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Polyurethanes Division: Polyurethane Raw Materials, Systems And Equipment From Bayer Corporation

Bayer MaterialScience AG : 05 June, 2001  (Company News)
Bayer Corporation is a research-based company with major businesses in health care and life sciencesand chemicals. The company had 1998 sales of $8.1 billion and employs more than 23,000 people.
Bayer Corporation is investing $15 billion in capital expenditures and research and development from1995 through the year 2004. 1999 capital investment and R&D expenditures are projected to total$1.6 billion. Bayer Corporation, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pa., is a member of the worldwideBayer Group, a $31 billion international life sciences, polymers and specialty chemicals group based inLeverkusen, Germany.

Polyurethanes are thermoplastic or thermoset polymers produced by the reaction of two liquidcomponents, a polyfunctional isocyanate with a polyol. The chemistry of polyurethanes was firstdeveloped in Germany by Bayer AG, and introduced to the world more than 60 years ago. BayerCorporation's Polyurethanes Division offers a comprehensive line of polyurethane raw materials,systems and equipment to a wide range of industries.

The Division has a nationwide sales force and a network of eight regional distributors to extend the salesand marketing efforts for its products.


The headquarters of the Polyurethanes Division are located in Pittsburgh, Pa. Bayer manufacturespolyurethane raw materials and systems primarily in two locations: Baytown, Texas, and NewMartinsville, W.Va. Hennecke Machinery, which manufactures polyurethane processing equipment, islocated in the Pittsburgh suburb of Lawrence, Pa.

The Polyurethanes Division is an essential element of Bayer Corporation's Automotive Products Center (APC) in Auburn Hills, Mich. The APC is the marketing and technological support hub for automotiveapplications of all Bayer products, including engineering thermoplastics, polyurethanes, coatings andrubber. Bayer Corporation also has two Polymers Research Centers, located in Pittsburgh, Pa., andNew Martinsville, W.Va., that develop new technologies to support the Polyurethanes Division andleverage Bayer AG internal research strength.

On Nov. 16, 1999, Bayer AG announced that it is acquiring the global polyols business of U.S.-basedLyondell Chemical Company, Houston, for $2.45 billion in a move to strengthen its core polymersbusiness in the long term. As an integral part of the transaction, Bayer will acquire an equity interest inthe production of propylene oxide (PO), a raw material for the manufacture of polyols. Bayer andLyondell will also form an alliance for joint technology development and the expansion of POproduction capacities. Bayer expects to close the deal in the first half of 2000.

The acquisition covers the U.S. polyol production sites in Institute and South Charleston, WestVirginia, and Channelview, Texas. In Europe the sites are in Rieme, Belgium, and Fos-sur-Mer,France, and there are also majority holdings in joint vent ures in Indonesia and Taiwan. The facilitieshave a total annual production capacity of approximately 700,000 metric tons. The number ofemployees is almost 1,000. The technology also acquired from Lyondell will in the future be used inBayer's existing plants and greatly increase their efficiency.

Bayer's Polyurethane Product Families

Bayflex® elastomeric RIM systems, which can be used both filled and unfilled, offer a range offlexural moduli together with superior impact strength, light weight and excellent surface quality andpaintability. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive fascia and bodypanels; window gasketing; agricultural equipment, such as hay conditioning rollers, tractor bodypanels and fenders; and recreational equipment, such as snow shoes, RV fascia and golf cart hoods.

Bayflex® microcellular systems are used to produce integral skin foams using either high- or low- pressurefoam technology. These foams combine a cellular core with a tear-resistant skin to form asandwich-like structure and provide excellent toughness over a wide range of temperatures, as wellas corrosion, abrasion and wear resistance. Applications for these systems include steering wheels,encapsulation of chair arms and bases, filter gaskets and soft-feel appliance handles.

Bayflex® microcellular soling systems are used to produce shoe soles. These systems offer themanufacturer a combination of light weight, durability, comfort, styling freedom and economicalprocessing. Both polyester- and polyether-based systems are available and used for men's,women's and children's dress shoes, casual shoes, sneakers and slippers, as well as hiking bootsand work and safety shoes.

Bayfill® semi-rigid foam systems provide load-bearing characteristics significantly better than thoseof flexible foams. They are used as energy-absorbing and back-filling/structural materials inautomotive arm rests, instrument panels, consoles, door panels and other sections of a vehicle'sinterior. They are also used for bumper energy absorbers.

Bayfit® high-resilience and viscoelastic foam systems are used for cold-cure molding of automotiveseating and headrests, sound absorption and vibrational dampening in automotive applications;furniture cushioning; general transportation cushioning; and foam footballs and basketballs. They arealso used for sound deadening behind automotive carpets and firewall insulators.

Baytuft® polyurethane isocyanates for use in froth foam processing provide manufacturing flexibilityand are excellent materials for both high-density and low-density carpet backings and pads, andindustrial cushions and gasketing.

Baydur® polyurethane systems are durable, structural foam RIM systems that can be used to moldlarge parts with variable wall thicknesses. Intricate shapes and three-dimensional designs can beproduced with these systems, which are used for housings for medical i equipment, electronicenclosures and business machines; agricultural equipment such as tractor cab roofs; speakerhousings; window frames; snow and water ski cores; restaurant furniture; and many otherapplications.

Baydur® STR high-density structural RIM systems are used for large structural parts, such asbumper beams, truck cargo boxes, tailgates and seat frames, providing exceptional stiffness andimpact strength. Baydur STR low-density structural RIM systems are used for lightweight anddimensionally strong interior applications, such as door panels, package trays and instrument panels.

Baynat® rigid foam systems are uniquely designed to produce sheets, which can be mechanicallyformed into parts such as automotive headliners, package shelves and semi-structural panels.Headliners made with Baynat foam systems are lightweight and exhibit excellent single- or multiple-layerstiffness and low heat sag. Component integration and a wide part design spectrum areadditional features of parts formed with Baynat systems.

Baytec® prepolymers and systems used in cast elastomers make up a family of tough polyurethaneengineering materials designed to meet the demands of an extensive array of mechanical andindustrial applications. Baytec cast elastomers are excellent materials for molding durable, resilientparts that provide long service life. Typical applications include tires and wheels, rolls, skatewheels, pipeline pigs, seals and gaskets, gears and sprockets, chute and pump liners,hydrocyclones, belting, synthetic sporting tracks and playground surfaces, and impact- andabrasion-resistant edging on tables and other furniture pieces.

Baytec® RTM systems are specially formulated to enable the manufacture of high- performancecomposites via the resin transfer molding process. Typical applications include vehicle body panels,industrial processing equipment and marine accessories.

Baytec® SPR spray polyurethane systems can provide both elastomeric and structural properties.Elastomeric systems, or soft sprays, provide sound deadening and corrosion, abrasion and/orchemical resistance. Typical applications include truck bed liners and vinyl replacement. Typicalapplications for structural, or hard, sprays include plumbing fixtures and automotive aftermarketstyling components.

Baymer® polyisocyanurate rigid foam systems are used for thermal insulation in constructionapplications. Typical applications include wall and roof panels, garage doors and exterior sheathing.

Baytherm® rigid foam systems are specifically formulated for a variety of molded rigid foamapplications. Typical uses include water heaters; entry doors; and structural components incommercial refrigeration, transportation and marine applications.

PRISM® polyurethanes are solid RIM materials which are used for medical 1 equipment housings,computer and other equipment housings, industrial instrumentation and telecommunicationsenclosures.

Vulkollan® cast elastomers are used for applications such as rotor bearings, rolls and roll covers,wheels, seals and wear-resistant linings that are expected to resist extremely heavy dynamic loads.

Mondur® is a line of TDI- and MDI-based diisocyanates, modified diisocyanates and polymericisocyanates used to co-react with a variety of polyols and amines to create polyurethanes with awide spectrum of properties. Mondur polymeric isocyanates are also used as binders in theengineered wood, composites and foundry core industries.

Multranol® polyether polyols and Desmophen® polyester polyols are raw materials employed in theproduction of thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Baytec® ENC is a line of isocyanates and polyols tailored for use in the electrical potting andencapsulating industry.
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