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3M Europe
Hermeslaan 7
[t] +32 2 722 45 50
[f] +32 2 478 88 20 79

3M is a $ 16 billion diversified technology company with more than 40 business units, which are organized into six markets: Transportation, Graphics and Safety, Health Care, Industrial, Consumer & Office, Electro & Communications and Specialty Material. 3M Engineered Adhesives Division provides manufacturers with a broad range of innovative bonding, sealing and fastening solutions to help improve the design, assembly and performance of their products.

3M produces a CD to help emergency services specify high visibility garments
02 July, 2006
When high visibility garments are supplied to employees as Personal Protective Equipment, they must comply with the requirements set out in the European Standard EN471:2003. However, because of the nature of the job, high visibility garments worn by the emergency services often need additional, high performance attributes.
3M contributes to the new Solvents Emissions Directive debate
02 July, 2006
There is much debate at the moment about the continued use of chemicals affected by the new Solvents Emissions Directive, including 'Trike' (trichloroethylene), nPB (n-Propyl Bromide) and other solvents used for cleaning and degreasing applications.
New touch screen technology from 3M
02 July, 2006
3M Touch Systems today announces that NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH will market NEC displays integrated with MicroTouch Dispersive Signal Technology touch screens from 3M to address the growing demand for large format, interactive LCD displays in environments such as retail and entertainment.
3M presentation sparks new concept in high visibility police clothing
01 July, 2006
A presentation given by 3M technical specialists at 3M Centre in Bracknell has initiated a brand new concept in high visibility policing at Hertfordshire Constabulary. Nick Barnes, Head of Procurement for Hertfordshire Constabulary, has joined forces with 3M, Hobson & Sons (London) Ltd and Monarch Textiles to develop a range of garments and accessories that dramatically improve the visibility and safety of officers in low light and dark conditions.
New 3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting, the sign of the times
01 July, 2006
Using breakthrough reflective technology, 3M has developed a brand new reflective sheeting for traffic signage that provides optimum visibility at long, medium and short distances. New 3M
Stringent new regulations reduce acceptable vibration levels by as much as 37 per cent
01 July, 2006
Global innovation company 3M has produced an information pack to help companies comply with the new EU regulations on hand-arm vibration at work. The pack contains a straightforward guide explaining the new rules and how employers can protect their workforce, case studies to illustrate the issues and possible solutions, and information about a range of 3M products that can contribute to a reduction in vibration levels.
3M Abrasive Systems teams up with Dynabrade and Surtech to demonstrate latest grinding technologies
30 June, 2006
Manufacturing efficiency can be improved in one stop as 3M joins forces with two top tool suppliers to offer consultation on grinding issues, and demonstrate the latest in abrasive technology.
3M touch screens deployed in airbus production halls
30 June, 2006
3M Touch Systems has announced that 200 kiosk terminal systems featuring its capacitive touch screen technology have been installed in the production facilities of the new Airbus Superbird/A380 aircraft family across Germany. Using these terminals, Airbus engineers benefit from fast, easy and secure access to construction plans, technical data and company-related employee information.
Give the 3M touch to every job
30 June, 2006
Global innovation company 3M has developed a new range of fibre discs for a wide variety of general purpose metalworking applications. The new 3M 581C Fibre Discs use a reliable alumina zirconia abrasive, giving good performance on mild and stainless steels for all purpose metal finishing in the transportation, construction, and general metal fabrication sectors.
Initial switches to new Scotch-Brite Plus Floor Pads
29 June, 2006
Using state of the art technology, 3M, a leading manufacturer and supplier of cleaning solutions, has improved its range of Scotch-Brite floor pads for use with commercial floor buffing and polishing machines. Now ten per cent thicker, the Scotch-Brite Plus floor pad offers increased comfort and productivity. Initial, one of the biggest contract cleaning companies in the UK, has started to use the new Scotch-Brite Plus floor pads in many retail establishments in London.
3M provides the critical link for the fastest advertising on the road
29 June, 2006
Dual Lock recloseable fasteners from global innovation company 3M are helping a new company to deliver a pioneering form of advertising on Britain's motorways and A-roads as well as in the hearts of cities and towns. Glasgow-based Spedian has developed a rapidly changeable system of reinforced vinyl advertising panels for rigid-sided articulated trailers and other vehicles.
3M digital signage launches in UK
28 June, 2006
3M Digital Signage has opened a UK office with a mission to bring its proven portfolio of software and display hardware solutions to a European customer base in retail, entertainment, leisure, corporate, education and other key markets. The business will be based at 3M UK's head offices in Bracknell, Berkshire.
Bonding expertise from 3M is cutting costs and increasing production capability in commercial vehicle sector
28 June, 2006
Advanced adhesive tapes and process knowledge from global innovation company 3M is helping Mansfield-based SDC trailers to optimise long term reliability while cutting costs and saving weight. Trailer specialist SDC turned to 3M as part of a programme to reduce the use of mechanical fasteners in trailer bodies. Now SDC is working with the bonding experts to explore a wide range of new joining and assembly technologies.
New hearing protection selector tool
28 June, 2006
Noise monitoring is becoming more and more an integral part of many workplace health and safety risk assessments. However, because different types of noise require different levels of attenuation, it can be a time consuming and confusing task to translate the data produced from a noise assessment into the type of hearing protection equipment required. In response to this, 3M has developed an automatic, on-line HPE Selector Tool that, using the very latest 3M technology, helps safety professionals quickly and easily select the correct type of HPE.
Bluff your way through the world cup with cheat notes from Post-it brand
27 June, 2006
Some people get a lot of stick when it comes to understanding the finer points of 'the beautiful game', but if you don't know your Gerrard from your Givenchy, don't fret! Shake off the football fear and fake your way through the World Cup this summer with limited edition Cheat Notes from Post-it brand.
3M touch systems exhibits large format screens
27 June, 2006
3M Touch Systems is displaying the latest additions to its range of screen products and technologies for the gaming market at the Amusement Trades Exhibition International/International Casino Exhibition (ATEI/ICE) 2006. A key attraction will be the new 32' ClearTek II touch screen designed to address the emerging large format needs of the casino and gaming industry.
Rear-projection films from 3M revolutionise in-store design
26 June, 2006
3M Optical Systems today announced the launch of a pioneering new rear-projection display film technology that enables static images, dynamic messaging and video to be projected directly onto glass partitions and public-facing windows in the retail and in-store design sector. The Vikuiti Rear-projection Film enables interior designers, brand owners and marketing managers to infuse a new level of energy into their displays to capture and inspire customer attention.
3M privacy filters shield sensitive on-screen data from prying eyes
26 June, 2006
3M today announced its range of laptop and desktop computer privacy filters, which address mounting information security concerns of corporates as more and more employees use company laptops while travelling or in public places. Using 3M privacy filters, PC and laptop users are assured that confidential data on their screen is protected from sidelong glances whether it be from curious colleagues in open plan offices or nosy passengers in neighbouring airplane seats.
Sounding out the effects of new noise regulations
26 June, 2006
International construction company Laing O'Rourke and leading occupational health and environmental safety specialist 3M have joined forces in a comprehensive, three-month survey on construction site noise. The report indicates that in order to comply with the new Control of Noise at Work Regulations certain measures should be introduced.
3M launches new general purpose structural acrylic adhesive
25 June, 2006
Global innovation company 3M has added to its range of structural acrylic adhesives with a new version for applications requiring maximum versatility and productivity. Scotch-Weld DP805 two part, 1:1 mix ratio adhesive offers a three to five minute working life and then builds strength rapidly to give a handling time of only seven minutes.
3M launches new Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting with assured seal
25 June, 2006
3M, a leading supplier of retro-reflective materials, has developed a brand new Diamond Grade micro-prismatic sheeting for emergency services vehicles. New 3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective Sheeting provides brilliant daytime colour and night time reflectivity and incorporates an innovative new edge sealing solution that cuts and seals in one process.
Polyurethane tape technology is being used trains to improve waterproofing & reliability
02 November, 2005
Polyurethane tape technology from 3M is being used on Metronet Rail's Central Line trains to improve waterproofing and reliability. Metronet, responsible for upgrading, replacing and maintaining two-thirds of the London Tube is constantly looking for ways to reduce train faults that could not only lead to delays for the travelling public but result in severe fines.
New dressing improves security and comfort during longer-term IV access
31 October, 2005
3M Health Care has extended its proven range of Tegaderm I.V. dressings with a new design specifically to secure peripherally ;INSERTed central catheters. PICCs, which are the fastest growing type of catheter used for central venous access, are typically left in place for several weeks to several months, and thus require secure and reliable fixation. The Tegaderm 1650 I.V. dressing combines the waterproof, bacterial and viral barrier properties of Tegaderm film with soft cloth tape, for added reinforcement and dressing security.
3M fast tracks bobsleigh team
24 October, 2005
Smooth operators at 3M Atherstone are lending their expertise to help the British bobsleigh team polish its competitive edge ready for the coming Winter Olympics in February.
Bright idea to keep children safe on the roads
24 October, 2005
According to Government statistics 539 school children aged 15 or under were killed or seriously injured on British roads last winter, almost half in accidents between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.
New 3M research grant supports enhanced knowledge of non melanoma skin cancer
14 September, 2005
3M Health Care has announced the inauguration of a new European grant supporting novel research into Non Melanoma Skin Cancer. The annual grant, which will be open to both individual researchers and research teams, will offer one award of 20,000 Euros to support increased scientific knowledge and understanding of this important disease area.
New computer screens help office workers track Ashes drama
06 September, 2005
TEST match fever is bringing out the sneaky side of millions of frustrated office workers who are desperate to keep up with the score while at work, technology company 3M claimed today.
3M high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting helps to clear the way, safely
26 August, 2005
The new High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting from 3M is helping meet safety and congestion targets on major roads in the UK. Launched at the end of 2004, this new Class 1 microprismatic material has now been used on the 22 gantry signs installed on the Highway Agency's
3M touch Screens provide fun, user-friendly, intuitive computer access
02 August, 2005
3M Touch Systems announces enhanced focus on touch technology for the education sector. When combined with touch, educational software products enable children in mainstream as well as special needs education to interact with a PC for the development of co-ordination and IT skills at an early age.
Brighter results with new Scotch-Brite floor pads
01 July, 2005
3M has launched an exciting new generation of premium quality floor pads designed for prolonged use on all hard floor surfaces. Scotch-Brite Plus Floor Pads and Scotch-Brite Double Action Floor Pads use the latest 3M technology to provide optimum levels of cleaning and polishing performance in addition to longer life, reduced vibration and increased worker comfort.
Silverstone taking extra care of their visitors!
01 July, 2005
Anyone visiting the British Grand Prix in July this year was encouraged to use ear plugs supplied free by Silverstone to help counteract the noise levels reached during the practice and racing. Noise levels around the track and hospitality areas can reach as much as 103dB and on the actual race day, the race lasts for up to 1
3M touch systems introduces MicroTouch Interactive Surface Technology
25 June, 2005
3M Touch Systems, Inc. introduces a new touch technology platform, Interactive Surface Technology, addressing the needs of traditional touch application segments such as retail, point-of-sale, kiosks, and industrial. It also expands the possibilities of touch for new emerging applications, such as outdoor environments, mobile and handheld devices, and on- and off-display implementation for use in automobiles. 3M will display MicroTouch IST this week at the Society for Information Display trade show in Boston.
3M launches innovative online game enabling customers to discover its amazing world
08 June, 2005
Global innovation technology company, 3M, today announced the launch of its' web-based game which combines mouse interaction with moving video. The new game demonstrates how 3M's diverse technologies and products touch nearly every aspect of modern life.
New range of Scotch-Brite Cloths, the brighter way to clean!
01 April, 2005
3M has introduced to its range of Scotch-Brite Cleaning Products an exciting new range of high performance cloths and wipes that are ideal for use in all working environments. Whether you need to remove tough stains, oil and grease, biological pathogens or fine dusts from natural or man-made surfaces, however tough or delicate, there is a new Scotch- Brite cloth that has been specifically designed for the job in hand. As with all Scotch-Brite cleaning products, the new range of cloths and wipes offer high performance cleaning and peace of mind in addition to improved efficiency, durability and cost-savings.
Does your entrance matting comply with Disability Discrimination Act requirements?
01 March, 2005
With part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act now in force, all service providers whose premises have public access must take steps to overcome physical barriers of access to their premises to ensure that permanently or temporarily disabled people can enter, use and exit the building easily and safely without risk of slipping, tripping or falling.
See your way to safety!
01 March, 2005
3M's Occupational Health and Environmental Safety division has extended its range of PPE products to include a brand new collection of high quality, high-performance eye protective products.
Epoxy, acrylic, and urethane adhesives
01 September, 2004
Structural adhesives offer high strength, creep resistance, and reduced weight as reasons for replacing mechanical or fusion fastening.
3M adhesives provide unique solutions for design and construction of high-quality buildings
13 July, 2004
Adhesive materials help commercial signage
13 July, 2004
Both VHB tape and Scotch-Weld EPX adhesive from 3M offer designers cost-effective and resilient alternatives for multiple sign formats.
Exclusive deal with SABIC strengthens Distrupol
29 June, 2004
Distrupol, a member company of Univar and a leading European polymer distributor, technical service provider and application development partner, has signed an agreement with SABIC that takes it a significant step further in building a leadership position in the French market.
Three new acrylic double-coated tapes
15 April, 2004
Opening the way to greater performance choice in the marketplace, 3M has given Europe-wide introduction to three newly developed Acrylic Double Coated Tapes.
Permanent bonding for commercial signage
02 February, 2004
Permanent bonding solutions offering cost and performance benefits for commercial signage.
Faster, lower cost glass panel bonding solution for demountable partitions
19 December, 2003
Able to be used for both small and large size modules, 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape provides a high strength attachment method that allows flush glazed panels to be securely bonded to metal partition frames.
Core module bonding solutions that meet all Smart Card application needs
16 December, 2003
The development of smarter and greater data-rich modules has presented the smart card industry with a range of new challenges. Chief among them is the attachment of the micro modules to the broader span of plastic substrates now being exploited by the industry.
Unique UV curable screen printable adhesive
21 November, 2003
Eliminating or minimizing the impact of these issues and enhancing cost efficiency were the drivers behind the development of 3M SP-7514 UV Screen Printable Adhesive.
Protective mouldings for feet, spacers and stops
21 November, 2003
3M has introduced a new range of protective mouldings for feet, spacers and stops. The Bumpon Mini-Pack gives users a selection of sizes and colours in more convenient packaged quantities.
Protecting surfaces during production and outfitting of sailing craft
30 September, 2003
surface protection films provide an effective shield for high value, quality craft. Surface protection films give major cost and time savings to yacht and motorboat builders and outfitters that ensures an A1 appearance on completion or redelivery to its owner.
Maintaining the pre-delivery surface quality of wooden furniture
30 September, 2003
Surface protection films provide a simple, economic solution to eliminate the risk of spoiled products. Easily applied, and removed, from wooden work tops, tables and chairs, these films shield, protect and preserve surfaces efficiently in the complete spectrum of pre-delivery environments.
Critical protection for aircraft
30 September, 2003
3M Polyurethane Protective Tapes have been constructed to satisfy the broad range of aircraft surfaces requirement shielding.
Ensuring the surface quality of electrical and electronic equipment
30 September, 2003
Sensitive surfaces feature in virtually all electronic and electrical products that incorporate screens, lenses or viewing windows. The solution to minimising this risk and the consequent costs incurred by product damage is surface protection film.
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