, is exhibiting at Analytica 2006, and will be offering visitors information on a host of new products as well as technical advice on the use of reference materials.
New VAM Bulletin puts food at the top of the menu
Analytical Services : 24 May, 2006
LGC, Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory and the UK's National Measurement Institute for chemical, biochemical and nucleic acid analysis, has published the Spring 2005 issue of the VAM Bulletin. This twice-yearly journal looks at the activities and projects currently underway as part of the National Measurement System Valid Analytical Measurement Programme, as well as the issues surrounding the quality and reliability of analytical measurements.
LGC launches generic DNA-based proficiency testing scheme for quantitative PCR
Analytical Services : 23 May, 2006
Developed by LGC as part of the DTI-funded Measurements for Biotechnology programme 2004-2007, this innovative approach is the first DNA-based PT scheme able to provide test materials applicable to a significantly wide range of sectors, beneficial to analysts working in clinical, pharmaceutical, forensic, academic and public health laboratories. LGC has established a reputation for setting up and running successful PT initiatives and, as the UK's National Measurement Institute for chemical and biochemical analysis, promotes international standards for analytical measurement for use in trade, industry, academia and government.
InsightFaraday launches LabSmart software audit package
Analytical Services : 23 May, 2006
The InsightFaraday Partnership has launched LabSmart, a novel software-based process developed to analyse and significantly enhance laboratory operations. Coordinated by LGC, core partner of the InsightFaraday Partnership, this unique audit service is designed to model laboratory processes and explore alternative scenarios for improving efficiency and resource utilisation.
Identifying pluripotency with the new ELF Phosphatase Detection Kit from ATCC
Analytical Services : 22 May, 2006
The new ELF Phosphatase Detection Kit from ATCC, now available though LGC Promochem, offers a simple and robust method to fluorescently detect and visualise alkaline phosphatase activity in embryonic stem cells. The test method, which has been optimised by scientists at the ATCC Stem Cell Center, takes only a few minutes to perform and can be used alone or in conjunction with other techniques to provide dual colour assessment of overall in-vitro stem cell pluripotency. By quickly assessing the state of ES cells, the assay allows improved reproducibility of scientific data, enabling researchers to have increased confidence in their results.
New pesticide references are anything but standard!
Analytical Services : 22 May, 2006
LGC Promochem, Europe's leading supplier of reference materials and analytical standards, has launched a new, extremely flexible range of pesticide standards. The new standards, from ULTRA's New Catalogue Customs range, are semi-customised reference standards that are available at catalogue prices, with off-the-shelf shipping times. Users can have their chosen pesticides delivered in one of four solvents, at either of two possible concentrations and in one of four packaging options.
Analytical Services : 15 May, 2006
LGC, Europe
New research to evaluate options for a commercial synchrotron analysis service at CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Analytical Services : 02 December, 2005
Intertek Caleb Brett has been appointed by CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory to conduct market research and to evaluate all options for establishing a sustainable synchrotron radiation service for industry. Under details recently announced by CCLRC, the use of the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source by UK academia is planned for phased reduction completing at the end of 2008 and this creates an opportunity for the capacity released to be made more available for commercial use.
Higthroughput new X-ray powder diffraction
Analytical Services : 27 September, 2005
Following discussions with STOE, Darmstadt 's prestige designer of scientific instruments, DARTS commissioned a bespoke automatic sample changer for use on the high flux powder diffraction station 9.1. Customers working in speciality chemicals and pharmaceuticals will particularly benefit from the high throughput for phase or polymorph identification, structure analysis and combinatorial chemistry studies, where the high intensity of synchrotron radiation is essential.
e-HTPX: e-Science resource for high-throughput protein crystallography
Analytical Services : 02 September, 2005
DARTS is preparing to offer yet another service to science and industry, namely e-HTPX; an e-science resource for high-throughput protein crystallography. e-HTPX will provide an automated procedure for protein structure determination using X-ray crystallography in a high throughput mode. In addition, e-HTPX will provide access to instruments, databases and low-cost, high quality parallel computing.
DARTS helps solve industrial problems
Analytical Services : 01 September, 2005
With support from the Victorian Government's new Industry Synchrotron Access, Cetec, a risk management consulting group, contacted DARTS in order to help solve a manufacturing problem for MtM Pty Ltd, an Australian car exporter. Cetec and Mtm Pty Ltd had already used conventional analyses to determine that the problem lay in the bonding mechanism between the bright-metal-on-plastic components. Results suggested that the bonding process could be improved by modifying several stages of the process, but the distribution of metals and other elements below one part per million could not be determined without the use of a synchrotron radiation source.
Crystal structure connected to product performance
Analytical Services : 01 June, 2005
The appearance of different crystal structures (also known as polymorphs) in a crystallising substance can be critical to its performance in use. During manufacture, process control factors such as pressure and rate of cooling determine the composition of polymorphs that will occur. The ability to look at the detailed crystal structures developing during the manufacturing process allows an understanding of how the presence or absence of a particular polymorph can alter the behaviour, appearance, texture and other characteristics of the finished product. The properties which different polymorphs confer are often the key to improved or diminished product performance in terms of efficacy, safety and bio-availability.
New isotope gives a glimpse of the origins of precious metals
Analytical Services : 15 April, 2005
The beginnings of precious metals like gold can be traced to the blink of an eye in an exploding star billions of years ago, and scientists at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University have been able to scrutinize a crucial step in that process.
Certified reference materials for doping control, forensic toxicology and food analysis
Analytical Services : 14 April, 2005
From 1st April reference standards from the National Measurement Institute, Australia will be available in Europe from LGC Promochem. Under the agreement LGC Promochem has the exclusive right to distribute NMIA reference materials in Europe and a non-exclusive right for other parts of the world, excluding Australasia.
New non-destructive residual stress mapping technique
Analytical Services : 23 February, 2005
The need of designers, manufacturers and maintenance engineers for non-destructive techniques to assess areas of structural weakness and potential failure in critical engineering components is being met by the DARTS team using the synchrotron at Daresbury Laboratory. Synchrotron strain scanning has been developed into an advanced non-destructive engineering analysis tool using the high energy, high flux beams and large experimental area at the Daresbury synchrotron to characterise the strength and potential failure of structural components. Detailed two and three dimensional strain maps of entire engineering components are obtained faster, to greater depth and more accurately than possible by any other method.
New toxicogenomics project aims to maximise the potential of DNA microarray technology
Analytical Services : 17 February, 2005
As the next phase of DTI's Measurements for Biotechnology programme to 2007 gets underway, a large DNA microarray dataset generated by an LGC-led consortium during the first phase is now freely available online at ArrayExpress, a leading public repository managed by the European Bioinformatics Institute. The sharing of well-annotated data is a primary objective of the Microarray Gene Expression Data Society and this repository is stored in accordance with MGED recommendations.
Industry-driven technology roadmap from InsightFaraday Partnership helps stimulate uptake of HTT
Analytical Services : 28 January, 2005
The InsightFaraday Partnership's technology roadmap for High Throughput Technologies is now available Designed to provide industry with a step-by-step, comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques, benefits and barriers associated with HTT in the UK, the roadmap is also being referred to by applicants to EPSRC's current call for proposals in High Throughput Methods.
New 2004-05 'Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities' catalogue.
Analytical Services : 20 December, 2004
LGC Promochem's new 2004-05 edition of its Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities catalogue has a massively expanded product range including primary pharmaceutical standards from the United States Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia as well as secondary impurity standards with detailed certificates of analysis.
New commissioned beamlines on the SRS
Analytical Services : 29 November, 2004
MPW6.2 is one of the most recently commissioned beamlines on the SRS and has been optimised to be particularly powerful for the investigation of structural changes during time-resolved materials processing experiments.
New MPW MAD10 beamline has successfully completed its commissioning program
Analytical Services : 29 November, 2004
The new MPW MAD10 beamline has successfully completed its commissioning program during AP42 (March-October 2004). The station is characterized by the new MAR desktop beamline with CryoSampleChanger capable of storing up to 19 samples at time. The DTB has been integrated with the MAR225 Mosaic detector for macromolecular crystallography and by the C-TRAIN solid state fluorescence detector for MAD/EXAFS experiments.
Natural products are central to a new drug discovery alliance announced by LGC and Novacta Biosystems.
Analytical Services : 15 November, 2004
LGC, Europe's leading independent analytical laboratory providing advanced chemical, biochemical and forensic analysis, has signed a memorandum of collaboration with Novacta Biosystems, a Hertfordshire based drug discovery and development company formed to commercialise bioactive natural products. In the collaboration, LGC will market and provide access to Novacta's well-documented natural product library of 10,000 actinomycetes, creating a novel addition to the screening services available to drug discovery companies.
New beamlines at the SRS
Analytical Services : 11 November, 2004
Beamline 11.1 is a new synchrotron infrared microspectroscopy facility that has recently been completed at Daresbury, and is now being commissioned ready for access by users. The beamline focuses the infrared synchrotron light down to a 10 micron spot which allows high spatial resolution chemical analysis of a wide range of materials from biological tissues to polymers, and from single crystals to archaeological remains. It is anticipated that the beamline will be further enhanced in the near future by the addition of an array detector infrared imaging system.
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