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BOC plant first to supply Pakistani beverage industry with ISBT-compliant CO2
Gases : 04 November, 2006
BOC has installed a state-of-the-art liquid carbon dioxide plant in Multan, northern Pakistan. The 60 ton-per-day plant, which began operations earlier this year, is capable of producing International Society of Beverage Technology-compliant CO2. The plant is the first of its kind in Pakistan to serve the country
Sheffield secures BOC chemical engineer hat-trick honour
Gases : 30 September, 2006
A North Wales student has helped the University of Sheffield complete a hat-trick of wins of the BOC Award for the Best Chemical Engineering Student at a gala awards evening in London.
BOC Edwards and AUECC move forward with China Wet Chemical Production Plan
Gases : 29 September, 2006
Following announcement of its equity position in Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corporation, BOC Edwards announced today that AUECC is moving forward with plans to supply wet process chemicals to the growing electronics manufacturing industry in China, and has formed an equity joint venture with Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company. The new venture is called Shanghai Huayi Microelectronic Material Co. Ltd.
Akrion's Goldfinger Technologies selects BOC Edwards Chemical Blending Systems
Gases : 28 September, 2006
BOC Edwards announced today that it has received an order from Akrion for 19 additional chemical blend and delivery modules to support Goldfinger Mach2HP megasonic wafer cleaning tools at a major Asian fab.
Successful qualification program indicates F80 good complement to TELFORMULA platform
Gases : 27 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a global supplier of materials and subsystems for electronics manufacturing, announced today it has successfully completed a two-year fluorine qualification program with Tokyo Electron Limited, Japan, a major manufacturer of semiconductor production equipment. The BOC Edwards' Generation-F80 prototype fluorine generator has supplied up to 80 l/hr to multiple TELFORMULA 300 mm LPCVD tools at TEL/AT's Tohoku, Japan facility.
BOC increases focus on independent distributor channel
Gases : 26 September, 2006
BOC plans to increase its focus on its independent distributor channel and has identified opportunities for improvement following a Distributor Advisory Council meeting in Saratoga, N.Y.
BOC and Cellex Power to supply hydrogen and fuel cell products for forklift trucks
Gases : 25 September, 2006
Forklift trucks will soon be the latest vehicles powered by clean and efficient hydrogen energy, thanks to an agreement between BOC, one of the world
BOC opens largest commercial helium facility in China
Gases : 24 September, 2006
BOC, one of the world's leading helium suppliers, has recently opened the largest commercial helium facility in China, a distribution center located in Suzhou.
BOC resuscitators essential for dental
Gases : 24 September, 2006
With the ability to deliver oxygen up to six times better than the mouth to mouth technique, LifeLine and LifeLine-PRO, the resuscitator kits from oxygen specialist BOC Medical are essential lifesaving tools for the dental practitioner.
BOC offers bakers a perfect recipe, time after time
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Murray Hill, New Jersey, U.S., July 21, 2004, BOC (NYSE:BOX) will show bakers how they can achieve a perfect recipe, time after time, with the company
1500-Pump monitoring system is BOC Edwards
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Managing an entire system of over 1500 vacuum pumps as well as multiple exhaust management systems in a manufacturing environment where downtime can rise above tens of thousands of dollars per hour is a challenge that has been successfully met by monitoring and reporting specialists at BOC Edwards.
BOC's dolphin-shaped car makes a splash
Gases : 24 September, 2006
The BOC Gh2ost, being tested on the remote island of Shetland, off the north coast of Scotland, is expected to be able to travel around the world on less than the equivalent of two gallons of petrol; using 25 watts, a fraction of the power a light bulb uses.
Intervent offers anti-microbial technologies for food and beverage
Gases : 24 September, 2006
Intervent, the new food safety technology and consulting arm of BOC, is providing food and beverage manufacturers with a single source for addressing their plants food safety needs.
BOC joint venture to supply oxygen to new mono ethylene glycol plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand
Gases : 24 September, 2006
MIG Production Co. Ltd, a joint venture between Thai Industrial Gases PCL and Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Ltd has been awarded a long-term contract to supply 800 tonnes a day of oxygen to a new mono ethylene glycol project operated by TOC Glycol Co. Ltd. in Map Ta Phut, Thailand.
Research project set to uncover the future of helium
Gases : 23 September, 2006
The UK's biggest provider of helium is joining forces with a major user and Cambridge academics to sponsor a three year research project, the results of which are expected to reveal how much longer industry can rely on this increasingly scare resource.
BOC powered hydrogen bus supports Guildford's Ambient Picnic
Gases : 23 September, 2006
The UK's first ever zero emission bus will give Surrey residents an alternative view of public transport at the Ambient Picnic 2005, Guildford's annual music art and environment festival.
South Korea facility is the world
Gases : 23 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, an integrated supplier of gas, chemical, vacuum and exhaust management solutions to the flat panel and semiconductor industries, has received a major vacuum systems order from Samsung Electronics. Over 60 vacuum systems will be supplied for Samsung
BOC Edwards announces construction of China Silane Transfill Facility
Gases : 23 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a global supplier of materials, equipment and services to the microelectronics manufacturing industry, announced today it will construct a 60-tonnes per year high-purity silane transfill facility in Kunshan, Suzhou, China. Local distribution facilities, known as transfills, compress bulk gas into cylinders for shipment to customer sites.
HKO to build new air separation plant to support GIS expansion
Gases : 23 September, 2006
Hong Kong Oxygen, a joint venture between BOC and Air Liquide, will construct a new air separation unit to supply Guangzhou Iron & Steel
BOC Balloon Gas on the up and now on-line
Gases : 23 September, 2006
Balloons are not just kids
BOC Edwards Sets new standard with iGX Drypump Platform
Gases : 23 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a leader in the supply of vacuum systems and services, has announced the launch of its new iGX platform, responding to an industry need for a versatile, low utility cost, high-reliability, high-performance drypump for semiconductor processes.
BOC Edwards begins second phase of pipeline network in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, in conjunction with its Taiwan joint venture partner, BOC Lien Hwa, has begun work on the next phase of expansion of its nitrogen production and pipeline distribution network, at a cost of more than US $30 million, in the Hsinchu Science Park in northern Taiwan.
New Generation-F designed to lower chamber cleaning cost of ownership
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a leading supplier of materials, equipment and services to the flat panel display manufacturing industry, announced today the launch of the Generation-F 1600, a new addition to its family of on-site fluorine generators. The Generation-F 1600 will be introduced at FPD TAIWAN 2005.
BOC cryogenic impingement freezer boosts production, reduces cost for King & Prince Seafood
Gases : 22 September, 2006
King & Prince Seafood Company has replaced two freezers with a single, BOC cryogenic impingement freezer at its Brunswick, Georgia processing plant, enabling it to increase production while lowering costs and reducing yield loss.
BOC Medical to deliver key messages to the UK medical sector
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC Medical will use three major medical conferences to promote its range of services and reinforce its position as a health care partner to the UK health sector. The benefits of heliox in treating patients with airway obstructions, such as acute asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, will be the key message at the Intensive Care Society
Indura oxygen plant enables start-up of environmentally sustainable copper production in Chile
Gases : 22 September, 2006
Indura, one of Latin America
CuNoSS liquid abatement technology eliminates hazardous copper ions without requiring solids pre-filtration
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a major supplier of materials, equipment and services to the semiconductor industry, has successfully completed a wastewater treatment evaluation program with STMicroelectronics, one of the world
BOC expands its ISO 17025 accredited network
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC has received accreditation for the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 for EPA Protocol gases and NIST traceable gas mixtures at its Riverton, New Jersey facility. This is the second such accredited BOC facility in the U.S., accreditation of the company
BOC Sureflow's new filling operation receives the Theakston seal of approval
Gases : 22 September, 2006
BOC Sureflow
BOC and MORE expand energy injection system product offering to steel recycling industry
Gases : 21 September, 2006
BOC, a major supplier to the global steel industry, and MORE S.r.l., a worldwide leader in supplying chemical energy and injection systems to electric arc furnace steelmaking, announce the next step in their five-year partnership, the MORE Hi_JET.
The green car will deliver on performance and looks as well as emission reduction
Gases : 21 September, 2006
A wholly British partnership today unveiled plans to develop the world
BOC introduces on-site chlorine purification for optical fiber manufacture
Gases : 21 September, 2006
BOC has developed a patent-pending on-site chlorine purification technology that reduces optical fiber manufacturing costs by converting cheaper industrial grade chlorine into high-purity, lower moisture chlorine gas suitable for making optical fibers.
BOC expands leadership position in China
Gases : 21 September, 2006
BOC, the number one industrial gases company in Asia, has further expanded its leadership position in China by signing a major contract for the supply of oxygen to the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Corporation, located in the Shanxi province of north-central China.
BOC technology validated for controlling Listeria on ready-to-eat meat and poultry products
Gases : 21 September, 2006
BOC technology aimed at making food safer for consumers by controlling Listeria (L. monocytogenes) has been validated by Kansas State University and accepted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
BOC Sureflow promotes cellar space solution at Pub & Bar show
Gases : 21 September, 2006
The licensed trade can now offer customers a wider range of beers without a cellar full of different mixed gases cylinders thanks to BOC Sureflow
BOC urges car drivers to be ready for summer
Gases : 21 September, 2006
For many car drivers, the need to ensure the air conditioning system is ready for the summer comes well down the list of maintenance checks behind the oil, filters, tyres and brakes, but now is the right time to test for leaks, says BOC.
Superconducting system provides three to five times more power capacity
Gases : 20 September, 2006
This summer, when the demand for electricity to run pool pumps, fans and air conditioners is at its peak, power customers in Albany, N.Y., will get some extra capacity thanks to new technology. A system that eliminates the resistance that causes power losses in traditional copper cables has begun operating, providing enough power for more than 70,000 area households.
Helping industry ensure a safe working environment
Gases : 20 September, 2006
The site provides solutions to health and safety related challenges across a range of UK sectors including the automotive and marine industries, heavy industry, light engineering, general welding and metal cutting, and research and development. Says Martin Passingham, BOC Industrial market manager,
New foam blowing agent will help sector meet emissions targets
Gases : 20 September, 2006
Industrial and special gases company BOC is set to help cut the rate of ozone depleting emissions across the building sector with the introduction of EcomateR an environmentally friendly foam blowing agent.
BOC helps Macy
Gases : 20 September, 2006
BOC, the world's largest helium supplier, and Macy's are again teaming up to celebrate Thanksgiving and to make children of all ages smile at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(R).
Cylinder safety boosted by autumn colour change
Gases : 20 September, 2006
BOC the industrial and special gases company is changing the identification colours of its gas cylinders as part of a European move to make gases and their associated hazards easy to identify.
BOC hardy annual holds answer to every welding query
Gases : 20 September, 2006
BOC Industrial is issuing its popular welding and cutting manual, BOC Tradefile, in a new hardbound catalogue and for the first time in the UK is to make it available to retail teams and over the counter at selected BOC Industrial trade outlets.
BOC Foundation supports hydrogen fuel cell urban concept car
Gases : 20 September, 2006
The BOC Foundation has awarded OSCar Automotive a grant to develop a powertrain for a two-seat urban vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The grant will help fund the two year Hyrban project which aims to prove that practical hydrogen fuel cell urban vehicles are readily engineered using existing fuel cell technology.
BOC Edwards announces new liquid abatement system for metal electroplating waste
Gases : 19 September, 2006
BOC Edwards, a leading supplier of vacuum and abatement equipment to the world
LG.Philips LCD Selects BOC Edwards Vacuum Pump Systems for New LCD Plant 7
Gases : 19 September, 2006
Global materials, equipment, and services provider, BOC Edwards, announced today it has been selected to supply a majority of the vacuum pump systems for LG.Philips LCD Plant 7, currently under construction in Paju, Korea. LG.Philips LCD, Seoul, is a leading manufacturer of TFT-LCD (thin film transistor-liquid crystal display) panels. The order includes iHxK and diFxK vacuum systems specifically designed by BOC Edwards to support LCD process applications.
BOC and Dabbrook combine alternative technologies to help Environment Agency in East Anglia
Gases : 19 September, 2006
An automated system, powered by solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells is bringing a much needed solution to the Environment Agency's water management on the river Deben in Suffolk.
Shock technology boosts British food hygiene
Gases : 19 September, 2006
Sonic shockwaves that boost food hygiene by dramatically reducing cooking and cleaning time are at the core of a revolutionary process, PDX Sonic25, winner of the BOC sponsored technological development of the year at the Food Processing magazine awards held at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel, Gatwick.
Gases : 19 September, 2006
Food processors looking for ways to address plant production issues like fluctuating yield, poor efficiency and product inconsistency can get help from Think Gates(R), a BOC process optimization and service technology business.
Toledo family gets new home through BOC and Habitat for Humanity
Gases : 19 September, 2006
Toledo, Ohio, mother who hoped for a safer neighborhood for her two children is going to get her wish, thanks to Habitat for Humanity and BOC. Crystal Casida will move with her son, Nicholas, 8 and daughter, Jayceona, 5, to a house in Holland, Ohio. BOC, one of the world
BOC carbon fibre cylinder makes oxygen lighter and safer to use
Gases : 19 September, 2006
The latest addition to a new generation of medical gas cylinders is helping hospitals and emergency services deliver life-saving oxygen more efficiently, easily and safely.
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