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Finite Element Analysis
Magnetostrictive materials optimised by multi-physics simulation
Finite Element Analysis : 14 May, 2014
Materials that demonstrate different responses to varying external stimuli are known as "smart materials,’ and their discovery has led to the creation of products that perform on a whole new level. These engineered materials are developed to perform smarter and more efficiently than their predecessors, allowing materials to be designed based on the products and environments in which they will be used. Using Comsol, Etrema researchers were able to find a design that was optimised for the competing requirements of both the AC and DC magnetics.
MSC.Software introduces MD Nastran for multidiscipline simulation
Finite Element Analysis : 28 January, 2007
MSC.Software a leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions, today announced MD Nastran. MD Nastran combines the best-in-class technology platforms including MSC.Nastran, Marc, Dytran and LS-Dyna into one fully integrated multidiscipline solution for the enterprise.
Harpoon, The Extreme Mesher raises the Industry Standard for Meshing
Finite Element Analysis : 27 January, 2007
Sharc Ltd today announced the release of version 2.0 of its flagship meshing software, Harpoon,
APUS-CFD 1.4 released
Finite Element Analysis : 26 January, 2007
Symban Power Systems Ltd has released APUS-CFD1.4, a new generation of CFD software supplied to its customers at a very competitive price.
SAMTECH to release the FEA suite SAMCEF V11.1
Finite Element Analysis : 25 January, 2007
SAMTECH, the European technology leader for the development of Integrated Computer Aided Engineering Solutions, announces today the launch of the commercial release 11.1 of its general purpose Finite Element Analysis software suite SAMCEF for linear and non-linear thermo-mechanical analyses.
MSC.Software introduces CAD-embedded SimDesigner enterprise
Finite Element Analysis : 24 January, 2007
MSC.Software today announced SimDesigner Enterprise, combining the most extensive CAD-embedded multidiscipline simulation solutions with collaboration available for CATIA V5 users. SimDesigner Enterprise accelerates speed to market and cuts engineering costs by providing design engineers with easier access to a wide-ranging set of integrated simulation workbenches and simulation data management.
SIMULIA ecosystem unites CAA V5 and ABAQUS alliance programs
Finite Element Analysis : 23 January, 2007
SIMULIA is the Dassault Syst
Flow Science releases FLOW-3D v9.1
Finite Element Analysis : 22 January, 2007
Flow Science, Inc. announces the availability of a new release of its FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics software. Version 9.1 of FLOW-3D offers users an advanced new VOF technique, extensions to the powerful General Moving Objects model introduced last year and numerous other enhancements to users
OpenCFD release OpenFOAM version 1.3
Finite Element Analysis : 21 January, 2007
OpenCFD are pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of their OpenFOAM open source CFD toolbox. Version 1.3 contains numerous developments aimed towards improving the efficiency and robustness of OpenFOAM for large-scale engineering CFD, including:
VISTAGY releases FiberSIM 5.1
Finite Element Analysis : 20 January, 2007
VISTAGY, Inc., have announced the release of FiberSIM 5.1, the latest version of its design environment for composite products. FiberSIM 5.1 provides new specialized tools that enable engineers working in commercial CAD systems to automate design processes early in product development. This results in more efficient and accurate manufacture of complex or large composite parts, including products produced in multiple stages.
Pointwise releases Gridgen v15.09 with solid modeling
Finite Element Analysis : 19 January, 2007
Pointwise have announced the latest release of their CFD meshing software, Gridgen Version 15.09, featuring the addition of solid modeling and solid meshing.
CD-adapco announce the release of STAR-CD V4
Finite Element Analysis : 18 January, 2007
CD-adapco have announced the release of the latest version of theirflagship Computational Fluid Dynamics package, STAR-CD. STAR-CD V4 brings new state-of-the-art solver technologyto the STAR-CD community, without compromising the advanced modeling and complex physics capabilities for which STAR-CD is the undisputedmarket leader. By using the latest polyhedron-based finite volume technology, STAR-CD V4 delivers significant benefits in speed, robustness and usability.
New product provides rapid flow modeling for V5 PLM users
Finite Element Analysis : 17 January, 2007
Fluent Inc. announces the immediate release of FLUENT for CATIA V5. With this new product, Fluent delivers its rapid flow modeling technology into Dassault Syst
SAMTECH to create an Expertise Centre in Barcelona for Wind Turbines Design and Verification
Finite Element Analysis : 15 January, 2007
SAMTECH, European specialist for the development of Integrated CAE Solutions using Finite Element Method, announces today that its Iberian subsidiary becomes its competence centre for the global design and the detailed mechatronic verification of Wind Turbines, using non-linear Finite Element Method coupled with Multi-Body-System approach and Aerodynamics.
Noran to license SolidWorks for modeling in NEi FEA
Finite Element Analysis : 14 January, 2007
Noran Engineering has announced that it has reached a licensing agreement with SolidWorks Corporation for the use of its solid modeling engine. The solid modeling engine will underlie a CAD neutral Nastran engineering analysis and simulation software product called NEi FEA that is created specifically for individual design engineers who require Nastran based FEA.
NISA V14.0 launched
Finite Element Analysis : 14 January, 2007
Cranes Software has announced the latest version of NISA comprising of several new features that promise major improvements in performance, usability and graphing capabilities.
FE design launch TOSCA V6
Finite Element Analysis : 14 January, 2007
FE-DESIGN announces the release of version 6.0 of its optimization software TOSCA for topology, shape and bead optimization with the industry-standard solvers ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC.Nastran, MSC.Marc, NX Nastran and Permas.
Noran release NEi Nastran V9
Finite Element Analysis : 13 January, 2007
Noran Engineering, Inc. have announced the release of NEi Nastran V9 for high end engineering analysis and simulation. The release is part of a product strategy intended to clearly distinguish and distance NEi Nastran from more staid Nastran versions attached to broad based lifecycle/CAD software by providing a continuous series of new simulation features, and offering customers the unique opportunity to obtain industry specific code enhancements. Among the technology differentiators in V9 are: New Parabolic Shell Elements, Automated SuperElement Analysis, Automated Surface Contact and Weld Generation, 3D Composites Using Solid Elements, Vibration Fatigue Analysis, Combined Qualitative-Quantitative Result Assessment, enhanced Nastran Editor with Automatic Report Generator. Plus, NEiNastran V9 has a number of industry specific code enhancements for its key aerospace and maritime users.
ABAQUS version 6.6 announced
Finite Element Analysis : 13 January, 2007
Added performance, new analysis features, and usability improvements extend the value of ABAQUS software for simulation across industries. Dassault Syst
UGS to integrate technology from Jilin University
Finite Element Analysis : 12 January, 2007
UGS today announced an original equipment manufacturer agreement with Jilin University to integrate one-step formability analysis technology developed by JLU into NX software, UGS
STAR-Design V4.04 released
Finite Element Analysis : 12 January, 2007
CD-adapco is pleased to announce the release of STAR-Design V4.04. STAR-Design
Fluent releases Icemax v2.2
Finite Element Analysis : 12 January, 2007
Fluent Inc., have released version 2.2 of its Icemax software, the world's fastest circuit extraction tool for analyzing advanced IC package designs. The new version of the Icemax solver comes with 64-bit OS support, practically eliminating the limit on the complexity of electrical models that can be generated.
SoftPredict releases COSILAB2 combustion software
Finite Element Analysis : 11 January, 2007
SoftPredict, a subdivision of Rotexo GmbH & Co. KG, have released their all new combustion software COSILAB2. The software handles arbitrarily complex gas-phase chemistry in flow simulations including combustion, exhaust gas after-treatment, and pollutant formation. It benefits from an easy-to-use graphical user-interface that handles preprocessing of thermodynamic and molecular databases, and of reaction mechanisms, all in the most popular and internationally accepted data formats.
Altair Engineering announces the HyperWorks Engineering Framework Global Seminar Series
Finite Element Analysis : 11 January, 2007
Altair Engineering, Inc. today announced that it will host a global seminar series to explore the future of advanced computer-aided engineering technology. The agenda will include presentations on the latest trends in CAE, a preview of Altair's upcoming release of HyperWorks 8.0 and technology advancements that further enable innovative product design. The complimentary seminar series will begin in Frankfurt, Germany, followed by regional events in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.
CD-adapco announces the release of STAR-Design V4.04
Finite Element Analysis : 11 January, 2007
CD-adapco is pleased to announce the release of STAR-Design V4.04. STAR-Design
nCode releases GlyphWorks 4.0
Finite Element Analysis : 10 January, 2007
nCode, a global provider of durability, performance, and operational measurement and decision management solutions that help companies eliminate unexpected failures, announces the release of GlyphWorks 4.0 software. The product is an easy-to-use environment that enables engineers to interactively build and run analytical processes on huge multi-channel datasets.
nCode launches Test and CAE fatigue solution
Finite Element Analysis : 10 January, 2007
nCode International Ltd is launching its latest fatigue analysis system, called ICE-flow DesignLife, at this year's Automotive Testing Exhibition in Stuttgart. DesignLife, says nCode, is the first fully integrated CAE and Test environment for advanced durability engineering, designed to enable the rapid prediction of fatigue hotspots and product lifetime.
ALGOR V19.1 supports 64-Bit HP-UX for all analysis types
Finite Element Analysis : 10 January, 2007
ALGOR announced that its latest finite element analysis software release, ALGOR V19.1, features all-new support for the 64-bit HP-UX operating system for all analysis types. Now, UNIX workstation users can simulate engineering analyses of their product designs with ALGOR's wide range of simulation capabilities including static stress and Mechanical Event Simulation with linear and nonlinear material models, linear dynamics, steady-state and transient heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow, electrostatics and full multiphysics.
Intelligent light upgrades CFD offering
Finite Element Analysis : 09 January, 2007
Intelligent Light, a provider of computational fluid dynamics and visualization tools for the HPC market, has announced the latest version of its FIELDVIEW software suite. FIELDVIEW 11.1 provides a new parallel implementation that delivers scalable post-processing performance to users of multi-core workstations, large shared memory systems, and cluster computing environments. New data analysis, automation, and data reading capabilities are also a part of this release.
CFdesign v8.0 released for Pro/ENGINEER wildfire
Finite Element Analysis : 09 January, 2007
Blue Ridge Numerics is announcing the availability of CFdesign v8.0 for PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0. Pro/ENGINEER is a 3D product design solution that helps companies develop detailed, intuitive and realistic digital product representations.
Cleaner, safer and smarter road transport for Europe
Finite Element Analysis : 09 January, 2007
TRA will focus on the implementation of the European Research Area in support of a sustainable, safer and more efficient road transport system in Europe. The event is organised jointly by the European Commission, European Road Transport Research Advisory Council and Conference of European Directors of Roads.
CCOPPS, EC project for power and pressure system industry
Finite Element Analysis : 08 January, 2007
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde has just been awarded half a million Euros under the EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci Scheme for a 2 year project involving the C ertification of Co mpetencies in the P ower and P ressure S ystems Industry throughout Europe. The Leonardo da Vinci programme aims to stimulate innovation and enhance the competitiveness of European industry, through development in the skills of the workforce.
Dassault announces ABAQUS 6.6 for advanced FEA
Finite Element Analysis : 08 January, 2007
Dassault Systemes announces the availability of Version 6.6 of ABAQUS, its advanced finite element analysis software suite within the SIMULIA product portfolio. The company's highly regarded analysis products, ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit, offer new capabilities in vibration analysis, material failure characterization, tire modeling, and computing performance.
Matched meshing now available in harpoon
Finite Element Analysis : 07 January, 2007
Sharc Ltd announced today the release of new Matched Meshing software which has been included in the latest version of Harpoon. Harpoon is extremely useful for meshing complex geometry quickly and with very little effort.
MSC SimEnterprise launched
Finite Element Analysis : 07 January, 2007
MSC.Software Corp. has announced the introduction of SimEnterprise, an enterprise simulation development platform that enables computer-aided-engineering designers, analysts, managers and the supply chain to interact hroughout the design process, in an open systems approach using their preferred development software, to deliver substantial collaboration, data management and process automation benefits.
Simpleware releases ScanIP v2.1 for image processing
Finite Element Analysis : 07 January, 2007
Simpleware announces the release of Version 2.1 of ScanIP, its advanced image processing software. ScanIP offers an extensive selection of image visualization, processing and segmentation tools to process any volumetric 3D data as obtained from MRI, CT, and Micro-CT scanners, for example. Segmented images can be exported as STL files for CAD analysis, RP manufacturing or, with the ScanFE module, imported directly into leading commercial finite element packages.
Simmetrix Inc have announced the release of Parallel MeshSim
Finite Element Analysis : 06 January, 2007
Parallel MeshSim provides a breakthrough technology for meshing of very large scale simulation problems based on a unique approach to meshing parallelization. Parallel MeshSim does not require the model representation to be reduced to a facet-based representation with a loss of data, but rather works directly with the GeomSim modules providing parallel mesh generation directly on geometry defined by the major geometry kernels (ACIS, Granite, Parasolid). Facet-based representations of geometry are also supported but not required.
NIKA releases EFD.flexx
Finite Element Analysis : 06 January, 2007
NIKA GmbH today announced the release of EFD.Flexx. EFD.Flexx offers an innovative licensing model for the NIKA Engineering Fluid Dynamics product family. The EFD product family consists of EFD.Lab, EFD.V5 for CATIA V5 and EFD.Pro for Pro/ENGINEER. With the addition of EFD.Flexx licensing mechanism, companies employing multi-CAD strategies and or distributed development structures will be able to exchange data internally and with clients or suppliers in various formats.
CD-adapco releases STAR-CCM+ V2
Finite Element Analysis : 06 January, 2007
CD-adapco has announced the second major release of STAR-CCM+. First released in 2004, STAR-CCM+ combines the very latest CFD and computing technology, delivered in an environment that is easier to use than any other tool on the market. This release adds state-of-the-art meshing technology and a wealth of advanced physics to STAR-CCM+'s capabilities.
Fluent connection 1.1 released
Finite Element Analysis : 05 January, 2007
Fluent Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc., has announced the release of Fluent Connection 1.1 software that helps streamline the process of creating simulation models based on design data from leading computer-aided design packages.
Fluent launches new versions of TGrid, GAMBIT and 3Matic
Finite Element Analysis : 05 January, 2007
Fluent Inc. have announced new releases of TGrid 4.0, GAMBIT 2.3 and 3Matic-for-Fluent 1.0, all major upgrades to Fluent's preprocessing capabilities. These three products provide several new functionality advantages that enable Fluent users to proceed from CAD geometries to Fluent CFD solvers in unprecedented timescales.
Solidworks launch PDMWorks enterprise
Finite Element Analysis : 05 January, 2007
SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled new software that will make it easier for large product development teams to securely share and manage enterprise data and engineering documents while ensuring version control. PDMWorks Enterprise enables large or geographically dispersed design teams to work concurrently on product designs.
ABAQUS student edition V6.6
Finite Element Analysis : 04 January, 2007
Dassault Systemes announces the availability of ABAQUS Student Edition Version 6.6. The new software offers engineering students many of the latest simulation capabilities for vibration analysis, material failure characterization, tire modeling, and visualization that were made available earlier this year in the commercial version of ABAQUS Version 6.6 software.
NIKA releases generation 7 of EFD products
Finite Element Analysis : 04 January, 2007
NIKA GmbH today released the latest version of its powerful Engineering Fluid Dynamics product family. The product family consisting of EFD.Lab, EFD.V5 for CATIA V5 and EFD.Pro for Pro/ENGINEER will feature an expanded list of physical models such as thermoelectric coolers for more realistic operating environments. In addition, it will offer improved mesh generation algorithms for effortless meshing of complex models and new animation capabilities for even more realistic visualization of designs.
UGS adds SMART engineering as new CAE channel partner
Finite Element Analysis : 03 January, 2007
UGS have announced a partnership with SMART Engineering GmbH to sell Femap with NX Nastran software for finite element modeling.
SolidWorks 2007 launched
Finite Element Analysis : 03 January, 2007
SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled SolidWorks 2007 software, offering design teams unprecedented opportunities to work faster and smarter in the quest for better products. In addition to more than 200 new features, this latest version of the leading 3D CAD software introduces SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology, which for the first time puts expert-level techniques for 3D CAD's most challenging design operations in the hands of every user.
Ricardo launches FEARCE software
Finite Element Analysis : 03 January, 2007
The British engineering consultancy Ricardo plc has announced the release of its new FEARCE 7.0 software from its Michigan offices. It brings together many analysis activities by using a common data exchange protocol and a library of interfaces to third- party finite element packages and other computer-aided engineering applications, such as performance simulation and computational fluid dynamics. Key features of FEARCE 7.0 include:
Multi-disciplinary development frees engineering resources to focus on innovation and robustness
Finite Element Analysis : 02 January, 2007
Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of technology and services that strengthen client innovation and decision-making, today announced the public release of Altair HyperWorks 8.0, The Engineering Framework for Product Design. The integrated suite of advanced computer-aided engineering software tools delivers advanced technology and functionality to increase efficiency and reduce cycle time in the development of innovative, robust products.
ABAQUS for CATIA V5 version 2.3 announced
Finite Element Analysis : 02 January, 2007
Dassault Systemes announces the availability of Version 2.3 of ABAQUS for CATIA V5. Integrated within the CATIA V5 Product Lifecycle Management solution from Dassault Systemes, the latest software product from the SIMULIA brand improves the deployment of high-value analysis workflows and advanced simulation technology across product development organizations in a wide range of industries, including ground vehicles, aerospace and defense, biomedical, and others.
Revision 6 of LMS virtual.lab released
Finite Element Analysis : 02 January, 2007
LMS have announced the release of LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 6. This new release introduces an advanced and unified modeling environment, integrating all the required model creation and simulation tools to perform accurate system-level performance analyses.
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