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Compressor/vacuum pump fluids from Dow Corning last up to 10 times longer than competitive lubricants

Dow Corning - EEI : 06 May, 2007  (Company News)
A line of compressor and vacuum pump fluids based on ultra high-purity synthetic and mineral oil formulations that last up to ten times longer than competitive alternatives is now available from Dow Corning. Marketed under the Molykote brand name, these fluids are formulated to provide reduced lubricant consumption, longer oil-drain intervals, and extended equipment life, advantages that reduce maintenance costs and effort.
Molykote Compressor and Vacuum Fluids are comprised of unique formulations of synthetic polyalpha olefin, polyalkylene glycol/polyolester, polyolester, diester, and ultra high-purity mineral oils that meet or exceed performance specifications for all comparable OEM fill products. The superior performance of these fluids is mainly due to a series of proprietary additive packages that significantly reduces oxidation rates caused by elevated pressures and temperatures, which can result in premature lubricant breakdown.

Better performance over conventional fluids
In addition, their special “engineered” chemistry makes them inherently more resistant to oxidation and emulsification than competitive products. Whereas most competitive mineral oils are manufactured by refining, a solvent-based process that can retain contaminants from the crude-oil source, Molykote brand mineral oils are custom engineered at a molecular level to formulate a unique, ultra high-purity base oil that meets target performance specifications. In doing so, this process helps eliminate contaminants that can lead to acid development and premature aging of the oil.

Molecular reconstruction makes it easier for Dow Corning to tailor lubricant properties to meet customer requirements. And, for even better performance, Dow Corning blends its ultra high-purity mineral oils with powerful synthetic polyalpha olefin, well known for its hydrophobic properties, to create unique formulations that are ideal for compressor and vacuum pump applications. The resulting saturated molecules provide increased resistance to oxygen attack and heat-generating friction. Synthetic lubricants achieve full lubrication more quickly at start-up, so the Molykote PAO fluids and MO/PAO blends reduce component wear.

Increased resistance to emulsification
Furthermore, the synthetic lubricant’s resistance to oxidation and other contaminants leads to longer service life, more efficient lubrication and less formation of undesirable by-products in the lubricant. The blends offer lower pour points, more stable viscosity in wider temperature ranges, and even longer service life. In addition, the saturated molecular structure of these unique blends has no receptive sites to attract water, which makes Molykote fluids inherently better able to resist emulsification in high-moisture environments than most competitive lubricants. In these high-humidity environments, conventional fluids tend to bond to water, which causes oil breakdown and a build up of varnish, sludge and/or deposits.

Molykote brand fluids are suited for use in humid climates and wet processing environments such as the pulp and paper industry and, since Molykote fluids provide less misting from vacuum-pump discharge and are low odor, they are particularly ideal for use in the food processing industry.

Most Molykote brand compressor and vacuum pump fluids are formulated in accordance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for food-grade lubricants with incidental food contact, and are Kosher. The Molykote oils are available in pour points down to -62° C (-80° F), with a range of viscosity grades from 32 to 100 ISO. Special-purpose oils for extreme cooling and operating conditions are also available in the family of Molykote brand compressor / vacuum pump fluids.

Molykote compressor and vacuum pump oils contain additives for foam control and oxidation resistance, as well as a unique aging marker that can provide precise information about the condition of the oil through sample analysis.

Tests comparing Molykote brand compressor fluids with five competitive alternatives, including synthetics and mineral oils, showed that in a compressor operating at 220-230° F the Molykote fluids lasted 50% longer than the best-performing competitive synthetic fluid, and five times longer than the least performing product.

Compared with mineral oils, the basic tradeoff is that while conventional mineral oil based fluids for air compressors cost less at first, they offer only a limited useful lifetime, sometimes as little as 1000 hours. On the other hand, while Molykote synthetic fluids cost more, they typically provide a service life of up to 10,000 hours, for a service life that is up to ten times longer than competitive oils. The results is for an overall cost reduction of as much as 40% due to reduced purchases of fluids, savings from reduced maintenance labor and disposal costs, and less frequent demister changes.

Molykote Lubrication Management Program Program
The line of Molykote brand compressor and vacuum pump oils are part of the Molykote Lubrication Management Program from Dow Corning. The program offers a comprehensive package of lubricants and related services designed to help customers reduce overall maintenance costs, extend equipment life, and simplify the purchasing process by consolidating all lubrication-related activities with one supplier.

The program features the introduction of 42 new industrial fluids that are marketed under the Molykote brand name; an oil-analysis service; and lubrication-management software, which together complement the company’s traditional line of Dow Corning brand industrial lubricants and related services that meet virtually every plant lubrication need.

With the addition of its new line of Molykote fluids to its line of Dow Corning-brand industrial lubricants, the company now offers the most complete selection available to meet virtually every industrial plant lubrication requirement. The selection includes synthetic and ultra-high-purity mineral-oil fluids, specialty lubricant compounds, greases, pastes, anti-friction coatings, and dispersions A typical industrial customer who consolidates with this product and service package may expect to achieve six categories of benefits, including:

Better return on capital investment through longer machine life;
Improved overall productivity through extended fill intervals; Streamlined inventory through elimination of items with similar properties;
Better preventative maintenance through integrated oil analysis;
Better equipment performance through selection and quality of lubricant; and
More effective maintenance management through better informed decision-making.

This package of Dow Corning and Molykote lubricants and services is being implemented as a comprehensive lubricant consolidation program through Dow Corning’s channel partners, which have over 3000 field locations.

Dow Corning currently offers more than 7,000 products to customers around the world. Dow Corning is a global leader in silicon-based materials with shares equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated. More than half of Dow Corning's sales are outside the United States. Molykote has been a well-known brand for industrial lubrication throughout Europe and Asia since the 1950s.
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