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ExxonMobil Chemical awards FEED contracts, continues to progress study for second steam-cracking complex at Singapore
Polyolefins : 12 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd announced today that it has awarded front-end engineering design contracts for the derivative units associated with a possible second world-scale steam-cracking complex that would be located at its existing Singapore refining and chemical site.
ExxonMobil Chemical new film label innovation
Polyolefins : 11 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical's newest oriented polypropylene films and labelling technology for pressure sensitive adhesive, wrap-around, patch, cut and stack, shrink and in-mold labelling applications will be on display (Stand 5603). In particular, the company is developing new PSA and wet-glue patch films aimed at the fast growing milk, beer, wine and spirits sectors.
New design guide for ExxonMobil Chemical's Santoprene(TM) Thermoplastic Vulcanizate
Polyolefins : 10 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical has produced a new technical document to help customers design products with Santoprene(TM) thermoplastic vulcanizates.
ExxonMobil Chemical announces compounding investment in Baton Rouge
Polyolefins : 09 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical today announced that the company will build a new facility at its Baton Rouge, Louisiana, complex to produce specialty compounded products. The investment is part of the company's global compounding strategy and commitment to provide engineered thermoplastic materials to the automotive and consumer products industries.
ExxonMobil Chemical & Yokohama Rubber Co achieve test qualification for jointly developed advanced tire inner liner
Polyolefins : 08 January, 2007
A milestone in the development of improved tire inner liners was announced today by ExxonMobil Chemical Company and The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. following tests to qualify their jointly developed technology for use in passenger vehicle tires in harsh winter conditions.
ExxonMobil introduces innovative aromatics treatment technology
Polyolefins : 07 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC today announced the commercialization of its new Olgone technology for more effective and environmentally sound removal of olefins from aromatics streams. Olgone is a catalyst-driven technology that provides aromatics plant operators with an alternative to the clay treaters currently used to reduce olefin content. Olgone is more effective than clay treaters in removing olefinic materials that can interfere with downstream equipment, adsorbents, sieves and catalysts.
ExxonMobil Chemical affiliate in Japan presents capabilities at specialty battery exposition
Polyolefins : 06 January, 2007
TCC is committed to LIB separator technology development and production process improvements. It has more than 20 years of research and development in LIB separators and has supplied its proprietary separators for the world's first commercial rechargeable LIB. TCC has collaborated with ExxonMobil Chemical, one of the global polyolefins technology leaders, to develop a new generation of advanced performance LIB separators for HEV.
ExxonMobil Chemical announces Halobutyl expansion at Baytown, Texas
Polyolefins : 05 January, 2007
ExxonMobil Chemical announced a major expansion of halobutyl manufacturing at its plant in Baytown, Texas. The U.S. facility will increase capacity to produce Exxon Bromobutyl rubber by 60 percent by modifying existing equipment and adding new equipment. The expansion is part of the company's commitment to satisfy strong demand and high growth in the global halobutyl rubber market and tire industry. Construction completion is anticipated during the second quarter of 2008.
Borealis to present new innovative solutions at Plastics Pipes XIII conference
Polyolefins : 28 December, 2006
Borealis, the leading provider of innovative value creating plastics solutions, will be present at the Plastics Pipes XIII conference taking place in Washington D.C. Borealis will present six technical papers covering a wide range of pipe solutions.
One-material automotive solution from Borealis awarded prize by Society of Plastics Engineers
Polyolefins : 27 December, 2006
Borealis, the leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, and the BMW Group, manufacturer of premium automobiles and motorcycles, have developed a new material and testing solution for BMW instrument panel carriers.
Polyolefins : 26 December, 2006
Kaller Kunststoff Technik GmbH, a specialist in the production of plastic bottles for the food, beverage, cosmetic and paint industry, has selected a biaxially-oriented polypropylene grade from Borealis to manufacture injection stretch blow moulded bottles for water-based paint.
Borealis BorECO ensures smooth flow for REHAU sewer project
Polyolefins : 25 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, has recently supplied REHAU with BorECO BA 212E, a highly developed polypropylene for pipe systems. One of the most diversified plastics processors in the world, REHAU was faced with the challenge of installing the new smooth-flowing sewerage system in the residential area of Traiskirchen, Austria, during the winter season and therefore benefited from the performance and easy handling of BorECO.
BorForm wraps up frozen food industry
Polyolefins : 24 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, has launched BorForm, a new and unique polyolefin for film-based vacuum forming packaging. Developed in co-operation with packaging converter Tommen Gram, this complete solution addresses the performance, aesthetic and environmental requirements of packers, processors and consumers throughout the value chain. It ensures efficient production and handling, and minimises packaging materials and waste, while drastically reducing costs and improving food quality.
Borealis fast-tracks innovation with University of Leoben
Polyolefins : 23 December, 2006
Borealis, a leading provider of innovative plastics solutions, is strengthening its commitment to innovation with the development of new material testing methods and software systems in co-operation with the University of Leoben and the Polymer Competence Centre Leoben in Austria.
Borouge and Borealis announce world-class Innovation Centre in the UAE
Polyolefins : 22 December, 2006
Borouge and Borealis, leading providers of value creating, innovative plastics solutions, today announced the establishment of a major innovation centre in the UAE. The centre represents a significant investment in Borouge
OMV and Borealis celebrate joint investment in Austria
Polyolefins : 21 December, 2006
Borealis upgrades its European assets: inauguration of a 350,000 tonnes per year Borstar polyethylene plant and expansion of an existing Borstar polypropylene plant from 210,000 to 300,000 tonnes per year in Schwechat (Austria)
Exceed 1012 mVLDPE and Nexxstar resin formulations for the Indian market
Polyolefins : 30 July, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical will present two new high performance packaging solutions, Exceed 1012 mVLDPE and Nexxstar resin formulations for collation shrink and stretch hood films.
New vertical injection molding machine
Polyolefins : 29 July, 2006
Technical support at ExxonMobil Chemical
New Santoprene TPE grades offer strong bonding to ETPs
Polyolefins : 28 July, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical has developed new Santoprene thermoplastic elastomer grades which bond successfully to engineered thermoplastics in overmolding applications. New Santoprene TPE bonding grades eliminate the need for adhesives, bonding agents and physical or mechanical interlocks.
ExxonMobil affiliate in Japan expands to serve specialty battery markets
Polyolefins : 27 July, 2006
ExxonMobil's affiliate in Japan, Tonen Chemical Corporation, announced today that microporous film production capacity has been increased by more than 50 percent at the Nasu Plant to satisfy strong demand and high growth in the lithium ion battery separator market.
ExxonMobil Polyolefins plant sets record in industry safety
Polyolefins : 26 July, 2006
The ExxonMobil Polyolefins Plant in Baton Rouge has set a new record in industry safety. For four years straight, the plant has earned the Distinguished Safety Award from the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association, a feat no other company has accomplished.
ExxonMobil Chemical introduces new line of compounded polyolefins for automotive industry
Polyolefins : 25 July, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical today introduced a line of compounded polypropylene for the automotive industry. ExxonMobil Performance Polyolefins are available from ExxonMobil Chemical facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.
Exxtral(TM) BMU133 polypropylene chosen for Renault Espace bumper
Polyolefins : 24 July, 2006
Renault has selected ExxonMobil Exxtral(TM) BMU133 polypropylene for the bumper fascia on its new Espace multipurpose vehicle, highlighting ExxonMobil Chemical's debut in this application segment and the appeal of its latest generation of specialty polypropylenes.
Borealis launches two new Borecene Compact PE grades to meet rotomoulders' needs for polyethylene resins
Polyolefins : 09 July, 2006
Borealis has launched two new Borecene Compact PE grades to meet rotomoulders' needs for polyethylene resins that provide enhanced flow properties, as well as improved economics and handling. The new grades, which use Borealis unique patented technology eliminating pellet grinding, offer significant advantages for technical products used in high performance applications such as parts for the automotive industry with intricate shapes.
Borealis launches a new solution for transparent, thin wall packaging
Polyolefins : 08 July, 2006
Borealis has launched a new solution for transparent, thin wall packaging which meets the demands for improved product visibility, lighter weight but stronger packaging, better stackability and integrated features for convenience and tamper-proof solutions.
Borealis is adding another grade to its SupercureTM high productivity energy cable compound product portfolio
Polyolefins : 07 July, 2006
Borealis is adding another grade to its SupercureTM high productivity energy cable compound product portfolio by offering a crosslinked polyethylene insulation solution for long-term performance cables. The first of its kind, Supercure LC8205 combines water tree retardant properties with faster crosslinking, ensuring longevity of the cable and quick production runs benefiting both cable makers and power distributors.
Borealis has developed a pioneering halogen-free flame retardant compound for the jacketing of energy cables
Polyolefins : 06 July, 2006
Borealis has developed a pioneering halogen-free flame retardant compound for the jacketing of energy cables. In addition to providing flame retardancy, new grade Casico FR6082 adds high physical strength, toughness and good UV protection to polyethylene based cable jackets. Michael Bj
Borealis BorPEX underscores winning performance in football
Polyolefins : 05 July, 2006
Eight of the twelve German stadia hosting this year's world football championships are benefiting from a pitch heating system based on BorPEX material from Borealis, a leading provider of innovative value creating plastics solutions. Rehau, one of the most diversified plastic processors in the world, chose BorPEX for crosslinked polyethylene based pipes to prevent pitches from freezing during the winter. These tough and flexible pipes help prevent match postponements, eliminate the higher injury risk related to playing on hard, iced-up ground and accelerate the post-winter recovery of pitches.
Borealis offers the medical industry a new high transparency, high purity sealing film solution
Polyolefins : 04 July, 2006
Borealis is enlarging its product offer for high quality films with a new addition to its Bormed family of dedicated healthcare polyolefins. The new grade, Bormed TD109CF, is a polypropylene sealing material that combines processing advantages with high transparency, purity, excellent sealing behaviour and sterilisability. End uses which can benefit from the performance advantages include pouches, form- fill-seal film, the sealable layer for lids for the packaging of medical devices, and lid films for blister packaging. With this new grade, Borealis' range of solutions for the medical film industry becomes uniquely broad.
Borouge and Borealis keep power running in China's Zhengzhou City
Polyolefins : 03 July, 2006
Borouge, the joint venture between Borealis, a pre-eminent European plastics provider, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, is helping the Zhengzhou Electric Bureau keep a smooth uninterrupted power supply to Zhengzhou City in Henan Province, China, by supplying Superclean LE4201 insulation and Supersmooth LE0500 semiconductive cable materials from Borealis.
New state-of-the-art polyolefin compounds solutions
Polyolefins : 14 May, 2006
Borealis, the world's leading provider of polyolefin compounds for the global wire and cable industry, will showcase state-of-the-art polyolefin compounds solutions to visitors of Wire 2006, from April 24-28, 2006 in D
New Borstar polyethylene packaging film grade
Polyolefins : 14 May, 2006
Combining easy processing with a unique spectrum of mechanical properties, Borealis' new Borstar FB4370 grade offers new and improved packaging solutions to polyethylene converters.
New Borealis Borpact PP packaging grade delivers unique optical performance
Polyolefins : 13 May, 2006
Borealis brings a new polypropylene Borpact grade to film converters and product manufacturers which offers solutions to the packaging industry due to a unique combination of good low temperature resistance, high stiffness, high heat resistance plus excellent optical properties.
Borealis meets insulation challenge of radio frequency cables
Polyolefins : 13 May, 2006
The increasingly higher operating frequency of 3G mobile phone antenna cables places ever greater demands on the performance of insulation materials. To meet this challenge Borealis has launched a new combination of Borcell products that provides good insulation together with lower signal attenuation than has been possible with previous cellular materials.
Pipe industry benefits from unique Borealis injection moulding grade for PE100 fittings
Polyolefins : 12 May, 2006
Borealis has launched Borstar HE3490-IM, a new polyethylene grade specifically for the injection moulding of PE100 pressure pipe fittings. This solution provides the fitting manufacturers with a better alternative to the extrusion materials which they currently use, a material that combines the higher pressure performance of a PE100 material with the processing friendliness of a PE80.
Borcoat new polypropylene coating provides innovative thermal insulation for deep water Gulf of Mexico project
Polyolefins : 12 May, 2006
Borealis has developed innovative Borcoat polypropylene materials that thermally insulate the flowlines and risers serving the deep water Thunder Horse Field. This project uses the world's largest semi-submersible production platform operated by BP in the Gulf of Mexico.
Borealis PP compound boosts long-term performance for white goods
Polyolefins : 11 May, 2006
Appliance manufacturers are taking advantage of a new polypropylene compound GB366WG from Borealis. GB366WG is a 30 per cent glass filled polypropylene with a special detergent stabilisation system, developed specifically as a replacement for stainless steel in dishwasher and washing machine interiors. This new solution lowers production costs and increases production efficiency, while delivering improved, long-term performance.
New Nepol long, glass fibre reinforced polypropylene concentrate from Borealis
Polyolefins : 11 May, 2006
There is a growing trend to use dilution technology as a cost effective route for technically demanding injection moulded applications. This technology reduces the quantity of compounded material used by diluting a concentrated long, glass fibre compound ('concentrate') with reactor polypropylene at the injection moulding stage.
Borealis combines unique, high productivity with a longer lifetime for new XLPE cables
Polyolefins : 10 May, 2006
Borealis is adding another grade to its new SupercureTM high productivity energy cable compound product portfolio by offering a crosslinked polyethylene insulation solution for long-term performance cables.
Bormed polyolefins answer growing need for speciality grades in healthcare applications
Polyolefins : 10 May, 2006
Borealis has developed the Bormed family of dedicated healthcare polyolefins to satisfy the demand from the pharmaceutical industry for consistency of quality and appropriateness for healthcare applications.
Borealis to promote new healthcare solutions
Polyolefins : 09 May, 2006
Borealis, the leading supplier of plastics solutions for healthcare applications in Europe, will demonstrate a comprehensive range of polyolefin healthcare solutions at the Central & Eastern European PHARMtech Congress 2006 taking place on February 22-23 in Poland.
Borealis reduces waste with new transparent, thin wall packaging solution
Polyolefins : 08 May, 2006
Borealis has launched a new solution for transparent, thin wall packaging which meets the demands for improved product visibility, lighter weight but stronger packaging, better stackability and integrated features for convenience and tamper-proof solutions.
ExxonMobil Chemical launches PacVantage
Polyolefins : 07 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical today launched its new PacVantage
ExxonMobil Chemical to announce advanced PAO
Polyolefins : 06 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical will showcase its new SpectraSyn Plus product at the Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, May 15-19, in Las Vegas, Nev. These new high-performance polyalphaolefins offer a unique combination of low volatility and low-temperature fluidity. The company is the world's leading supplier and marketer of synthetic lubricant basestocks.
New Vistamaxx grades for spunbond processing deliver enhanced elasticity introduced to China
Polyolefins : 05 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical today has announced at Chinaplas 2005 the addition of two new grades to its family of Vistamaxx specialty elastomers, both specifically designed to bring greater elasticity to the spunbond processing of nonwoven fabrics.
ExxonMobil Chemical to present SFT315 polypropylene
Polyolefins : 04 April, 2006
Nonwovens produced using ExxonMobil SFT315 polypropylene offer cotton-like softness, excellent drapability and good abrasion resistance, all without affecting resistance to liquids. SFT315 polypropylene is ideal for use in medical gowns, surgical drapes, diapers, adult incontinence products and a host of other nonwoven products.
ExxonMobil Chemical to expand EXXPRO
Polyolefins : 03 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical has announced today that it is doubling its production capability for its proprietary Exxpro
Polyolefins : 02 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical will present two new high performance packaging solutions, Exceed
ExxonMobil announces LDPE licensing agreement in Thailand
Polyolefins : 01 April, 2006
ExxonMobil Chemical Technology Licensing LLC announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Thailand's PTT Chemical Public Company Limited, for production of low-density polyethylene and ethylene vinyl acetate in a 100 KTA autoclave system. PTTChem, an affiliate of PTT Group and the largest producer of ethylene and propylene monomer in Thailand, also produces HDPE and supports their downstream petrochemical plants with a variety of utilities and logistics facilities.
TPV meets design and performance requirements for unique grip
Polyolefins : 20 March, 2006
Lifelong gardener and successful software entrepreneur Bruce Baker wanted to develop an innovative range of hand-held garden tools that would be more comfortable to use than anything on the market. He envisioned tools that would be comfortable to use even for gardeners who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome and that would help prevent stress injuries.
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